Beginnings and a Succubus

"Hmm, well, let's see.." Kurumu and Tsukune watched as their club president pushed papers around on his desk and point to specific ones.

"First, I'll give you an explanation of just what kinda club this is!" He announced, gesturing to an older newspaper that had been published by the club.

"The goal of the newspaper club is to publish the school newspaper!" Gin explained, holding up a copy.

'That much is kind of obvious...' A large bead of sweat ran down the side of Tsukune's forehead.

"Most of your activity will be reporting on all kinds of things within the academy and putting them in the newspaper!" The tall male continued.

He set the paper down, slamming his hands down onto his desk and leaning towards the other club members.

"We'll be put into dangerous situations time after time for the sake of reporting. I'll tell you right now, this ain't gonna be no easy ride!" He paused dramatically for a moment before speaking again. "Once you've joined, you should prepare yourself."

'Maybe I was wrong about him...he actually seems like a really reliable person...' Tsukune thought, feeling energized by the way his sempai talked and how determined and serious his expression was.

Kurumu noted Tsukune's interest. Was he really that excited to go around looking for unusual situations to write about in a paper? That just sounded like extra homework! But then again, now that she thought about it, the prospect started to seem quite appealing.

The way Gin worded it made it sound like a trail of adventures, of interesting things to find when there was nothing else to do. It would lift her boredom and would perhaps make her even more popular than Moka!

Being a part of the school paper would defiantly show how much more she had than Akashiya. It would reveal that she not only had a gorgeous face and sultry body, but also brains, talent, and a beautiful personality.

'Yahoo-hoo! Prepare to be humiliated, Akashiya Moka!' The violet-eyed succubus mentally cheered, almost unable to keep her cry of joy to herself. 'Newspaper club, here I come!'

"Just messing with ya'! Let's have some fun without all the strict talk." Gin smiled as he stood up, holding a poster out to the duo.

On it was a picture of Nekomini sensei, and a caption reading, 'If you have a chance, make sure to read Yokai Newspaper. -Newspaper Club'

"This is our poster ad." He clarified. "Let's put it up on the back wall."

"Okay!" Kurumu agreed heartily, grabbing the poster from Gin's hands and skipping over to the back wall.

"Kurumu-chan?" Tsukune was confused by how suddenly the succubus had changed from being completely uninterested with the dealings of the newspaper club, to being so excited by it.

"Now that's what I like to see." Gin grinned approvingly, following her at a much slower rate at which she had been skipping.

'I wonder what got her so happy.' Aono wondered, trailing after the two. 'Maybe choosing to get involved with the Newspaper Club was something she actually wanted to do. Maybe she likes writing. Who knows?'

In high spirits, the young teenager picked up his pace, jogging after them.