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"You know, I'm really starting to hate that noise," Miyagi commented, setting down his bowl and shaking his head. Someone was knocking on the door only minutes after Miyagi, Shinobu and Hiroki had sat back down for dinner.

"Oh, I'll get it," Shinobu sighed, standing up and quickly adding, "Miyagi-san."

Miyagi raised a questioning eyebrow until it dawned on him that Hiroki was (somewhat) clueless to their relationship. Well, except for the time Hiroki had walked into the office, but hopefully everyone could forget that and move on.

Shinobu opened the door, face-to-face with his sister's eyes.

"Nee-san," Shinobu commented loudly. "Hello. Wasn't expecting you here."

"When are you ever?" Risako sighed, tossing her brown hair over one shoulder. "Okay, I forgot a paper. It's very important, Shu. Alright? Please don't give me grief." She turned. "Oh, you must be Kamijou-san?"

"Ah, yes- Takatsuki-san," Hiroki said quickly. "It's so nice to meet you."

Risako nodded. "Yes. This looks like... a happy family." Hiroki flinched. He couldn't tell if the woman was being sincerely kind and failing miserably or being sarcastic and purposely not bothering to hide the spite in her voice.

"I bet you want to join?" Miyagi snapped. "I must say, Risako, I'm somewhat surprised. You haven't been back in..." the professor made a big deal of checking his watch. "Oh dear, it's been eight days, seven hours and nine minutes. Big improvement."

"Yoh," snapped Risako. "Please stop being so dramatic."

Miyagi grunted and leaned back in his chair. "I'm only being honest, dear."

Hiroki saw Risako's eyebrow twitch at the sarcastic endearment, and he could sense it. A storm was rising, and it was only a matter of time before the skies would pour down on them.

While Shinobu was having Nee-san problems, Misaki was having Nii-san problems.

"Misaki, Takahiro's coming."

"Really?" Misaki set down a manuscript Aikawa had given him. "When?" He wasn't a little kid any more, of course, but that didn't mean he couldn't get excited to see his brother.

"Just Takahiro," Usagi added. "So you aren't going to be seeing your sister-in-law or nephew today."

"That's alright," Misaki replied. "I'm happy enough just seeing Nii-san."

Usagi chuckled. "I thought you would."

Misaki paused. He had been washing the dishes, but he turned the sink off and set down the towel, just standing there, staring into the distance.

"Misaki?" Usagi questioned.

"Sorry," Misaki replied quickly, picking up the dishtowel again. "I was just wondering, what do you think would happen if I told Nii-san about my... relationship with Usagi-san?"

Usagi snorted, tapping the end of his cigarette. "Well, I pray Takahiro wouldn't get too upset over it. I hardly expect him to, though." He glanced up. "Why? Are you thinking of saying something?"

"I don't know." Misaki exhaled slowly. "Not today, at least."

'Not today' was an accurate statement.

Takahiro had come to visit, they had chatted over a couple cups of tea, Takahiro had questioned Misaki about various things- life, where he lived, his job- until it got dark.


"Sorry?" Misaki was shaken by a pair of hands on his shoulders. "Stop, I can't see!"

"Apologies." Aikawa was standing over Misaki, hands on her hips, her red lips pouting.

"Aikawa-san? What's wrong?" Misaki had grown used to seeing Aikawa distressed, especially since they were all so close to realeasing Usagi's newest novel, but...?

Aikawa snorted. "I need you to talk to Usami! He's acting ridiculous, saying he's quiting writing"- she tugged on her fiery locks in frustration. "Ugghh! I swear, Misaki-kun, that man!"

"It's alright. I'll talk to him when I get home," Misaki said, trying to reassure the flustered editor. "I'm sure he's just acting weird." Misaki picked up his phone. "Actually, I'll call him now. Please excuse me."

Usagi didn't pick up.

Oh. That's not like him... is he... busy, maybe?

"Aikawa-san, I called Usami-san, but he didn't answer"-

"That's right." Aikawa closed her eyes and exhaled slowly. It appeared as if she were trying to calm herself down. She opened her eyes and started reading over a paper she was holding. "I completely forgot. He's actually having lunch with Katsumi..."

"Katsumi-san? Who is that?"

"Right, Misaki, you haven't met her. She handles a lot of Usami's publishing... she helped him out with his last novel, the one he wrote last year. And her hair! I'm so jealous of it, Misaki-kun, it's really long and dark and shiny..."

"Ah. Right." Misaki tried to hide his frown. After all, Katsumi-san was just another publisher, right? But the way Aikawa-san spoke of her made her seem very important.


Misaki disliked the word to describe an unknown woman.

"Misaki-kun, don't think I see your face! Stop frowning. It's no big deal... but this is good, very good, if he's with Katsumi it means he's still taking his work seriously... Misaki, hand me those copies! Stop lagging! I have things I need to get done!" With that, Aikawa-san disappeared from the room in a whirl of red lipstick and French manicured nails.

"She's a busy one," Isaka commented from Misaki's right.

Misaki turned. "Yeah, she is. It's a good thing Usagi-san isn't quitting though."

"I know! If Usami quit, well, we'd be practically out of business..."

"Ha. Hey, Isaka-san, do you know Katsumi-san?"

Isaka nodded. "Of course. But you've never met her, right Misaki-kun?"

"Uh, no. I haven't."

"Figures." Isaka laughed. "Well, she's somewhat of a celebrity in the publishing world. And yes, Aikawa was right, she does have nice hair. Ahem. Well, she's an extremely flirtatious one. She goes for men and women. If you've got any loved ones, it's best to keep an eye on her while they're around, you know. But she's a very serious worker."

"Right," Misaki said. "She sounds very nice."

Isaka snorted. "Oh, she's not nice, not at all. Trust me Misaki-kun, one day you'll met her, and you'll understand..."