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Chapter Three


With his gimer stick in his right hand, the ancient Jedi made his way into the room. "Revealed to us, much has been."

Master Yoda finally made it back to Coruscant. He had been away on Kashyyyk. He had been unavailable throughout the last several days; even the wookies had been unable to locate the ancient Jedi.

"But Master…don't you see…" Obi-Wan began.

"We let this happen," Mace stated. They had not kept a closer eye on the Senate. They had not protected the Republic. They had failed.

"What we almost let happen…" Obi-Wan argued. How many people they had almost let and truly did let down.

"Stop this! Both you will," The Grand Master poked each of them with his cane. First Mace, then Obi-Wan, leaving each Jedi Master feeling like a Jedi youngling again on that hard, but wonderful first day of lightsaber training.

"This genocide did not occur, and had it…" Yoda said "The Order been decimated before it has." Over three thousand years ago. During the time of Darth Malgus. The green Jedi opened his eyes and just slightly raised his cane up. "Rose again, the Order would have and will." Yoda wasn't speaking of what if any more, but now, in this present time. "Blind we have been. Mistakes have been made. Yes. Learn from them, we will."

Mace and Obi-Wan could tell there was much, much more to be said.

"The same Sith from a millennium ago, Sidious was not," Yoda looked at each of them. "But fighting that same war the Jedi have been. Training to fight those same Sith the Jedi have been." But they were not the same Sith from the Brotherhood of Darkness or from any of the Battles of Ruusan. "Changed the Sith have. Changed the Galaxy has." Change. Evolution, this had always been the way of life, even to this day.

"The Order did not. The Jedi have not."

The Jedi had spent that same time training to re-fight the last war. The Sith of that time… they were not the same Sith. The Sith had grown. They adapted. They invested a thousand years of intensive study into every aspect of not only the Force, but also Jedi lore itself. All in preparation for what had nearly transpired. The Sith had remade themselves. They had become new.

"Trained these Jedi I have, to become the Jedi who trained me."

N'Kata Del Gormo was the Hysalrian Master who found and trained Yoda along with many other great teachers. They were the Mace Windu, the Cin Drallig, and the Obi-Wan Kenobi of their time. "Long centuries ago‑ but those ancient Jedi, of a different time they were. The old way is not the only way. Changed has the Galaxy." It was evolution, the way of life. "Changed, the Order did not‑ because let it change, I did not." And he almost realized this too late. "But too late it is not."

"Master Yoda‑" Mace exclaimed. It wasn't his fault; it… Mace lowered his head. Maybe it wasn't just the ancient Master's fault. The Korun closed his eyes and nodded.

"Easier said than done, my friends."

The Korun and the Stewjon Masters turned their heads simultaneously. All to see another, all too familiar face. It had been many years since they had last seen this face.


His face and his entire frame was the exact image of his self of his days there beside his fellow Jedi. Only now transparent and emitting a bluish glow.

Now this was a surprise. A surprise Obi-Wan liked for a change.

Mace smiled. Smiled. He felt the same way.


This was the start of my Revenge of the Sith alternate universe.

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