Studying Ecstasy

The warm, soft, wet feeling is blocking out everything else in this setting. The library, books, stacks, quiet people all fade away and the only thing that matters is your mouth on me.

I knew I was playing with fire, running my fingers up your thigh and feeling your damp heat through the thin layer of cloth. Your face tried to show irritation but quickly your eyes flashed dark and molten. What that look does to me, and again you are giving it to me now as your mouth works over my shaft. If you could only know how amazingly mind blowing you feel going down on me right now, you would crumble.

Focused only on you, I am powerless to stop this act even though we could get caught and kicked out of this library permanently. Everything tenses, pinpointing only on my dick and the ecstasy you are giving me. Finally, I spill me seed down your throat and thankfully you swallow leaving no mess. How in the hell can I study after this? All I want to do is have you on your back returning the favor with my tongue before pounding into you fully.