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Harry stared dumbfounded at his headmaster. The old man had cast a spell when Harry had walked away. Not just an ordinary spell, or else his feather would not have cast a protective coat over him. Judging from the smile on the goat's face and his subtle, yet firm, commands, Harry assumed it was the Imperious curse or a version similar to its qualities.

Harry's heart quickened. Looking down to hide his face, the young boy took a few moments to check himself. He moved his arms slightly and waited to feel the numbing persuasion known to occur when under the Imperious curse. Nothing changed.

Harry let out a small breath in relief. His protective shield had done it's job to protect him from harmful magic. Harry gave silent thanks for the charm he had learned and the feather from Hedwig.

Feeling assured that he was under no spell, Harry was about to walk out of the office as if nothing had happened. He stopped himself from moving when it occurred to him that Dumbledore was expecting him to sit down and act as if the spell had worked. If Harry walked out, the old goat would know Harry held some type of charm and try to find a way around it.

Harry did not know if his charm could withstand stronger magic because, as much as he hated to admit it, Dumbles was a very smart and powerful wizard. Biting his lip to keep from cursing, Harry made his way back to the chair and sat down. He kept his head down. His plan was to act as if the spell had worked and lie. Not a very well thought plan but, hey, he was a Gryffindor after all and that meant he would do this the way he always did. Make it up as you go along.

"Now Harry, tell me what had been happening to you," the old man said.

Harry thought about the question. Obviously, Dumbles knew he was keeping something secret. However, if he needed to ask such a general question, the old goat had no clue as to what it is. Wanting to keep it that way, Harry thought about what his answer would be. It had to be something believable yet also something he would want to keep from everyone else. He nearly cringed when he found his "secret" due to how wrong it would be to use it, but he had no choice.

"Sirius..," Harry meekly started, hoping to sound hesitant.

Dumbledore shifted in his seat. The boy still had his head down, but he was starting to speak. Although he seemed hesitant, Dumbledore had expected some resistance to his spell. It would make it so that a person was highly persuaded to do and answer anything asked of them. Harry would fight it, but the old man was confident that he would lose.

"Go on," Dumbledore urged the boy.

"Well…we were so close and when he died, I felt so alone. He was my godfather! I miss him so much. It hurts so much," Harry said with one breath.

Harry paused. He had intended to exaggerate his emotions, but the words were very much what he had been feeling.

"When he died, I was angry. At everyone. Voldemort, Bellatrix, Malfoy…Remus, you, myself…everyone and everything. I'm supposed to be the hero. The one who is supposed to kill the monster everyone else fears. But I'm a child! I have been lucky, but luck will run out! How can I succeed? Why must it be me? I have to fight for everyone else, but I have to sacrifice everything to do it? Why? Why did he have to die? Why…when I'm afraid," Harry practically yelled.

Again, Harry paused. He tried to reign in his emotions. He had told the old man a little more than he had intended, but it had given him a cathartic release of everything he had been holding in. And letting go had given, what Harry hoped, was credibility due to how honest he was.

Dumbledore took a deep breath as he considered everything the young boy had said. He had known about how hard the past year had been for Harry, but he was still not convinced that was what had changed the boy. True, anger could've been the cause for why the boy was now colder and more distant from everyone. However, Dumbledore needed something more before making that conclusion.

"Harry, look into my eyes," the headmaster finally said.

Harry nearly flinched. He knew why the old goat wanted him to look into his eyes. He wanted to intrude into Harry's mind and look for the answers himself. Harry didn't know what he was going to do to prevent the old goat from knowing the truth. He could either lift his eyes and allow his memories to be accessed or walk out of the office and have to watch for stronger magic being cast. Weighing his options, Harry decided that the second was better.

As he was about to stand up, his voices stopped him.

'Act dumb and look up Harry,' Kyi told him.

'We will guard your mind. Make it so that he sees only what we wish him to see,' Kai added.

Harry considered it. He had heard and felt proof of the power that the twins commanded. He trusted them and knew they would cause him no harm. Taking the chance, Harry lifted his head and looked Dumbledore straight in the eyes.

As soon as their eyes connected, Harry began to feel the pin pricks of something touching his mind and his feather beginning to heat up. Before he could worry that Dumbles would sense his charm, the feather began to cool down.

Soon, Harry was caught up in memories being pulled into view for others to see. Before, he had shown the Dursleys his memories. This time, he was showing Dumbledore. The first memory that is pulled to view is one that made Harry's stomach flop.

There he sat on his bed, staring at a picture of Sirius. Harry watched as he broke down and cried in his memory. That was the night he had pulled out his album and cried for hours. It was also the night he had heard his voices for the first time.

The memory shifted and blurred. When the next memory came into view, Harry saw himself losing control of his magic and having a surge. He watched, fascinated, at how he had let go only to try to cause another surge. He felt the rage and nothing more. Harry assumed his voices had blocked everything else out so that it seemed the rage was due to Sirius's death and he had pulled himself together before creating another surge all by himself. Finally the memories faded and Harry was back in the headmaster's office.

Harry blinked a few times as Dumbledore looked away.

"I see. Harry, I am sorry that you are being troubled and hopefully you will talk to someone about it. If you ever want to talk to me about anything, I will listen to you," Dumbledore said, a little too nicely.

Harry knew Dumbledore didn't really mean to comfort him, but rather assure that Harry will talk to him about things like he used to. The young boy smiled a false smile. It would never be like it used to be again.

"Goodbye, Headmaster," Harry said, still smiling.

Harry stood up and headed for the door. As soon as he was turned away from the old man, Harry's smile dropped. Emerald eyes stormed and jaw hardened as he let anger course through him. He heard his voices growl in the back of his mind.

Soon anger left him and Harry was left feeling tired. When he was far enough from the gargoyle that guarded the headmaster's office, his voices hummed.

'I'd bite him if I didn't think he would taste like powder,' both voices chorused.

Harry burst out laughing. He supposed Dumbles was old enough and boney enough. As interesting and funny as he found it, Harry didn't want them to bite him.

"He would leave a bad taste in your mouth, so I rather you didn't. Perhaps something else equally as painful," Harry suggested.

His voices hummed. Feeling in better spirits, Harry continued to joke with his voices about the things to do to Dumbles. The idea to enchant his precious candies was the most popular.

As Harry rounded the corner, next to the painting of the fat lady stood a sulking Remus. He looked lost in thought as he leaned back against the wall.

Harry paused mid-step to observe the werewolf. Previous conversations with the older man had been awkward and forced. He was hoping that Remus was not there to ask the same questions Dumbledore had. Harry coughed softly, alerting the older man of his presence.

Remus head shifted quickly to Harry's direction. At first it appeared as if the werewolf's eyes were clouded, but soon they cleared. With little trouble, the man pushed back on the wall and moved closer to Harry.

Remus stopped when he was within a few feet of the boy. The werewolf looked down to his feet and fidgeted. Harry sensed some hesitation from the older man and sighed. This was going to be a repeat of all the other conversations and he was not in the mood to have it. Biting his tongue, Harry waited for the other man to start. He would not make this easy for Remus anymore.

"Harry," Remus started tentatively, "I need you to tell me if anything has been going on with you lately."

Harry chuckled darkly for a few seconds before replying, "What? Not even the courtesy of small talk first, professor?"

Remus lifted his head quickly to look at Harry when he heard the ice in the boy's voice. Harry was not happy with him, it would seem. He could not really blame the boy, but it had not been easy for him either.

"Harry, I am sorry for the way I have been acting. We are both going through a bad time due to what happened earlier in the year," Remus said, a hitch in his voice.

Harry lowered his eyes. He had heard this before. Had heard, seen, and felt the pain in Remus's voice, but the boy had also seen and felt the sting of avoidance. He was not surprised when he heard Remus cough and take a step back.

"But we can talk about that later. This is important, Harry. If something has been happening, we need to know about it. "

Harry closed his eyes. Remus always said they would talk about it later, but later never came. Sirius's death was important and Harry was getting tired of avoiding it, of holding it in. Enough was enough.

"There are other things as equally important. I think you need to revaluate your priorities, such as why the need to know what I obviously don't want you to know outweighs the wellbeing of the godson of your recently deceased best friend," Harry said coldly.

Remus took another step back. The conversation was taking a different turn from all the previous ones and the werewolf was unsure of what to do with Harry's icy demeanor. Every word was laced with barbs and Remus felt every sting and cut. He didn't know how to reply to what the boy had said

Harry saw that the werewolf was unsure of what to do. He let out a breath before saying, "Not that it matters much anymore. Now that Dumbledore has read my mind without permission, you will have your important information. No need to continue asking."

With that, Harry tried to walk past the older man. Remus's arm reached out to stop him before he could saying, "What do you mean he read your mind without permission? Dumbledore would not do such a thing."

Harry turned to face the werewolf before responding bitterly, "Dumbledore has, indeed, read my mind without permission and it had not been the first time he has done so."

Anger filled Harry. Remus didn't believe him. To be honest, Harry had not been expecting him to, but it still hurt. He reached up to grab Remus's arm to push it away. Harry looked at the werewolf in the eye and sadly said, "What would my parents and Sirius have said if they knew you allowed such a thing to happen. I thought I meant so much more to you than that, that we were family. But then, I suppose I have been wrong before and will be again."

Leaving Remus standing speechless, Harry uttered the password and entered the Gryffindor common room. He turned and stared at the door, waiting to see if Remus would follow him in. He saw the door close. He knew the werewolf would not come in after him and he didn't know whether he was relieved or hurt.

He started to think that his last statement had hurt Remus and he began to feel guilty.

"I shouldn't have told him that. But I was so angry at him. I wanted him to believe me," Harry said to no one in particular.

'Harry, you did nothing wrong. You have been patient with him but that didn't work. It's only natural you were angry. You are allowed to be a teenager and throw occasional tantrums,' Kai said.

'Besides, it's about time you stopped holding your tongue and start speaking up. Stop hiding and start doing what you want. You wanted to be honest with Remus, and you finally were…well sort off. It's a start. Remus needed to hear what you told him,' Kyi added.

'He needed to know that Dumbles isn't a saint and that that he has failed as a friend and guardian. He need to wake up and accept that,' Kai said firmly.

Harry sat down on one of the couches in the common room.

"But I don't want to lose him," Harry whispered softly.

'And you won't, mon ami. He just needs to realize that he needs to wake up. He is missing out on being with and he needs to know that he will lost your trust if he keeps listening to Dumbles,' Kyi assured him.

'He'll realize it soon enough. I bet it is only a matter of time,' Kai said cheerfully.

Harry felt a wave of reassurance and warmth. His voices were trying to make him feel better and they were succeeding. He no longer remembered what it was like not to have his voices around and he wished he would always have them in his head. He felt his voices hum.

'As long as you want and need us, we are here,' they said in unison.

Harry smiled. Knowing that someone would always be there without asking for anything in return, just because they cared was the best thing ever. He felt loved. Harry paused. He loved his voices and he knew they cared about him, but did they love him?

'Silly boy,' Kai said.

'We are quite fond of you too,' Kyi added.

Harry laughed before saying, "Just fond of me?"

His voices laughed.

'Well darn. I think we have to tell him, Kyi,' Kai said.

"Tell me what," Harry asked.

'Okay okay. We love you too, kid,' Kyi answered, chuckling.

Harry laughed. He felt so much better. His voices always managed to make him smile. Feeling in such high spirits, Harry thought he would go flying to forget about what had happened with Remus and Dumbledore.

Thinking that it wouldn't be a bad idea, he raced to his dorm room and grabbed his broom. He was about to go down the stairs to make his way to the pitch, when the twins told him to go through the window.

'Why not,' Harry thought. He could use the window, go out and fly, and come back through the window without having to talk to anyone. Taking his broom, he moved across the room towards the window. He got into his broom and lifted off the floor. Quickly uttering a bye to Hedwig, who was perching on his desk, Harry flew out the window.

Once out of the tower, Harry flew really high. He allowed the wind to caress his face and the last bits of sunshine to warm his skin. He had always loved the rush of flying. Harry looked around to see all of Hogwarts. It always took his breath away.

"I wish you two could see it. It is magnificent. I love this place. It was the first home I ever had," Harry whispered reverently.

The twins laughed softly. Harry hadn't mentioned anything funny, so he was a bit confused by their laughter.

'We are well acquainted with the wonder that is Hogwarts,' Kai mentions.

'Yes, very acquainted,' Kyi added mysteriously.

"What do you mean," Harry asked.

'All good things,' Kyi starts. Kai finishes, 'Come to those that wait.'

Harry sighed. He was very interested in his twin voices. There was still much he didn't know about them, but he could wait. Harry flew around slowly, allowing his muscles to become accustomed to flying again. When he felt ready, he flew faster and began to practice several Quidditch maneuvers.

'You are a natural flier,' Kai stated, impressed.

"Thanks. Are you two good at flying," Harry asked the twins.

His voices hummed before chorusing, 'Yes.'

'But rather than brooms,' Kai said.

'We have other means to fly,' Kyi finished.

Intrigued, Harry asked them what they used. Before they could answer, however, he noticed that he had been flying away from the castle for a while.

'Harry, you've gone farther than you should have. Turn back, now!'

Harry was a bit startled at their tone. They had never given orders to him before, and he had never heard them so agitated. Thinking it was best to head back, Harry began to turn around.

He nearly lost his grip on the broom when Kai loudly yelled, 'It's too late, they've spotted him. Kuso!' (A/N: means Damn in Japanese)

Feeling worry creep up, Harry surveyed his surroundings. He was not surprised when he suddenly felt a spell hit him and roll off his shield. Feeling his feather heating up, Harry looked in the direction the spell came from.

Looking down, he could barely make out several black robed figures aiming their wands at him.

'Harry, fly to the castle quickly,' Kyi said frantically.

'Harry, fly,' his voices yelled.

Not needing anymore motivation, Harry took off in the direction of the castle. He had not realized he had flown so far away. Thinking he would be okay since the figures were on foot, Harry was astounded when 2 hooded figures appeared in the air, 1 on each side. The figures started sending a multitude of spells in his direction.

Harry tried to dodge, but the constant shift in direction was making it impossible to out fly them. Finally facing the castle, Harry began to take off in full speed only to have one of the figures appear right in front of him. Knowing that he wouldn't be able to fly past him, Harry did the only thing he could. He tilted his broom up until he was upside down. Quickly righting himself, Harry took off in the direction opposite of Hogwarts.

Feeling more spells hit him from behind, Harry could sense that his shield was beginning to fail. It was not intended to take a barrage of spells continuously. Needing to distract them, Harry let them get closer as he pulled out his wand.

When they were within range, Harry tried casting several spells to stun his attackers. He watched as one of the figures was hit and momentary paralyzed. As the figure fell from his broom, Harry used the distraction to change direction and increase his speed. Thinking he was going to gain some distance, Harry's stomach sunk when he felt his shield crumbling.

Harry tried once again to make his way to the castle. He let out a growl of frustration when another figure blocked his way. Quickly lifting his wand, Harry aims a spell for the attacker. All of a sudden, Harry's hand is wracked with immense pain. Dropping his wand, his visions blurs and his voices growl loudly.

Freezing in mid-air, Harry looked at his hand. He knew the curse that had hit him. It was the Sectumsepra curse and it was spreading up along his arm. Unable to stop a cry from escaping his lips, Harry tightened his hold on the broom with his good hand.

The figures, now five, surround him. They had stopped casting curses in order to enjoy the progression of the curse. They knew Harry would be in so much pain and eventually bleed out. Harry bit his lips to stop his cries. He would not give them the satisfaction of seeing him that way.

Feeling the wounds on his arm spread higher, Harry vaguely heard the jaunts and laughter. Blood started gushing from his wounds. In a piercing wail, his voices beg him to use them.

'Use us. What we have, we give freely.'

Instantly, pulses of powers began to fill Harry. He knew it was not his magic. This power was stronger and older. Harry had felt nothing like it. His own magic seemed miniscule to what was now coursing through him.

'Let me be your shield,' Kyi said quietly.

'And I, your sword,' Kai whispered fiercely.

Power continued to flow throughout his body. Harry gave into the urge to lift his arms outwards. The mysterious power emanated from his hands towards his attackers. Caught off guard, the figures attempted to dodge quickly to place up a magical shield.

'No,' Kai snarled as their shields were broken and three fell off their broom from the impact. The remaining two attempted to fly off.

Momentary forgetting that the Sectumsempra curse was still in effect, Harry cried out in shock when the wounds opened further up his arm. Feeling cold from the loss of blood, a rush of warmth spread through his body quickly. Harry sighed in relief as the pain receded. In his exhaustion, he nearly missed a translucent green light beginning to encircle him.

He watched, entranced, as it continuously began to wrap itself firmly around him. As the last of the pain faded from his body, Harry began to feel like he was floating in water. Seconds later, he lost consciousness.

Harry begans to slip from his broom. Instead of falling, he remained floating in the air. Another light of blue appears to join with the green. Both lights create a bubble, holding Harry suspended. Slowly the bubble gets smaller and smaller, until the lights touch his skin.

Harry stirred as he felt the warmth of arms embrace him. Skin glowing, Harry begans to disappear little by little. Soon, his body was gone and the lights were nowhere in sight. The only thing remaining was the broom, which fell to the ground.

All sound was gone. For a moment everything was clear. Then the sun finally set and everything was covered in darkness. And something somewhere screamed in anger.

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