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Beware the devil's nest of jesters and woes

She does not forget those words. Cloaked men who once whispered them into her ears are long gone. Among them are the days spent locked in sunless corridors learning the art of war. The past is the past. Sent out in the brink of dawn to run far, far away from where she was raised.

It must have been a decade since then. A decade of traveling far, far away and now as if fate pulls her strings, she is drawn back. Plegia becks her, silently like a siren song; but it is at the border she stops.

She stayed in South Town longer than any other village. Stay and wait her heart says. So she stayed and waited.

It was only recently she questioned why and what she was waiting for?

Waiting for something to happen?

Waiting for someone?

Too many questions suffocate her. The young woman clutches her thunder tome closer.


Robin allows her hood to drop and she turns to acknowledge the young maiden.

"Have the women and children evacuated like I asked?"

"It is as you said! Brigands approach from the west! Oh thank Naga for your guidance."

It was an uncanny ability but with enough focus on her part, the lady tactician was able to sense approaching enemies. Of course should she use this as her explanation, the townsfolk will send her into the woods crying fouls of dark magic and hexes. This Robin had experienced often at the beginning of her journey.

As unpleasant as to be called a messenger of Naga, this seems to be the only way to repay the Southtown's kindness thus far.

Robin smiles at Allene. The maiden was left orphaned by the Fifteen year War. It seems Plegia is ready to start another. And yet there remained enough warm to let Robin share her home when the tactician had little to offer.

"Warning us is debt repaid. Please, there's no need to risk your life as well. My brother is rallying the men. I am certain they will be fine. A lady should best turn away from violence and blood."

And Robin is certain those men will die should she not intervene. Objectively speaking, Robin need only best the leader of the ruffians to rid them all. Realistically it would be impossible to fight off the man alone. She would have to delegate some of the villagers to death to save the rest.

Still, these are the people who have lent her their home and warmth for many moons.

"Ah but, I am not a mere lady."

She smirks at Allene.

"I am a lady of war."

Somehow she will not sacrifice a single life including her own. She has done the impossible before with nothing more than miracles. It is all she has now and it will have to do.

The first smoke rises in town. The brigands are here and it's time to make her move, as quick as possible before the villagers arrive to fight.

Robin brings her hood back up. From the insides of her robe she draws a bronze sword with her right hand, her left still holding her thunder tome.

Allene catches a flash of a smile before the woman disappears towards the battle.


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For as long as the Promise

To the Crown it's known

Prince Chrom was not particular to his royal title. It was in battle he ravished his birthright; Slashing through thieves and barbarians with justified blade. It was also then he is reminded of his greatest fear, that he is very much the mirror image of his father. His father who once destroyed the same land they sworn to protect.

And yet there are not much Chrom desires. Power and reverence belonged to his elder sister who he loved like the sun. The only selfish desire from the prince was to retain his lack of responsibility. The court is something to be avoided as much as possible as he contended with commanding the Shepherds.

It had taken time to recover from the devastation his father cost. Only recently had the capital agreed to fund a militia for the Prince. His court and his people have not forgotten the horrors of war.

Many assumed the prince dreams of war like the previous king, to lead an army, to be a famed general. But alas Chrom is more than satisfied to travel in a vigilante group, to protect and be greeted with joy rather than fear.

Perhaps it is as his Court told him. He is too young and too naïve to understand politics or royal duties. He is the future King and it is only his unready youth that keeps his sister on the throne. A ridiculous notion when it was his sister who saved Ylisse while he cried with Lissa uselessly. It was Emmeryn who stood bravely through the critiques and revolts while he is still certain he cannot do the same.

Perhaps he is a coward like his Court believes.

Chrom wanders the fields near the border of his kingdom. In the past month he has fought off three groups of barbarians invading from the Plegian border. This would be his last patrol before he returns to the capital. He would not advocate for war but something must be done.

Chrom is still working on what exactly that something is, but he will deal with that on the way.


Fredrick runs towards him in full armor.

Chrom had walked away from Lissa and Fredrick momentarily towards an empty patch of land. It was confusing what motivated him but he felt as though something should be waiting here. Once again that something eludes him.

Lissa arrives, bent over gasping for air; trying to keep up with Fredrick left her breathless. She too glances at the spot Chrom stared. This was however short lived.

"Chrom look!"

Lissa points towards a local town. There was the faint start of smoke. Chrom frowns.

"Damn Brigands, we have to go."

The shepherds leave the meadow with haste.


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Death sleeps through

A millennium of scorn

Mocking laughter burns through South Town alongside the flames.

"Where are all the women?" Garrick, the name of the leader Robin learned, snorts and proceeds to raid the remains of the mayor's house.

Robin hid herself upon the roof of the Church. It was the only building made solely of stone, difficult to burn. From this distance she can sense the enemy as individuals.

On this side of town there are two barbarians, a mage, and two swordsmen.

Garrick stationed himself at the far end of the town with no exits to runaway. It would be difficult to reach him as the water serves as a natural barricade. The only way would be through the bridge, which was well guarded.

And should she reach the man, he is armed well with a pair of short axe. Even her advantage in range is useless.

Should her thunder miss, she will die. And from the looks of the barbarian's endurance, even if the thunder takes charge, anything short of a lucky critical, she will die as well. Even a calculated ignis is futile.

And reaching Garrick alone is ideal. Most likely she will be bested by their swordsmen before reaching the bridge. If not then she will be mauled by their barbarians.

This situation is hopeless. Robin can feel her resolve dissolving in flames. Perhaps the best she can do is direct the men into hiding alongside the women and children. This town will burn but at least the people will live.

"Chrom, where is everyone?"

"Milord, I fear for the worst but there is not a body to be seen."

From the town entrance a group of three arrived. A young girl, unconditioned for battle, she carried a staff. A healer named Lissa. In front was a Great Knight, capable of moving far distance on his horse. The man's was significantly stronger than his companions.

The group is not yet noticed by Garrick's men. Sizing them up, Robin concluded the group will not last if left to their own device. If she could convince them to stay and work with-

"There is not a moment to lose. I'll go first."

Robin rushes, jumping roof to roof, to stop him.


The group freezes. Robin lands behind them. In a moment's notice, the Knight's sword was drawn dangerously close to her throat.

"Fredrick what are you doing!?"

"Milady, do keep your voice lowered. This woman is armed."

"I fight on behave of this town. The villagers are safe. They are hiding outside of town."

It was difficult to maintain a calm disposure but the tactician showed no fear on her face. The lord shoulder relaxes upon hearing this.

"I hope to gain your support. Garrick's men are strong. I cannot defeat them alone. I hold a plan to defeat the brigands."

Perhaps separate support is all she can gain. It would be ridiculously naïve if they are willing to put their lives in her hands. And yet she cannot have them rush to their deaths for some noble cause if she judged the young lord correctly. She must convinced them—

"I believe you. You have my trust."

Robin freezes in contemplation. Had she heard correctly? He could not possibly just agree. After all, he may have agreed to sacrifice his life on a foolhardy plan. No sane man would take such a risk. And yet he does.

This man, Chrom, is ridiculous. She cannot remember the last time, the world did not respond as she predicted. Actually yes she can; merely moments ago when the lord arrived will full intention of what could be equivalent of suicide on behave of complete strangers. He was a fool or a man with a grandiose sense of justice and this worked terribly in her favor. And now stunned, she is only capable of blurting out a slurred thank you.

"Milord, this may be a trap. It best not lends an unknown ally lest we welcome spies."

"We need all the help we can get."

That seems to be the end of that. Unaffected the healer Lissa speaks. She is very weak, Robin takes note disappointed she only carried a simple heal compared to the silver lance the Knight carried. The blonde is decisively useful however terribly delicate, she must be kept safe if they want to defeat Garrick.

"I'm Lissa by the way. The sour Knight is Fredrick. And this is my brother Chrom."

"You can call me Robin."

"Is that foreign?"

Chrom interjects however he quickly dismisses it and continues.

"It doesn't matter. We will settle pleasantries when this is done."

If they live to see through this then yes, that would be nice.

"This battle will be gruesome, I hope for your cooperation. From what I can tell, the bandits will disband once we take out their leader. However they are positioned too well to attack him directly."

She slips out the thunder tome and bronze sword from her robe.

"I am well armed for battle and can provide magic support."

"Wow Robin, first tactics and now swordplay and magic? What can't you do?"

She is blushes from compliment; uncomfortably she shifts deeper into her robe letting her hood cover her further making Lissa giggle further.

"Yes, makes one question what background requires such skills.

Overlooking Fredrick's accusation, the tactician she takes this chance to rally the group.

"I would like us to form pairs. There is a tactical advantage to fighting side to side. This sacrifices our unit count in terms of actions however it increases strength, speed, and survival chance in general. It also protects one member of the pair. Fredrick, please take Lissa with you. It would be wise to give any healing potions to Fredrick as Lissa will focus on support."

Robin empties out her own pockets, a set of concoction and a single elixir. Allene bought two sets of concoctions from a traveling merchant, the other she gave to her brother. Robin had saved the coveted elixir from her youth. It had served her well when she was desperate and alone on the road. Only one third of the precious liquid remained.

The Great Knight nods his head and accepts the offer. This time his eyes looked less hard and Robin is glad he understood her gesture. Lissa and Chrom cede their items as well.

"Chrom, we will not pair up for now. Fredrick will take out the swordsmen nearest to us while he focuses on defending and healing after. This will draw out the other brigands on this side of town. Chrom and I will stay hidden to ambush them when they are weakened."

This is the only way she can assure no one falls in combat. Fredrick is strong enough to combat many foes at once. The mage he is weak too will not reach him in time if everything runs smoothly.

"Unless I signal, do not initiate combat. Chrom and I will pick off the weakened brigands. We will clear this half of the town first. It is very important you do not move close to the bridge."

Fredrick nods in compliance. He must not attack the lone mage before her signal. If anyone travels close to the bridge, then Garrick's other men will have sighted them before they are ready.

"We will draw out his remaining forces over the bridge. And then…"

She pauses and looks out towards Garrick. She is confident there will be no casualties.

"Then we separate our pairs, heal, scavenge anything of use and regroup on the bridge. We storm Garrick together."


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A/N: Please imagine the difficulty is on Lunatic with permanent death. Robin starts out with veteran, solidarity, ignis, rally spectrum, and vantage. Assuming she has all level 1 class skills on hold.

If you can't tell she's weak but skilled. (Her stats are low but she has a lot of skills) ignis is barely proc with such low stats. Critical are low too. The rally is overpowered though. Plus four is ridiculous in the beginning. Even so I doubt Chrom will survive getting ganged up.

But seriously on Lunatic, Chrom will die trying to solo any regular enemy. Fredrick is your only capable friend unless you ration your experience points to make MU a second badass. Even then that'll be chapter 3 and up. I suggest you hand Fredrick your bronze sword to save the kills for a Chrom supported MU! Dual Strike makes him a wonderful waifu.

Oh Lunatic is for the drama. Though this chapter is quite easy with this strategy, I tested it out and I made it through 3 for 3 with no one dying on me. Actually Lissa doesn't even need to be paired if you keep her out of the red box. This doesn't work for Lunatic+ and I used Fredrick's Silver Lance. By easy I mean compared to the rest of lunatic of course.

New skills are given out story wise so don't be surprised if most characters gain 2nd class skills before in game options or they refer to their side 2nd class jobs. This story diverges from the canon story. There are no seals for class changes.

Robin is plus Magic, minus Resistance.