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Chapter Two

Baby Steps

We all decide to take showers when we get because we are covered in dirt from the events of the day. When everyone is done with their showers I say, "I'll set my alarm on my ipod so we aren't late for training." Everyone nods their heads in agreement.

"Why are we all so nervous for elimination, but for all we know those four people could end up being Dauntless-borns" I say as I set my alarm for seven in the morning. Everyone turns toward me and smiles. "You're right" Hannah says. We all laugh at ourselves for being so scared.

"I'm nervous for training tomorrow," Ashley says.

"Who isn't?" Iggy replies for all of us. Through this whole conversation we have all been lying on our backs staring at the ceiling.

I slowly raise my hand after he says it. My friends just stare at me.

"What? I'm not that nervous" I say, still looking at the ceiling.

"Lucky you," Joey mutters.

"Heard that," I say in a mocking tone. He makes a face at me and I laugh.

We continue talking for another thirty minutes until we all fall asleep.

I am sitting in the same chair I sat in for my aptitude test, I have little clear sticky things attached to my body. I know that they are tracking my thoughts, heartbeat, and actions. "Ready Ivivian?" the lady standing next to me asks, I think her name was Shauna. "Yes," I reply. I am ready, my mom has been testing me on different strategies, even though there is no way to be prepared for an aptitude test. "I am putting in the serum," Shauna announces. I feel the pinch of the needle going in. I don't wince or tense, I know that it will only make the pain worse if I do. The serum runs through my body like water through a stream. I let the serum do it's work and soon enough I am out cold.

I am standing in a library. There is a woman sitting at a desk in the front. "Find the book, 'Generations' by Douglas Coupland," the sentence hangs in the air like a kite that caught wind. "Ask the woman at the front desk if you need help. You have five minutes." I walk right over to the C section. I know that libraries are categorized alphabetically by the author. I find the book in an easy two minutes. As soon as I grab the book it disappears, along with the library.

Now I'm in a train. I do a quick 360 to take in the situation. A man with a newspaper sits in front of me. There is no one else on the train. "Have you seen this boy?" the man gruffs, turning the paper toward me. He is pointing to a picture of my brother. "Yes," I reply, not going into detail. I don't trust this man. "Do you know him?" he asks in the same gruff voice. "No, I have only seen him around school," I lie through my teeth, not giving away anything. "You sure?" he looks up at me, and I see he has almond brown eyes. "I am positive" I say, not missing a beat. "Alright, thanks anyway," he mutters and the scene changes.

I see a light in the distance. Suddenly four bulk figures walk into it so it looks like some intense action movie. The figures start walking toward me. "Well, well, well, what do we have here?" One of them asks when they get close enough to me that they are practically on top of me. I do what I did in the other scenes. I analyze it. There are four huge men in front of me. I am pressed against a rusty, loose metal fence. Luckily I know how to fight or, like any other Erudite, I would be dead. "She's cute enough," Another man says. "Get her," A third growls. They all lunge at once. Wrong choice boys I think. I jump up so that they crash into each other. Now I'm standing behind them. One by one they attack me. I fight them off easily. I feel the adrenaline in my veins, I love this feeling. All four men pull out weapons. One has a knife, one has a axe, one has a gun, and the other has a hammer. I have my back to the fence. I remember the loose bars. That's it. I reach behind me and pull one of the bars loose. Now I have a weapon, too. The man with the knife runs toward me. I kick the knife out of his hand and onto the ground. Then I swing at his temple with the metal bar. I hit home. The man falls to the ground, unconscious. The man with the axe comes next. I knock the axes head off, but he still has the wooden stick. Suddenly I am fighting him off in a boe staff competition. Metal versus wood. I win easily. I swing at the man's legs with the bar. He hits his head on the bar as he falls. Two down, two to go I think. Both the two men rush at me at the same time. The man with the gun smacks me across the face, hitting hard. I cough up blood. I start to become dizzy and auto pilot starts up. my body controls itself with muscle memory as my consciousness starts to fail me. This is the good part about training in self defense and other fighting for thirteen years. Before I know it the scene has changed and my consciousness returns. I am now in an orchard.

This place is so peaceful after the last scene. I breath in the fresh air. My nose fills with the smells of nature. "Excuse me? Miss? Are you here to pick apples?" A plump little man asks me. Why not? "Yes, I am," I respond nicely. He hands me a basket and I start picking. All too soon the scene changes.

Hospital beds ly in net rows in front of me. Sick, dying people lay on top of the crisp white sheets. I walk the aisles and start to cry. Little kids take up most of the hospital beds. I walk up to one of the small girls bedsides, she is probably about four. I look on the stand that has been placed next to her. There is a small alarm clock with a countdown on it. It says 00: 10: 30. It's how much time she has left. Next to it there is a childrens book. I pick it up slowly. "Can you read it to me?" I turn and see the girls eyes wide open, "It's one of my favorites." "Of course," I say opening the book. I read until I finish. I finish just when her life does. She lets out a final breath and tears sprinkle down my cheeks.

The scene finishes and I am back in the room with Shauna. Shauna looks at me with a mix of awe and concern. "How?" she mutters. "How what?" I wonder aloud. She turns the computer toward me. I see my results on the screen. Dauntless, Erudite, Abnegation, Candor, Amity. All factions. "I'm divergent," I sigh. "You're the strongest kind. They call it fortisent" she barely whispered.