Levi hadn't been gone long, maybe fifteen minutes, but Eren was practically in tears he was so frustrated. He wanted to cum. God he wanted to be touched so bad. He rocked himself into the mattress trying to get some sort of relief but all that did was make him more and more aroused. He could feel the plug in his ass filling him up, he could feel the oil working its way through his body like an aphrodisiac should and god did he want to be touched. He needed Levi inside of him thrusting into him so hard it almost hurt. He needed those hands around his neck and on his cock. He wanted to feel Levi's fingers in his mouth gagging him as he fucked him. He wanted to hear that voice demanding that he moan like a whore and talk dirty to him.

He wanted it so much it physically hurt.

When Levi finally returned to the room he took his time getting ready. He pulled at his clothes slowly, folding them up and setting them on the desk beside his bed so he could take them to be washed later. And he just stood there. He just folded his arms and watched Eren grind against the sheets desperate for some sort of friction.

"You really are a brat aren't you," he mused, his lips turning up into a smirk.

Eren moaned breathlessly, "Please, oh god please Levi do something. I can't take this."

"What do you want me to do?"


"I can sit here and watch all day brat."

He grunted, pulling at the cuffs binding his wrists, "I want you to fuck me Levi."

There was a sharp smack to his ass, making Eren gasp in surprise, "I don't remember ever giving you permission to say my name Eren."

Eren's face turned red as he forced the next sentence from his lips, "Sir, please fuck me."

He heard the older man chuckle, felt him situate himself between his legs and kiss up his back. He squirmed desperately, whimpering.

"Sir," he whispered breathlessly, "Please, I need you."

"You're a greedy little whore aren't you," Levi taunted, smacking his arse again making Eren yelp, "You can't wait to have this cock can you? How hard do you want me to fuck you hm? How fast do you want me to fill you up brat?"

"Please, oh god please."

Levi gripped the plug with a hand and slowly pulled it out of him. Eren keened, gripping the bed railing and trying not to scream. He was going to slow and he needed to be fucked. The toy fell out of him with a soft pop. Eren wiggled his hips excitedly then. Levi grabbed the oil from the bedside, slicking up his cock and draping himself over Eren, "Don't move, don't squirm, lay still and take it."

And he pushed himself into him.

Eren keened, tensing his muscles trying not to squirm and rut back against him. It was hard, god was it hard. By the time Levi was fully sheathed in him he was gasping for breath and gripping the bars of the bedframe tightly. He let out a loud moan and Levi moved his hips a little to resituate himself.

"Moan for me Eren," Levi crooned, grinding his hips into the younger boy's ass, "I want to hear your pretty voice screaming."


Levi gripped his hair, yanking the boys head back sharply, "You will not call me Levi tonight brat. I'm above you. I expect to be treated as such. You will talk to me with respect. Do you hear me? I am your Sir, not your Levi, and if I hear my name come out of your mouth again I'll have to punish you."

Aren't you already?

Eren breathed out heavily, "Yes, Sir."

"Hang on tight Eren."

He started thrusting then, sharply. Eren screamed, moaning and crying out and begging for more. It was pathetic really how easy it was to turn the hot headed teen into a mess of sex. Levi loved it.

"Remember Eren," he groaned, slamming his hips against him, "You're mine."

"I'm yours sir."

Eren's body was on fire, every nerve ending burning. Every time Levi pushed himself into him sent his body reeling. He knew he was supposed to stay still, he realized that the older man would probably punish him later for moving, but he couldn't help but arch against him. He couldn't help but to push his ass out closer to him trying to take him deeper.

"Filthy," Levi groaned, twisting his hand in the boy's hair, "Rutting back against me like a street whore." He loved it, Eren knew he loved it.

"Levi," he whined, his voice hitting an octave that only Levi could make him reach, "Right there, oh god please right there."

The older man smirked, angling his hips slightly and thrusting into him sharply. Eren mewled in pleasure. His back arched as Levi pounded into him, hitting that one spot that made his body jerk and quake.

"Please touch me," he begged, "God please."

Levi pulled out of him making him whine in distress, "On your back slut."

It took Eren a moment to get his body moving, to get his head out of the clouds enough to find the strength to lift his arms. When he finally did Levi was inside of him quickly, filling him to the brim making him scream. Eren shook. God he was shaking so much. Levi reviled in it, adored it, he loved that only he could make the boy feel this good.

But he was getting too loud.

He shoved a couple fingers down the boy's throat, gagging him and cutting off his scream when his other hand wrapped around Eren's weeping erection. Eren retched weakly.

"I want you to come before I do," Levi ordered, running his hand lightly over the boy's cock, "I want to feel you tighten up around me before I cum. Do you understand?"

Eren nodded and Levi pulled the band strapped around Eren's cock off. He moaned excitedly, looking up at Levi and silently begging him to touch him.

Levi's hand wrapped around his dick, stroking him quickly, "Then cum."

Eren screamed then, arching his back and twisting the sheets above his head in his fists. He spilt over his stomach, felt Levi run his hand over it and across his stomach. He squeezed his eyes shut gasping and moaning in the aftermath. His body was limp. He couldn't find the strength to move. And Levi kept going.

"Too much," he whispered breathlessly, "it's too much, oh god."

And then Levi couldn't take much more and spilt into him. He draped himself over the boy, biting into his shoulder and groaning. Eren managed to move his arms so they wrapped around the smaller man, clinging to him. The handcuffs rattled.

"You did good," Levi mumbled into his skin.

"I can't feel my legs."