Ritsu laughed and stood up. She offered to help Mio to stand, and from that moment on, both kept their hands locked together. Their eyes barely unconnected and their heart didn't give truce. In a little while, they started to play instruments and relax a bit, but there was still a lot of thing going on inside of them. Thoughts, feelings, memories and dreams. Everything was constrained and soon to be released. They weren't scared anymore. They were anxious. Anxious for a better future, for a fully discovery of what they were. To live whatever they were meant to, now that they finally found out whom they were. They would still have their discussions, disagreements, but nothing really mattered as long as they were together.

8. Fairytales don't exist. Or do they?

"Is she here yet?" Ritsu asked anxious. She stood on her tiptoe to get a better glance at the people that crowded the College Cultural Festival. Students and their families walked peaceful through the school grounds, enjoying the many foods and traditional Japanese tents.

"I'm not seeing her anywhere…" Mugi answered, also stretching her neck.

"You sure you contacted the right girl? Did she reply?" Azusa asked almost sweating. She didn't enjoy staying in the hot sun instead of enjoying the festival. It didn't help that they didn't win and weren't gonna play their songs. She would at least rather be with Mio and Yui distracting Eri.

"She didn't reply. But I'm sure it's her. I got the name right!" Ritsu answered.

"But you said there were about three girls with the same name nearby…" Azusa pointed out.

"But only one of them enjoys the same bands that I do…" Ritsu stated, making a smart face.

"That's how you chose her? By music affinity?" Azusa asked flabbergasted.

"Eri said she looked like me!" Ritsu defended herself.

"On your attitudes! Not your tastes!" Azusa said mad.

"She looks gay…" Mugi admitted. " Ritsu asked me to find out which one of the three was her and I used my "yuri googles" to pick her…"

"And she's a fan of The Cure…" Ritsu added. "We both agree it was her"

"Well, if Mugi says there is yuri in her, then I won't doubt." Azusa said convinced.

"Do I have any credibility? Why couldn't you trust me?" Ritsu was hurt by Azusa's mean words.

"Maybe she just didn't want to come then… Let's give up." Azusa said, changing the incoming subject.

"We've been here for an hour. I can't believe someone would give up on Eri like this." Ritsu said, still trying to locate the girl she found on facebook.

"We don't know the full story, Ritsu. Maybe she tried, or maybe she's hurt…" Mugi said sadly. "Not every story is a fairytale."

"Sometimes things don't end up as well as with you and Mio…" Azusa breathed in, seriously.

"Perhaps contacting Eri's ex-girlfriend wasn't a good idea…" Ritsu admitted, looking down at her shoes. "Thought for a moment that I could be a cupid. Just like you girls were for me. I was wrong."

"You tried, at least." Mugi said, holding Ritsu's shoulders.

"It proves you care for Eri and that you're a wonderful friend." Azusa completed, giving a nod to the drummer. Ritsu gave a little grin.

"Thanks girls. Let's go inside the auditorium. Soon three bands will perform. Unfortunately, none of them is us."

"We got a great fifth place…All this bands are professional!" Mugi said surprised.

"So it was honorable. I'll admit." Ritsu smilled, heading to the auditorium. Next to it, three girls waved at them. It was Yui, Mio and Eri.

"Found that special chocolate?" Mio asked, winking at them. She had to tell some lame lie to fool Eri and not tell her what they were really doing.

"Nope." Azusa said unhappy. "I guess it's not here anymore…"

"Oh, really?" Mio asked sad. She figured something went wrong when she saw the disheartened look in her girlfriend's eyes.

"Yeah. Guess not everything is a fairytale." Ritsu repeated what Mugi told her, smiling sadly at her girlfriend.

"Such melancholy because of a chocolate?" Eri asked confused. She wouldn't understand the metaphor.

"I believe it was truly delicious…" Yui said pained. She frowned and looked like she was about to cry "I have these feelings when I don't eat my sister's cookies. It takes the joy out of my world"

Everyone got surprised. Eri thought Yui exaggerated her pain, while the band didn't understand if Yui knew they weren't talking about chocolate at all.

"So… let's get our seats to see the performances?" Azusa asked unsure. Yui set a really uncomfortable environment around them. Like a black hole swallowing their happiness.

"I wanna sit by your side, Azu-nyah!" Yui screamed, holding the young girl tightly.

"She's back." Azusa stated looking bored. She couldn't hide a little grin as everyone laughed.

"Sure. Let's go in." Mio agreed. She let Ritsu look at her tenderly and hold her hand. They walked in the auditorium together and chose a place close to the stage.

A lot had changed since they kissed in the clubroom. They would look at each other more romantically, smile more often and also disagree more roughly. A lot of discussions had happened since they kissed, but none of them even scratched their relationship. In fact, time, discussion and kisses only made them stronger. It was a part of being together, and knowing each other better. Both of them loved it. The girls in the band and Eri would often consider them a couple and talk as they were married for ten years. But in this, there wasn't much change. They already did that before anyways. And they didn't come out to the whole school or family. They just looked like best friends to strangers and kept their secret loving life reserved to their best friends. They were the only ones who had to know.

"Are you okay, Ritsu?" Mio asked, seeing the girl upset.

"I'll get better. I just got a little disappointed." She admitted.

"I'll make it up for you latter." Mio said.

"Uhm… How do you pretend to do that? I'm very needy…" Ritsu grinned maliciously. Her eyes sparkled.

"Ri-Rits-Ritsu!" Mio got extremely red, as if she passed a month by the sun. She stuttered with a high pitch voice. "By watching a mo-movie with you. Don't yo-you remember we planned that? How else?"

"Well, I thought of other ways you could please me. But a movie will do… For now…OUCH!"

A red blazing Mio punched Ritsu's head and left the girl scratching her head with a lost puppy face.

"You hurt me." She complained.

"You were gross…" Mio said, avoiding eye contact with the drummer.

"I was kidding…" She got close to Mio's ear and whispered. "Let's make out!"

Mio's face was hidden behind her big raven hair and she simply stood up and pushed a row of girls to leave her seat.

"What happened?" Azusa asked, worried about Mio's sudden leave.

"Bathroom. She wanted to fart, I think." Ritsu smirked, receiving a disapproval look from Azusa, who knew the girl was lying.

"It's horrible when you feel like farting in public." Yui voiced, gaining unnecessary attention.

A few minutes latter, Mio came back and sat away from Ritsu. The lights started to fade and a spotlight pointed to the center stage. The MC welcomed everyone and listed the upcoming shows.

The first band looked older and wore white outfits. They performed beautifully. The crowd applauded each great song and they were pleased. The second band entered with a hard rock guitar. Girls with Mohawks and black ripped clothing made quite an awesome show. The crowd went wild. The last band had been the favorite in each competition. Five girls with colorful clothes and hoodies got in. The song was a mix of rock and electronic, and everyone went insane with the melodic and perfect songs. They ended up a wonderful song and delighted the public.

"Thanks for the support" The singer said on the microphone. "We have time for one last song."

The crowd screamed.

"We're here because we practiced a lot for this special day. It was wonderful to compete and to win a place in this festival. As you all know, other bands tried as well, but didn't get in …" The singer continued. She smiled at her band that was slowly standing up. "We have to be true to ourselves. We heard a wonderful song in the competition. Unfortunately, the band didn't get in the cut. We tried to play that song with as much enthusiasm and professionalism as the band did, but we couldn't."

She held the hand of the girls in her band and spoke loudly to the microphone.

"That's why I wanna introduce to you one of the best covers I ever heard. Somewhere only we know, originally from Keane, in the voice and instruments of Hokago Tea Time!"

The crowd applauded and screamed. Five girls in the crowd were completely stunned. What had just happened?

"Please, girls. Perform to us, here on stage…" The singer asked, looking at the row where the band sat. Slowly, Mio, Yui, Azusa, Ritsu and Mugi walked to the stage. Mio held Ritsu's hand tightly.

"What's going on?" She asked, scared.

"Everything is gonna be fine. We weren't expecting this, but we'll play like we did in the rehearsals." Ritsu assured. Her voice was steady but her eyes were wide, as if she was more nervous herself.

Everyone got on their respective instruments. Mugi quickly configured her keyboard and someone from the last band gave Mio's left handed bass for her. Ritsu stretched her hands and Yui and Azusa checked their guitars before nodding. They could start at any moment.

"Hello everyone!" Yui spoke to the microphone. "We didn't expect this! We were worried about finding a chocolate before we arrived to the auditorium!"

Everyone laughed. Azusa got nervous at Yui's air headed attitude and Mugi let out a big grin.

"I can't do this…" Mio whispered to Ritsu. She was feeling every member of her body tremble at a different beat. She felt like passing out.

"Of course you can! You are my girlfriend!" Ritsu whispered back.

"I am Yui and we are Hokago Tea Time. If you think its lame, I'll clear out that it was our school teacher, Sawa chan, that imposed it for us…" Some sincere smiles filled the place.

"Ritsu…" Mio almost cried. She couldn't even face the crowd.

"Remember the first time you sang it? Dedicate to me…again…" Ritsu suggested. Mio remembered the continuation of the clubroom practice.


"So it was all set up? There's no new song Mugi?" Mio asked, eating her cake. Ritsu gave her a happy glance and she smirked back.

"No. I actually have a song I wish we would play…" Mugi answered, pouring herself some tea. "I brought the lyrics with me…"

She took off her backpack five sheets of paper. She distributed them.

"Somewhere only we know, by Keane?" Azusa smiled, excited.

"Like it?" Mugi asked, nervous.

"It's a beautiful song, Mugi. Good choice." Mio admitted.

"And I thought of a more melodic way to play it… I think we'll manage…" Mugi smiled blushing.


"Sawa chan is a good teacher, and is very pretty. She's old though…And single…" Yui continued, scratching the back of her head.

" Yui! Stop blabbering! Let's start!" Azusa whispered nervously. Yui got scared and agreed.

"Now, thanks to the beautiful band that gave us this moment, Hokago Tea Time will perform: Somewhere only we know by Keane!" She yelled and Mugi started to play her piano skillfully. Soon Ritsu started her drumming at the same time that Mio started with her bass. Yui and Azusa were the last to show up with their guitar.

The melody started to get slow and Mio walked to the microphone. Her eyes shut.

I walked across an empty land

I knew the pathway like the back of my hand

I felt the earth beneath my own feet

Sat by the river and it made me complete

She remembered how she would always feel lost when Ritsu wasn't around her. How she felt jealous and thought that her best friend would leave her forever. Those sad moments filled up her head.

Oh simple thing where have you gone

I'm getting old

And I need something to rely on

So tell me when you're gonna let me in

I'm getting tired

And I need somewhere to begin

She breathed in sadly. She opened her eyes and the lights blinded her. She started to feel tears forming on her eyes.

I came across a fallen tree

I felt the branches of it looking at me

Is this the place we used to love?

Is this the place that I've been dreaming of?

She projected her voice a bit louder. She didn't want anyone to notice she was almost crying.

Oh simple thing where have you gone

I'm getting old

And I need something to rely on

So tell me when you're gonna let me in

I'm getting tired

And I need somewhere to begin

The whole song went louder as she started to scream the chorus. Her heart pouring out the lyrics.

So and if you have a minute why don't we go

Talk about it somewhere only we know?

This could be the end of everything

So why don't we go

Somewhere only we know?

Somewhere only we know?

As the song came up to the instrumental part, she looked back. Drumming steadily was Ritsu, gazing at her with pride. She gave her usual smirk and mouthed three words Mio knew very well.

"I love you"

She smiled as she noticed the lyrics represented her before she got close to Ritsu. Those feelings didn't belong to her anymore. She grabbed the microphone and thought of every person on the crowd that might be going on to some struggle, and she dedicated the song to them. Her voice came strong as she returned to play the bass again.

Oh simple thing where have you gone

I'm getting old

And I need something to rely on

So tell me when you're gonna let me in

I'm getting tired

And I need somewhere to begin

The instruments stopped and only her voice projected the chorus.

So and if you have a minute why don't we go

Talk about it somewhere only we know?

This could be the end of everything

So why don't we go

So why don't we go

The instruments came back very slowly as Mio let her voice reach another pitch.

This could be the end of everything

So why don't we go

Somewhere only we know?

Somewhere only we know?

Somewhere only we know?

Mugi's piano was the last instrument to stop playing. She looked at her front, still not seeing much of the crowd, just the spotlight. Applauses, screams, ovation. She heard the crowd approve and felt her heart pound satisfied.

"Thank you!" She said before leaving the stage. A lot of people reached out and hugged her. The show was over. They were the last band to perform. All the former bands were applauding happily. She and the other members of the band were congratulated until they left the auditorium.

"That was a beautiful performance girls!" Eri said as soon as the met. She was beaming with joy.

"Thanks Eri. We did our best" Ritsu confessed, embarrassed.

"It's always like this…" Yui was very proud and not humble at all.

"It's not. Especially not rehearsing. We tend to perform better." Azusa admitted.

"Thanks for the support Eri-chan!" Yui gave in, hugging her intensely.

"Eri?" A unsure voice rose from the crowd. The girls turned to look. A beautiful girl with long red hair, glasses, and plaid shirt appeared.

" Kyoko?" Stuttered Eri, gaining a pinkish color.

" Kyoko Hirano" Said Ritsu, widening her eyes. She remembered the name Eri had given her a few days back, when she pushed her to tell her ex-girlfriends name.

"Are you the one who sent me an email? Ritsu Tainaka?" Kyoko asked curiously to Ritsu.

"Yes. I wasn't sure you would come…"

"I didn't ether. But then I can't forget her…" She said, tracing her eyes to Eri's surprised expression.

"What's going on?" Eri babbled. It was hard to tell if she was sad or happy.

"Surprise! I asked your ex-girlfriend to see you." Seeing no action from Eri, Ritsu continued to try to break the ice. "Both are miles away from your preconceived mother, so I thought you would like to meet. You know, to solve some issues…"

"I went after you. You blamed me for my mother actions." Eri accused, still surprised.

"And I'm sorry. I was a jerk. Give me a second chance." Kyoko looked fully regretted, and her face made every girl pity her. "I promise I won't screw it this time."

"I don't know… You hurt me." Eri continued, not giving in.

"Let's go slow then. Let's be friends for now. Ok?" Offered Kyoko. Everyone looked at Eri hopefully.

"Fine…" She gave in and the crowd of girls cheered. She quickly emended "But don't mess up, or else…"

"I won't!" She gave a wink and opened a childish smirk. The girl quickly put her hand in the back of her head, and giving an exhale, she asked loudly and excited. "So, who's in for a milkshake? I saw it at a tent nearby."

"Oh my God" Mio exclaimed. Yui halted her celebration to look at the startled girl. Mio stared at Eri. She could feel the similarities so lividly. "She does look like Ritsu! Impressive!"

"And she likes The Cure. You have great qualities, Kyoko." Ritsu added, smirking too.

"I can't deny. Both of us are intelligent, good looking and have a fine taste in ladies." Kyoko answered, giving another wink, this time at Mio. Mio got embarrassed and searched for Ritsu's expression. Her girlfriend, unlike she expected, agreed with Kyoko and they laughed together, walking towards the milkshake tent.

"You…you sure you wanted this, Eri?" Mio asked, still blushing, as soon as Ritsu and Kyoko were out of reach.

"I guess so. I missed her…" Eri admitted. "My heart always belonged to her…"

"I understand." Mio said, smiling to herself. "It's like something you can't control, right?"

"Sure. It's like going somewhere only we know…" Eri winked. Mio's voice reached out better than she thought. Mio felt like her mission was accomplished. She was sure Ritsu felt the same way.

"Eri…" Mio started, looking at the blond girl. "I understood what you meant, but don't say that again. It doesn't make much sense: going somewhere only we know"

"I'm sorry…" Eri gave a shy smile. "I was trying to be cool…"


"She really looks like you…" Mio repeated. Mio and Ritsu were lying on the carpet of Mio's bedroom. Both staring at the ceiling while holding hands.

"Who's prettier?" Ritsu inquired.

"Not physically. Your personalities…" Mio continued.

"I know. But who looks better? Is it Kyoko with her long red hair or me?"

"I was never into red haired girls. They scare me a bit…" Mio told, wondering.

"Still didn't answer..."

"She winked at me. Did you see it?" Mio asked, finally talking about something she wanted all day.

"Yes. She's very charming. Should I be worried?" Ritsu stopped looking at the ceiling and stared at Mio.

"I confess that maybe, if you broke up with me and I got stuck in a place with her…" Mio made a suspicious pause.

"What would you do?" Ritsu asked seriously. She let go of Mio's hot hands.

"I don't know. She does remind you. And I can't really imagine what it would be like if you broke up with me. It's too painful." Mio admitted in a very low voice. "I understand Eri better now. It must have been awful for her."

"True." Ritsu said, replacing her hand into Mio's.

"Are you jealous of Kyoko?" Mio asked, finally staring at Ritsu's deep eyes.

"A little. But I feel like it's not fair…" Ritsu said sincerely.

"Why not?"

"Cause I kissed her ex-girlfriend. She should be the jealous one"

"Correction: Her ex-girlfriend kissed you. And of all the persons involved, I'm the one who should be jealous." Mio said, staring at the ceiling again.

"True again" Ritsu admitted, pushing Mio closer to her. "You know I love you, right?"

"I just want to let you know, Ms. Tainaka, that if you ever break up with me, there will be severe consequences!" Mio threatened, inhaling Ritsu's smell due to the proximity.

"Okay, McGonagall. I won't mess up." Ritsu whispered and touched her nose with her girlfriends. "But if I ever do, please forgive me."

"I won't forgi…" Mio's words got lost in Ritsu's mouth as the girl stole a kiss. It quickly evolved to making out in the carpet. As the touches, breaths and tongues got hotter and more in tune, they heard a voice downstairs.

"Mio! Ritsu! Would you like some cookies?" It was Mrs. Akiyama. Mio stood up instantly and opened the door without a sound.

"Yes, mother!" She yelled and gave a smirk to her breathless girlfriend on the floor. She admired the brunet with her messy hair, some open buttons of her shirt, and red as apple cheeks and lips. She knew she wasn't any better, especially after Ritsu explored her body with passion. She heard the stairs creaking.

"I'm bringing them, honey." Mrs. Akiyama said, making Mio jump of fear. Strangely her mother was always announcing herself, as if she didn't want to catch anything happening. Mio suspected her mother knew about her and Ritsu, and somehow, encouraged it.

"Get ready Ritsu!" She whispered, trying to brush her hair and fix her blouse. Ritsu tried the same. Her mother arrived kindly with a tray of cookies.

"Thanks mum." "Thanks Mrs. Akiyama"

"It's hot in here. Open the windows, honey" Mrs Tainaka said. Mio obeyed getting red. "Must be the heat of youth. I had a lot of these moments with your father."

And the women left the room.

Ritsu looked confused while Mio sat on the floor, shocked.

"What was that about?" Ritsu asked, with a cookie in her mouth.

"We should think about ways of coming out…" Mio said.


"She knows about us. I'm sure…" Mio said.

"It won't be hard then. I'm almost sure my parents know it too. Before I came here they told me not to sleep here. When I asked why, they told me it was because I had my lifetime to sleep with you." Ritsu ate another cookie patiently. "Not sure if they inquired that I will live with you because you are my best friend or that I'll marry you and adopt some babies…"

"We have to come out then." Mio breathed, eating a cookie too. "But that's another issue."

"Let's leave it to the future, Mio. After all, we still got a lot of time together."

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