A/N- This story will have all couples, main focus on Romantica, maybe even some of the Sekaiichi peeps in here if you all want. Thanks~

"Usagi-san, want something to eat?"

"Yes, I want to eat you, Misaki..."

"Stupid! Eat up. I've got..." Misaki trailed off.

"You've got?" Usagi prompted, raising an eyebrow at the flustered teen.

"Work," Misaki finished meekly. "Yeah, work. I'll be off as soon as we eat." Misaki remembered Usagi's always-eat-together-as-long-as-we're-living-under- the-same-roof rule. It could be tedious at times, but now, it was dangerous. Misaki knew what was coming next.

"What do you mean by that?" Usagi asked.

"I've just... I have to drop some stuff off at Ijuuin-sensei's."

Usagi shook his head. "No. You are not going over to that mangaka's."

"Usagi-san, it's work," Misaki protested. "It's really nothing, okay? I'll just drop the stuff off. I bet he's either sleeping, or maybe he's not even there," Misaki stammered, trying to drop it before the conversation turned into a fight.

"Fine," Usagi said. "But if you're not back in twenty minutes..."

"I haven't even finished eating!"

"Oh, make that nineteen..."

"You said we'd always eat together!"

"Tick-tock, Misaki."


With that, Misaki left.

Okay. Ijuuin-sensei's not even home. I'll just drop this by his front...


"GAH!" Misaki jumped, dropping the bag of papers. Ijuuin had come up from behind him, scaring the living daylights out of Misaki.

"Oops. Did I scare you, Takahashi-kun? You are so cute."

"Y-yes..." Misaki glanced around awkwardly. "Well, I just came by to drop this off." Misaki bent over and picked up the bag.

"Why don't you stay for a little? Maybe some tea?" Ijuuin offered, turning the key in the lock.

"Thank you, but I've really got to be going..."

"Oh? Is Usagi-sensei expecting Takahashi-kun?"

"N-no. It's not like that, not at all," Misaki stuttered, blushing. "Really, I hate the old man."

"Then stay." Ijuuin laughed and ruffled Misaki's hair, opening the door. The lights were on.

"That's really not"-

"Please, Takahashi-kun? I am very lonely."

Misaki almost said yes, then pictured Usagi's concerned, annoyed face.

But he sees me all the time. Would it hurt so much to stay with Ijuuin-sensei for a couple of minutes? No, no, Misaki, get home. You promised...

"I have strawberries," Ijuuin offered.

Misaki almost gagged. He remembered his not-so-great experiences with the whole Haruhiko Usami Let Me Send You Strawberries Every Day To Prove My Love scenario. He lost his taste for the fruit.

"Oh. You don't like those? I do notice, you never get any when people drop by gift baskets in the office..."

"You noticed that?" Misaki asked, then clasped a hand over his mouth. "Sorry."

Ijuuin laughed. "That's fine. I have tea, though. Would you like that? And something to eat? Or have you already eaten? It is quite late."

"No, I haven't eaten..."

"Really?" Ijuuin chuckled. "You have some rice on your face."

"W-what!" Misaki scrubbed at his face with his sleeve furiously. USAGI-SAN! "So-sorry, I mean I cooked and ate some, but then I heard I was supposed to come over immediately. I should have checked my face, I'm sorry. And then I bolted out, andandand..."

"No, it's cute," Ijuuin said. "Come on, Takahashi-kun. You'll catch a cold if you stay out here much longer!"

Sorry Usagi-san. You can do without me for a little while. Besides, if Ijuuin-sensei does anything weird, I'll just leave! Yes, of course. Don't worry. Besides, he won't.

"Coming," Misaki said, closing the door behind him.

What on earth could possibly go wrong?