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"Here he comes again," Seth hissed to me in a low whisper that hinted at his anger just as the painted glass door of my shop swung open. I should have known he would come here since he had made an appearance every day at three pm since the night he left me.

"Is there anything I can help you with?" I could hear Seth ask in a forced voice that dripped with fake happiness so thick that it was almost painful to listen to, yet I couldn't stop listening from the rabbit hole that I had trapped myself in just to avoid the man.

"Yeah," I could hear him say with velvety tones that continued to haunt my dreams.

"I want three snicker doodle cookies."

It was the same thing he asked for every afternoon. The same afternoon treat that he had requested for months before finding the courage to admit that he was seeing her behind my back. The same fucking request he made each and every weekday since leaving me for her.

I listened as Seth silently filled the request since for as much as he wanted to tell him to fuck off we needed the patronage since business was sparse. I remained hidden as I listened to him shift from one foot to another. I wanted to believe that he was nervous or felt bad that he was buying his slutty secretary cookies that his former fiancé had made, but I knew better. There was no remorse, no bad feeling, only him being the self absorbed asshole that I never saw in him, but Seth insisted was there.

I held my breath as Seth handed him the bag of cookies in exchange for the six dollars that would make no difference in our empty till. I knew what was coming next. It was the same thing he said each and every day that he left my shop.

I waited, hoping like hell that he would just leave without a word spoken, but praying that he would not forget.

"Tell Bella I said hello," he called out in a loud voice, signaling that he wasn't fooled. He knew I was there hiding and this was him was calling me out as the coward I was.


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For those interested this is the sequel to The Pledge. It is set 10 years out and told in Bella's POV. I'm open to having it beta'd if anyone is interested. I am currently planning on posting whatever I have of it on Sundays since it give me all work week to write. I do have plans of posing teasers on The Fictionators as well as on my facebook group page Mamasutra Moments if you are interested at all.