Q rose, a smile growing on his lips. There was a sudden rift in the proceedings; a silence rife with hostility and abhorrence. He seemed to feed off their detestation, lapping up the attention he'd never been given. It was almost delicious.
He approached the witness box. His lawyer tittered between his two feet, shoes squeaking against the floor.
'So, erm, Agent Q-'
'It's just Q.' he winked subtly at the lawyer. The red tinge in his cheeks told Q that he'd seen.
'Erm, where were you on the day you were allegedly sighted at the Daisy Cafe?'
'I was nowhere near White Conduit Street. I was sat at home.' The lawyer began again, scared to look directly at the Judge.
'So you see, Your Honour, the accused couldn't have-'
'If I may?' M's lawyer interrupted. He received a nod from the Judge and continued.
'Do you have anyone who can back up this alibi?'
'No, I don't believe I do.' Q replied with a sly smile.
'So you could have been at the cafe when Agent Hudderson said you were?'
'I suppose I could have.'
'Is this a confession?'
'No, Sir. Simply humouring you. If you'd like me to stop-'
'I'd like you to answer the questions.'
'Terribly sorry. I'll try to behave.' The lawyer sighed, readying himself for the next round of questioning.
'And what-'
'Oh, before you go on,' Q interjected, his joyful persona still radiating against the silent malevolence of the room, 'I do have one thing to do.' Before anyone could stop him, Q pulled out a gun and shot the prosecutor expertly through the chest. He fell instantly, the bullet ricocheting against the bench and hitting him in the back. Screams began, and people ran for cover. More shots sounded, crying out against the panicked air. Bond patted his pocket. No gun. Where could it-
'You coming, 007?' Thrust in front of him was his own gun, held by the delightfully disgraced ex-Quartermaster.
'Are you mad?'
'You know, I think I might be.' He grabbed Bond by the arm and yanked him through the crowd.
'If I didn't know any better, I'd say you were using me as a shield.'
'You know Mi6. Shoot first, ask questions later.'
'Surely not.' Bond gasped, in a mock-disbelief. Q smiled, weaving quickly in and out of the nervous court-goers. No-one could recognise him in such a frantic rush. Perfect plan.
They finally reached the door.
'Is this where we say goodbye?' James glanced back in at the mayhem and terror. People tripped over their own feet and the feet of their colleagues, scrambling to anywhere they deemed safe. It was like a scene from the end of the world. Bond looked back to Q, a childish excitement and adventure in his eyes.
'Not in a million years.'