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(Main land of Kiri-1 hour later)

Having established contact with the rebellion forces, the two groups were now heading to the hidden rebellion camp. The island where they met was simply to make sure that the message between the two sides was not intercepted, and to keep the camp hidden.

The hidden camp was on another one of the islands surrounding Kirigakure and in Mizu no Kuni. To reach it from their earlier position, they had to cross the main island of Kiri. Which meant they had to travel close to the hidden village.

Thanks to most of them being high level shinobi, they were able to hide their presence and travel through the island undeterred. Though Kiri was famously known for its sensor ninja, thanks to the civil war, those particular shinobi were posted in certain location, mostly very important locations like prisons or deep within the village itself guarding the Mizukage tower.

They had to travel for some time before they reached the island. While the camp was on a different island, the distance between the two islands was short enough that it allowed shinobi to cross from one to the other in relatively short time, with the water walking exercise.

When they reached the island, it took them another half an hour to reach the camp. When they did, the younger shinobi, like Haku, Erza and Honoka were panting heavily, while Fubuki and the demon brothers were breathing hard. The other shinobi were more accustomed to running for long distances and as such were less tired then the others in the group, but had some sweat rolling down their foreheads. They all turned to the last two members of the group, where they saw Koyuki was blushing at being carried the whole way by Sparda, who wasn't even sweating at the long distance run. He put her down on her feet, and got a small thank you, to which he simply nodded, before she scurried over to her daughter's side.

'All that running and it had absolutely no effect on him….what a monster!' was the common thought between the adults in the group, though Shirona's was more about what else that stamina can be used for, with a perverted look on her face, that was accompanied with a small perverted laugh, that earned her a glare from the three female teenagers in the group. The other adults simply shook their heads at her attitude before they continued their trek to the camp.

The rest of the journey was spent walking, so as to allow the younger shinobi to catch rest while on the move. They were already close to the camp, so there was no reason for them to run anymore. It took them ten minutes to reach the camp's location.

He could see that Ao was focusing chakra into his eye, and knew he must have had transplanted a DoJutsu. He really didn't care about that fact, or where he got it from. They were walking through a heavily forested area with a thick layer of mist in the air, though he could feel something was different with the air.

Before he could think more on the subject, he saw Ao stop near a tree, and saw him releasing his chakra in three bursts before waiting for a second and doing it once more.

From the mist infront of them, appeared a young man. He was a normal looking man, with brown hair and black eyes. He looked to be in his early twenties from the shape of his face. He was wearing a pair of black ANBU pants that were taped at the bottom, with ANBU plate armor on his torso.

"Welcome back, Mei-sama, Ao-sama and Tsurugi-sama." He said, with the bow to the three. He then turned to the newcomers and did the same to Mai, Erza and Shirona. Though he was elated at the sight of Zabuza and the demons brothers returning to the rebellion. Everyone knew about Zabuza's attempt to stop the Kekkai Genkai purges at its early stages by assassinating Yagura, but unfortunately he failed and was forced to flee Mizu no Kuni. He was curious about the rest of the group's identities, but didn't question them since they were all with Mei and Mai.

"Thank you, Keido-kun. It is good to come back. Now lower the GenJutsu. We have new recruits to our cause." ordered Mei.

The now identified Keido, nodded and was quick to obey. He performed the ram seal, and with a burst of chakra, something happened. The mist and forest in front of them began to shimmer and then disappear to show a large camp, which was filled with people moving around, both ninja from their chakra levels and civilians and was surrounded by a thick earth wall, that seemed to be made by Doton users.

After they walked inside the wall, he noticed the young man returning to the outside and continue his patrol. He was curious about the man's abilities. For him to use a GenJutsu that was big enough to hide a base, he was wondering how he was able to do that.

"Keido-kun is a member of Kiri's Yukimaru clan (OC. Not important). They are our own version of Konoha's Kurama clan. They are very efficient in Suiton influenced GenJutsu. They can use the mist in the area to activate a wide area illusion that hides our camp, as well as keep any Kiri shinobi away. Unfortunately, they were also one of the first clans to be exterminated and only few are still alive. Most of them are captured or killed by the Mizukage, with only a few in our camp that have joined the cause, and are deployed around the perimeter so that the GenJutsu can cover the entire base." Explained Mei, as she saw him staring at the young man, and received a nod in thanks for the explanation.

They were walking through the camp, and many people were stopping what they were doing to look at them.

They were mostly smiles and expressions of gratitude, which he concluded were for Mei, their leader and her most trusted followers. They were also some ecstatic expressions and cheering for the return of Mai, their leader's last family and her daughter, as well as the few who know of Zabuza and his actions against Yagura. But that wasn't all, as there were some looks that were directed towards him for being the only one with his entire body hidden and being an unknown, they were that of suspicion, confusion and fear of being an enemy. They also didn't pay Fubuki much attention, since she was wearing an outfit that was given to her by Mai, and looked like the uniform most rebels were wearing. They didn't seem to recognize Honoka, who was walking next to him, as an enemy since she had almost the same shade of red hair as Mai, Mei and Erza.

They continued walking alongside the tents, which were all over the camp, and he spotted a large group of shinobi training in TaiJustu and other techniques. They all seemed to be High-chunin level to low-Jounin, and most of them were in their late twenties to late thirties.

He turned to the front again, and was just in time to see them approach a large tent, that had two guards on each side. They all stopped just before they could enter it, and Mei and Mai turned towards Erza, and said "Erza-chan, why don't you take Haku-chan and Koyuki-san and show them around the camp, while we talk?"

Erza nodded, and turned to her best friend and her mother, and pulled them with her, which also had the effect of Haku pulling Fubuki with her. Zabuza then gestured to the Demon brothers to keep an eye on the young ones.

Shirona also excused herself, and when they asked where she was going, she seemed a bit out of it, and had a sad smile on her face as she said "I want to visit Mangetsu-kun…haven't seen him in a while". Understanding her, the others gave her the space she needed and left her to herself.

They then entered the tent, with Mai, Mei and Zabuza in the front, and Sparda and Honoka following behind them. When they went in, Sparda saw a table in the middle of the tent, with three people around it, that were joined by Mei, Mai, Ao, Tsurugi and Zabuza. The new three individuals were one female and two males.

The woman held a wise look in her cyan tinted green eyes. She had brazen blue hair, with it spiking in the air and flowing from the crest of her forehead, pulled back down along her neck and across her shoulders, the length of it sliding down her back. Her skin was white, and unblemished. She had piercings across her cheek bones and lower half of her lip, Including a triangular stud on her bellybutton, and a band across the outside of her left earlobe. Her outfit consisted of a red sleeveless kimono top, which had a belt buckle and stopped right on top of her stomach, with a mesh shirt beneath it. She was also wearing a pair of black biker shorts with a piece of cloth covering her legs.

The first man had a long face that made him appear to be older than he is, with calm, brown eyes. One of his eyes is obscured by his hair, which he cuts to his forehead on the left side of his face back to his ear, but let it grow long about the back of head and the entire right side, including his face. He wears a set of dark purple robes, with a gray-green set covering them on his chest and parts of his legs.

The last man was a muscled man, who had a katana tied on his waist, with another on his back. He had black hair, and a sharp face. He also had green eyes, and a scar that was on his right cheek bone and went to the corner of his mouth, and went down to his chin. He was wearing a navy striped sleeveless shirt, that's showed his muscled arms, and was wearing white camouflaged pants, with black shin guards.

They all turned to the newcomers, and all three seemed to have various reactions. The last man was grinning at the sight of Zabuza, while the first and the woman seemed happy at the return of Mai and Zabuza.

"It is good to see that you have returned to us safely, Mai." Said the man.

"Yes…it is good to have you back with us Mai-chan." Said the woman, as she walked over to her friend and hugged her.

Mai hugged her back and said, "thank you Hibiki-chan, Hogosha-kun." When they broke the hug, Mai turned to the last man and asked, "Well…..don't you have anything to say to me itoko (cousin)?"

The man glanced at her, before he turned back to Zabuza, and said "yea….yea welcome back Mai and all that crap. Oi Zabuza, come over here so I can kick your ass!" he yelled, and was about to walk up to him, before he felt a feeling of dread wash over him that froze him in his place. Turning around, he saw that he was face to face with a sweetly smiling Mai who had her hair shadowing her eyes. He knew that look. Both Mai and Mei had that look, and they would use without hesitation if something didn't go as they wanted.

He started laughing nervously, with sweat dripping from his forehead, before he changed course and went to Mai, and quickly hugged her hoping to calm her down. "what I meant to say is….welcome back Mai-chan, it's very assuring to know you are safe and sound and back to us." He said, while praying any deity that was listening to let him escape her wrath.

Fortunately, his prayers were answered and she let go of him, with her normal smile on her face and said "now that wasn't so hard, was it Gin-chan?" she asked, and saw him nod his head so fast, it looked like it was going to fall.

Satisfied, she let him go and turned back to the table, to see what progress had been made while she was gone.

While all that was happening, Hibiki and Hogosha were smiling as they looked at their interaction. Gin was a distant cousin of Mai and Mei, and even though they argued a lot, they still looked out for each other. Gin was also very mad when he learned of Mai's and Erza's capture that he almost organized a rescue team only to be stopped by Mei herself. But even though he was stopped, he still wanted to save his family members.

While he would keep an image about himself for being a hot-headed shinobi and can be a bit careless, he can be quite serious and if the situation called for it.

With the now identified Gin, he released a breath of relief when he saw her turn away from him, and quickly moved to Zabuza's side, and poked him in the ribs with his elbow, and said "So Zabuza...to what do we owe the pleasure of having you with us?"

Zabuza turned to him with his arms crossed, and said "Shut up Gin. I was always on the rebellion's side. I just wanted to gather some funds to help get supplies." He replied. "And besides," he turned to Sparda, and said "we were able to get some needed reinforcements."

Gin seemed to just notice Sparda's presence and turned to him, not looking at the girl with him. The others also heard the conversation between the two, and Hibiki and Hogosha also turned to the new visitor and the girl with him.

Hibiki turned to her leader and asked, "Mei-chan, who did you bring with you?"

Mei then gestured to Sparda and said, "Everyone, this is Sparda, a mercenary ninja. He will helping us in the rebellion war."

"You hired a mercenary? Are you sure he isn't one of Yagura's soldiers, Mei-sama?" asked Hogosha.

"Yes I am sure he isn't. For one he has a strong Kekkai Genkai. He is also very strong and can be a great help to us. Although I have not seen him fight, Mai has and she told me he is quite formidable." Mei explained. 'not to mention what we felt from him at the meeting point.' She thought.

"Yes, he is very strong. You can ask Zabuza. He was able to beat him with one kick, and took down Raiga in a KenJustu and Raiton fight." Mai said, and she saw the others' eyes widen at that information, and look at Zabuza for confirmation. They received it in the form of Zabuza looking away from them, and giving a small nod.

"And if you still don't believe in his strength, then here," Mai said, handing Ao the copy of the Bingo Book that was with her through the trip. "Ao, open it on the S-ranked Nin, and read what you find outloud." She ordered.

Complying, Ao did as asked, and when he reached Sparda's entry page, his eyes became wide in shock. Mai tapped him on the shoulder and he turned to her with the same expression, and saw her nod to him. So he read the entry outloud for all of them to hear.

They all had the same reaction as Ao, and were stunned, but also understood what Mai and Zabuza meant. With him on their side they have gained another S-ranked Nin. The only other S-ranked ninja in the rebellion were Mai, Mei and now Sparda himself.

"Sparda-san, first before we begin the introduction, can you please take of your hood," seeing nothing wrong with that, he lowered his hood and revealed his face.

'WOAH! He's gorgeous! If neither Mei or Mai get him first, I think I want to bag him myself' thought the woman, as she started smiling sultrily in his direction, but a cough from Mei made her stop and let Mei continue, "allow me to introduce to you the rebellions most trusted generals." Mei began. She first pointed at the woman "this is Hibiki Kurogane, of the Kurogane clan. Their Kekkai Genkai, the Koton (Steel release) allows them to turn their skin to steal, and manipulate anything they can get their hands on. There are a few members of the clan, and most of them are captured by Yagura. But…we still have Hibiki and twenty more in the camp. They thankfully provide us with weapons to use, and so our funds are mostly life supplies thanks to them." She said. Hibiki gave him a nod of respect and a sexy smile, and got a nod in return, without him acknowledging her advances.

She then pointed at the man next to Hibiki, "this is Hogosha Kibou, and he is our head Iryo-nin and responsible for the wellbeing of all within the camp, whether they be Ninja or civilians." She said, and he could now see the man in a different light. Sparda always had more respect for healers, a respect that he acquired from his master.

'It is easier to take a life then to heal one. Taking a life is nothing more than a flick of a wrist, healing one requires a large amount of effort, sweat and strong emotions'

That had been one of the lesson his master had taught him. He even told him of the story of how he had met his own wife. How they got together and how they were able to heal each other both emotionally and spiritually, all because of a sprained ankle. A small physical injury.

She then gestured to the last man, who was looking at him with a large grin on his face, and said "and this is Gin Terumi, my cousin. He is from one of my clan's side families that had inherited one of our Kekkai Genkai instead of the both of them. He has the Futton Kekkai Genkai." He gave the man a nod, and what he got back was a larger grin, and the man putting his hand on his waist Katana.

He simply stood still in his place, and made eye contact with the man. Blue eye met green ones, and for a few seconds no one moved. After what felt like several hours, but in reality were a few seconds, Gin let go of the hilt, and lowered his hand.

Seeing that the staring contest was over, Mei said "and you already know Ao the head of our ANBU forces, Tsurugi-san the head of our Hunter-nin. Currently both of them are the ones responsible for the camps security and most of our troops that perform missions against the Mizukage."

Hibiki then spoke and asked, "now that the introductions are over, who is that girl hiding behind you Sparda-san?"

Turning to Honoka, he gestured for her to introduce herself and she did, "My name is Honoka Uzumaki. And I am Sparda-sama's…" she trailed off at the end, since even she didn't know what he was to her, or her to him.

"Subordinate. She is my subordinate." Luckily for her, Sparda was with her, and was able to fill in for her, to which she nodded her head.

The others were surprised at the girl. She had just proclaimed herself as being an Uzumaki, a clan that was supposedly extinct. Though they understood that some survivors must have escaped and were hidden in the world.

Turning to them, he spoke with his cold voice "Honoka, as we have established, is my subordinate, however, she will not be included in the missions that I take, and will remain in the camp at all times. No one has the right to order myself or her around. I will listen to the orders of Mei-san and perform missions as per our deal. Honoka on the other hand, is not included in the deal." He declared with an edge in his voice as if he was daring anyone to refute him.

They all gave nods of acceptance, and turned and headed to the table, with Sparda turning to Honoka, "wait for me outside the tent, and don't go anywhere and don't do anything else, understand?" she nodded and left the tent.

Walking towards the table, he stood there analyzing the map, and the many drawings on it. He then listened to them as they spoke about the current situation.

From what he understood, it seemed that the Mizukage had them on the defense. They were merely using "Hit and Run" tactics to disrupt the man's operations and troops. The war has been going on for three years now, with Yagura underestimating the Kekkai Genkai users, which allowed them to strengthen themselves and fortify their troops. Though now it seemed that he was focusing on removing them all.

"The Mizukage's army has us outnumbered 5 to 1. Fifteen thousand chunin, Jounin and ANBU in his army, while we have three thousand Jounin, ANBU and Hunter-nin. Though we have received a report about him losing six hundred shinobi and thirty battleships a couple of days ago because of an unknown person…." She was about to continue, but heard a snort from Zabuza. Raising an eyebrow, she stood up and leaned on the table, which unknowingly pushed her breast together, and asked "something you want to say Zabuza?"

Zabuza, with some difficulty was able to keep his eyes on her face, and pointed at Sparda who was silent, and said "you can thank him for that. Those ships were in our way, so he took care of them."

Turning to Sparda, she saw him giving her a piercing stare and a nod. Suppressing a shiver at the stare, she sat back down, and crossed her hands infront of her face, and said "I see….well thank you for that Sparda-san. Thanks to that we were able to smuggle some much needed food supplies into camp."

He shook his head, and said "you don't have to thank me. First of all, they were in our way of reaching the rendezvous point. And secondly, I became Yagura's enemy the second I entered Mizu no Kuni. Joining your rebellion was simply a formality."

"I see….either way, thanks for your actions, rumors were starting to fly all over Kirigakure about a new powerhouse fighting against Yagura, and our troops have gained a boost in moral."

"And what about the Kiri Nin? Do they all support Yagura's ideals? And what about the reactions to what I did?" he asked curiously. That was something on his mind for a while now. When he had been those at the battleships, they were many of them that reeked of hatred and rage as well as fear of him, while some had less hate, and were more fear but it was not only from him, but from something else.

"The shinobi in Kirigakure are conflicted in that area. While most of them truly believe in Yagura and that Kekkai Genkai users are "Evil", some of them don't agree with him, and simply follow him out of fear of his wrath. But the problem is that we can't distinguish between the two sides, which means that they are all enemies to us. As for their reaction, overall fear, and anger. Fear of this new person, and anger at having them supporting our side." She replied.

"I see…" he said, as he then closed his eye while thinking on the current situation. The other were waiting to hear what he had to say, and a few seconds later saw him open his eyes and look back at Mei, and say "Mei-san, I recommend that you place me on each front-line battle you intend. I have an ability that allows me to sense negative emotions. By doing that, I can point out the Kiri Nin that follow Yagura out of fear, and capture them. By doing this we can increase the rebellion's numbers as well as decrease Yagura's army." He finished explaining his idea.

The others were shocked at such an ability, and naturally didn't believe him. Mai though quickly connected the dots and said "so that's how you were able to sense the Kiri battleships even though they were still an hour away from our ship!"

'Almost…but not quite' he thought, but instead of saying that, he merely nodded his head.

"Can he really do that Mai-chan?" asked Mei.

Mai turned to her sister with a serious expression, and said "yes he can. If he says he can do something, then you better believe he can and will even if it seemed impossible. That is something I learned from experience." She replied.

Turning to him again, Mei sighed and started massaging her forehead, "the more I learn about you Sparda-san, the crazier my life seems to get. But I will put my trust in you, and will be sure to add you into every large-scale battle that we plan. Maybe this way, we might be able to end this war without any unnecessary bloodshed." She declared, and thought that last part, as she looked at Sparda who was infront of her.

The man nodded, and then looked back on the map, and asked "so, what will my first mission be Mei-san?"

Mei looked down at the map as well, and started thinking on what she could have him do. From what she was told about him; he was incredibly strong and reliable. His stealth was also something that baffled her. For him to be able to sneak up on Zabuza; who was an ANBU captain before the purge began, was a feat that a few can accomplish. There was also his large chakra reserves. When he released his chakra he was at the very least Kage-level, and he wasn't even molding it! He simply stopped restraining it and let it flow.

She had to wonder; how he had become so strong? What reason did he have to fight? What kind of life he must have had to end up as an S-ranked criminal in the Bingo Book? He didn't even look like he was in his twenties! He looked like a teenager and she would say he was seventeen or eighteen from his body's build.

After looking at the map laid infront of her for a few minutes, Mei finally looked up, and crossed her hands infront of her face, and said "there is one mission that is very important, and if successful will have a major effect on both sides. For us, it would booster our forces and raise moral, and at the same time, decrease the number of Kiri's armies. It will also be a major blow to the Mizukage himself. I am warning you now Sparda-san…this mission is extremely dangerous and you will have to be on your own in it. There will be no back-up and no one to support. If you fail, or if something happens they there will be nothing we can do. Do you understand?" she asked with an expression as hard as stone.

Sparda merely nodded, and said "I understand, Mei-san. What is the mission?"

She then pointed at one of the islands that were to the North of Kiri, and said "This Island contains one of the most important strongholds in Kirigakure. This stronghold is actually a prison that was previously known as Shinsō-sui (Deep water). The prison used to house some of the worst criminals and traitors in Kiri's history. Though, when the purges began, the Mizukage changed that prison, and used it to imprison any Kekkai Genkai users that they were able to capture. He even released the previous non-Kekkai Genkai prisoners that were imprisoned and bought their allegiance with freedom. They became a part of Yagura's army. Since then; the prison has been called the Fukai chi prison (Deep blood)."

Mai choose that moment to continue for her sister, and said "this prison was also where we were sent to after our capture. We spent two months in that hell-hole; before me, Erza, and the other women were to be transported. We found out that the warden, one Higashi Ryu, had been making secret deals to sell Kekkai Genkai users to the highest bidders. The man was one of Yagura's main supporters and trusted subordinates. He didn't hate Kekkai Genkai users; but merely saw them as expendable tools even before the purges began. Whenever there was a Kekkai Genkai user on his team, he would use them as cannon fodder, and let them die first in missions." She said, with rage coursing through her veins.

She had to stop for a moment to calm herself, before continuing "after the purges began, and he was assigned to watch over the prison; he used his position, and started making deals with outside forces. After that he began his new career as a slave trader. He needed some time to establish a rapport with the people he was making deals with, and so we were some of the first to be included in his deals."

"That is all we have about the prison, and we don't have any sufficient information about the prison's structure." Said Mei, deciding to take over from her sister. "What we need to do, is attack that prison, and free the Kekkai Genkai users imprisoned there, and have them join us. Those who are capable of fighting will be welcomed to join the fight, and those who can't will be protected within our base. This way, we can insure the survival of as many of our clans as we can and put a stop to Yagura's mindless genocide." She took a deep breath after finishing her explanation.

"I understand. So you wish for me to attack the prison and free the prisoners in there?" asked Sparda.

Mei looked at him seriously, "you think you can attack the prison and free the prisoners alone and with no information about the layout of the prison?" asked Mei. In her mind something like that was more of a suicide mission, or a death sentence yet here he was standing infront of her with the same cold visage, but now she could the confidence he was exuding.

"Yes I can…..I know the limits of my power, and this mission is well within them." He replied. The others could also feel that he was not speaking of arrogance. He truly thought he could do, what for all accounts, a suicide mission, and emerge victorious.

Deciding to trust him, Mei conceded and said, "very well then Sparda-san. If you truly think you can do this, then I won't stop you. I will gather a team of the best Jounins we have to help you on this mission. They will not interfere in the prison, but will remain near in order to help you transport the prisoners back to camp." She declared.

She then turned to Ao, "Ao, you will be the captain of the extraction team. Gather four teams of any Jounin we can spare, and get them ready by tomorrow morning, where you will escort Sparda-san and wait for him on site." She ordered the man, who immediately nodded his head in acceptance.

"If that is all for now, I would like to be dismissed. I must prepare myself for my mission tomorrow." said Sparda.

"Of course Sparda-san." She confirmed, and saw him leave the tent.

All throughout the meeting the other occupants were silently watching the proceedings, and after seeing him leave the tent, Hibiki turned to Mei with a worried expression on her face and asked, "Are you sure about having him do that kind of a mission alone, Mei-chan? What if something went wrong and he got injured or…" she was interrupted before she could finish her words.

"I wouldn't worry about him if I were you." Said Hogosha calmly. The others turned towards him wanting to hear what he had to say, since he was after the eldest among them, and the one with most amount of experience and wisdom. "I have seen it in his eyes. This is not the first he had to fight against unsurmountable odds. And from what we know about him from the Bingo Book, he can take care of himself better than anyone else."

The others were silent after that. They all knew now that underestimating someone like Sparda was something they couldn't do. They were also thankful that he was on their side. Who knows what would have happened had he been on Yagura's side. That thought alone caused them all to shudder.


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