Q paced through the basement of Mi6 with a confident gait. In his left hand, he held a leather briefcase. In his right, a scrambled signal phone. He glanced at it.


Q had been working on Project 4 for years before he'd entered the secret service. Before he was recruited, he used his blindingly excellent IT skills for a much less honest cause.

He sighed.

Can't escape your past.

He reached the vault, and pulled it open. They were already there.


'Leonardo.' A lean man with brassy hair swept off his large forehead waved him in. He could smell egoism on him. He despised a young person's vanity.

He gestured towards a table, and Q laid the briefcase down on it.

'Is it all there?'

'Everything I've done so far.'

Leonardo considered this, his thin lips bunched at the side.

'When can it be finished?'

'M's looking to get Bond out on this next mission. It could be ready by then.'


'I'm not a miracle maker.'

Leonardo glared at him with a look of disgust.

'Remember your position. I could end your career with just one phone call.'


'And why did you have me back?'

'We need your...knowhow.'

Q smirked.

'You can't hold me with blackmail forever. I can move on from Mi6.'

'Can you, though? After everything, could you just leave it all behind? Of course not! You're addicted to the deception! M can praise you for work that he has no idea is for me. Even James is too stupid to se-'

'Bond isn't stupid.' he shot at him, his head springing up from the briefcase. Leonardo simply smiled.

'Your puerility betrays you, Q. You trust too easily.'

'If that were true, I wouldn't have gotten where I am.'

'If that's not true, why are you here? Why did you agree to work for me all those years ago?'

Q looked Leonardo in the eyes, a smile plastered all over his face.

'I was bored.' he picked up the briefcase and headed to the vault door. He rested a hand on it as he turned back into the room.

'And you've got to be wary of the people who do this for fun.'

And with that, he left...