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364 days later...

Castiel fumbles with his navy tie, fingers shaking and breath catching in his throat. He knows exactly what's going to be happening in the next thirty minutes- and he's terrified. Nothing eases him as the seconds tick by, his leg bouncing up and down in his dress shoes as he eyes the clock with an unwavering stare. There's a knock on his door, and he jumps. It's Dean's brother, Sam- someone who Castiel met only a few days ago before the event that's looming over Castiel like a skyscraper- and he sighs in a small amount of relief.

"Oh thank God-" he says, voice a little uncertain, "I thought my mind was about to collapse on itself."

Sam chuckles lightly, walking over and fixing a few minor things with Castiel's tux before meeting his gaze, "You'll do fine. If there's anything I can give my brother it's that he takes care of people he loves. I'm sure once this is over you'll be living the fantasy life with him somewhere far from the attention of people."

"It's not that getting to me it's… well it's just I am taking a big step forward in my life in front of all these people."

"So is he-" Sam smiles, "but you two also started making out on my TV while I was watching the New Year's celebration. I think you two have already crossed the bridge dealing with major public

Castiel gets a small amount of humor from the statement, his nerves loosening a fraction, "I suppose you're right… I'm allowed to be nervous though, right?"

The man watches as the other snorts, "Of course you do! Everyone gets a little uneasy before the big hitch and 'I do', right? Just relax, take a deep breath, and I'm certain everything will be okay. As soon as your feet are at the alter- everything will be as smooth as silk from then on."

"Thanks Sam…" Castiel hugs his to-be-brother-in-law, their bond already solid as steel since last week when they visited him in California, a large solid band around Castiel's left ring finger.

"No problem, Cassie. I'll be back in five minutes to get you."

Castiel nods, watching the younger and lesser-known Winchester make their way out of the door. His fingers ball up on his knees, clutching the dark fabric between his fingers and he closes his eyes. He feels the ring press into his skin- and although it's been on for two weeks, it still feels as though it was just placed upon his body, and when he looks down he's still as just as surprised to find it there as he was when Dean slipped it onto his finger.

He throws his head back a little, recalling that not long ago he was running down the strip of Times Square, Dean's face alight in the snow and confetti as they sprinted to meet each other. How it felt when Dean kissed him for the first time, the whole sensation and touches he got while they worked themselves slowly up the stairs. The first time he let Dean have sex with him on his condo's floor and the feeling of his arms wrapping around him as they slept together for the first time as New York bustled with life outside the large windows. His heart beats a little faster, his eyes opening up to the room again as the sound of rushing steps pass his door and people muttering about random conversation starters as they wait for the session to start.

As the clock reaches eleven, he can hear the guests move into the main room, his spit becoming glue as it slides down. Castiel's fear grows a little, making him fidget and pull on his tie- the one he met Dean Winchester with. The one he's going to be wearing while he marries him and takes his last name as his own. Sam's knock on the door is either a miracle or disaster- but Castiel can't decide which is the better latter.

"You ready?"

Castiel stands, legs shaking a little as he fixes his tux again. One last look in the mirror and he's all set. He looks, eyes taking in his attire. Castiel looks just as he normally does- except this is the last time he can ever look at himself and say his name is Castiel Novak- because in a few moments, it won't be anymore. His blue eyes waiver for a moment, lingering on his raven hair and stubble before correcting his flower and tie one last time before speaking out.

"I am."

Castiel loops his arm with Sam's, his stomach churning and nervousness reaching a critical high as they step in front of the closed double doors. He waits for the moment that he's been waiting for.

They pull back, the light nearly making him squint as the room faces his and Sam's way. He takes in all their faces, smiling and watching as they begin to walk forward. What really takes Castiel's breath away is Dean. He's smiling, green eyes softened as Castiel slowly walks upwards with him, his younger brother alongside him and smiling just as widely. It seems like years, but Castiel soon finds himself stepping up to Dean, and just like Sam tells him- all of his fear and uneasiness ebb away.

The priest clears his throat, "We are gathered here today to join two people who deeply love each other. Since New Year's is so close, I'm afraid we are going to have to paraphrase. Do you, Dean Winchester, take Castiel Novak to be your lawfully wedded husband?"

"I do. Undoubtedly."

Castiel smiles widely as the priest continues, "Do you, Castiel Novak, take Dean Winchester to be your lawfully wedded husband?"

"I do."

"With these last ten seconds left, I now pronounce you husband and husband. You may now kiss the groom."

Dean smiles, the crowd counting down from five as they reach forward. Once again their lips touch with the beginning of a new year, people standing up and cheering as their mouths slot against the others. Sam is smiling, laughing even as the end song from The Breakfast Club plays through the speakers. Dean throws a fist into the air, the couple laughing as they walk out of the room that way.

Castiel looks towards, Dean, their fingers intertwining and their laughs ringing into the air as they step forward. And as Castiel Winchester looks at the stars of Lawrence, Kansas above him for the first time ever- he can honestly Sam was right all along.