Molly had been working for 10 hours by now; she was exhausted after being on her feet all day. She couldn't wait for the time to come when she would be able to go home, have a soak in her bath and just take the weight off her feet. But until then she still had 4 hours left of standing around working. As much as Molly loved her job as head pathologist she did hate times like this where all the others where off on holiday or sick. She had spent the last week doing extended shifts and could not wait for the weekend to come so she could relax.

Molly was elbow deep in a cadaver when she heard her door swing open and bang against its hinges, clearly announcing the arrival of Sherlock. Molly let out a loud sigh, why he had to bang the door every time he came in was a mystery to her she thought before looking up to face him. The only thing that could make her shift go any worse was the arrival of Sherlock yet here he was, no doubt coming with some case that would end up making her shift last two times as long and require ten times as much emotional effort.

Yet when she looked up she burst out laughing. Sherlock stood in the door way with a scowl on his face and a beanie hat covering the majority of his head. Molly's response to laughing at him did not make his scowl lift in fact it made it even deeper. Molly had met Sherlock five years ago yet he had never seen him with a beanie hat on, the clash of his tailored suit with the hat did nothing for him except make it look like he had a very confused identity. Her laughter died away after a couple of minutes and she yet again lifted her head to face him.

"Any particular reason you are wearing that ridiculous hat Sherlock?"

"No, I have just decided that having a hat is a good look." He barked as he went to take his seat in front of the microscope.

Molly didn't reply but instead waited five minutes allowing Sherlock to get thoroughly immersed into the world of microorganisms. Then crept up behind him, which wasn't that hard due to the fact that he was lost in his palace, and ripped the hat off his head. Sherlock realised what was happening a millisecond too late, Molly had pulled his hat off before Sherlock had chance to spin around on his stool and see what was happening.

Sherlock had clearly been wearing that atrocious hat to hide something; Molly didn't know that what he was hiding was his haircut. He must have been to the barbers earlier that day as his hair certainly hadn't looked like that yesterday. She once again proceeded to laugh and if she was not mistaken had caused Sherlock to lightly blush.

"What, what happened, to your head?" questioned Molly through fits of giggles.

"Mycroft made me get it cut." Stated Sherlock who was trying to act like he wasn't bothered but the now violent blush in his cheeks betrayed him.

"Why did he force you? I thought that it looked good." She personally hadn't found his hair offending and liked the way his long curls crowned his head; it gave him a wild look about him. Now it was Molly who was blushing, due to the way her thoughts were going.

"Thank you Molly, next time you see my brother please inform him of that opinion. He seems to think that it was untidy and he threatened to tell mother if I did not have it cut."

"Ok but who the hell did you pay to do it? It looks awful." Molly felt a lot braver when talking to Sherlock while he looked 'not his best'.

"John recommended him." Spat out Sherlock, who was annoyed at himself for taking Johns advice as real and not as the sarcasm that had been intended.

"Why didn't you stop the man when he was doing it, surly you could see that he was doing a very bad job?"

"I was in my mind palace, I had just solved a particularly hard case and I was just organising my notes and got lost. It is the same reason that I didn't realise John was being sarcastic with his recommendation. Sometimes having a mind like mine is more a curse than a blessing, not like your simple brains."

"Ahh" muttered Molly trying to ignore the insult as she continued to stare at Sherlock's head. "So Sherlock, did you get the man arrested for crimes against hair?" giggled Molly.

"Yes molly, most amusing." Commented Sherlock, not that entertained by her little joke.

His hair looked as if it had been covered in some sort of grease making it hang down in curtains then given a particularly vicious bowl cut with semi blunt scissors. Then whilst it had been covered in a hat that had been later pulled of his head it had regained some of its signature curls. All in all he had a half greasy hacked bowl cut, defiantly not a good look.

Molly finally felt a bit of sympathy for him, he was probably not used to having a bad appearance. For a man who proclaimed that he didn't care about looks he did spend a large amount of money on suits and his hair never usually looked anything from perfect. So she stopped her staring and handed him back his hat, which he hastily pulled over his hair as he settled back into his work muttering a thank you to her.

She herself got back to work but every now and then she would scan over to Sherlock and smirk to herself knowing what lay underneath that hat. After 2 hours of silence in the morgue Sherlock got up clearly pleased with his research as he said a quick goodbye to her as he left. Molly was surprised to get any acknowledgement from him; normally he would leave without any good bye. It took ten minutes of Molly staring at her bag then back to her paperwork and back again for her to give in and retrieve her phone and send a short text to John.

Make sure you check out Sherlock's hair, I don't know where you sent him but he took you up on it. – Molly xx

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