"The more you struggle the tighter it gets."

"Damn it! Levi, please!"

"Feels good having my dick up your ass doesn't it?"

Eren let out a strangled moan, hands gripping at the tie around his neck clumsily. If he could just get it off. If he could just untie it from the bed post….

"If you can get it off I'll let you cum. If you can't I'll just have to punish you."

It's your fault I'm tied by my neck to the bed! Why am I going to be punished for it?

Of course he didn't say that out loud. He couldn't. He was too busy moaning and crying out with every thrust Levi made. He had to get himself untied. He could only guess what would happen if he didn't, and while he wasn't exactly against the idea of being punished by the corporal he wanted to cum. If he didn't, if Levi punished him, he knew all too well his orgasm would be delayed that much longer.

"Breathe Eren," Levi taunted, "Can't you breathe?"

Levi looked down on him, his lips twitching is what Eren thought might actually be a smile. His pace quickened, his hips slamming against the younger boys ass as he fucked him roughly. Eren felt the tie constrict around his neck a little more and coughed, his body growing hotter. That shouldn't be hot. The fear of not being able to breathe by the time Levi was done fucking him shouldn't be turning him on. But it was. Oh god it was.

"I'm getting closer Eren," Levi warned him, he dug his nails into his hips and roughly thrust into him making Eren wail, "You better get the tie off from around your neck if you want to cum. If you don't I'll just leave you here while I write my report. Would you like that? To be laying here in my room writhing and begging for me to touch you?"

"Levi please."

"If you want to cum so bad untie yourself."

I can't you bastard!

He wanted to cum. God he wanted to cum so bad. The band Levi had wrapped around the base of his cock wouldn't let him though. It just kept building and building and Levi wouldn't take it off and the knot in the tie around his neck just kept getting tighter and tighter. It kept getting harder and harder to breathe. Every time his body rocked into Levi's cock the tie around his neck just got tighter but he could stop himself from moving against him. He fumbled with the knot trying to get it loose, his sweaty fingers trying to find some purchase.

And when he felt Levi spill inside of him he wanted to cry.

The older man groaned, leaning over Eren and biting down on his shoulder so hard he could feel the skin break. He just bucked up against him wantonly, keening as he tried to get some friction on his cock. He needed to cum.

Levi chuckled then, "Looks like you're going to be laying here for a while. I'll tell Hanji that you won't be able to test tomorrow because by the time I'm done with you, you won't be able to walk in the morning."

Eren could only manage to moan in despair.