[IMPORTANT NOTE:  This is a sequel series to one of my other fanfics, "Altered Destiny".  It helps if you've read it, but in case you haven't, this opening prologue is a summary of the events of A.D.]

Powerpuff: Infinite Destinies By:  Mark J. Hadley

*          *            *

PROLOGUE:  "The HCMD Project"

Excerpt from the journal of Professor Utonium:

            What follows here are the blueprints and schematics for constructing what is probably my greatest achievement in science, aside from the creation of the Powerpuff Girls.  It is called the Hyper Conduit Manifestation Device, or HCMD as I commonly abbreviated it.  It is a small, hand-held device, almost like a remote control, except set with a projection device on the end, much like a radar dish.  It is such a small, insignificant-looking device, which belies its true abilities and enormous potential.

            For you see, the device has the capability of breeching dimensional space, creating a temporary doorway between parallel universes, and allowing travel between them.  All that's needed is a set of universal coordinates as it relates to other dimensions.  The coordinates of our own universe turn out to be amazingly simple to calculate, but despite this, it is nearly impossible to determine by the numbers alone what any other dimension will yield.

            I discovered this in my very first excursion with the HCMD.  Due to the enormous power requirements, the device needed a twenty-four hour recharge period before I could return to my own world.  I decided to take this time to explore the world I was on, only to find that the alternate version of Townsville I had arrived in was in disarray.  The reason became clear after some investigation: my own girls, in this dimension, were cruel and ruthless, seeking to punish even the smallest crimes by bringing down their wrath.

            Of course, I could hardly blame them, for I learned the major difference in this universe…the 'focal point' of change, if you will, that made it significantly different from ours.  The alt-girls' Professor Utonium had been killed, and it was more than they could bear.  They wouldn't listen to anyone afterwards; they did things their own way from that point on.  When they saw me, however…even after I had explained that I was from a parallel universe, they still decided to take my advice, and return things back to the way they once were.

            That's when I realized what good the HCMD could do: if we traveled, we could help solve problems across an infinite number of different worlds, setting things right again for them.  In addition, perhaps we could learn something from them, something about ourselves, and about how things could have been different…

            We began making regular trips using the HCMD, with this in mind.  Some were downright fascinating, some were not…the most notable ones included a dimension where the Amoeba Boys were master criminals rather than…whatever it is they usually are.  That was a close call, because we lost the HCMD to them, until the Professor of their dimension helped me construct another.

            Another incident of note was when one of the villains of Townsville, Mojo Jojo, had stolen the HCMD to use it himself.  After he returned, we recovered the HCMD, but he was reluctant to say what happened.  It wasn't until later that we learned about the dimension he visited: one where his counterpart was good instead of evil.  I can see now why he was probably so hesitant to go into detail.

            Some of the most fascinating trips, however, were to worlds that were vastly different from our own.  In one such world we visited, there was no Townsville, or Powerpuff Girls, but we met a small boy genius who lived at the exact same site where our house would have been if it existed in their world.  This boy, named Dexter, definitely had scientific prowess that rivaled my own.  In fact, while we were there, he made modifications to the HCMD, installing a miniature energy core of some sort that provided it with almost limitless power potential…henceforth, we no longer needed to wait twenty-four hours between uses.  After returning from that particular trip, I overheard Blossom talking about Dexter…I may be wrong, but it seems as though she may have a youthful crush on him…

            I found out about another such vastly different world that the girls had visited once while I was out of town.  After scolding them for doing something so dangerous without my supervision, I was intrigued to learn about this world they visited…in this world, there were no Powerpuff Girls either, but amazingly, they existed in fiction, on a television show broadcast on that world.  I was also more lenient about the trip when I learned that they prevented some evil mastermind from taking over.  It was nice to see that they can still make a difference, even across alternate realities.

            We cannot forget consequences, however.  Dimensional travel does not always have favorable outcomes, as we unfortunately learned firsthand.  On one of the trips, the girls' counterparts had no powers.  Naturally, these girls were thrilled to see 'themselves' as superheroes, and it had a profound impact on them.  In an attempt to duplicate their powers, the alternate Bubbles drank some Chemical X from the lab, a fatally toxic dose of it.  Everyone was shaken when this happened, and we were forced to re-examine what we were doing.  Were all these trips really for the good of the many worlds, or could we end up doing more harm than good?

            Trouble also came to us…the Roach Coach of one world had stolen their professor's plans for the HCMD, and used it to gather a massive army of roaches from across multiple dimensions.  Faced with such an unstoppable-sized army, the girls wouldn't be able to defeat him alone…it took the technical expertise of Dexter (the aforementioned boy genius we met), and the help of yet another world's Powerpuff Girls (I chose the toughest ones I knew, the ones from my very first excursion) in order to stop this threat.

            Our last excursion really opened my eyes in terms of dimensional trade.  In this world, the Amoeba Boy virus had run unchecked, and endangered the lives of everyone across the entire planet.  Since we had the cure, it was child's play to retrieve it from our world and give it to them.  I started to realize something…maybe, if we could establish trade of technology and/or resources between our world and other worlds, it could be beneficial to all.

            That is why the Hyper Conduit Manifestation Device is merely a stepping-stone to a greater scientific achievement.  In order for such exchanges to take places, we need something more lasting than the HCMD, and that is what I intend to develop.  I have not finished what I have in mind just yet, but perhaps with some help, I will succeed.  Only time will tell…if there's one thing I've learned from all this, it's that despite being exposed to so many examples of probability, it's still impossible to judge what the future will hold…