A/N: So I got a kitten about a year ago and she is the most adorable thing ever, and so after I'd gotten her, I wondered what would happen if ever the Doctor was given a cat.

Disclaimer: I mean I obviously own Doctor Who, pssh, what are you talking about! Hah, yeah no, I don't. I don't own it. At all. In my dreams.

A Present for the Doctor

Chapter 1

Rose watched as the Doctor's icy eyes hardened as he picked up the black and white kitten by the scruff of its neck.

"What the hell is this?" He asked slowly, his eyes closed. She bit her lip and grinned as he opened his eyes.

"It's a kitten, Doctor, a small mammal that is related to the lion." She giggled and the Doctor rolled his eyes, "It's a present for you 'cos I think you need something like her to keep you company, aside from me, yeah?" The Doctor stared at her, with one eyebrow raised, so that it disappeared under his short cropped hair.

"I can see that, it's just why?" He asked looking at Rose with a perturbed expression pasted across his face, "You got me a kitten. Of all things, why a kitten?" She laughed some more as the kitten wriggled free of his grasp and than hopped skillfully onto his head, "What d'you think you're doin' up there, missy?" He asked, his eyes trying to spot the owner of a small swishing black tail.

"Because," Rose managed to get out, "Because she reminded me of you. She was a stray, like you, with no one to take care of her. Both of you need someone to take care of you, so you take care of her and she'll take care of you." She explained brightly, before bursting into another fit of laughter as the kitten proceeded to crawl into the Doctor's leather jacket.

"You think this is funny do you?" He asked her seriously with a grin plastered on his face as the lump moved lower down his back. The kitten thinking it was a good time to appear, popped her head out and meowed curiously.

"So... whatcha gonna name her?" She asked, scratching the kitten under the chin, and a loud motorboat purr was heard throughout the library. The little thing hopped onto the nearest shelf and started climbing, glancing back mischievously every now and again. Rose clutched at the stitches forming in her sides as the Doctor leapt to his feet, and jumped as high as he could, just barely missing the kitty that had a definite mind of its own.

"Fluffy." He said with a slight scowl on his face as the creature leapt dantily onto his head and curled up snuggly. Just as Rose had regained her breath, she lost it again to giggles as the Doctor (who had a completely straight face, mind you) was scolding the cat, "Thanks a ton Fluffy." He quipped, "You know you could have destroyed any number of these books! They're from everywhere. Literally, ev-er-y-where!" Then his expression turned soft for a second as he muttered too quietly for Rose to hear, "Even homeā€¦" Then the scowl was back, as he looked up at the tail swishing on his forehead, "Now don't you go getting any ideas! You're worse than Rose." She grinned at this.

"Worse? Than me? What is it that I'm so terrible at, yeah?" She laughed. The Doctor stared at her, something different in his eyes, not speaking, "What? I want to know!" she said, all pretexts of silliness gone. He still didn't answer, absently stroking the cat that was perched on his noggin, gazing at the shelves.

"Staying put. Jeopardy-friendly, the both of you." He chuckled. Rose rolled her eyes, and plucked the kitten off of his head, "But you're taking care of Fluffy."

"Uh huh." Rose raised her eyebrows, "Tell that to the cat."

The cat, as Rose put it, had decided that the Doctor was a jungle gym. The little thing had scooched her way down one of his arms and was attempting to wriggle into his pocket without much success. A from had accumulated on the Doctor's face, "But, I don't have time for a cat."

"Then make time! You live in a time machine for Pete's sake." Rose argued. He grunted in response.

He scooped up the small ball of fur and held it by the scruff of her neck, staring Fluffy in the eye. Rose watched this transaction for a little while, before she realized she was yawning quite a bit,

"Well sorry to break up your staring contest, but I'm off to bed. See you two in the morning." She waved goodbye, before dragging her feet out of the warm room.

"There isn't a "morning" on the TARDIS, you know that Rose!" The Doctor called after her, still staring at the kitten.

"Yeah, whatever." Came a sleepy reply, and the Doctor grinned at the cat and the cat seemed to smile back.

"You know what, Fluffy? I think I like you." Then Fluffy, with a glint in her eye, leaned forward and licked the Doctor's nose, "That doesn't mean you're allowed in my room." The cat meowed disdainfully, "You're, no, no, you're not coming in my room, missy." With that the Doctor set the animal down and sauntered off to the console room. Fluffy, on the other hand, snuck out of the library unnoticed and padded her way to a large wooden door that was open ajar and slinked in.

A few hours later, a grumpy Time Lord stomped into his room.

"ROSE. GET THE CAT OFF OF MY BED." To say the least, neither of them could get little Miss Fluffy to move.

"You two are plotting against me, I swear." The Doctor grumbled, as he lay down next to the cat. Fluffy looked very pleased with herself, "Oh, bugger off. Go bother your partner in crime." He batted a hand and found it trapped between petite paws, not a moment later, "Thanks." She purred and scooted closer, curling around his palm, "Goodnight, Fluffy."

Rose watched from the doorway, a smile taking hold of her face, "I'm glad it's working."