The Breakfast Club is one of my favourite films and I had this idea to replace the characters with our favourite gang and see the shenanigans they get themselves into. They actually fit quite well with the stereotypes. This story is based on The Breakfast Club in terms of characters and some plot, but I will deviate from that based on the New Girl characters' personalities and my own plot ideas. This story is also going to continue after the detention and show the repercussions of that day.

If you haven't seen The Breakfast Club, go and watch it. My amazing beta Captain Crunk informs me that it is on Netflix. Woohoo! :)

Chapter One – First Impressions

Jess Day remained firmly fixated on the lingering mark her finger had left on the car window, occasionally blowing a misty breath over it as they ground to a halt outside of her high school. Fingerprints had always fascinated her – they made her unique, and reminded her that contrary to her more recent theories about her school, everyone was not, in fact, exactly the same boring clone.

Her Mom was saying something, so she sighed and removed the pink buds from her ears, the Backstreet Boys fading as she pulled them away. "What?" she said, a little rudely.

"I was saying we're here. I have an appointment with the lawyer Jess, you need to hurry up and get out of the car."

"I don't want to go in. I didn't do anything."

Joan rolled her eyes, reaching over to stroke a hand over her daughter's hair. Just as quickly as it was there her touch was gone, and Jess was left wondering if it had actually happened or if she had imagined it. Joan started the car and looked pointedly at Jess.

"Alright, I'm going." She huffed, swinging her brightly coloured backpack over her shoulder as she climbed rather ungracefully out of the car. She turned to say goodbye to find her Mom already pulling away, one hand raised above her head, just visible through the back window. Rolling her eyes, Jess hunched over and made her way up the steps to the building.

If she was honest with herself, she was incredibly nervous about today. She had never been given a detention in her life, and her overactive imagination had created some pretty mean characters in her head, all of which would undoubtedly have it out for her as soon as she entered the classroom. She trudged slowly and deliberately down the eerily quiet corridor, her converse sneakers squeaking on the linoleum floor. It was odd, being here on a Saturday. It smelled different, felt different. She willed the knot in her stomach to untie itself.

She heard a snigger behind her just as she reached classroom 4D. Whipping round, one hand resting on the doorframe, she saw a familiar face – Miller, the resident douchebag. Of course he was in detention. She struggled to keep her face in neutral, refusing to let fear cloud it. If there was one thing she absolutely did not want, it was unnecessary attention, especially from this unpredictable and overly confident clown.

He sauntered up to her, taking his hands out of his pockets. "Barney the dinosaur called," he said lowly as he reached her, circling behind her as he entered the classroom. "He wants his handbag back." Suppressing a snort, he slapped a hand over her rucksack with mock affection before turning his back to her and leaving her in the doorway, blushing and trying to breathe normally. That wasn't so bad, she thought as she followed him cautiously. She'd just have to make sure she didn't say a word all day, and maybe she'd make it out alive.

"Right," Mr. Shiller announced as he strolled purposefully into the room, running a hand through his salt and pepper hair. Jess scrambled for her seat. "This is my Saturday too, and because of you little criminals I'm forced to spend it here with you instead of my wife. So listen up, and listen good."

He cast a severe look around the room, and nobody met his eyes. Jess looked around and spotted a few familiar faces. Cece Parekh was here, the school princess. For some reason Jess had assumed Cece had some sort of get out of detention free card. Obviously not. Schmidt was here too. She'd spoken to him a few times in her English Lit class, and knew he was way too smart and sensible to be in here. She furrowed her brow. This hadn't been what she had expected at all.

"You have until four to sit silently and think about what you have done to warrant this punishment. That's six hours. I'm going to be in my office across the hall and I have the senses of a ninja, so I will know if any of you leave your seats." Mr. Shiller then focused his attention on Miller, who was slumped in his seat, head tilted back towards the ceiling, mouth hanging open. "Is that understood?"

There were a bunch of half-hearted nods and grumbles, and that seemed to satisfy Shiller. He whirled around and left the group, stopping to prop the door open on his way out. "And don't shut this door."

With that, he disappeared. Jess cast her eyes around the room again nervously. She had chosen to sit at the back in her attempt to hide herself. Unfortunately she realised too late that the school delinquent had been thinking the same thing, and he was currently sat a couple metres to her right, his head lolling backwards and forwards in what she guessed was boredom. No surprise there, he's probably done this a thousand times. Rolling his head to the side, he caught her eye and she quickly turned away, her nervousness making her left knee bounce up and down under the desk. Miller was known to run his mouth, and she didn't want to piss this cocky loser off. With her hormones at the moment she wasn't even sure what her own limit was.

There was another person in the room whom she had never seen before. He was stocky and dark, his head shaven. He also appeared to be a little bored, not intimidated like the rest of them. He was sketching something on a piece of scrap paper and Jess craned her neck to see what it was. Something about his silent, serious nature sparked her curiosity.

Schmidt turned awkwardly in his seat. "Do we really have to sit here the whole time? Do we get lunch?" he asked, looking a little pained. Miller snorted to himself.

Schmidt was quite large. It was true that a day of not eating would probably do him the world of good. He blushed, realising that he was being made fun of, and turned back round, leaning down to take a notepad and pencil case out of his bag.

"You brought school stuff to detention?" Cece piped up, her perfect face contorted into amusement and slight annoyance. Schmidt looked at her, terrified. Jess inwardly giggled. This was probably the first and only time Cece would ever talk to him, and she could see the cogs working in his head, figuring out the right response.

"Uh," he stuttered, his hands shaking a little as the pencil case clattered on to the desk. "Yeah, I've never had one before so I thought we might have to do work."

"You don't." Miller snapped at him. The room went silent again.

Jess felt the tension start to ease in her body. It seemed these people hadn't noticed her, or hadn't cared. She could put her head down, maybe have a snooze, and plot her next parent trap.

She jumped when Miller stood abruptly. "Hey, you. Serious dude. What're you drawing there?" he shuffled over to the quiet guy, who looked up briefly, before continuing to scribble.

"It's a game plan, for next week. Big game against the 'Gators, from across town."

Miller nodded, seating himself on the edge of the stranger's desk. He looked up, annoyed, before shuffling away from him and attempting to resume his plan. "Hey man, you got your own seat over there."

"You're on the basketball team?" Cece asked, her interest immediately piqued. "My best friend Jessica P, she's the head cheerleader. I've never seen you before."

Serious guy looked up at her, smiling slightly. "I'm new, I lived in Latvia for a few years but we've just moved back. The name's Winston."

"Huh, that's my dog's name." Miller said with a smile. Jess rolled her eyes. She didn't like to judge people, but he really got under her skin at school, with his snide comments and stupid scruffy clothes that he only wore to maintain his image as a bad boy. She could tell already that he was going to make their lives hell for the entire day.

"Nice to meet you, Winston." Schmidt greeted with a small wave. "I'm Schmidt." Everyone turned to look at him. He doesn't help himself, does he? Jess thought as she watched him. He was still waving like a nerd. Everyone ignored him.

"Well, Winston," Cece declared, her voice low, intended only for him, "there's a party happening tonight at Jessica P's and you should definitely come. I can introduce you to some people."

"Why do you say the 'P'?" Schmidt cut in, making Cece whip round and glare at him. "It's just that…well. We know who you're talking about."

"Jessica is a common name, and Winston's new. He might not know who I'm talking about." Cece hissed at him, turning her back on him.

"Hey fat kid. It's so she sounds more like one of those prissy girls from the shitty films she watches," Miller said with a smirk. "You know, the ones where the girl's life depends on whether she finds the right shoes for her date and sleepovers are mostly naked, and all the feathers come out of the pillows when they fight. FYI, not true by the way. Bitches."

Cece and Winston were shooting daggers at Miller, who was still seated awkwardly close to their conversation. "No one asked you." Cece spat.

Unperturbed, Miller blew out a tired sigh and stood. Jess kept her mouth clamped shut and her eyes fixated on her shoes. Please don't notice me, she thought. Please just pretend I'm not here.

"Sorry prom queen. I'm sure you two will make a lovely couple, and lots of lovely children who will rise up the social ladder at preschool with ease. That's all you think about, right?"

"Why don't you just shut your mouth and go back to your seat so we can get through today with as little unnecessary stress as possible, huh?" Cece snapped, pulling out her compact. She flipped it open and began smoothing down her hair and applying lipstick. Winston put down his pencil.

"Seriously dude, don't annoy me. I'm just sitting here trying to mind my own business but if you don't leave her alone I'm gonna do something about it." He declared, turning his body to face Miller in a broad-shouldered stance. Miller twisted his face and took a step closer to him.

"I'm shaking in my shoes man. Why don't you come over here and prove it."

In a split second, Winston was on his feet. He strode over to Miller and shoved him, hard. He stumbled backwards, crashing into Schmidt's desk and making him yelp, before he hit the floor, shock written all over his face.

"Why don't you stop pretending you're so tough and go sit down before you embarrass yourself further, jackass." Winston muttered, turning to take his seat again.

"HEY! You kids better be sat quietly, behaving yourselves in there or you'll be here all next Saturday too!" Mr. Shiller's voice came from the hall.

Jess heard a giggle, and then realised it was her. Mortified, she pressed her lips together, eyes wide behind her thick frames. Everyone turned their heads to look behind them as though they had just realised she was there and Miller looked at her from his place on the floor, apparently just as surprised as her about her outburst. Averting his gaze to the floor, he angrily stood, brushing dirt from his jeans, and shuffled to his seat.

He sat down heavily, avoiding Jess' gaze. She continued to stare at him, intrigued. She wondered whether he had always been like this. Maybe he had been a sweet child, with dungarees and a head of blonde curls rather than the messy dark bedhead and oversized flannel shirt he was currently sporting. She imagined him playing with the kids on his street, having actual friends. Maybe even a crush on the girl over the road. She held in a smile. Maybe he wasn't that bad… He could just be a big softie.

Without looking away from the desk, he raised his left arm and flipped his middle finger at her. "Stop staring at me. Fucking weirdo."

She blinked, snapping her head forward as she felt her neck and ears start to heat up. Or maybe not.