This is a letter to all my readers, who have been gracious enough to put up with my long hiatus away from writing. I First, and foremost, wish to apologize for the long time away without even so much as a word. After I last posted on this site, I had been shipped out to basic training for the Navy, so I wasn't even near my computer for months, then additional schooling for my first job in the Navy, and another when that didn't pan out.

I then got sent straight to my first station, out in Japan, for about three years. That was a busy time, as we were in the dock yards then and half of the ship was undergoing some repair/upgrade. The classes for training were time consuming, but it got a whole lot worse after my first command and later deployment underway. I didn't have much time due to work and just living life, but, I'm now back in the States and I have a bit of time now where I'm penning this out.

In addition to this apology, I'm issuing an update for my works. First, My RWBY story… yeah, that one I didn't think through enough. I left too many holes in the original plot I penned and some of the elements were copy pasted. I don't like it, so I'm scrapping it for now, but will work on it in the future. Hopefully make something of it.

Then, there is Storm Hawks: Farside Interference. That will be continuing, but I can't say when I'll have a new chapter out yet. Much of my time is being eaten up by work, and I'll be moving again within the next month or so. I'll try to keep you posted on what is going to happen, and when I'll have a new chapter out.

I do have something in the works for Farsided and I'll post it as soon as possible. As of this posting, that chapter is still in the early stages, so it'll be a bit until posting. When this is posted, RWBY shall be taken down for a serious overhaul within the next 24 hours, so be warned about that. Thank you for your time and I'll see you all soon.