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Both Akihiko and Mitsuru charged at each other, fury on each of their steps.

Mitsuru was the one to strike first, aiming a thrust to Akihiko's stomach, but the boxer dodged to the side, and answered with a right hook to Mitsuru's cheek. She hastily resorted to bending back, so much that she touched the ground with her free hand, then tried a slash at Akihiko's mid section, but he was quick enough to step back.

Akihiko used the time he had to point his Evoker to his forehead.

"I won't hold back!"

He pulled the trigger, an out came Caesar, to infuse it's blade with lightning, and glide at high speed towards Mitsuru, then try an overhead slash at her.

Mitsuru sidestepped largely, cleanly avoiding the vicious strike, then brought her own Evoker to her temple.


She summoned Artemisia, who made the air around Akihiko freeze.

He knew what was coming, and was quick to jump back, before a Bufudyne with almost his height formed where he was standing.

Mitsuru foresaw this, and ran towards the block of ice, power charging her right leg as she did so, and pushed the ice forward with a kick, sending it skidding towards Akihiko.

Akihiko gritted his teeth as he power charged his own fist, and punched through the block of ice that was sent his way, completely shattering it.

Mitsuru, starting to feel slightly reluctant, didn't relent, and charged forward, aiming a thrust at Akihiko's throat, but he was quick to use his left gauntlet to parry her blade upwards, then follow with a right uppercut to her chin, then finish with a left straight to her pretty face, knocking her down.

Again, he felt a bit disgusted at himself, but he just needed to push through this a little longer. He shrugged the feeling off, and was about to finish Mitsuru off just like he did to Yukari, by jumping high in the air, charging his fist, then bringing it down on her chest, but Mitsuru rolled out of the way, making Akihiko punch the ground instead, then she got up to one knee, and slashed at the only part of his body that was within striking distance: his left leg.

Akihiko staggered back, clutching his injured leg, as Mitsuru shot herself with the Evoker again, and Artemisia appeared, to wrap it's whip around Akihiko's injured leg, give it forceful tug to swipe him off his feet, then start pulling him towards itself.

Akihiko, however, thought quickly, and put his own Evoker to his head and summon Caesar, who brought it's sword down on Artemisia's whip, setting him free.

He rolled backwards to stand up, as Mitsuru dismissed Artemisia and started running towards him. He brought his Evoker to his head again and pulled the trigger. Caesar appeared, and made a Ziodyne crash upon Mitsuru.

The lightning struck her without fail, and halted her movements, due to the electricity coursing through her body.

This was the perfect chance.

Akihiko ran towards Mitsuru, charging his hand and trying his best to ignore the pain on his leg as he did so, and aimed a corkscrew at Mitsuru's chest.

But he faltered slightly, and arrived too late.

Mitsuru recovered just in time to block Akihiko's fist using her blade, but he kept applying force on his charged hand, in the hopes of breaking at least through Mitsuru's blade.

She gritted her teeth, as she tried to force Akihiko back with her block.

In those brief moments, while facing Akihiko's determined expression, she asked herself if her promise was really more important than the fate of S.E.E.S. She was currently fighting to try undo a miracle... was this truly right...?

... No, she was fighting for her friend: the one she vowed to protect! She couldn't lose. She would not allow herself to lose!

Mitsuru kicked Akihiko's shin, making him drop to one knee, then she kicked him on the face, knocking him down.

Then, she remembered that she was also fighting against a friend. A long-time friend who would throw his life on the fire for her. In the same way as she'd throw her life on the fire for him, or any other of his friends. How could she be so blind to this fact when she was fighting Ken...?

But alas, she had to at least finish this.

She lowered her head, brought her Evoker to her temple, and summoned Artemisia again, who made a Bufudyne appear a few meters behind Mitsuru.

Akihiko tried to get up, but Artemisia wrapped her whip around Akihiko's arm. He tried to break free, but the persona was far stronger. Artemisia gave a forceful tug, making Akihiko tumble forward, then proceeded to spin him around once, then slam his back on the block of ice that was behind Mitsuru, making it shatter and crumble to pieces.

Akihiko felt the soul shattering pain of the impact, then fell to his kness, and slumped forward, face first on the ground.

There was no way he'd get up after that. Mitsuru relaxed her guard, and looked at the downed Akihiko, sorrow starting to fill her heart. She knew it'd come to this, but... it was hard to choose between friends and beliefs... she didn't know if she could carry out her promise for much longer...

But alas, Akihiko was trying to get up.

Mitsuru watched wide eyed as Akihiko tried to painfully stand back on his feet.

"Tch..." he wiped the blood trailing from the corner of his mouth. "Not bad... ugh..." he faltered and dropped to one knee, as he coughed more blood. "But I'm not... going down!" he said through gritted teeth, as he got up to his feet again, and put his Evoker to his head, panting heavily.

Mitsuru felt the corner of her eyes sting slightly, as she put her own Evoker to her head.

"Akihiko, please... stand down..." she pleaded. Something that she'd never do in any other circumstance.

Akihiko bit his bottom lip and lowered his head for a brief moment, but he brought his head up again and shot his own temple.

"CAESAR!" he screamed at the top of his lungs, as his persona appeared and made the globe on it's hand float, as a giant, golden fist crashed down on Mitsuru.

She snapped out of her daze, and hopped to the side, with the Evoker still pointing at her temple, then she pulled the trigger.

"Artemisia!" she yelled, and her persona appeared, forming a big ice spike above itself.

Artemisia flung the spike at Akihiko.

Akihiko ducked under it.

His legs gave out on him.

He fell to one knee.

"... Dammit!" He punched the ground, as he tried, in vain, to stand up.

Until he felt something cold under his chin.

Mitsuru was putting her rapier to Akihiko's throat.

"I'm asking you for the last time..." she trailed off. "Please, yield..."

Akihiko looked up at Mitsuru's red eyes.

"I... can't... I won't..."

He could practically feel her sorrow on his skin when Mitsuru stared him down.

He swears that he saw her lips tremble, if very slightly.


He eventually lowered his head.

And Mitsuru thrust her sword through Akihiko's throat.

The stab brought more pain for her than for him.

She pulled her rapier from Akihiko's neck, and he fell forward, but Mitsuru held him before his face met the ground. Then, she laid him on his back.

She stood up, and looked at Ken. He, too, fought bravely, never backing down once, but Mitsuru was so blindly determined at the time, she even forgot that he was her friend, too. How foolish of her...

They were fighting for the right purpose.

Mitsuru wasn't.

Yet, she won.

She is fighting to keep a promise, only, and they were fighting for everyone's future...

Both Akihiko's and Ken's bodies were engulfed by a red fire, and when it fully consumed each body, they became two spheres of energy, which flew towards two torches, lighting each of them up.

Then a bright light engulfed Mitsuru, and after it dies down, the same white light shone from the right side of the field, where Yukari was laid.

Yukari gasped, as she jerked back to life. She started to hyperventilate, and was frantically looking from one side to side. Mitsuru walked over to her, and felt her pain being washed out, and her wounds being closed up. She held a hand towards Yukari.

"It's okay..." was all she could say. Yukari seemed to calm down, as she looked at Mitsuru's hand, then at her eyes. She took the redhead'd hand and got up. She was a bit surprised by the fact that her leg wasn't broken anymore. She looked up at the newly lit torches, then took a deep breath.

"So... we won, huh?" she asked.

"Yes..." Mitsuru replied, almost absent minded.

Yukari looked down at her feet. "Senpai... sorry for being a dead weight back there... if only I was stronger... I-"

"It's okay, Yukari." Mitsuru cut her off.


"Anyway, let's go back. We need some minutes of rest." Yukari said, trying to break the awkward silence.

"Yes." Was all that Mitsuru replied.

Yukari looked at Mitsuru's eyes. They were vacant, empty. Almost as if she's given away her soul...

Almost as if she's given away her soul, just so she could keep her promise. Just so she could defend Yukari.

The brunette didn't say another word, as she started to walk towards the gate where they came from, leaving Mitsuru to her thoughts. She understood that Mitsuru wanted to fight for the future, just like Akihiko and Ken. In fact, she was apparently the only one who wanted to go back to the past. Aigis haven't decided yet, Metis only wanted to protect her sister, Junpei was scared, and Fuuka didn't want to see her friends fighting. Yukari was basically fighting against everyone's intentions, even Mitsuru's.

But as much as it pained her, she had to take advantage of Mitsuru's promise. Her desire to try and save Minato from his fate was stronger than her.

Mitsuru remained quiet, as the gate opened behind her, and Yukari left the field. She looked up at the torches again.

What if they won this war?

What if they went back on time?

Was there really a way to save him? What if they failed?

Mitsuru lowered her head. There was no turning back, now. She had to fight to the end. Regardless of which end.

She eventually crossed her arms and walked towards the gate.

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