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Flames crackled and furious fires burned out of control as the city of Erathadore was attacked and pillaged by thousands of Orcs, Dragons and unknown beasts, all sent by the Dark Lord.

Tall folk, elves and other innocent creatures ran blindly from the attacking warriors. Yet it was a hard battle to escape such a beast. The Orc has no specific shape, however if you saw one, you would know. These creatures are twisted by pain and fear. Hatred runs in their cold, black blood. The only pleasure these beasts seek, is in the suffering of others.

Some of these Orc warriors rode fierce, blood thirsty wolf-like hounds or fire breathing dragons. Others attacked on foot, accompanied by enormous hostile beasts. Chaos had now engulfed the peaceful hidden city of Erathadore.


Slaymol raced through the cities back streets, trying to escape the terror that the Orcs were causing. The young Gnarf male knew fine well who was really behind the surprise attack (as did many others, although they would never dare to say).
He skidded to a halt and turned another corner, only to find ten bloody swords pointing towards his throat.

"Uh, hey guys!" Slaymol laughed cheerfully as he began to back up. The vile beasts began to step forward, hissing through their blackened, dagger like teeth.

"'s the random killings going?" The Orcs moved closer still, growling and spraying their saliva everywhere. Slaymol swallowed thickly as a large Orc came up behind him, binding his green webbed hands together with a leather cord.

"Hey! Come on guys! I'm one of you!" He nodded towards an inside pocket of his thin dirty red waistcoat. The large Orc rummaged around, finding all sorts of stolen items such as jewels, gold, silver and even merthen. "See! I'm low down filthy scum like you!!" Slaymol wailed. The other Orcs glared at him.

"More the reason to kill you!" Another Orc laughed in a raspy voice. He pointed his sword up to Slaymol's throat, yellow eyes pinched. Slaymol closed his eyes, beads of sweat running down his forehead.

"Stop!" A voice called from the shadows. Slaymol was sure he recognised this man's voice.

"Prince Theoden?" Slaymol murmured under his breath. The young, handsome man stepped out of the shadows, revealing short golden blonde hair and young almost feminine features. Around his shoulders he wore an elaborately decorated red cape, and upon his head was a small golden crown.

Slaymol sighed in relief. As he was the stable, erm, Gnarfboy to the Prince's father (King Girbert), Theoden was sure to recognise him.

"Prince Theoden! Oh brave and gallant sir! Please, if thou dost save, ermmine life, I shalt be forever in your debt!" Slaymol cried desperately.

"My dear friend, there is no need for such pitiful pleas." Theoden nodded to the Orcs and they immediately obeyed and backed away.

Slaymol was so shocked at this that he practically fainted to the ground when the Orc loosened his tight grasp.
Theoden marched towards the Gnarf boy. Hovering above him, a slight smile began to creep across his face.

The largest of the Orcs, who seemed to be the leader, stepped towards Theoden. "My lord, can I ask why you wish to keep this, thisgirl, alive?" The Orc asked, irritation clear in his voice. Theoden turned to the massive creature and wrinkled his nose a little.

"If he is the scum he proclaims to be, he might come in useful." Theoden looked down to Slaymol, who quivered beneath him. The Orc glanced down at him then back to the prince.

"But the boy is nothing but a snivelling, whinging, little coward! How could he possibly fight for us-"
Theoden quickly cut him off, "Did I say I wished him to fight for me, Captain Reagern?" The Orc looked away, clearly annoyed. Theoden ignored him and turned back to the Gnarf.

"What is your name, boy?" Slowly, Slaymol crawled to his feet. He hardly reached the prince's chest. Swallowing thickly, he introduced himself. "Biggnz your majesty. Slaymol Biggnz." Theoden stroked his slight yellow beard with one hand.

"Hmm, Biggnz. I believe you are the stable boy." He grinned. "What a devious young lad. I take it you were the one who stole our fair lady's pearls then." He laughed a little, "I could have your head for that, boy."

Slaymol froze to the spot. However Theoden ginned again, showing rows of pearly white teeth. "That is, if she and my dear father were still alive. Poor, poor Girbert." He mocked, glancing up at the burning castle which sat high upon a hill.

Slaymol could hardly believe what he was hearing. Prince Theoden, son of King Girbert and heir to the thrown! Had he, the gallant Prince Theoden, sided with Goromdos?

Slaymol felt dizzy. It was too much for his small brain to handle. All his race really thought about was money. Gnarfs were prone to steal and thieve, and Slaymol Biggnz was good proof of this theory.

"Well young Biggnz, I wish you to repay your debt to me immediately." Theoden saw that Slaymol looked a little uneasy, "You did say you would do anything to repay me, did you not?" Theoden reminded the young boy. Prince Theoden looked so different shrouded in the shadows and fiery glow of the surrounding flames. Slaymol guessed he was just another fool, consumed by his own greed for power and money.

The young Gnarf hung his head and nodded.

"Good. Then listen close, young Biggnz."


Blue watched from a distance at the burning city of Erathadore. Eevee wriggled in her master's tight grip. Blue nodded to him. He knew he should move quickly, for the Dark Lord's slimy warriors would be on the look out for any survivors. He shook his head sadly and turned on his heel.

A helpless cry from the far off right, suddenly caught the pairs attention. Summoning all his strength, Blue ran past the thick bushes and rocks until he reached a small dirt clearing. There he saw a girl lying on the ground, edging away from a large, particularly hideous Orc.

The Orc had unsheathed his black, sharp, pointed sword, and was pressing it non too gently against her chest. The girl squealed in fright.

A dark bay horse, presumably the girl's, tried to attack the wretched Orc. However its reins were caught up in the branches of a tree. The more the horse struggled, the more tangled up he became. The Orc grinned darkly.

"Tell yah what," The Orc leaned closer to the young girl, "You cooperate, and I'll make your horse's death a quick 'n!" He laughed at his joke, not noticing the shadowed figure coming up behind him.

Blue had unsheathed his small shining dagger, and now held it in his shaking hand. True, many of his brave, bold tales of adventures were partly genuine. He had seen dragons fierce and mermaids fair, however he was always on the sideline, watching other brave warriors fight. It was also true that Blue had travelled far across the land, but only as a ruddy apprentice, storyteller or some other stupid job like that. He had never fought anything except the occasional deer for dinner! And now he was faced with an Orc, he did not know how to handle it. Eevee watched him from the bushes with large, frightened eyes. Surely her master would never take on something this large!

So far Blue had been unnoticed by the wicked Orc, until the light of the moon reflected off his dagger. The flash of light caught the corner of the Orc's eye. He spun around, sword in hand and pointed it towards the young boy.

"Tryin' ta sneak up on me, ay?!" He slashed at the boy with his sword, however, Blue was too quick. He dodged to the side, twirled round, and struck the Gigantic Orc in the back. The beast screamed in agony as he fell to the ground and landed on top of his own weapon. Howling once more, the piercing sharp point of the sword ripped through his chest and sliced his heavy coal heart in two.

Blue caustiously edged closer to the body, and rolled him over onto his back. Black, acidic blood oozed slowly from the large gaping wound and burned anything it touched. There was no doubt. The Orc was dead.
Blue whistled and wiped his brow. "That was close." He turned to the girl who was trying to free her horse and escape. Blue
smiled to himself and walked over to her.

"Ehh, what are you doin'?" he asked, not realising he still had a bloody dagger in hand. The girl twirled towards him.

"Keep away from me!" She picked up a nearby stick and pointed it towards him. "I mean it! Stay back!" Blue laughed.

"Hey, whoa there. Calm down. I did just save your life ya know. Is this how you thank everyone?" The girl blushed a little, and lowered her stick.

"...I'm sorry. I justsorry." She turned her back on him and began untangling the reins. Blue put away his dagger and began helping her.

"So, you running away?" He asked. The girl shrugged.

"I have to. Aren't you?" Blue nodded slowly, handing the now untangled reins to her.

"We'd better be moving fast. That army will be looking out for any survivors." Blue mumbled. The girl frowned at him.

"We? I'm on my own, thank-you very much." She snatched the reins from his hand then looked up at his familiar face. She gasped a little. "Waityou. You're that vagabond!"
Blue laughed a little at the title. "Why thank-you Miss High and Mighty!" The girl glared at him.

"I'll have you know that I am the Princess of Erathadore!" She folded her arms across her chest. Blue sighed heavily.

"There is no throne or ruler of Erathadore...except for Goromdos." The girl ignored him and mounted her horse.

"There is a city not to far from here. There I will find my uncle and his army will take back Erathadore! So move out of my way!"

Blue still stood infront of the horse, "If you really are the princess they'll be on the look out for you! You're not safe on your own." The girl was about to open her mouth when the sounds of horses riding closer grew louder.

Blue pulled the black sword out of the Orc's chest. He watched as the weapon in his hand turned from a cold dark black to a shining white silver. He smiled at the girl. "See, proves I'm good and trustworthy" He paused, "well good anyway." The horse grunted in disapproval.

As the sound of hooves beating the ground grew louder, Blue readied himself for a fight. Eevee leapt to his side and yipped pitifully. The girl watched them, a little surprised. "You aren't going to fight all of them, are you?" She asked, her heart sinking.

"Of course I am. Now go! I can't fight them and protect you at the same time, princess." He ordered sternly. The girl urged her horse on a little before stopping and looking back at them.

She stared at her saviour. The girl was more than a little annoyed! She had never really felt guilt before. She knew she couldn't leave the pair. They didn't stand a chance. One boy and an Eevee against ten Orcs and their beasts! In her mind flashed an image of Blue being cut in two by an Orc's blackened sword whilst his Eevee was ripped to shreads by a blood thirsty hound.

She shuddered. "Blue." Blue looked up at her. He saw the genuine concern in her eyes and sighed again,

"Please go." He whispered, but she only shook her head.

"Come with me. Please." Blue glanced back to the way he had came. Any minute the Orcs would be upon them. He knew he could not triumph in a battle with ten of those creatures! And what would happen to Eevee? He glanced down at the pup who was standing, ready for battle. He couldn't let him fight though.

Defeated, Blue picked up the pup and mounted the horse behind the girl. He held her arm for a second and whispered in her ear, "Tell me your name?"

The young girl smiled back at him, "My name, is Arin."


Please tell me who else you'd like to see featured in this fic! Well, there ancestors anyway. Most of the characters in this fic are ancestors of the characters in Pokémon. Here's a little guide to some of the characters I've thought up so far. They'll be featured in the parts to come.

Blue Oak~ Gary Oak
Prince Theoden ~ I was thinking along the lines of a younger Giovanni.
Sedgewick the sketcher~ Tracey (who else! I'll have him in the up coming chapters. I'd like to thank shadowcat for giving me the idea!!)
Slaymol~ although he ain't a Meowth, his character is kinda based on him. To anyone who's ever read 'The Lord Of the Rings', Slaymol looks like Gollum.
Arin~ She's the ancestor of my own character from my other fics. Her name's Crystal Ember.

If anyone is seriously dying to see Ash and Co.'s ancestors, then I'll probably put them in later on. Ain't I a nice person!