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Story Start. [Prolouge]

"Lets see... In a forest with no clue where I am, check. My body has been reduced to that of a six year old, check. There are strange creatures everywhere I look, check. Finally, I am in a place with absolutely no chakra, check. I fucking hate you right now dad." Naruto Uzumaki stated as he wondered around. Contrary to his youthful look he was actually 1 day from turning 17, but when he was helping his father use the Hiraishin to rescue the whole army the rip in space/time must have messed something up since he had connected his chakra to everyone he was the only one truly affected by it.

At least by some miracle his clothes had shrunken with him, but on the downside the seal keeping Kurama in him had returned to what it once was when he was seven. Talking to Kurama right now was nearly impossibe, so he kept walking until he saw something awesome in the water flopping around.

"Orange fish, so badass! Hey there little guy." Naruto yelled as he ran up to the fish that gave him a curious look. It had never seen anyone so happy to see one of his kind before, let alone someone that age.

"Karp Karp Magikarp!" The Magikarp chanted as Naruto nodded his head at the oversize fish, even compared to other Magikarp he was considered large. Naruto looked around for what the Magikarp was telling him about and saw a little red and white ball.

"I will question why I understand you later, and then whatever this thing is, but if you want me to throw it at you I won't question it buddy. Now lets see here, mmmm." Naruto said as he jumped back when the ball got bigger at his touch. Looking at it suspiciously he picked it up and threw it at the downed fish and the ball opened and absorbed the pokemon in a beam of red. It rolled around a few time before dinging and getting smaller as Naruto shrugged and placed the ball in his pocket. Continuing on his walk he a river and got the ball out again and threw it, the fish appeared out of the ball and into the water with an eyesmile on it's face.

"Magikarp Karp, Magimagikarp." The Magikarp said as it hopped up from the water and splashed Naruto in the face. He laughed a little before nodding to the pokemon.

"So the nearest town is down this river... Now what can you tell me about this place?" Naruto asked the pokemon, and it went into a whole long talk about Pokemon and battling with Naruto. Also about how the ball he was caught in was called a Pokeball and was used to catch pokemon and make them battle for sport. Naruto was amazed at how this world seemed to have never really had a major war... he could see himself making a life here.

"Karp KARP Karp Magikarp, Karp Magikarp Karp Magikarp Magikarp." Magikarp said and Nartuo grinned and jumped into the water with the orange pokemon and started patting her on the head. The Pokemon swam around him in joy and they had a small water fight, before they started swimming down river.

"You know buddy, you and me are going to be great partners." Naruto said as they swam together downstream, and the Magikarp gave him a grateful look since this was the first human she had met that did not wave Magikarps off as weak or useless. Hell, she was nearly at level 20 already and would be evolving soon. Just a few more months and she would be a badass Gyarados one day. Everyone seemed to overlook that fact, yet this boy did not even know about Gyarados and still wanted her! What Magikarp would let this chance go to waste? She sure as hell was not losing out on a trainer that would take care of her.

[Nine Years Later]

Naruto sat on a rock in the middle of a lake as his oldest partner circled around him joyfully, and he jumped to avoid the Hydo pump she sent at him and countered with a kick to her long body. This continued on until Naruto had broken a sweat and she was out of energy.

"Good job today Gyarados, tomorrow we are heading to Palet Town and getting us registered as an official team. Then we can start battling strong trainers instead of the ones that stumble across us, and the weaker pokemon around here. Hard to believe that we have been together for nine years huh?" Naruto asked as she gave him a lick that lifted him off the ground, and an eyesmile. Naruto wiped some droll off him and chuckled at his oversize pokemon, once she had evolved her size as a Magikarp had made her even bigger as a Gyarados.

"Grrraaaaooo." Gyarados said and Naruto nodded and layed down on the rock he had been using as his bed for the last nine years, right in the middle of the lake with a Pecha Tree right in the middle of it. Knocking his hand against the tree a few Pecha Berries fell down and he tossed a few to Gyarados, who caught them eagerly while he munched one the remaining few. Looking up into the tree he saw his other Pokemon munching on a middle of the day snack.

"Raichu rai." The lazy Raichu stated and Naruto shrugged and the trio all started to fall asleep. Raichu fell of of the branch and landed on Naruto's chest and got comfy again, while Gyarados curled around the rock and laid her head down next to Naruto. They were bored now that their training for the day was done, since for the last nine years for Gyarados and seven years for Raichu they had done nothing but train.

Hours passed the they all woke up and Naruto used the two pokeballs he had to store them safely as he made his way down river for the first time. He wanted his friends to be as powerful as possible before actually going down to the Town. Random Pidgey would pirch on his head for a few minutes before flying off, while Rattata would run a few curcles around him playfully and run off into the tall grass. Naruto had long since become the boss of the forest with Gyarados and Raichu by his side. Nobody in these woods was dumb enough to attempt to attack him anymore.

It only took a few hours for him to get to Pallet and when he did he was surprised at how small the town was. When he was walking around and not paying any attention he walked straight into a woman and was knocked down. Naruto looked up and rubbed head in his embarrassed stated and took the hand the woman offered to get up.

"Sorry about that, this is my first time in Pallet Town and I was taking in the sites. My name is Naruto Uzumaki by the way." Naruto offered and the woman smiled kindly with warm chocolate eyes.

"Delia Ketchum. nice to meet you Naruto. You should be careful though, and you should stay with your parents. They must be worried sick about you." Delia said and Naruto chuckled loudly at the statement and shook his head.

"I may not look it, but I am a traveler. I have never had any parents to look after me so I have been living in the wild. Actually I live only a few miles away from here, but I actually came here to get registered as a trainer and start a journey." Naruto said and sweat dropped when he saw her with tears in her eyes looking at him sadly, but he waved it off and was about to walk away before she put a firm hand on his shoulder.

"Then let me make it up to you for anything I may have brought up with a nice home cooked dinner." Delia said with the aura around her that made him slightly scared to say no to her. Naruto nodded fearfully and walked with her to a modest house with a small wooden fnce around it and a garden. Once they got in the house Naruto saw a ten year old boy watching a pokemon battle on the T.V. and not even paying attention. "This is my son Ash, he gets his first pokemon tommorow." Delia said and Ash took notice of the 16 going on 17 year old standing next to his mom.

"Hello, who are you?" Ash asked excitedly.

"Naruto Uzumaki, I met your mother on the way to getting registered as a pokemon trainer and she offered to let me eat here. Nice to meet you Ash, and I hope that you get a good pokemon tomorrow." Naruto said and Ash nodded with an excited expression on his face.

"I totally hope that I get a Bulbasaur from proffesor Oak. What about you, what pokemon are you hoping to get?" Ash asked and Naruto laughed and pulled out two pokeballs from his pocket.

"None, since I already have two pokemon I was going to leave the starters to the rookie trainers. Just being given a pokemon would not feel right to me, since I prefer to make friends with them or beat them in battle first." Naruto said with a grin and Delia had a surprised look on her face.

"Cool! Can I see them?" Ash asked and Naruto shrugged and put Gyarados' pokeball back in his pocket and pressed the button on Raichu's and dropped it on the floor. In a burst of light Raichu was standing at attention and looking around the room.

"Rai Rai rai Raichu!" The pokemon yelled at Naruto, before Naruto picked him up and placed him on his shoulder. Raichu pouted and noticed Ash and his mother. Waving hello to the two humans he got settled onto Naruto's shoulder.

"This is Raichu, he was my second pokemon. My other is way to big to fit inside the house, and she prefers to be kept a secret from people I am not battling. She... is very destructive when she is battling. Raichu here is my second strongest pokemon though." Naruto said and Raichu snorted, it was more like he was his second pokemon period. That automatically made him the second strongest. Naruto took the pokeball back from his pocket and put Raichu back inside it, since Raichu actually like being inside the sphere most of the time.

After dinner was eaten Naruto stood up and thanked Delia for the delicous meal and made to leave when he felt someone grab his wrist. He looked around and saw her smiling at him.

"Good luck on your journey, and I am rooting for you." Delia said and Naruto smiled at her with a grin that warmed her heart. This was the first time a person believed in him on the first meeting, and it felt nice.

"Then when I enter my first league I will be sending you some tickets. Thanks for believing in me Delia. See ya later." Naruto said as he ran off, leaving a smiling Delia behind.

This was going to be an amazing journey.

Chapter End.

This Naruto will only really use his ninja skills when he needs to and to train his pokemon, and nobody flame over the choice please. I picked the Pokemon for a reason, and Naruto's most powerful pokemon will be his first two and Gyarados will stay his strongest. Ash made some pretty powerful starters in less than a year, so Naruto can make ultra powerful pokemon in nine years. Also, I don't know who he will be paired with yet.

Naruto's Team

Gyarados - Lv.78 - Female

Moves - Tackle, Splash, Ice Beam, Hyper Beam, Bite, Crunch, Ice Fang, Hydo Pump, Slam, Roar, Dragon Dance, Iron Tail, Iron Head, Outrage, Dragon Pulse, Icy Wind, Surf, Waterfall, Dive, Scald, Flamethrower, Thunderbolt, Thunder, Protect - I checked, Gyarados can learn all these moves

Raichu - Lv.61 - Male

Moves - Thundershock, Thunderbolt, Thunder, Hyper beam, Quick Attack, Brick Break, Focus Blast, Volt Tackle, Strength, Thunder punch, Iron Tail, ExtremeSpeed, Headbutt, Mega Kick, Mega Punch - I checked, he can learn all of them.

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