Summary: Hinata's engaged to the Hokage, Naruto. Naruto has a best friend, Sasuke. Two years after Sasuke's return to Konoha and the Fourth Shinobi War, he's still considered an outcast. Seeing this, Naruto pleads with Hinata to become Sasuke's friend in hopes that her kindness will save him as it did to him. [SasukexHinata and slight NaruHina and NaruSaku]

A/N: My first Naruto series and my first time writing in a long time. Excuse me if my writing is a tad horrible, hehe.

"It Was Good"

That morning, Hinata woke up in bed with her bangs stuck to her sweaty forehead and her heart racing. She grasped her head while staring at her lap, trying to calm herself down with much failure. It had been two years since the Fourth Shinobi War… and since Neji's death. Yet, she was still having nightmares about it from time to time.

Despite everything that happened, Konoha and the other hidden villages managed to get back on the right track. Tobi, otherwise known as Obito, had been defeated along with the Infinite Tsukiyomi plan. Madara had also met his end. But even though the shinobis won, somehow it didn't feel too much like a victory.

Hinata dragged her legs out of bed, feeling the cold, wood floor beneath her feet.

"Good morning Hinata-sama," greeted one of the Hyugas from the other branch of the house. "I've already warmed your water and prepared breakfast for you."

Hinata smiled warmly to the other Hyuga, "Thank you Kame-san," she slightly bowed her head. "Good morning father," Hinata said, seeing her father in the dining room. She sat across him, quietly eating.

"You're up so early," her father noted.

Hinata paused momentarily, feeling a chill from just remembering her nightmare. "I wanted to speak with you, if you're not busy."

Her father raised a brow, putting down his cup of green tea. "Speak."

Hinata averted her eyes as she usually did when she was nervous or uncomfortable. It's not like she wasn't on good terms with her father. After the chuunin exams a while back, her father had finally started seeing her as more of a daughter rather than a burden.

Finally, she mustered the courage to look him in the eye. "I know it's the custom for Hyugas to live on the Hyuga compounds, but I wanted to discuss about…" Dare she say it? Hinata gripped onto her shirt, wondering why she was even bothering to ask when she already knew the answer was going to be no. "Moving out," she whispered meekly.

Her father, of course, was curious as to why she would want to live on her own.

When her father asked why, Hinata blushed immensely. She had been meaning to tell him the news earlier, but being the insecure and easily frightened person she was, she figured this would be the best time to tell him. "I, um… have accepted a marriage proposal from Naruto-kun." A smile crept onto her red face as she recalled how he bent down on one knee and held out a simple ring.

Hiashi's jaw literally dropped as he gawked his daughter. "From the sixth Hokage?" he asked, suddenly beaming as he was already imagining being the father-in-law of Naruto, the current village leader.

After the battle with Pein, the majority of the village had finally found respect for Naruto, who they used to hate and fear because of the fact that he is the vessel for the Kyuubi. Their admiration for him only increased after the defeat of Obito and Madara. Naruto proved his loyalty and strength to the village numerous times, and it was clear that he was entitled to be the sixth Hokage.

Tsunade, the previous Hokage, retired a year after the fourth Shinobi war and thus Naruto claimed the title of Hokage.

Embarrassed to the point that turning even more red was impossible, Hinata gave a nod, hoping her father would give her permission to marry Naruto and end the conversation. For a second, her fingers were just about to poke each other, a bad habit she'd started in her youthful days. She clasped her hands together, trying to remain calm and hopeful.

"If it's Naruto, then I approve," he simply said. Of course, had Naruto still been the knucklehead that he was years ago, Hinata's father would never have said yes.

It was only through his hard work and determination did he get everyone's acknowledgement. This, Hinata did not really appreciate. Of course, she was happy for Naruto, but she wished the village would've noticed him long ago, not only now because of his accomplishments. He suffered years of loneliness because he was a jinchuuriki, and she didn't find it fair that everyone only started to care because he became a hero. Still, she was happy that Naruto had finally made friends. She always knew he would.

A relieved sigh escaped her thin lips and she gave a bow, "Thank you father." However, much to her embarrassment, the conversation did not end there.

"Since when did you start seeing him?" Hiashi asked, unable to restrain himself from asking the question. He was impressed at how well Hinata and Naruto hid their relationship since he always had her on constant surveillance.

"A-A while now…" Hinata answered, too numb to answer specifically.

To be precise, she and Naruto had started dating for about three months now. They didn't pick up immediately after the war. In fact, their relationship was quite slow to blossom. She let him know that he didn't need to feel obliged to return her feelings just because she was willing to sacrifice her life for him more than twice. Naruto agreed, but was more than eager to get to know her better.

A few conversations between her and Naruto led to dates and eventually, what started out as pure friendship became love. When Naruto first heard Hinata's confession during his fight with Pein, he felt ashamed at himself for not noticing that there was someone so close to him who loved him so much.

"Also, Hinata-"

"Hinata's dad!" A high pitched voice yelled, echoing throughout the (once) quiet Hyuga mansion. The door behind Hinata opened, revealing Naruto who had stomped into the area without permission, as the servants were panting, trying to catch up to Naruto. "Please give me permission to marry Hinata!" He dropped to the floor, bowing down with a determined face.

That was it. Hinata fainted.

Hiashi's stunned face gradually turned into an amused one. He chuckled, "You can ask Hinata what I told her when she awakes."

Naruto gasped, seeing her unconscious body laying before him. "Oi, Hinata, snap out of it!" He shook her violently, perhaps only making her even dizzier.

Hiashi grinned to himself. He always worried about Hinata and the sake of his future grandchildren because she was the epitome of a wallflower. "Looks like our daughter is going to be okay," he told to his deceased wife.

Two Weeks Later

"Woah, this is… amazing!" Naruto exclaimed, running around his and Hinata's new home. His heels screeched at the expensive bamboo floor as he stopped to make turns around the rooms and hallways.

Hinata held a ghostly smile, pleased with his reaction. Despite him being a man now and the Hokage at that too, he was still a child at heart, something she wished would never wear with age.

However, she still couldn't stomach the thought that she would be living together with Naruto, the person she loved for so long that it seemed like a dream. She could remember herself always hiding and secretly watching him from afar, and now she was going to be married to him. She sat down on a nearby chair, steadying her wobbling knees.

"Hinata! Check out the bathroom, it's huge!" Naruto demonstrated its length by stretching out his arms. "The bath could fit two people in it- eh, Hinata?" he watched dumbly as she combusted with the thought of her and Naruto sharing a bath together. Her weak heart couldn't handle it.

The home had two bathrooms, one in the master room and one in the hallway for guests. Besides the master bedroom, it had two other rooms which were still fairly large. Then there was the kitchen and the living room. In the back, there was a garden with a small koi fish pond and a rose garden. All in all, everything was quite fancy though not too over the top.

If there was one regret about the place, Hinata would've wished that it was smaller and more "homey." It was too large for just her and Naruto and she doubted that there'd be any guests staying over.

Still, her father had been the one to pick it out and he insisted on paying for it too. He wanted nothing less for his daughter. He told her, as she recalled, "It's got to be big. You are going to have children, right?"

Hinata pursed her lips, feeling shy again. She doubted that she'd ever get used to being with Naruto. It was all too… surreal. "Ah, don't hurt yourself," she reached out for Naruto, who was jumping on their large bed. Realizing that her warnings were futile, she giggled to herself at how silly he was. "Eh?" she gasped, feeling him pull her onto the bed with him.

"Hinata," Naruto said, suddenly serious. He stared into her milky white eyes, gaining her full attention.

Too stunned to react, Hinata could only look at him, hypnotized by his blue orbs.

The blonde grasped her small hands, caressing her soft ones with his calloused ones, "I-"

Appearing from the side, an ANBU member arrived, "Your presence is required, Lord Hokage."

A loud groan echoed in the house. "Man, I hate meetings," Naruto sulked, throwing his head back in annoyance. "I thought being Hokage would be more fun than this," he whined.

Hinata couldn't help but laugh. Every now and then she would forget that was she engaged to the Hokage. Adjusting to his lifestyle would be quite the challenge, but she was more than prepared to support him as his future wife.

"Gomen Hinata, you'll have to decorate this place by yourself," Naruto said, looking at their belongings which lay at the doorway.

Hinata shook her head, "It's okay. I hope you don't mind how I place them."

Naruto's smile suddenly faded. One hand placed upon her pale cheek and the other gripping her wrist so that she wouldn't run away in fright, he leaned in for a kiss.

She froze, seeing how close he was to her. Her heart pounded against her ribcage, becoming louder in the empty house. Despite doing this many times before, this time she just couldn't help but push away. "Th-there's someone watching," she meekly told, covering her face with her sweaty palms.

Naruto halted, throwing a glare at the ANBU, "Can't you see you're ruining the mood here?" he asked, flinging his arms as he threw a tantrum.

"M-My apologies," he told sincerely while dodging a pillow and disappearing.

Naruto sighed, "Well anyway, I don't know when I'll be back, but I asked someone to come and help unpack our things since carrying in the heavy furniture wouldn't be something for a lady to do."

Hinata grew flustered at his being considerate, too much that she didn't realize someone else had arrived at the scene.

"Ah, he's here. See you Hinata. Don't be too scared of him; he may scowl, but he's like that with everyone heh heh," Naruto joked before running out the door. "Don't harass poor Hinata too much, got it Sasuke?" he threatened, patting his longtime buddy on the back and receiving a snort in return.

At that moment, Hinata shuddered. Sasuke? He was here? She slowly climbed off the bed as she heard Naruto exit the house, leaving her alone with the Uchiha.

Sasuke belonged to the Uchiha, a powerful clan with the bloodline limit Sharingan. They resided in Konoha before the infamous massacre, caused by Itachi Uchiha, Sasuke's older brother. Through a series of events, Sasuke had become an Avenger and a rogue ninja to Konoha. However, he proved his worth after his aid in the Fourth Shinobi War.

Even so, Hinata had a feeling that he wasn't too much like Naruto, hence why she found herself in a nerve wracking situation. Sasuke preferred to be alone and he hated weak people. She could remember him being her classmate during their academy days but she couldn't recall ever making conversation with him, even prior to the Uchiha massacre.

It's not like she feared Sasuke for what he did in the past. He just intimidated her-

"He-Hello Sasuke-kun," Hinata said in a shaky and inaudible voice as she approached him from behind. Was that her first time speaking to him? She halted, fearing that if she got any closer, he'd be annoyed with her crowding. "Thanks for coming to help with the moving-"

"Where do you want this?" Sasuke asked, not even bothering to greet her. He kicked the side of the dining table. His onyx eyes were, as usual, void of emotion and unenthusiastic.

A little surprised by his gruffness, it took a moment for her to respond. Realizing she was acting childish, she shook her head and cleared her throat. "At the far right of the kitchen. Here," Hinata reached out to grab the other end of the table, "let me help-"

Sasuke ignored her, single handedly carrying it by himself with little effort. It seemed he was in a hurry; perhaps he was busy? Hinata felt bad. The rest of the moving was carried out in a routined fashion: Hinata instructed him where to place the furniture and he obliged robotically.

All in all, it took about 30 minutes to get the couches, the refrigerator, tables, and suitcases into the house. Hinata stared in awe at how quickly her new home was filled with her and Naruto's belongings. She felt she should applaud Sasuke for doing such a fabulous job by himself. Maybe asking him to stay for dinner would do well for payment, she figured. "Ano… Sasuke-kun, eh?"

No sign of the Uchiha. He had left as soon as he had finished.


"What kind of food does Sasuke like?" Naruto asked, curious as to why Hinata would want to know such a… strange fact.

Hinata held the phone to her ear as she spoke to the blonde while searching through her fridge. It was useless to ask anyway; their fridge was as good as empty. She should've known it'd be like this since they just moved in. "He left without saying a word and I wanted to make food for him in thanks." She nearly dropped her phone with a sheepish yelp as a loud laugh came from the other side of the phone.

"That's Sasuke for you! That rude jerk."

Hinata softly laughed, thinking Naruto had it the other way around, seeing as Sasuke did help with their moving in. "It's okay that you don't know," she replied, "I recall a rumor about him liking simple rice balls." Back then, she could briefly recall a group of girls gossipping and talking about Sasuke's likes and dislikes - onigiri being one of his likes.

Naruto sighed and complained about how bored he was in the office and saying how he completely understood why Tsunade would bail on her work sometimes. "Well since you're heading to the store to buy food, stock up on the ramen okay?"

A smile plastered onto her face and she nodded to herself. "Naruto-kun… do your best," she whispered, hoping he managed to hear it. She knew he did when she heard him grinning on the other side too.

"You too Hinata, but don't press your luck. Sasuke can be stubborn so don't be upset if he slams the door on your face."

That word of advice didn't make her feel too good. How many times had Sasuke slammed the door on Naruto's face for him to say that so casually like it was an everyday thing? Well, she sure hoped she wouldn't be one of his door-slamming victims next.

That Night

"... Stocking up for the apocalypse?" the cashier asked, quirking a brow while eyeballing the 2 carts that were filled to the top with cup ramen.

Hiding behind the bangs of her hair to hide her embarrassment, Hinata shook her head no, explaining that her friend (it still seemed alien to call Naruto her fiance) really loved ramen. The cashier gave a nod, probably thinking to himself that she had a strange friend. After paying for the groceries, Hinata headed home. "I'll bring the carts back tomorrow," she promised to the cashier.

He nodded, not too concerned that Hinata would break her promise. It was quite well known in the village of how the kind and sincere the daughter of the main branch's Hiashi was, so he didn't feel the need to say no.

That night, as Hinata made dinner, she figured Naruto wouldn't be coming home because of all the paperwork he had. This wasn't the first time he had to sleep at the office overnight. "U-Um… would you like me to drop off anything?" She felt bad that she couldn't do much to support him. "Perhaps some food? Clothes?"

A cheeky laugh broke the silence, "It's not bad having a wife to take care of me," Naruto said to himself on the other side of the phone.

Hinata nearly fainted. She took a seat at the dining table, just in case her heart did decide to give out on her. "Te-Technically I'm not your wife yet-"

"Thank you Hinata, but I'm fine. Get some rest and I'll see you tomorrow." He hung up.

A long drawn out sigh left her parted lips. Was it wrong that she felt relieved that she wouldn't be sharing a bed with him? She could barely contain herself around him; how could she stay calm in bed with him?

Putting the phone down, she got up and prepared to make some onigiri.


"Um…" Hinata stared before her a (seemingly) empty building. None of the lights were on in the apartment rooms and it seemed like there were no residents living there. She glanced back down at the little piece of paper that had an address written on it and back up at the place.

There was no mistake. Sasuke's apartment was amongst one of the many in the building. But where were the neighbors? It seemed abandoned almost. The whole place just screamed "haunted" and was oozing an ominous aura that warded off unwanted company. Hinata rubbed her eyes, trying to see clearly. She thought she saw the building surrounded by a haze of purple smoke.

Nervously clutching onto the basket full of goods, Hinata reluctantly took a step up the stairs to get to the second floor where Sasuke, as Naruto told her, resided. The ground beneath her eerily creaked as though the stair would give way and collapse. Making it to the second floor, Hinata hurriedly made her way to Sasuke's room, room 227, and rung the bell.

A minute went by and no one responded. She rung again, to no avail. The longer she stood out in the dark, the more she felt like someone was watching her. Impatient and tormented, Hinata spammed the doorbell, ready to bolt as it seemed like the darkness would devour her soul.

Her imagination got real fascinating when she thought she saw hungry, red, wolf eyes approaching her. "Pl-Please open the door Sasuke-kun," she pleaded while on the verge of passing out. Her eyes trembled, quaking with fear as the eyes neared her.

Finally, a glimmer of hope revealed itself as the door opened. "Oh. It's you," an impassive voice said. Hinata felt nervous, seeing a Sharingan eye peeking through the ajarred door. Suddenly, as if on cue, the building seemed to light up and reveal its original warmth. He opened the door further and Hinata could see him deactivate his bloodline limit.

Blinking dumbly, it dawned on Hinata that everything she 'imagined' was an illusion created by Sasuke. A stutter came out of her, but she lost her voice and couldn't say what she wanted to say.

Sasuke raised a brow, as if saying "so?" He held no remorse for frightening her. "So why are you here?" he asked, not too interested.

"Ano…" she thought to herself, tapping her chin. "That's right," she recalled, "I-I came by to drop off some onigiri." She held out the basket, hoping he'd accept it even though it wasn't much. She found herself staring at the ground, unable to look him directly in the eyes - a usual habit she did when she was intimidated. "And you left before I could say it, but…" she looked up, making eye contact with the Uchiha, "thank you for helping today."

Sasuke stared at her for a while as though trying to interpret her actions before taking the food. He grimaced, not too fond of the gleaming joy in her eyes when he accepted the gift. He simply waved his hand as a gesture of thanks, "Later," he murmured.

Hinata timidly raised her hand to wave back, "G-Goodnight-"

The door closed on her face.

Well, it's not like she was expecting him to invite her into his home, nor did she hope he would, but she didn't think it'd be this hard to make conversation with him. At least he didn't slam the door in her face as he did many times to Naruto.

Walking back home alone, she figured it was understandable why he was the way he was. Solitude and hate was all he knew because of how his brother and the clan was manipulated by the elders of Konoha. He lost everything and despite how difference Naruto and Sasuke was, they were frighteningly alike in the ways they lived.

She looked back at the Uchiha's home, noticing some distinct graffiti on the wall that said "Get out, rogue bastard" and "No Uchihas!"

A frown formed on her face. It was no wonder Sasuke put up a genjutsu to scare unwanted attention. Things weren't the same for Sasuke when he came back. Girls weren't fawning over him anymore and no one looked at him with admiration. He was just an unwanted traitor to the village in their eyes. The only ones who accepted him were his old teammates from team 7 - Naruto, Sakura, and Kakashi.

Hinata grimaced, pitying Sasuke, though she'd never tell him that because she knew he'd be angry.

Next Day

That morning, Hinata awoke in bed by herself. She outstretched her arms, sprawling across the bed with a slight yawn. After attending to herself, she quickly made breakfast and dressed in a light colored dress that reached her knees. Because she didn't have any missions to do, she felt it'd be good to drop off some things for Naruto while he was at the office.

Set to go, she left the house.

"Morning Hinata!"

Hinata glanced over her shoulder, seeing a white blur as something zoomed past her. She looked ahead, seeing Kiba riding on top of Akamaru. She greeted them both with gentle smile.

"Going to see that idiot Naruto?" Kiba winked, getting Hinata to grow tense. He barked out a laugh, never getting tired of her reactions. "Hinata's getting prettier by the day, eh Akamaru?" he patted his companion on the side, getting a howl in return. "Could it be because you're gonna be a bride?"

Hinata found her heart stuck in her throat as she panicked, choking from his teasing remarks. "D-Don't say that," she held her face, feeling the heat from her cheeks radiating.

"Don't be shy," Kiba smirked, "but really, I'm glad for you Hinata."

Hinata calmed down, her eyes relaxing. "Thank you," she replied.

Kiba returned a genuine smile. He glanced down at her, "Whatcha carrying there?" He tilted his head, examining the bag she held, trying to see through its contents. He figured it was something she didn't want him to see as she quickly tried to hide it from his sight. Still, she couldn't deceive his nose. Kiba sniffed the air, "Hm, some instant ramen, rice, beef, and vegetables. For Naruto?"

Hinata glanced down, digging the front of her foot into the ground like a shy schoolgirl who was discovered making lunch for her crush.

"Ah, lucky guy. I remember Hinata's cooking during our genin days!" He nodded, salivating just from reminiscing the taste.

She held a bittersweet smile. She really missed those days. "I'll make a batch for you and Akamaru tomorrow. It's usually just me at home, so I end up with leftovers most of the time."

Kiba threw a first in the air, "Awesome! We can't tell Shino about this okay?" he whispered in a secretive tone. "Knowing that guy, he'd definitely get jealous and moody."

Hinata laughed quietly. She'd make enough for all of them. "You don't have to walk me to the Hokage's office," she told, not wanting to be a burden.

Kiba insisted, saying it was necessary as she was the wife of the Hokage.

Hinata gave a shaky sigh, a little used to his teasing now.

He hopped off Akamaru and walked beside her, talking about what he'd been doing for the past few days and about his missions. Hinata listened attentively; she was the type of person to lend an ear rather than a mouth. "And then… something bothering you?" he asked, noticing that her mind was sort of wandering off.

Catching herself zoning out, Hinata shook her head, "Ah, gomen… go on."

Kiba frowned, tracing her eyes to where she was staring earlier. It led him to a certain building. "Is there something there that intrigues you?" He knew that Hinata never spaced out unless something was on her mind. He narrowed his eyes, but couldn't understand what had caught her attention.

"I-It's nothing," Hinata assured, quickening her pace.

Despite being called "second dumbest to Naruto," Kiba wasn't too dense in the head to put the pieces together. "That's where Sasuke lives. I smelled it earlier that you also were carrying some paint." He eyed the graffiti on the walls of the building and then groaned, throwing his head back.

Hinata wanted to disappear as she was caught red handed. She lowered her head, ready for a lecture.

"Hinata, I know what you're up to. But…"

Speaking quietly, she told him, "I-I was just going to clean the walls of the building. It's no big deal."

Kiba stared long and hard, wondering why she was such a good girl. "That Sasuke is no good Hinata. Don't get involved with him. I hate to say this, but he had it coming. Don't waste your kindness on that jerk. Recall that he was the reason why Chouji, Shikamaru, Neji, and I almost died," he said, reminding her of the time they went to try and rescue him when he sought out Orochimaru.

Hinata shuddered, getting struck down with each word he spoke. It was all true… but even though everyone still pictured Sasuke as that rogue ninja years ago, Hinata couldn't see it. How could she judge him when she never truly knew him? After yesterday, she definitely couldn't see Sasuke as a traitor. He helped her move the furniture and-...

She didn't have that much information about him to decide whether he was good or bad yet but… "I didn't sense any malice from him yesterday," she whispered.

"Yesterday?" Kiba asked, suddenly up in her face. "You were with him yesterday?" he asked, appalled and clearly overreacting like a father would.

Hinata shrugged, looking away from Kiba. "Na-Naruto-kun had him help move our furniture into the house and I delivered him some dinner… he didn't hurt me."

Kiba couldn't believe it. Hinata was brainwashed and she was defending the Uchiha. "Is he forcing you to clean that wall?" He pointed to the graffiti behind him with his thumb. He became ghastly, imagining Sasuke laughing like a maniac while whipping poor Hinata to do his dirty work.

"No," Hinata outright denied it. What scenario was he playing in his head, she wondered, seeing Kiba turn gaunt and beginning to hyperventilate. "I'm doing it because I want to."

Akamaru whimpered with his ears hanging low, worried for his friend. Kiba gasped, eyes protruding as he saw Hinata daringly walk up to the wall, pulling out her painting equipment. He jumped to her side, speaking to her in a low yet sharp voice, "What are you doing Hinata? That cocky bastard would only get angry at your actions; let's go before we're caught!"

Hinata didn't listen to a single word he said. "I'll be quick," she promised, dipping the brush into the gray paint and slathering it across the concrete wall, covering the nasty words and the picture of a large x over the Uchiha symbol.

Kiba on the other hand was frantically looking about, scouting to see if a certain Uchiha was going to pass by. Akamaru wailed, suddenly perking his ears. "I smell him coming!" Kiba ushered her to hurry.

"I'm almost done," she tiptoed, trying to reach for the rest of the graffiti. Her face was beaded with sweat, feeling the summer's heat getting to her now. "Ki-Kiba-kun, help me get this please," she glanced over her shoulder to see Kiba petrified and Akamaru growling at Sasuke.

He did not look too happy, not that he ever did, anyway. His dark eyes darted behind Hinata and back at her.

"S-Sasuke-kun," Hinata looked at the brush in her hand and quickly hid it behind her, although it was much too late to hide the evidence now. Sasuke took a step towards her.

"Hey, Sasuke! Hinata had good intentions," Kiba barked, though he received no attention from Sasuke. "Don't touch her," he warned, sneering with his slit eyes.

Hinata was tongue tied, not sure what Sasuke would do. He continued to come closer until he finally was practically brushing up against her. Unable to back up against the wall (since it was still wet with paint) all she could do was look away from him with shut eyes. Would he punch her? Put her under a painful genjutsu? She prepared for the worst.

"Hey," Sasuke spoke mundanely, "you missed a spot."

"E-Eh?" Hinata raised her head, looking to where the man was pointing at. She looked up, seeing the graffiti. "Oh… I couldn't reach it," she said, mostly to herself. She turned back to Sasuke, who was holding out his hand. She stared at it, almost as if she didn't know what it was.

"The brush," he said.

"Ah, right," she mumbled, feeling a tad dumb. Quickly, she handed it over. "Sh-Should I go grab a chair-"

It was unnecessary. Sasuke loomed over her effortlessly, not even needing to tiptoe. He reached up and swiftly ran the brush along the last graffiti. It dawned on her that Sasuke was quite tall, much more than she was at least. "Thank you," she spoke softly as he handed her back the brush.

"Hn." He gave another wave, walking up the stairs to get to his room.

When he was gone, Kiba was quick to scold Hinata. "Thank you? He should be thanking you!" Kiba couldn't believe how nice his friend was.

Hinata laughed softly. "I got carried away," she said.

"Hey, you," Sasuke's voice called from above. Hinata looked up, seeing him with the basket she gave him last night. "Catch." He dropped it and Hinata caught it.

"A-Ano…" Before she could say thanks, he was gone again. "Ah, Kiba-kun..!" She felt him snatch the basket from her arms. "What are you doing?" she asked, watching him flip the basket upside down and left and right as though he was trying to figure out what it was.

"I'm checking for any bombs or weapons he may have hidden in it," Kiba told, not looking at her but keeping his focus on the box.

"Th-that's not a nice thing to assume…" Hinata told.

"A-ha!" Kiba delved his hand into the basket, pulling out a small note. Hinata stared at it curiously. She never recalled putting a note into the basket. Kiba held it out, reading it aloud: "Hinata, dinner was good."

A flustered blush heated up on her cheeks. The stoic and unmovable Uchiha complimented her cooking skills?

"Ah, there's more!" Kiba shouted, continuing. "Dog, you're annoying…" Kiba's voice drifted off and he remained quiet until he realized what he just read. "That arrogant bastard!" He turned red with rage, kicking a nearby electricity pole and injuring himself in the foot.

Hinata smiled, glancing up at the door 227. She was right. Sasuke was just misunderstood and shouldn't have been judged from his past mistakes. He was… alright. "Ah, Naruto-kun's lunch," she hurriedly raced off to the Hokage's building.

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