Hei and ME


"Kanimi called?" Hei asked, getting into the car. Misaki nodded. When Hourai had called for a meeting with her after the conference, he had told her that she was in charge of finding a place for Hei to stay. But it never seemed like the right moment to discuss his living quarters. She had decided that her own apartment would be appropriate- slightly risky- but where else could she hide a memory deficient assassin?

"Hei? You'll be staying at my apartment for a while." Misaki told him. Hei just nodded. How long was 'a while'? All he needed was a week...

It was strange to come back to her apartment with BK-201 behind her. Hei was debating whether or not to take off his mask. He couldn't wear it all the time, but he also had a gut feeling that Misaki wouldn't like it if he did.

"Tell me, Hei. Do you wear that mask all the time?" Misaki asked.

Uh, way to hit the nail on the head...

"No, but I have the strangest feeling you won't like what you see." Hei told her truthfully, voicing his previous thoughts.

"That's probably true, but while we're on the same team, I think I have every right to know." Misaki countered, taking a more assertive approach.

"No, not yet. I'm taking it off for the night, but promise not to look." Hei's negotiation turned out to be more like a plea. Misaki sighed. How could Hei be so influential one minute and kill the next?

"Fine." Misaki agreed. "Spare room is on the left. Work starts at 8, I'm not waking you up. Got it?"

"Understood." Hei said walking towards his temporary room.

He shut the door behind him and breathed in deeply. The room was very well kept: it had a small mirror on the back of the door, a closet, and a small bed. There was a bedside table with a lamp on it, and a rug. Satisfied he was alone, Hei took off his mask and stashed it in his trench coat pocket. Then he sat down on the soft white bed. Shutting his eyes, Hei tried I recall the mission he was on. At first, nothing came, but soon he found he was recollecting the details crystal clear and accurate. Help Misaki, train her, identity isn't important to keep- with and only with Misaki- because she was working with the (unknowingly) anyway. Just like before, Yin, Mao, and Huang's faces showed up with the word 'partners'.

Suddenly, he felt like he was being watched. Snapping open his eyes, he whirled around until he was facing a black cat with purple eyes.

"Mao." Hei breathed subconsciously. Mao nodded.

"Good to see that that ME really works!" Mao smiled. "New orders from the top, Hei. After this week, Misaki is leaving Section 4 and will be working with us. Apparently the Syndicate needs her brains sooner than later because the CIA has plans to infiltrate Section 4. Huang commends you for your good work, although he used more colorful language. Yin says she'll be watching over you." Mao reported briskly.

"Wait, Mao! I can barely remember anything. Should I keep my identity secret?" Hei desperately asked, before Mao turned to leave out the window.

"You haven't told her yet? Well, your identity isn't exactly top priority, keep it if you want. Oh, yeah, there's a couple changes of clothes in that closet we put there for you. Night, Hei." With that, Mao disappeared out of the window and jumped limberly onto the neighbor's roof.

Hei folded up his coat and retrieved his spare 'Li' clothes. It was just a pair of jeans and a white t-shirt. Better than sleeping like the Black Reaper. Hei didn't bother to put the covers over him; as soon as he hit the mattress he fell sound asleep.

Misaki got changed into black short shorts and a red tank, it was what she normally wore so why should she change now? Oh right, a killer- a contractor- was in her home! She brushed her teeth and climbed into bed. What was her life going to be like now working alongside BK-201? He HAD saved her at Alice's party, kidnapped Havoc, had a death count in the thousands, what didn't she know about him? Right, the most important thing: his identity. Her thoughts drifted on Hei's identity as she fell slowly into peaceful sleep.

Hei woke at 5am, force of habit he mumbled to himself. He now had 3 hours to kill, what now?

1 Hour Later.

Misaki awoke to a delicious aroma in the air. Fried rice and chicken? Why was she smelling this? She lay still, taking in the scent. Nope, this was definitely real and not a dream. Misaki dragged herself up, put her glasses on, and made her way towards her kitchen. Empty. On the table, however, sat two dishes piled generously on top with food. Did Hei do this? She glanced at his bedroom door, it was still shut. Misaki wouldn't dare go in there now. Who knew what a tired Reaper was like? They probably were not around anymore to tell her. She turned her attention back to the food, noticing a note.


Here's breakfast. It's the least I could do. I'm going to be out for a bit, meet you at work.


Sweet, thought Misaki. How could Hei be the Black Reaper one moment and a wonderful cook the next? She stared longingly at the plates. Poisoned? That's an absurd thought, Misaki, if he wanted to kill you, you'd be dead! But he has no reason to anyway, his memories are gone! Happy she came to this conclusion in which she could eat, she sat down and enjoyed her breakfast.


Hei was dressed in a blue button down shirt with jeans. He didn't know where he was going, but the city felt very familiar to him and he felt comfortable walking around. He found himself walking towards a tobacco stand. He knew he didn't smoke, but something drew him to the small shop.

"What can I get for you?" The girl asked in a monotone. Hei bent down to see the girl's face. She was pretty and had silver hair... silver...YIN!

"Oh, it's you Hei!" She smiled faintly.

"Yin? I feel like I've forgotten something- critical, I mean." Hei whispered to her knowing she was part of his group.

"You're known as Li. A naive, innocent and caring young exchange student. You're friends with most people in town, including Misaki and Section 4." Yin summarized for him. Mao had warned her ahead of time how confused Hei was, and Yin had deducted that Hei would need to be reminded of Li.

Li... The name was foreign, yet somehow fit Hei perfectly. Hei naturally fell back into his Li character in his head, and was confident he could pull it off without his memories.

"Hei, take this cell phone. You don't have to compromise your identity today, Huang will pull some strings and keep you posted."

"Thanks Yin." Hei said pocketing the device. Yin nodded watching Hei walk farther into the city. He decided to stop at the Home Run Noodle House for breakfast. Hei ordered multiple bowls of ramen at the Noodle House, much to the enjoyment of the owner and his daughter, Rika. After eating his meal, he headed back to Misaki's.


Misaki finished eating the whole plate of rice and put the chicken in the fridge for leftovers. Then she got ready for work.

Hei crept silently into his room. He got his mask out and looked at it for a minute. Should he wear it? Yes.

Hei slid open the door, causing Misaki to snap around to face him.

A/N- Er, sorry for the cliffy, but this is honestly where I left off about two years ago. I hope you enjoyed this little fic even though it's life has been cut short!