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"Told you we didn't get lost." Naruto said with his arms crossed the the group went inside the Pokemon Center with light scuffs and patches of dirt of them thanks to the rough roads they took to get here. The only ones that weren't covered in dirt was Sabrina thanks to her psycic abilities she was able to stop the dirt from getting on her, and Naruto had no dirt on him thanks to him being used to even rougher travel. It wasn't hard to see that neither Joy or Erika were the type for the road.

The fact that Erika was the most dirt covered thanks to her passing out on the ground was rather funny, for about five seconds before Naruto had to carry her on his back. He had mixed feelings over the fact that he had been carrying a girl.

"I am going to go shopping, would you like me to pick you up anything?" Sabrina asked curiously, Erika and Joy didn't bother to comment since they were sure that Sabrina alreayd read their minds to find out what they wanted. She only bothered to ask, because the travelling had torn up the hat she had been using to keep the sun out of her face. Naruto thought she looked much better without the hat, but it was her choice if she wanted to cover up part of her face.

"We should stock up on supplies in case anything happens, so some Full Heal and Potions should be on the list. Other than that I don't have anything that we would need right away." Naruto stated the obvious, after travelling they could use some potion. They had run into some stupid trainers that thought a group of three girls and one boy would be easy pickings for battling. Erika was the one to defeat the first one, while Joy and Naruto took out the rest of them. Now at least they had enough money for the things they needed to get for their travelling, but Naruto couldn't help but chuckle when Sabrina simply nodded before leaving the Pokemon Center without another word.

"I am going to check us in, and then I am going to take a nap. See you in a little bit Naruto... rude girl." Erika stated as she went over to the Nurse Joy in charge of this Pokemon Center. Joy's cheeks puffed up when she realized that she had been insulted again, but she ignored it a little bit more than usual today. She was just glad to be rid of the forest for awhile, and in a few days they would all be on a cruise ship to Cinnibar Island. Not just a cruise ship, but a freaking luxury cruise ship. Suffice to say, she was to excited to be angry at the moment. The Grass-Cunt could say whatever she wanted, and Joy would just ignore it right now.

"Whatever, I am going to look around the city. See you later Naruto." Joy said with a shrug as she waved bye to Naruto before leaving the Pokemon Center next. He sighed when he saw that it would seem that today the group was just going to do their own thing. He couldn't help but sigh as he walked towards the Nurse Joy at the desk while he unclipped most of his used pokeballs from his waist and placed them on the counter. Then he took Gyarados' pokebal from his necklace and placed it with the group.

"Morning Nurse Joy, do you mind giving them a check up for me?" Naruto asked nicely, knowing that she deserved that he at least treat her with respect. She was a healer of nearly every pokemon that came into this center. She deserved respect for that, and who knows how many rowdy pokemon made her job that much harder. She placed his pokeballs in one of the special trays to hold them all, and she smiled at him.

"It is no trouble, it should take a few hours. You are free to come with me if you want." Nurse Joy offered, but Naruto just shook his head and held up two of his pokeballs that he was keeping with him.

"Sorry, but I have a date with the local gym." Naruto stated with a light grin on his face, and he noticed her send him a look of pity for a moment. It was one of worry for his pokemon's health, but she shouldn't feel the need to worry. The two pokemon he was taking with him were the ones that would have the best experience fighting what he had heard was a Lightning Type themed gym. He turned around and made his way out of the Pokemon Center, but the second he turned he felt something bump into his chest before he heard the sound of somebody grunting when they hit the ground.

"Hey, watch where you are... Naruto?" The familiar face of Ash Ketchum said in shock when he and his Pikachu looked at the one that defeated them easily awhile back. Naruto raised an eyebrow, and offered Ash a hand up as Misty and Brock rushed up to them. Misty immediently burried his knuckles into the back of Ash's head for some reason with an irritated look on her face.

"Would you stop running off like that Ash... Naruto?" Misty questioned when she saw the person that was standing in front of them, standing with an amused expression on his face. He could tell they were shocked to see him again so soon, but it would seem that Ash had bounced back from his last loss against the more experienced battler.

"Yeah, it's me. How are things hanging Brock, Misty, and Ash?" Naruto questioned, his laid back smile in place once more now that he noticed that they didn't seem to be angry at him for beating the hell out of Ash's pokemon.

"We were just heading for the Vermillion City Gym, but Ash got to excited and started to run out of the room." Brock explained, before they heard Naruto laugh lightly at what they told him.

"Cool, I was just heading to the Gym myself. Why don't we head there as a group?" Naruto asked with his smile in place, and Ash sent him a challenging look. Then all of a sudden he grinned at Naruto, before he pointed his finger at Naruto's face. Naruto blinked in confusion, he wasn't like Sabrina so he couldn't read minds that easily.

"I haven't forgotten about last time, so after I beat this Gym I am coming for you Naruto! I am going to beat you, and become one step closer to becoming a Pokemon Master!" Ash let his challenge ring out in Naruto's ears. He cleared out his ringing ear with his pinky, before he flicked the kid in the head for yelling. Ash covered his forehead, before Naruto grinned down at the kid.

"You have a long way to go before you can beat me kid, but after the Gym battle I will battle you if you want." Naruto said with a grin that Ash copied, and both of his friends could already see the fact that Ash was going to lose against this guy again. No matter how much Ash improved, the fact of the matter was that Naruto was just a better trainer. His pokemon were more powerful, and he was able to think ahead farther than Ash. In the end, Naruto was just all around better when it came to battles. Ash was a Rookie, while Naruto was an Expert. Maybe if Ash had spent nine years living in the forest with pokemon he would be able to stand up against Naruto's skill, but that was a big if.

[With Sabrina]

"Hmm?" Sabrina questioned to herself as she noticed something blocking the way to the river. She had just walked out of the city in the hopes to use this chance to catch herself a pokemon, but right now there was nsomething large and fatty in her way. It was a greenish blue color, and on the face and stomach it had pale as it's color. The pokemon blocking her way was huge, and frankly it was a lot bigger than she was. This was a pokemon that many people thought were too troublesome to train because of how lazy it was. This was the pokemon Snorlax, and it was in the way of what she wanted to do.

Sabrina had heard the rumor that if you went fishing here, you would be able to find Krabby. Krabby would be a pokemon that she would love to add to her team, a close combat pokemon to surprise her opponents with if they got passed her psycic ones. The fact Krabby had those cute bubbles coming from it's mouth had nothing to do with her choice... okay, only a little bit was because she found it to be a cute pokemon. What could she say, she was a girl after all?

"Snooooooore laaaaaaax..." The Snorelax snored out, and Sabrina started to try and walk around the fat pokemon. Her eyebrow twitched when it rolled over and blocker her way again, and she pointed her hand at the pokemon to lift it with her powers... only for her to grit her teeth when she noticed that the pokemon was much to heavy for her to lift with her powers. Her eyebrow twitched once more, before she pulled out her pokeball and tossed it into the air.

In a flash, her Alakazam was standing in front of her. The both she and her pokemon both used their powers to lift the fat pokemon up into the air, before Sabrina took out an unused pokeball from her bag and tossed it right at the pokemon she was annoyed with. The large pokemon was absorbed into the ball in a red beam, before she allowed it to touch the ground. She looked at the pokeball on the ground, and as it rolled around she waited for it to stop. She nodded in satisfaction when the ball clicked to show that she had caught the rare pokemon.

She returned Alakazam to his ball, before the other pokeball floated to her hand and she placed it back into her bag and went over to the side of the river. Sitting down with her legs crossed, she pulled a collapsable rod out of her bag before she placed some fresh Krabby Bait on the end and tossed it far out into the water. WIth that done, all that was left was for her to play the waiting game and see what she found.

This gave her time to ponder the mysteries of life, or rather, something that seemed to be a major part of human life.


Yes, Sabrina had to admit she seemed to want to understand what the big deal about finding a partner and marrying them was. Both Joy and Erika had the most obvious crush on Naruto, and she was curious as to why they would fight over him. You would think that they would both just share, it wasn't like pokemon breed with just one other pokemon, so why should human's be any different. She could understand wanting to stay loyal to somebody, and not wanting to breed with anyone other than that person, but by sharing it wasn't like they would ever have to breed... well they were both female so breeding is the wrong word, it wasn't like they would ever have to have sex with each other. He was just one man, but he was overflowing with conpassion for everything. Sabrina was sure that he, and many men, would not turn down the chance to breed with more than one girl.

Sabrina saw no reason for the senseless arguing, when the solution was rather simply. They would either share him, or they would lose him to somebody that wasn't trying to insult the hell out of their rival. Sabrina couldn't see Naruto being with either of them with how they were acting, and neither girl had a really good chance of following Naruto into the other nations.

Erika... well actually, she could follow him if given the chance. It was unlikely she would leave the Kanto/Johto regions with her condition, but of course she might go just to see the different kinds of grass and poison types out there. The girl was like a drug addict with how she smelled grass pokemon, and it was the reason she couldn't stay awake.

Joy... well she was a Nurse Joy even if she was in denial, and she was not about to leave Kanto and Johto just for adventure. The girl was more of a nurse than she would like to admit, and Sabrina could tell that it was the girl's desire to become a Gym Leader in Kanto. She wanted to be the first Joy to be a Gym Leader, and it wasn't going to be hard if she followed around Naruto, and two ex-Gym Leaders around. She would learn a lot, and then she would hopefully start her own Gym or take one over.

She on the other hand had nothing keeping her here, the pokemon at the Gym had been her father's so she didn't worry over them, and the Gym itself was back in her father's hands. She needed to follow Naruto around and learn from him, as well as see what makes him so special.

Sabrina narrowed her eyes when she saw a small team of people wearing black clothes with red Rs on their chests.

Team Rocket!

Chapter End!
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