Revenge of the Sith Alternate Universe

Mace asks Commander Vill about a discovery he made in the private office of Chancellor Palpatine's private office…

This story marks the beginning of my series of post ROTS alternate universe stories. Which I am incredibly excited about.

For those that are reading Scroll II and Personal, I'm working on them right now, so it'll be a few weeks before the next update to those stories. I'm trying to get their endings down, but with school that can be difficult. Though I plan to finish one or both before I do more AU stories.

I borrowed some from Stover's novel on this chapter.

And thank you to my beta, The Kinetic Violinist!

Chapter One


He should be going.

He wanted to go.

Perhaps needed to go.

But he was needed here, too.

From the front entrance of the Jedi Temple, Jedi Master Mace Windu watched the ships, from battle to medical to imprisonment, from large to small‑ all finishing loading and then taking off.

He should be going to Mustafar. For what would be called the Battle of Mustafar and, hopefully, the Final Battle of the Clone Wars.

Even though the presence of the Jedi was needed at this crucial time

He thought of going and checking for what was probably the tenth time to see if the information he discovered in Palpatine's private office was correct. Yes, it was‑the Jedi Intelligence confirmed six standard hours after the discovery, but Mace still couldn't believe it. He smiled‑ almost.

After three long years, would this battle be it? Was the end truly here? He, the Jedi, and the rest of the Galaxy would know in a matter of hours to a few days.

But for now the HoloNet was in the dark on that information. All of it. The only piece the media knew was that Chancellor Palpatine was dead. Mace would have preferred to keep that information hidden longer, but it was an impossible tidbit to hide from the gossipmongers. Luckily, however, the media was so busy with the shocking story of Palpatine's death that they did not realize the troops they were told were heading to the Dantooine system were, in fact, heading in the opposite direction to the Mustafar system. Nor did they know Chancellor Palpatine was the Sith Lord. For now, they and the rest of the Galaxy only knew he was dead. Which was how the Jedi needed to keep it. If Separatists knew that Palpatine was the Sith Lord…well, it would give away any elements of surprise. The Jedi and clones were counting on just that. Since the Separatists would be celebrating that the leader of the Republic was dead and how it would cripple the Republic, the Separatists would be caught off guard. But the Jedi knew they had to hurry. Too long without a message from their secret leader would send them into a panic and likely locate elsewhere.

While he wanted to see the rest of the troops off, it wasn't the entire reason Mace was here. The Jedi had come across some other information while going through the private office of Chancellor Palpatine. Something Mace prayed for more than anything to be not true. But he had to find out for sure and ask one of the troops. This very difficult question he needed to ask someone he knew. Someone he could read. Feel. He searched through the thinning crowds again. Mace did not see or feel many familiar faces. Yes, they all looked the same, but he still saw and felt the differences in each clone he worked and fought side-by-side with throughout the years. Then he saw a new commander of a regiment on the 501st legion‑ Commander Vill.

Mace had fought alongside Vill during the Battle of Coruscant, on the streets of Coruscant near the Senate Rotunda. He had just been made commander a day or two ago.

"Commander Vill," Mace said in detached voice.

Vill walked over a few steps to greet and salute the Jedi, "Yes, General Windu?"

"I have a question," Windu hesitated. He swallowed dryly, "and I ask for an honest answer."

"Yes, sir." Lying, unless need be, wasn't in his programming.

He closed his eyes, and then opened them back up. "Is there a contingency order known as Order Sixty-Six?"

Vill's eyes nearly widened in shock. How… There was no possible way the Jedi‑ any Jedi- could have come across that kind of information. None of his brothers would have said a word. None of them. Vill was certain of that. But Vill knew he have to sort that question out later and answer the question he was asked. Assuming there was a later… He hesitated. "Sorry sir," He cleared his throat and straightened his posture, "I can't respond to that question."

He didn't need to, "Very well, Commander." Mace did not look at him, but he did sense the commander's fear. Mace waved his right hand, "You will forget this conversation Commander Vill." Not wanting to alarm any more troops. Vill repeated what the Jedi said, then he was dismissed.

Slowly, Mace walked away. He did not watch the last of the troops board the last ship. Nor did he hear the engines roar. Not even the bright reflections off the ships as they rose and took off in the Coruscanti skies made him look back.

All Mace could do for several long minutes was stare at the ground. But he wasn't really staring at the ground.

Mace ran his fingers across his hairless head. Back to front. Then slammed his fists in a wall. It hurt far worse than the few burns and cuts he received during the Battle of Coruscant, but nowhere near as much as much as what was just revealed.

It all made sense.

The Clone Wars were never an epic struggle. They were never intended to be. What almost happened… is the very reason why they were fought‑ why they existed. The Clone Wars had and always been the revenge of the Sith.

Order Sixty-Six was to be the climax of the Clone Wars.

And the Clone Wars were… bait‑ irresistible bait. They took place in remote locations on planets and systems, lands and seas that belonged to other beings and species. Not simply just on Republic or Separatist territory. They were fought by expendable delegations of clones, droids, and Jedi!

Constructed as a win-win situation, the Clone Wars were the perfect Jedi trap.

By fighting at all, the Jedi had almost lost.

With the Order overextended, spread thinner than silk across the Galaxy, each and every one alone, surrounded only by the few to thousands of clone troops he, or she, or it commanded. War itself pours darkness into the Force, deepening the cloud that limits Jedi perception. And the clones had no malice, no hatred, not the slightest ill intent that might have given warning. They would only be..."following orders." Mace said aloud.

End of Chapter One

Next chapter will be called, Obi-Wan. There are three chapters in total.

Vill is a character from the EU‑the Dark Times comics. Vill was killed by Vader after the Sith Lord asked if there was a contingency order to kill him.