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Long ago, a demon fought against his own kind for the sake of humanity in its darkest time. The demon was named Sparda, to some he was known as the Legendary Dark Knight Sparda. Sparda woke up to justice and fought against his own kind. Sparda stood alone in his war against his brethren, yet despite the odds that were against him, Sparda won in the end and was able to defeat the demon lord Mundus and his other six generals in battle. Sparda casted a spell sealing the bridges between the human world and the demon world, however he had to pay a price and that price was losing more than half his power and sealing it into the demon world as well, when he died the rest of his power went into his sword Force Edge. Before he died however; Sparda fell in love and married a human woman by the name of Eva and had two sons by the name of Dante and Vergil. Sparda gave Eva his amulet, which she gave to her sons after she divided it into two pieces, and gave his sons two legendary enchanted swords, by the names of Yamato and Rebellion.

The sons were different; each representing a different piece of Sparda's soul. The older twin Vergil represented Sparda's demonic side and his prowess in battle; he was also the wielder of the enma no katana Yamato. Yamato was a sword said to be able to cut through anything no matter what it was and capable of opening and closing portals to the demon world. The younger twin was Dante, and he represented Sparda's humanity and emotions despite he himself being a demon from hell, Dante wielded the sword known as Rebellion and it was symbol of Sparda's undying will to never surrender.

While the two were brothers, they fought each other as hated enemies; as Vergil sought to undo the spell that Sparda casted to make an opening to the demon world to find and claim the power of their father; power to use for his own means and purposes, not caring of the effects that it would have on the human world. Dante fought his brother to protect the human world despite them being family; Dante, like his father, saw something in humans like their father that was worth protecting.

In the end Dante defeated Vergil, despite Vergil having the sword of their father and saved the human world, that was the start of one legend. Dante

did many other deeds and saved the world several other times. He had walked in the path of his father and saved many lives.

(Hell-post battle Dante VS Mundus)

The battle between Dante and the demon prince Mundus ended in a most surprising way...in a show of great power and courage, Dante; The demon hunter son of Sparda was able to defeat and vanquish the dark prince Mundus, and had stopped him from unleashing the endless armies of demons under his command and had foiled his plans of conquering and ruling over the human world as well as the underworld.

Destruction was all that can be seen in the area of hell where the titanic battle took place, ruptures of fire and explosions in the surrounding area, as a side effect to the powers that clashed driving the entire netherworld to instability...Despite the surrounding area combusting in to flames and destruction, Dante managed to escape and return to the human world unscathed and ready to face the evils that would show up once more and threaten the human world of extinction; and he would be ready to fight whenever evil dares show its face to him...

However even though his world was saved from one evil at the moment, that doesn't mean that all worlds are safe, and unknown to Dante; Evil never surrenders and is always plotting its way to destruction and making plans to enslave and control the worlds we live in even the ones that are still a mystery to it.

(Hell-post battle Dante VS Mundus-another location)

A large blur was speeding through hell in an attempt to escape the destruction around it in order to survive.

The large being suddenly stopped on a piece of land in order to survey its surroundings, which showed the physical attributes of this being.

The most defining characteristics of this being; its huge size that could rival the tallest skyscraper in existence, another glaring detail that can't be ignored would be the ten tails sprouting from its bottom and floating around the air almost lazily despite the dangerous surroundings.

A single large eye could be seen in the middle of its face with rings surroundings its pupil with three comma shapes on each ring, with a total of nine commas and 3 rings and wavy lines on both sides of it. A large mouth right below its eye filled with large sharp teeth can be seen along with four large canines, two on each side extending out of its mouth. Scales can be found all over its body with spikes surrounding some areas of its semi-humanoid body like the top of its head, chin, elbows and wrist.

Two large horns emerged from its forehead pointing in different directions with a third in the middle shaped like a crown with spikes over it and two pair of small eyes can be seen on it. Its three digit hands were clenched in anger and rage; as its two digit beast legs stomped the ground under it.

'A demon lord of my power forced to run away like a cowardly dog' thought the beast in anger and shame.

These were the thought of the demon, as he turned around and continued on its way looking for a way to escape the hell surrounding it.

This demon lord was known as Juubi, one of the seven generals of Mundus and the second most powerful of that group, with only the Legendary Dark Knight Sparda who could outmatch his power.

Ever since he was created by Mundus, the demon lord had been loyal to him and had done everything that was commanded of him, whether that be getting rid of those who would not follow the orders of his master or those who dared attempt to oppose him, killing and destroying anyone or anything that stood in his master's way. He had proved himself worthy of his position and would only bow down to two individuals; the first being his master, and the second being Sparda himself, but more out of hate and fear than respect for no matter how strong he got he could never defeat Sparda.

'And look where that got him' thought the Juubi with a malicious smirk. When Sparda had rebelled, he had been one of the ones to be defeated by the dark knight.

However, since Sparda had sealed the gates of Hell and had lost his power, he had become vulnerable to time and in the end had died when his immortality was over.

The plan was once Sparda had succumbed to death's embrace, than the demon prince himself would take control of both the human world and the demon world, and with Sparda's betrayal Juubi had become the prince's right hand man and had never failed ever since.

But it would seem that Sparda had made a backup plan, and had sired two sons to continue his legacy with one of them becoming a demon hunter and the other slaying any demon he could find.

'For a while at least until lord Mundus was able to control one of them' mused Juubi, while looking for a gate to escape hell.

When Vergil had been defeated by Dante and trapped in hell, Mundus had beaten him easily thanks to his weakened state and managed to control him and send him back to try and kill Dante, however Dante had proved himself to be the true heir of Sparda and defeated him at every encounter which caused Mundus to take matters into his own hands.

'And now this happens' thought Juubi angrily as he continued to run while ignoring his surroundings, not knowing that someone was going after him to seek revenge because of what had been done to him.

(Hell-post battle Dante VS Mundus)

When Vergil woke up, he knew that something had happened… The fact that he was in control of his own body again was proof of that.

After he looked around his surrounding area, he soon realized what was happening.

Mundus was defeated, and so he was released from his control and due to the influx of power between the two high level demons, the area around him had grown unstable and is being destroyed piece by piece.

'To think that Dante would be the one to beat Mundus and vanquish his control over me...I am truly proud of you brother and I know father and mother are too' thought Vergil, as he couldn't help but release the chuckle in his throat at the irony of the situation.

The same idiotic and childish young man who had sent him to hell had been the one to grow to the adult who saved him along with all of mankind.

His thoughts on the current situation halted however as he saw in the corner of his eye a great shadow looming over him and passing by like a speeding train only to then spot the ten tails following the figure...it didn't take him long to know who was that figure.

'It would seem that Juubi is trying to escape; the least I can do for Dante for what he had done for me is to finish the job he started' thought Vergil as he rose to his full height and took his devil form and sprouted his wings, taking off into the sky in pursuit of Juubi, with the intent of ending him once and for all.

As he flew in the air, he felt something strange happening to him. It felt like he was energized; like he was full of energy that he didn't know he had...like he could fight an army of demons including Mundus himself and end up the victor with energy left to spare.

'Could it be that being exposed to the energy of the demon world for a long duration of time that I had become a full devil instead of being a half-breed?' mused Vergil curiously.

"Is this the kind of power that our father wielded when he was a full Devil? ...the same power that I was seeking to obtain from our father's sword? "Thought Vergil out loud to himself in his demonic enhanced voice thanks to his Devil Trigger.

'No matter, I can further study my situation after I have taken care of Juubi' he thought as he continued his pursuit of the ten tailed demon.

(Elemental nations-pre-sage of six paths)

'Almost there...I am almost to the gate to the gate of the human world' thought Juubi as he put on a last sprint in his run to reach the gate in front him.

He could see that the gate had suffered a large amount of damage from the instability of the area, and all he needed to do was jump through it and he'll survive.

"Here we go" said Juubi to himself in his deep demonic voice as he stormed through the gate and landed on the other side.

Though what he had found was surprising...for all around him were fully grown trees and plants and animals running around the area that fled when the giant demon showed itself with a large river going through the forest and village on the other side of the river.

All in all, a beautiful setting for humans to live in and enjoy life.

'How disgusting' Thought the demon as he hated all human kind and thought they would be better to serve to serve demons or die.

'It would seem that this is a different world than that of the son of Sparda's since I can't feel any kind of demon signatures in this world...well it would seem that I will finally be able to make my own kingdom and rule as I wish' Thought Juubi darkly as he let out a roar that shook the entire earth and pinned the villagers in fear of the demon.

From there on rose the legend of the mighty demon lord; the unstoppable force of nature... The Juubi.

(Hell-after Juubi entered the gate)

As soon as he saw Juubi jump into the gate, Vergil knew that he should be careful.

Examining the gate, he saw that it was very different from any other Hell Gate he had seen, however the knowledge that Juubi went through it spurred Vergil into jumping through himself.

However before he could jump, the ground beneath him began to shake which caused the gate to flicker on and off five times.

With the thought of losing Juubi's trail in mind he jumped through as soon as it lit the fifth time and was soon transported through it never to be seen again as the Hell Gate shut down with both Juubi and Vergil in it.

(Elemental nations-50 years after Juubi)

Vergil soon landed in a crouch as he surveyed his surroundings and he did not like what he saw.

All around him were marks of burnt trees and ash were all over the place with a trench that looked it had been a river all dried up; and across from his location he could see the ruins of a small village burnt and destroyed with no signs of life.

'There's only one thing I know that could cause all this destruction' thought Vergil as he looked around himself. 'It seems I was late in stopping him from causing all this destruction' thought Vergil sadly.

Releasing a sigh and powering down his Devil form, he continued looking for tracks that he could use to find Juubi and kill him.

Sensing a presence behind him; Vergil turned around with his body tensed and ready to draw Yamato in an instant, only to stop when he saw someone standing in front of him.

The man from what he could see could be described as a priest. He had a small and trim goatee and short light-colored hair that spiked up in the front with two distinctive pieces of hair resembling horns. He wore a white full-length cloak with a high collar, revealing his necklace with six red comma shaped figures. He looked to around thirty years of age. He was also holding a monk staff in his right arm.

The two men stood there, staring at each other as if in some competition waiting for the other to make the first move.

After a few moments, the unknown man reached out his hand as if to shake Vergil's hand and spoke.

"Hello there young man, how are you on this fine day?" his voice was deep, and it confirmed Vergil's theory of the man being in his thirties as his voice seemed mature and experienced.

Vergil remained quiet as he analyzed the man in front and the hand he was reaching out, and then after a few moments of staring, asked not bothering to shake the man's hand,

"Who are you? And why were you trying to sneak up on me?" demanded Vergil in a calm voice.

The man finally lowered his hand and stood staring at Vergil... After a few moments to process the question the man asked a question of his own,

"You are not human are you young man?" the man asked in a calm voice.

Although this surprised Vergil, he didn't let it show in his face; and asked again "Who are you and why were you sneaking up on me?" demanded Vergil in a slightly sterner voice with his hand on Yamato's handle.

The man seemed to realize that Vergil was being serious now; as he raised his arms as a sign of surrender and said.

"I guess that answers my question, now calm down young man I didn't mean to offend you and I apologize. However in times like these a person just needs to be careful. Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Hagoromo Otsutsuki, and I am simply a warrior monk who is looking for the road to peace. Who might you be?"

Vergil eyed the man with suspicious eyes; on one hand he could believe him, and on the other he could be trying to make him lower his guard to attack later on.

'Well it doesn't matter, if he tries something I'll just kill him and continue my search' thought Vergil confidently.

"My name is Vergil." spoke Vergil in a calm voice.

Hagoromo seemed to notice how Vergil doesn't trust him, and complimented him in his own mind.

"Well good day to you Vergil-san, may I ask what are you doing in this place?" asked the man curiously.

"I am trying to find a demon by the title of Juubi." answered Vergil in an even voice.

The second the name "Juubi" was uttered by Vergil, Hagoromo tensed and froze, which was noticed by Vergil.

Seconds later the man unfroze, and then started staring at the ground hard and clenched his fist.

"May I ask why you are looking for this demon?" Spoke the man through gritted teeth.

Vergil seemed to notice the man's barely restrained anger and spoke calmly, "To kill him."

The man stopped and raised his head to look at Vergil with a hopeful expression on his face and asked; "Are you truly here to kill it? Do you really think your strength will be enough to defeat it?" asked the man hopefully.

Vergil stared at the man and gave him his answer," I know I can"

The man then gained a determined look in his eyes, eyes that reminded Vergil of his on brother and said; "Then I will help, I know you are not human and the fact that you're against Juubi means that I am on your side".

Vergil stared at the man with surprise and said; "You want to fight with me against a demon lord... Who are you?"

Hagoromo looked into Vergil's eyes, and Vergil was surprised when his eyes suddenly changed into a pair of purple eyes with four rings surrounding the pupil and said with determination as hard as steel; "As I said before I am Hagoromo Otsutsuki and I am known as the Rikudo Sennin (six paths sage) and I will defeat Juubi and bring peace to the world."

Vergil stared at the man and then started chuckling softly, 'So this is what you meant about humans, eh Dante' "Well then Hagoromo let's get going." said Vergil with a small smile appearing on his face.

With a nod the two began walking in the direction where they could see a large figure on the horizon determined to change the world...

(Elemental nations-Juubi)

Juubi knew that there was something wrong; something that he would not like was coming his way.

For the last fifty years he had been having the time of his life... He had never had this much fun ever since his first existence.

He had attacked village after village, destroyed forest after forest, killed human after human to his soul's (if he had one) desire and lived a life that he never knew was so good.

He wished he had known about the Hell Gate that had transported him here earlier, then maybe he wouldn't have wasted his time serving that foolish prince Mundus and would have been living the dream so to say in this world and the best thing is that the humans of this world are helpless against him.

In all the years he has been in this world he had not sensed anything in the humans; with only one person in the last twenty years as an exception that he could sense had a certain power in him, and it had been strong, very strong, so strong that it could pose a threat to his own power and could rise against him, but ultimately it would still lose.

However for the last three days, a sense of foreboding had come over him and he couldn't explain why... And he had sensed the emergence of another signature however this one was stronger than the last one and more dangerous to his position as well as being somewhat familiar, if only he could remember from where.

But when he sensed both signatures meeting, he expected for one to vanish or be destroyed; what he didn't expect was for both to travel together and if that wasn't bad enough they were travelling in his direction and coming to him. That was more than enough to raise a few alarms in his being as he waited for them to reach him and discover what their purpose is.

So imagine his surprise and horror, when he saw a human who he could sense had the smaller of the signatures and none other than Vergil the second son of Sparda and the one that had been under Mundus's control walking up to him while keeping a distance between them.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE SON OF SPARDA? HOW DID YOU EVEN GET HERE?" roared Juubi in anger and fear as he stared into the cold eyes of Vergil.

"The same way that you came here Juubi through the Hell gate." answered Vergil coolly while keeping Yamato ready in his left hand.

"THEN WHY ARE YOU HERE? AND WHO ARE YOU HUMAN? ANSWER ME" Yelled Juubi and somewhere deep down he knew he won't like the answer.

"Why to kill you of course and rid the world of you and your foul existence," replied Vergil with a smirk on his face, a smirk that infuriated Juubi.

"And I am Hagoromo Otsutsuki, but you can call me Rikudo Sennin and together we will be the ones to kill you." answered Hagoromo as he readied himself into battle alongside Vergil.

Juubi filled with rage at their answer roared a roar so strong it tore the ground and shook the earth as he readied himself to fight for his survival.

(Elemental nations-ruined battlefield)

Three days.

It took three days to take down Juubi; three days of constant battles and explosions of power scaring the entire population in the entire area for fear of having the Juubi attack their villages and destroy them.

After three days Juubi finally succumbed to the fatigue of fighting his adversaries and was defeated even after summoning entire armies of demons and clones of himself, only for them to be destroyed, and for Hagoromo to seal him into himself, and then use his power to regrow all the trees and fix all the waterways he had destroyed over the last fifty years.

And with the land fixed and compatible for human life, the sage announced to the world of the defeat of Juubi and was renowned a legend, hero, an emissary to peace and well as a father and teacher to all mankind as he taught them the use of chakra, the thing that helped him fight alongside Vergil and beat Juubi.

With Juubi sealed within Hagoromo, he was advised by Vergil to get rid of him as power more often than naught can corrupt a person no matter who that person was, and the sage agreed which led to the creation of the kyuu no bijuu (nine tailed beasts) with each beast having their personality:

The ichibi no tanuki (one tailed raccoon dog) Shukaku.

The nibi no nekomoto (two tailed hell cat) Matatabi.

The sanbi no Kyodaigame (three tailed giant turtle) Isobu.

The yonbi no Sen'en no O (four tailed monkey king sage) Son Goku.

The gobi no irukaba (five tailed dolphin horse) Kokuo.

The rokubi no kyoudasha (six tailed slug) Saiken.

The nanabi no kabutomushi (seven tailed rhinoceros beetle) Chomei.

The hachibi no Kyogyu (eight tailed octopus ox) Gyuki.

And the Kyubi no Yoko (nine tailed demon fox) Kurama.

The sage created them out of the chakra of Juubi and gave each of them a name and a different personality to express themselves.

And one thing that always seemed to amuse the sage, was remembering the bijuu's reaction when they met Vergil; since as soon as they met him and sensed his power they became filled with fear until they were reassured by Hagoromo that he was a good friend and ally, did they get to know him and all actually grew to like him especially Matatabi for some reason (^_^ this is not a hint).

One day, Vergil decided that he had to move on with his life and let Hagoromo decide what to do with his own.

So with a one sided; tearful good bye from the young bijuu who had grown accustomed to Vergil's presence that we see him heading on his way in life and to explore the world of the elemental nations.

(Elemental nations-random forest)

After travelling the world for three years and going through the whole elemental nations, we now find an older Vergil lost, and unknowing of what to do.

He had returned to the place where the Hell gate was located in an attempt to return to his own world, only to find it doesn't exist anymore and that there is no way for him to return to his own world.

So as he walked through a forest contemplating on what he can do now; he suddenly heard a yelp followed by a thud thanks to his demonic enhanced hearing. Getting curious he decided to follow the noise and see what happened. When he arrived at the scene what he saw surprised him a little.

Sprawled on the ground was a woman that looked like she was in her mid-twenties. She had long blonde hair, mostly worn in pigtails, her eyes were unique however as it seemed she had Heterochromia and had one eye red and the other being blue 'Just like that woman from Temen-ni-gru' mused Vergil silently as he remembered the woman that Dante had taken to calling lady.

She was also dressed in Lolita styled clothing that showed little skin as if to preserve it. He could also see her wearing a cross jewelry.

As he approached her, she seemed to notice his presence and started backing away until her back hit a tree behind her and she seemed to resign to her fate and closed her eyes and braced herself.

Raising an eyebrow at the actions that she made, he made his way over to her and started to examine her for any injuries and found what he was looking in the form of a sprained ankle.

'She must of have slipped on the grass and rocks that are here' he thought as he examined the ground around them and then her injury. Seeing no other injuries he started channeling some chakra into his hands which caused them to light in a green light and planted his hands on her ankle, and started healing the bruises around the area, 'It's a good thing Hagoromo taught me how to use some medical Justus.' mused Vergil to himself.

Upon feeling nothing happening but warmth that surrounded her foot, the woman opened her eyes and saw the man with his hand placed on her foot and that's when she realized that he was healing her.

Upon reaching that conclusion she found herself confused as to why this man was helping and decided to question him about it.

"Ano… Who are and what are you doing here and what is it that you're doing?" asked the in a soft angelic voice (in his opinion at least) with a cute confused expression on her face.

"My name is Vergil and I am simply a traveler passing by, when I heard some noise and decided to check it out and here I am; as for what I am doing I would believe it's obvious that I am healing you" he stated in his normal emotionless voice.

The girl blushed in embarrassment, as she turned her head around in a different direction hoping to hide her red face and mumbled a quiet "thank you" as they lapsed in a comfortable silence as Vergil continued his work while she was looking the other way, and stealing glances at him when he wasn't looking and turning away from him with a heavy blush on her face as she thought 'He is very cute, I wonder if he's available'

Soon enough he stopped sending chakra to his hands and said "You should be fine now, see if you can stand." while reaching his hand for her to grab it.

As she stared at his hand wondering if she could trust him; in the end she decided to trust him as he did not like someone evil nor had bad intentions, since if he did he wouldn't have healed her.

So she grabbed his hand and he pulled her to her feet, she stumbled a bit only to feel him hold her before she fell gently as if she would break if he handled her without care and she blushed at the intimate contact.

"Thank you" she mumbled in a small voice and if it wasn't for his sensitive hearing he would have missed it and replied,

"You're welcome miss..." he trailed off seeking her name.

She bushed even more in embarrassment as she remembered she had not introduced herself.

"I am sorry how rude of me, my name is Misa Amane, nice to meet you" she replied cheerfully seemingly forgetting that they had not let go of each other yet.

"Nice to meet you too Misa-san, may I ask what are you doing here at this time?" asked Vergil still not letting go of her.

"Oh I was just walking around the forest enjoying the fresh air." Answered Misa in a happy voice.

"I see, so you live somewhere near here?" asked Vergil in his calm voice though on the inside he was wondering why she hadn't asked to be released from his embrace.

"Yes, I've lived here in this forest ever since my family died five years ago because of an attack by the demon Juubi." Answered Misa in a slightly less happy and depressed voice.

"I see I apologize for your loss and for reminding you of such a painful memory." apologized Vergil in his normal voice.

She waved off his apology with a small smile on her face "It's alright, you didn't know."

"Well then Misa-san would like me to escort you to your house? It's getting rather late." said Vergil as he pointed to the sun setting behind the high trees.

"Ah...Well thank you Vergil-san but you don't need to bother yourself with me" replied Misa while waving her hands.

"Nonsense there is no trouble at all and I insist." Replied Vergil.

Seeing his mind made up she decided to accept his offer, and it was then that she noticed their position with his hands around her body and her own on his chest with her body leaning on him.

She started blushing again which caused her face to look even more adorable in his opinion as he decide to give her a break, and ended their embrace and the two began walking in the direction of her house side by side... What would happen next would change Vergil's whole world.

(Elemental nations-forest surrounding Misa's house-twenty months later)

The cries of a baby could be heard echoing in the air as the sounds of the creatures of the night were silenced by the sound of the emergence of a new human life.

(Inside of the house)

Inside the house, we can see Vergil sitting in a chair while holding the hand of one Misa Amane who looked tired and weak however with a large and tender smile full of love and care for the baby within her hands.

The baby could be seen as a healthy baby boy with a small tuft of blonde hair at the top of his head with baby blue eyes.

Vergil couldn't for the life of him stop the tears that fell down his face and the smile on his pale skin.

After that day in the forest where he had met Misa, she had insisted that he spend the night in her house and wouldn't take no for an answer.

Albeit surprised at her willingness to help a stranger, he had accepted.

During the night when neither of them had been able to sleep, they had spent it talking about themselves and getting to know the other.

Vergil although reluctant to speak of his life, for some reason couldn't find in himself to deny her the knowledge that she had been looking for and had divulged her with his entire life.

He was surprised when instead of being disgusted with him for his actions; or afraid of his devil status she was curios and excited at some of the points of his life.

He had also found out a lot about her as well and her attitude and personality seemed to attract him to herself.

The next morning he had been ready to continue his journey of finding a purpose in his life, when she asked something that surprised and shocked him to silence.

"Will you stay here with me?"

Her words had stunned him, but for some reason he could not find it in himself to refuse and ever since then the two had grown closer and started developing feelings for each other.

It was difficult for Vergil to understand the new feelings that he had been feeling and not knowing how to deal with them; he had decided to take a page out of his brothers book and faced his feelings head on and confessed to her. Her answer to him was that she felt the same and since then the two had been inseparable.

It was ten months after the two had become an item that they had decided to make a big decision.

They loved each other and decided to have a child together. After a month of trying and failing they had finally succeeded and they were ecstatic to become a family.

And here we continue nine months later as their child was born and they both couldn't help feel that their life was perfect.

"So what should we name him Vergil-kun?" asked a tired but happy Misa.

As Vergil pondered on this, he found the perfect name as he had taken the name of Namikaze in order to hide his father's name from anyone who would know him.

"How about Shizaru?" asked Vergil.

She pondered on the name for a while, and then smiled as she stroked the baby's cheek which caused him to stir in his sleep.

"Shizaru Namikaze eh? I like it." she announced.

And this was the beginning of a series of events that would decide the fate of the world…

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