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The red clouds spiralled around the dark imperial palace of Moria, capital of Mordon, a large continent in the Southern Wild seas.

At this period in time, darkness ruled all in Mordon. Famine spread like a forest fire. The wealthy starved and the poor died. No one saw hope any longer. Like peoples sons, daughters and parents, hope died.

There was one ruler who controlled all this. Ruling Mordon was said to be a game to him, a game where he constantly won by changing the rules. His name was Goromdos, a half man half beast. At first he appeared to anyone weak in mind, as a fierce, emotionless...bald mad-man! But Goromdos was much more than a mad-man. To those who still saw a glimmer of hope, he appeared as the mythical creature Centaur. From his clean shaven head sprouted two golden demon like horns. His eyes could turn from blank, dark, nothingness, to a piercing yellow and red fire. These were possibly his most dangerous feature, causing his unfortunate prey to go utterly insane with one glance. His bland emotionless eyes held many other powers, yet to have been discovered by anyone.

Around his neck hung the ancient moonstone of Abra. It was said that the moonstone had once glowed blue, reflecting it's light upon the sky. However, once Goromdos captured it for himself, the stone turned red, and so did the sky; the colour of blood. Hope was thought to be lost with the moonstone. However, it is not entirely possible to loose hope. If it was there would be no damn story!!!

~~Prologue to 'Journey to Liyeveron'


The fires blazed, clawing at the small family who were all desperately trying to escape the burning house which they had once called home.

The mother clutched her three year old infant child to her chest as it cried out relentlessly. In her free hand, she tightened her grip on her six year old son's tiny hand, whos eyes were wide with fear and curiosity. The mother stole a worried glance at her husband who was now trying to lead them through the burning village. Screams of terror rose up along with the flames which held the memories of every single man, woman and child which had grown strong here.

Demetrius was a strong, courageous man, known across the lands as the bravest of the brave, the toughest of the tough and the leader of all leaders. However, now he did not feel so bold for instead of his life, it was his own families that he was now responsible for. He avoided his wife's concerned look, and begged the Gods for her to stop. She was breaking his heart. It seemed that she could read him like a book, his inner most feelings, thoughts and desires left bare for her to see. Usually it would make Demetrius feel even more proud, but now at this very moment, he wanted no one to learn of his despair and distress over the current situation.

Finally the narrow back streets ran into the town square. Demetrius raised a hand, motioning his wife and servant to stop. He peered around the corner of the back street and studied the scene before him.

There he was. Or maybe no more than a he than a what. Goromdos, Dark Lord and high master of the Orcs (goblins to me or you). He was known across the lands and as far as across the black seas to where the mythical creatures of Everon dwelled. Even Gorg the rock giant knew the name Goromdos. This was thought a little remarkable seeing as Gorg, for now a hundred years, kept to himself hidden over the purple mountains where he lived.

No, as a dark wizard Goromdos was not to be messed with. Even Demetrius knew not to oppose him. His very name struck fear into the very heart of the bravest men alive. His colourless eyes seemed to bore into your very soul. As he walked his hoofed feet struck the ground like a clap of thunder. His cold dangerous voice sent shivers down your spine. Anything he touched turned cold, hard and colourless like his soul.

People had thought with a smile 'what was he like as a child?' but the truth of the matter was he had never been one. Nobody knew where he had come from. There were many theories to this query. Every cold mean thought of every single man, animal, gnarf, elf, goblin, zen, and fairy had created a gate way into the Astral planes (Hell) itself, releasing the monster which now stood in the square ahead of Demetrius.

With the dark phenomenal powers such as Demetrius had heard of, he was not going to be the fool and rush to challenge him. However... there is a path that one is always shown and always must follow, with or without knowing it.

Like every other living creature, Demetrius was set on such a path, yet his path was short and soon to end. But as one wise creature once said, 'Where one path stops another must turn off and create more doorways. That is how the present grows into the future.'

Demetrius could no longer stand the torture the beast before created. Women, and children were snapped like twigs, men beaten out of their minds. His eyes began to water as he saw the spilled blood on the statue of their sacred God. It seemed as Goromdos was winning, and all Hell was breaking loose.

His wife closed her eyes and turned her back on the death and pain of so many of her friends and relatives as did the old maid accompanying them. Her six year old son stood silently beside her. Olive was his name as I recall. Never did a name suit anyone as Olive suited him. His skin was tinted pale yellow, and his hair was the colour of ripe olives. His large dark eyes were noticed and looked upon by all, yet not in an offensive manner. But it did so, in a rather peculiar way, make the young boy almost calming to look upon.

The young and innocent Olive looked on at the scene with an even more curious expression. Suddenly, without warning he rushed out to the square, his parents screaming for him to come back. Goromdos called the child silently. Demetrius, upon realising what the dark sorcerer was doing, took to his heels and ran forward. His wife placed her infant girl into the trustworthy care of her old maid, and raced after her husband and child.

Olive stopped infront of Goromdos and stood, as if staring into a never-ending abyss of dark thoughts. Goromdos raised his hand to Demetrius and his wife, and suddenly the two stopped, as if in a trance. They struggled to take back control of their minds, but it was at a loss. Both were forced to watch as their young son's eyes glowed an eerie shade of blue, then turned as cold and colourless as the Dark Lord's.
'He is now a slave.'

13 years in the future

Blue Oak walked along the dirt path road towards Erathadore, capital city of the tall folk. Beside him merrily skipped a young sandy coloured Eevee. He glanced at the pup who was currently pawing at a fluttering butterfly. Blue shook his head and smiled before taking a short pause to glance around at the sweet pure land, covered by green grass and bare hills as far as the eye could see. He loved this place, and had it not been for his own longing for adventure, he would have stayed in Erathadore and grew to the age of sixteen in these very lands.

The path the un-separable pair now followed was by no means primitive. The smooth rich soiled earth was fortunately easy going on his worn brown boots. He carelessly brushed back his rich, spikey auburn hair with one hand. It may have been a pleasant looking day, but the cold breeze still blew, rustling the trees dotted around. The path now wound slowly down a steep hill beside a clear waterfall.

"Come, Eevee. At the foot we'll stop for a drink. A small break should do us no harm." The Eevee yipped happily and quickened her pace. As they neared the foot of the hill both began to hear the distinct beat of hooves on the dirt path. Blue looked behind him. No one was there yet. Any moment he expected some gallant knight to come riding down the steep path towards them. He stepped to the far side, not wishing to be knocked down. He paused, awaiting the sight of the knight in shining armour at the top of the hill. The beat of the hooves began to get louder and louder until without any warning, a magnificent bay horse leapt off the side of the hill and jumped onto the path infront of him.

Blue was thrown back, hitting the dirt path below. He coughed as the horse kicked up the dust and raced down to the river at the foot of the hill. Eevee raced to her master's side and began licking his face. Blue smiled a little and nodded reassuringly. He stood and scowled. It was no knight. Just some immature boy (not unlike himself!). Blue charged down the path, Eevee struggling to keep up behind him. The boy was at the river, filling an empty bottle with water for the rest of his journey, which he supposed was to Erathadore.

Blue walked sternly up to the shorter boy and grabbed his shoulder, forcing him around. However, who he came to face was no boy. Infact, it was a young girl, around the age of sixteen, no older than himself anyway. Her reddish-brown hair hung loosely round her curved shoulders, midnight blue eyes boring into his. He shook himself free of his shock and returned to reality.

"You almost killed me back there! What's the big idea?!" Blue asked upon remembering his anger. The girl scowled at him and shook free of his grasp. Eevee had finally caught up with her master. Deciding to ignore the current argument, she crouched low at the river's bank and began lapping up the cool refreshing water.

"You should have been able to hear me a mile off. It was not my fault you got in the way!" She turned her back on him and began filling her second bottle of water. She was indeed a very beautiful, upper class, girl. She wore knee high brown boots and a short forest green dress. Around her shoulders she wore a darker green cape, which she flung back as she stood up to face him again. All in all she looked rather like a princess than a simple peasant's girl.

"Who are you then?" Blue asked, trying his very best not to sound too friendly.
"Why do you ask, gentle sir?" the girl said, trying to restore her usual upper class accent. Blue tried his best not to erupt and yell with all his force at the young yet bold girl infront of him.

"Because I wish to know. Is that such a crime?" He asked, folding his arms across his chest.

"Nowadays it is." The girl answered, "Why do you simply trust every being you meet? Have you been away for the past few cycles?" the boy surprisingly nodded.

"Actually, I am a traveller. An adventurer." Blue answered with a wide grin. The girl laughed at him.

"A brave, bold adventurer, I am sure!" she laughed again. Blue scowled at her.

"What would you know, living in a stuffy city all your life." He sniffed. The girl eyed him. Even Eevee was a little surprised at her master's statement. She trotted up beside him then settled down for a quick nap on the soft grass below. Ignoring the sleeping pup, the stranger decided to prove the 'adventurer' wrong.

"Erathadore is not stuffy! Look around you. I would hardly call this stuffy." She gestured with one extended arm to the green plains and blue sky above. In the distance, the shining (Elven built) ivory city of Erathadore could be seen glinting in the sun's light. "Name one place that is fresher than these very plains, or more breath taking than Erathadore." The girl said smugly, cocking an eyebrow. Blue smiled at her.

"Liyeveron." He answered simply. The girl frowned at him.

"Liyeveron? You couldn't have possibly travelled there." She said, losing her upper class accent momentarily. She turned and walked to her horse and pulled herself into the saddle.

"So you walk away. Well fine then. I shall just have to find someone else who wishes to hear my tales of adventure and bravery, ay Eevee?!" He danced about, waving a stick in the air as if it were a shining sword. The girl glanced at him and shrugged.

"More like lies." She trotted off a few feet then stopped. Clearing her throat, she turned to the boy who was now kneeling by the water. "On you way to Erathadore then?" She asked quietly. He looked up and nodded a little unsurely. The girl smiled a little. "Then climb on."

Blue stood up, and pulled himself onto the horse's back. Eevee quickly hopped into his arms, not wishing to be left behind.
"I thought you said you couldn't trust strangers." He said smirking at her. She urged her horse on and smiled to herself.

"I guess I'd rather like to hear those stories of yours. Even if they are lies." She added. Blue decided to ignore that last remark. "Besides, your Eevee is rather cute."

"I guess that's fair." Blue said, glancing down at the now fast asleep puppy in his arms. "Just one thing. Now will you tell me your name?" The girl laughed a little.

"Maybe one day."
Blue sighed hopelessly, resting his hands on her waist.

"I'll hold you to that."


The town centre was just as he remembered it. Busy with all kinds of beings (mainly tall folk and elves) wandering in and out of shops and stalls in the marketplace. However, Blue's companion was watching the crowd with a very curious look. She shifted uneasily and dismounted from her horse along with Blue and his Eevee.

"Hmm, this is odd. The market place is never opened on Cendar's day" She muttered almost to herself. Blue turned to her.

"Cendar's day? That's today? Well why is everyone in the marketplace?" Blue asked. The girl sighed hopelessly.

"I don't know" Suddenly she tugged on a passing stranger's jacket. "Pheralo, why is everyone in such a hurry round here? Today is Cendar's day is it not?" The man glanced around him quickly then bent down to speak to her.

"Miss, you must get out of here as soon as you can. The Dark Lord is" He trailed off and stood up. "Your father is waiting. Better be off. Goodbye... young heir." He slung his enormous sack over his shoulder and raced off. The girl stood, a little dumfounded.

Blue stood beside her and watched as people rushed passed them. Everyone seemed in more of a hurry than usual. Eevee was trying her best to dart in and out of peopl's way. Blue scooped her into his arms then glanced at the girl. She had gone pale as snow. He tapped her gently on the arm.

"Mind telling me what that guy told you?" He watched as the girl squeezed her eyes shut tightly and shivered. What was wrong?

Suddenly she spun around to face him. "Get out of here. Now. No matter what. You no longer have a place here." And with that she began walking away. Blue was about to call her back but was cut off by sudden screams of terror behind him.

"Here they come!! Move out!"

Both Blue and Eevee turned to where they and their ex-companion had entered Erathadore. Blue could just see to the great brown hills where he had travelled not so long ago. A trail of fire was now moving down the path, heading towards Erathadore. The sky above the gathering warriors, was turning blood red as it followed them.

He already knew who it was.

Before i edited this, Blue was supposed to be Gary Oak. However, now Blue is one of Gary's ancestors or somethin' like that. It's kinda like pokémon world, medievil time with a lot of fantasy. Sorry Ash and co. fans. None of his ancestors (or Ash himself) will be in it. I hope yah liked it. I do loads of fics like this, but i never put them up. WHY, you ask. BECAUSE I'M A SHITTY WRITER!!! i enjoy putting myself down.

(2 anyone who's interested!) Blue is what Gary's called in the pokémon comic adventure series (Ash is Red)