*This is set a couple of months into Sherlock and Molly's relationship.*

"Sherlock you really do need a haircut" stated Molly as she walked into the living room where Sherlock was stood by the fire reading some case notes.

"I thought you said you didn't mind it long?" Sherlock said with confidence knowing full well that Molly had said some time ago that she thought Mycroft was wrong to make him get his hair cut.

"Yes, but there comes a point when it stops being all sexy and just goes to a mop" after another couple of minutes she continued. "Why don't you want it cut anyway?"

"It is a fuss and a waste of my time, I have much better things to do than going into some ridiculously overpriced salon to get someone to cut my hair." Sherlock countered back without a moment's pause.

Then turning to face Molly he planted a soft loving kiss on her cheek hoping to make her forget about the whole thing.

"Sherlock we have been dating for 4 months now yet you still think you can kiss me and I will forget about it. I'm sorry but it doesn't work now, if you tried it before we started sleeping together then it might have. Then again we wouldn't be having the whole conversation as we never talked about hair…" Molly trailed of once she realised that she was beginning to babble and from the smirk and knowing look that Sherlock was giving her she knew that he had refuelled his argument. She thought it best to shut up and compose herself ready for his next tactic.

"Fine you want my hair cut Molly then fine, you can cut it."

Molly squeaked in surprise, she wasn't sure what Sherlock was going to say but she had expected it to be some sort of statistics on the dangers of hairdressers or such like. She certainly didn't expect him to challenge her like that.

"See my tactics can work." Sherlock muttered upon hearing Molly's squeak as he homed in upon her neck his hands instinctively finding her waist.

Molly could see that he thought he had won. It was extremely normal that Sherlock would get his way when it came to their disagreements, in fact Sherlock generally got his way when it came to anything and anyone but occasionally Molly liked to stand up for herself and now was one of them times.

"Fine" Molly murmured sounding both scared and very excited.

Sherlock's usually masked face also leaked some emotion showing for a fleeting moment his own apprehension. Honesty he had only challenged her as he expected her to back down and forget about the whole damn thing. Nether the less he sauntered to his desk and picked up some scissors still believing that she would pull out at any time.

As he handed the scissors to molly he looked as her face dropped in disbelief fully thinking that this meant that she did not in fact want to cut his hair his face split into a huge grin. Although this grin was short lived, when Molly spoke.

"Sherlock are you in fact joking, you don't really expect me to cut it with them do you? Don't you now that you have to have extremely sharp ones to do hair otherwise your ends will split?"

"So you are planning to go ahead with cutting my hair?" he retorted. Then a moment later said with a self-satisfied tone, "it is then rather unfortunate that you are not able to complete the task as they are the only type of scissors we have available, I'm sorry Molly but I now say that you will just have to put up with it."

It was however now Molly's turn to look smug as she wandered over into the kitchen and pulled out her scalpel set which included a pair of extremely sharp scissors capable of cutting through skin and hair alike.

As soon as Sherlock realised what she was planning he pressed further to the wall and with every step she took towards him he was drastically trying to think of ways to get out of the situation. Seeing Sherlock like this only made Molly more confident both wanting to prove him wrong and enjoy see him at her mercy.

"They won't be sanitary Molly it's very bad using them on the dead and then the living. Could cause any number of diseases." Sherlock practically shouted to the advancing Molly but still with a half-smile on his face.

"Don't worry Sherlock they have been through the steriliser at Bart's, they are so clean I could give them to a surgeon to use" Molly stated not letting him faze her.

Once Molly reached him she gave him an unexpected kiss and then asked him to sit down on his chair until she came back. Sherlock swallowed and began thinking up many wild ideas as he watched Molly's retreating for heading towards their bedroom. When she came back holding only a towel and a comb he had to say he was a little disappointed.

Molly wrapped the towel around Sherlock's shoulders and then began combing through his hair. It was not as smooth as it looked in fact it took longer than she expected and a bit of tugging here and there until it was combed through. She then took a deep breath and cut a piece, trying to imitate the way the hairdressers would hold the comb and trim at the same time. After the first couple of cuts she found it a lot easier and as Sherlock could not see what she was doing he began to relax and focus on the feeling of Molly's fingers in his hair softly tugging at it.

After quite a while she exclaimed that she was done taking the towel of Sherlock's shoulders carefully trying to contain all on the soft brown hair in it as she went to put it in the bin, allowing Sherlock chance to stand up and see Molly's handy work in the mirror. To his great surprise she had not done a bad job considering, when he aired that opinion she gave him a light swat on his arm.

"What do you mean surprised, I am a woman of many talents." She said playfully as he grabbed her waist and looked intently into her eyes.

"Yes you are, I suppose I should not be surprised."

Just as Sherlock bent down they heard John bounding up the stairs, Sherlock being the child that he was rolled his eyes and muttered something about 'bloody John and his timing'.

When John walked in Molly immediately greeted him and then saw Mary trailing up behind holding the young infant in her arms. She then went to put the kettle on as Sherlock flopped back down into his chair while john did the some in the opposite one. Mary came and joined Molly in the kitchen; they both cooed and fussed over the baby whist gossiping about various things. They only stopped upon hearing John speak through in the other room.

"Finally got your hair cut I see." John teased knowing full well Sherlock's hatred for the activity.

"Well done John, developing your own powers of deduction I see" Sherlock retorted sarcastically.

"Now don't get your knickers in a twist" then before Sherlock could say anything else he continued. "Whoever has done it's done a good job, at least it doesn't look like you have a bird nesting up their anymore."

After that they both began laughing. Sherlock wanted to interject that although birds' nests do contain some hair they are never just hair as they also have a coating of mud around and he kept his hair perfectly clean so this comparison was in fact nonsense.

Instead he simply said, "Molly did it". Both Mary and john gasped John looked up to see Molly noticing Mary was doing the same thing. They were both in shock that Sherlock had let her loose on his sacred curls. when Molly looked up from the floor her face tinged red with embarrassment at the sudden attention she saw Sherlock staring intently at her, was it pride she detected gracing his features or something much more intense… love possibly ?


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