HELLO EVERYONE! I'm back and better than ever. This is the First chapter of the remade Storm Hawks: Farside Interference. Just a heads up, there will be several key changes throughout the story, some of which are much better choices than the previous ones. I hope you all like it and enjoy!

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Master Cyclonis. The title that belonged to the individual ruling over Cyclonia and its territories, a title that now belongs to Lark Cyclonis. Many would think that she would have wanted the title since she was born, to fulfill the dream of a united Atmos under Cyclonia's rule, but the truth was far from it. Lark wasn't one for leading or power, at first, but as the saying goes, "power corrupts". When the young heir got a taste of what being Master Cyclonis offered, she vied to gain the position from her now deceased grandmother and the Dark Ace would have had it, had Lark not come of age. Now he served her just as he served the former Master, a position that she knew grated on his mind at some level. He didn't show it fully, but the subtle hints were there just below the surface.

Little did any know that Cyclonia would be shaken to its core in a single week, and all it took was a young girl.

The weather in Atmos was mostly predictable, if not violent at times; raging storms capable of tearing airships apart could hit without warning and disappear just as fast. One such storm had nearly pulled Larks maroon heliscooter out of the air, if not for the Shielding Crystal draped around her neck. Unfortunately for Piper of the Storm Hawks, she had not such crystal and was now tumbling through the stinging winds and shearing rain towards a very gruesome end. She opened her parachute to stop her fall, only to have it torn away by the winds and her fearful experience to continue. The howling winds carried her shrieks to Lark's ears, who turned her head to see the blue-haired teen plummet.

In a snap decision, she donned a favorite disguise of hers and dove down to the flailing girl. "I got you," she called over the winds as her hand ensnared Piper's.

The young teen looked at her unfamiliar face and asked with a shaky tone, "Who's got me?"

"A friend," she answered. With some difficulty, she hauled her counterpart onto the scooter, nearly falling off as she did. Lark then extended the shield around her passenger and turned to her newly shaken companion, "Are you alright? Any injuries?" Piper didn't say a word or move for some time. Probably in shock, Lark thought, understandable. She was falling to her death not a minute ago.

Deciding to wait until Piper had gathered herself, Lark took a look at the large storm they were in. Gales of wind threw the rain about randomly, clattering into aura pink aura that surrounded them. If not for the wind, one would have found it soothing. "Thank you." The sudden speech brought her mind back to the present and she turned back to a calmer Storm Hawk, "Thank you for saving me."

Lark allowed a small smile to grace her lips; it was rare that anyone ever genuinely thanked her. Most of the time, it was a fearful gratitude for not punishing them in some way, so it was nice to have a change of pace, "Don't mention it. I'm Lark."

"Piper, of the-"

"Storm Hawks," interrupted Lark. "I know. You aren't exactly inconspicuous. Everyone knows about you, at least where I'm from. Now, what are you doing out here?"

Piper shook her head free of her own questions and answered, "I was with my team, on our way back to the Condor, then this storm got worse and we got separated."

Lark nodded and offered Piper to help get her back, after the storm. The blue haired teen readily accepted and the two started to talk to pass the time. During their conversation, Cyclonis couldn't help but notice a growing feeling in her chest. With each new bout of chatter, it grew larger and larger until she finally recognized it as happiness, and emotion she hadn't truly felt since she was a child. The last few years before and after taking the throne had drained her, especially after her father's untimely passing, and the constant problems with running an empire didn't improve either; casualty reports, troop movements, food distribution, monetary balance. It all left her mood sour and uninviting, but having a conversation with someone, even one of her enemies, with no responsibilities or a care in the world felt… nice.

When the storm lifted, they began their search for the missing Storm Hawks. They finally found the Condor after hours of searching, hanging there in the sunlight. The ship didn't look like much as it was smaller than even a cargo hauler and the armor was a patchwork job showing the age and upkeep of the vessel. While she may not have particularly like the Condor, she still held some admiration for it; the ship was fast and took a beating time and again and still flew. The ship itself was a testament to the builders and the crew.

The rest of the afternoon went by as she had expected. She met the Storm Hawks, again, looked around their home in the sky, and even had some laughs along the way, but for her, the best part was Piper's room. It was filled with Crystals of all varieties, second only to hers and one other. An even bigger surprise was that the girl was self-taught. That was almost unheard of as it was deemed dangerous for novices to use crystals unsupervised, too many instances of people causing serious injury or damage from mixing potent crystals together. Even so, the young Hawk learned from her mistakes and continued her experiments. Cyclonis even learned something new, slime crystals and eruption stones put together are a bad idea.

Lark couldn't remember the last she had this much fun and hoped it wouldn't end, but fate had other ideas. The Storm Hawks found the map leading to her shield crystal mine and deciphered it. Making a silent vow to discuss about proper disposal procedures, she attempted to get Piper alone and turn her acquaintance, dare-say friend, to her side. She honestly didn't want to lose what she had lost for years in a single day. At the end of the day, Lark was still alone. She may have an empire, her talons, and her generals, but she lost more then than she ever had before.

When she teleported back to her skimmer, Lark cast one last glance at Piper before revving the engine and taking off. A nearby destroyer picked her up and set a course for home, while she watched as the Storm Hawks destroyed the mine and her advantage over Atmos. The survivors would be picked up by another ship and brought back to Cyclonia, but for now, they had to wait. After the long day, Lark wanted some time alone, so she retired to her temporary quarters and locked the door so as not to be disturbed. Fatigue took her into its embrace and she collapsed onto the nearby bed. The day's events played through her mind again and again until tears poured from her eyes. All through the night, she let out her pain in silence, away from prying eyes and ears.

That's a wrap for chapter one. Yes, it's a retelling of the Best Friends Forever episode, from Lark's POV, but this is just the prologue. The good stuff has yet to come. The Next chapter will be up shortly. Bye!