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"Honey, Mrs. Brewer has been known for making rash decisions for models and they always turn out into stars. I believe she's done the same with you." Julie explained.

"Julie baby you're here! Where's the beauty?!" the redhead asked.

Julie went to ther redhead and gave him a peck on the lips. "Kim meet my boyfriend Milton. Milton meet Kim, Jane's new model."

"You guys look cute together." Kim commented.

"Thanks. Look, quickly finish her up and send her to wardrobe ASAP. Jane wants to be surprise and you know her, she hates waiting." Julie concluded while she took a seat on the black couch in the corner in the room.

"Ah, I see why Jane picked you! You truly are a beauty." Milton commented. Kim blushed. "Let's get rid of these.."

Milton took her glasses off and tossed them in the garbage.

"Hey! I need those!" Kim protested

"Calm down farm girl. You don't need to hide your beautiful eyes behind those glasses. Here are some contacts. They should be the right prescription." Milton said handing her some contacts.

Putting them on she gasp. "How do you know these were my prescription?"

"Honey once you're a stylish for the great Jane Brewer you must have a few tricks up your sleeve. Now your hair. It's a beauty natural honey blonde color. Split ends but we can fix that!" Milton listed off.

Milton started off with cutting her hair, Kim watched as the blond locks fell from her head.

'What will I look like? Will I look like a boy? Or even worse! A troll?' Kim worriedly thought

After cutting her hair Milton reached for a bowl with sparkly sickly yellow dye, he attempted to put it on her hair.

"H-hold on! My hair won't look that yellow right?" Kim panically said.

"Don't worry, this will just get your hair back to life. Plus it'll bring out the natural color more." Milton reassured. Kim nodded and he coated her hair with the substance from root to tip. After he had finished, he had told her that the substances need to be rested for five minutes before it needed to be washed off.

After about five minutes, Milton guided Kim to the washing station. Having one of his assistants wash her hair, he set up the next step of the makeover.

Drying her hair, Milton sprayed some heat protection spray onto her hair before grabbing the black straightener. bring the heating iron to the root of her hair to the tips. He repeated the action until he finished the whole head, carefully not burning her. Looking at his masterpiece, Milton smiled victorious.

"All done." He announced.

Hearing his words, Kim was turned around to the mirror behind her. She gasped. Kim wasn't looking at the same girl from last night. This girl had straight layered hair, with vibrant bouncy honey blond hair, and side swept bangs. She couldn't even recognize herself. This wasn't her was it? And her eyes. Oh how bright they were. They were like shining stars! She was breathtaking.

"Wow.. I look.. this is just.. I'm speechless!" Kim stuttered out as she stared at Milton. "This isn't me is it?"

"You look beautiful and honey this is 100% Kim Crawford." Milton replied.

"T-thank you!" Kim gaped at him.

"Now time for makeup!" Milton ushered. And Kim cringed.

"Makeup?" Kim said with distaste.

"Julie dear! Is she ready?" Jane called out

"Hair and makeup is done. All she needs is wardrobe." Julie responded

"Excellent." Jane smiled.

"Mommy, you know I love you and all but do you really think this will be a good idea? I mean she's a nerd and she's dorky!" Jack exclaimed as he threw his hands in the air. He was decked in a tuxedo, with the undershirt unbuttoned. With a pair of nice shoes and his hair tousled the just the right way, all in all he looked great."

"Jackie, mommy loves you and such, but shut up! I'm trying to work with them!" Jane gestured to the three people in front of the set. Maria was explaining to the cameraman what she wanted and such, while Jerry and Grace were trying to find the right pose for the shoot. Jane walked over to the two teens and placed them exactly how she wanted.

Jerry, decked in the same outfit as Jack, held a blood red rose in between his teeth. Both his hands on Grace's waist. He looked deep into her eyes. Grace on the other hand was decked in a red fitted dress that stopped mid-thigh, with matching red heels. One hand was on his chest, as if she was pushing him back, while the other was hung over his shoulder. Foreheads touching..

Flash Flash Flash Flash Flash Flash

"Ah yes! Perfect! I can see the chemistry between you two! Fabulous!" shouted the photographer as she snapped many photos of the two. "I need more passion. I want the picture to read fierceness."

Jerry and Grace changed poses looking fiercely into each other's eyes.

"YES! Perfect." cried the photographer. "Now Jerry get out of the photo"

Jerry stepped out of the shoot while Grace continued to pose for the camera.

"Ah beautiful! Amazing!" shouted the camera man.

Jerry walked over to where Jack was chilling out.

"My mom is out of her mind" Jack sighed

"Maybe.. but there is a chance that you're mom could be a genius." Jerry stated

"As if! Blondie, model material? When pigs fly!" Jack snorted.

"Jerry you're turn!" the photographer yelled.

"Coming Rudy!" Jerry shouted back.

Grace slowly made her way where Jack was to take a sip of water.

"So what's this thing about a new model? Oh by the way, name's Grace" Grace said holding out her hand

Jack took her hand and kissed the back of it. "Jack Brewer. And my assistant is being turned into a 'model'. She's a total dork! No way."

"Mhmm.. I once had this friend. She was always bullied, but I don't get why. But, I guess it was because of her family problems or the fact that she looked like a nerd and a dork. She was so beautiful. She had no confidence because of all the comments made towards her. I had asked her once why she didn't argue back. And do you know what she said? She said why argue with them? They didn't do anything wrong, Just stating the truth. It was heartbreaking. It really was. She was a tough little cookie. Never shedding tears in front of the. I was so shocked by this girl. I've never seen her cry, except for this once. I was in class wondering where she was. She usually didn't ditch class. I went to the bathroom during class and that's when I saw her. Crying her eyes out in the corner of the bathroom bruises and such scattered all around her. So girls had beaten her up. I was so devastated. It truly was an unpleasant sight." Grace sighed. "I never found out who the girls were.. what a pity. But I stuck to her like glue and such. And then I had to move away. I tried to keep in touch in her but that turned into a fail. She was my best friend, and now I don't even know where she fucking is. What a shitty friend I am, huh? Ugh, sorry. I just spilled everything about my lost best friend to you. Sorry."

"No, it's fine. At least you didn't try to persuade me into have sex with you, like every girl I know." Jack chuckled.

"Yeah, I noticed that." Grace said cringing her nose. "Sucks for you."

"Hey, I'm not saying I don't enjoy it." Jack said holding his hands up.

"Sex crazied bastard" Grace shot at him.

"You're not like other girls, Grace." Jack commented.

"Thanks. I'm not really into brown haired models. More of black haired latinos who dance." Grace explained.

"So pretty much Jerry." Jack added up.

Grace blushed. "No!"

Jack rolled his eyes and just smirked. "Secret's safe with me."

"Really?" Grace asked

"I'm human. I have a heart too." Jack answered

"What? Jack Brewer. International model had a heart?! The sex crazied bastard has feelings! Call FOX news somebody!" Graced joked

Jack gave a small glare before laughing along. "You remind me of blondie."

"Blondie? What kind of name is that?" Grace questioned.

"Oh, just a nickname to annoy my assistant." Jack smirked.

"An evil boy aren't you?" Grace teased.

"Well of course!" Jack exclaimed as the both laughed.

"Jack you're up for single shots!" Rudy, the photographer yelled.

"Well that's my cue. Just to let you know, I think Jerry would really like you." Jack whispered.

Grace blushed and looked down. Jack softly chuckled and made his way to the set.

"Hey Grace!" Jerry greeted as he walked near her.

"Hey Jerry." Grace mumbled. "Water?"

"Nah, I have a drink from my friend." Jerry replied reaching behind her to grab his green tea smoothie.


They fell into an uncomfortable silence.

"So... how long have you been in Seaford?" Jerry asked, eager to get out of the silence.

"Oh, I've been here since birth. I moved when I was about 9 or 10 to New York. You know the Big Apple is famous for their fashion. So that's where I fell in love with fashion and modeling. And I'm back here to model for the best." Grace complemented as she gestured to the J&M Collection For Him and Her dress she was wearing.

"Yeah, my mom and Jack's are the best." Jerry smiled.

Grace couldn't help but blush. He was handsomer when he smiled! "No doubt."

"So what's this I hear about you dancing? How come I haven't seen you there? I pretty much live there." Jerry joked.

"Probably because you're showing a model how to, as I quote 'Do the Jerry'" Grace answered jealously intertwined into her voice.

"Heh, oh right..." Jerry nervously said as he scratched the back of his head. When did Jerry Martinez get nervous? Was he really admitting to doing a douchebag thing to a girl? Psh, why does he care? He can have any girl he wants. And she's just like every girl out there, except for Kim. She's special, and he liked that, but not in a romantically manner. Grace was just another girl that was going to come and go.

"So Grace are you a full time model or do you still go to school?" Jack questioned as he reach the two

"Well I've been here for about a month, and I'm still looking for a school. I'm planning to go to Seaford University, but I don't know. I heard the tuition is a lot. And I really want to go back to school. Going to NYU for 2 years then dropping out to go to another college is a bit stressful." Grace explained

"I'm sure my mom could get you a discount, you are modeling for the Maria Martinez now." Jerry reasoned.

"Really? You would do that?" Grace said as her eyes filled with hope

"Hells yeah." Jerry responded

"Thank you so much!" Grace squealed as she gave Jerry a hug. "You're the best and I've only known you for a hour. Seriously, you're so nice!"

"Oh it's nothing." Jerry waved off.

"I could show you around if you like." Jack commented.

"No!" Jerry yelled out loudly. Everyone turned to look at him and he laughed it off as everyone started to turn back to what they were doing. "Er,- I mean why would you show her around? Your fangirls are already crazy since Kim follows you around. Why add heat to the flame by having yet another girl with you."

"Hmm true. Guess I can't. But... I could have blondie do it for you." Jack answered with a nod of his head. "Yeah, blondie will show you around campus."

"Thanks." Grace said to Jack.

"Live fast, die young

Bad girls do it well

Live fast, die young

Bad girls do it well

Live fast, die young

Bad girls do it well"

Bad Girls ~ MIA

"Sorry that's my phone." Grace excused herself as she went to answer her phone.

Jerry and Jack gave a nod. And Maria and Jane approached the two lads.

"She's great! I love her. She's a keeper, eh Jerry." Maria nudged her son.

"Yeah." Jerry breathed out. "She's a keeper."

"Jane! She's ready!" Julie called out.

"Ahh yes! Perfect." Jane excitedly said, like a child opening a new present.

"Seriously mom, I don't know what persuaded you to cho-", He stopped speaking. Jack mentally slapped himself. Why did he stop speaking? This had never happened to him before. Sure, he had seen a lot of pretty girls, but none of them had taken his ability to speak. (A/N I didn't write this. I liked how she wrote it so i copied it. hehe sorry. This belongs to Lexi201)

Sure he had seen girls from all over the world but none as beautiful as the girl who stood in front of him. Her hair was vibrant honey blond that bounced with every step she took, and her makeup was done to perfection matching the outfit she was sporting on. She adorned a strapless ivory dress with a gray bow tied in the front right above her tiny waist, with little sparkles. The dress stopping right above mid-thigh and golden rings were placed on her slender fingers. As for her feet she had black wedged ankle boots. Her long smooth tan legs seemed to go on and on for miles! What he did to run his hands up and down those legs! Then he started to trail up again. Right then and there he mentally slapped himself then dragged himself to a tank full of man eating sharks and jumped in.

She had cleavage. Blondie had cleavage. Since when does blondie have cleavage? He gave a small blush when he realized he had been looking too long. On her hip was a perfectly manicured slender hand. (A/N Again Lexi201's) And the dress overall hugged all of her curves. She was a fucking angel!

"Ahhhhh. You're a goddess! I knew you were the one I needed! Geez I am good! Oh dear you look amazing!" Jane cooed

Kim blushed. She wasn't used to, scratch that, she was even familiar with the word, compliment. Now Jane Brewer, world famous fashion designer was showering her with compliments. This was something new. "Thanks"

"Look at yourself!" Jane hastily said as she turned Kim around to a full length body mirror. Kim gasped. She was beautiful! This was not her. This girl in front of her was too beautiful.

Jerry wolf-whistled. "Looking good Kimster!"

"Yes! You look like an angel dear! Absolutely stunning." Maria added.

"Say something Jack! How does she look?" Jane pushed

"You.. you clean up nice blondie." Jack grinned

Kim smiled. "I'll take that compliment"

"And at least you don't look like a nerd or dork anymore" Jack said as he grinned, and a bigger looking scowl appeared on her face.

"Jackson! Stop being rude! And I told you momma was always right!" Jane admired as she looked at the blond beauty.

Kim feeling a little unease continued to look at herself as she was dragged to the set where she was to take single shots. "I-I don't think I'm right for this. I'm not even experienced!"

"None sense! Don't worry I will take care of you, that's a promise. You'll do fine." Jane reassured

Kim looked at the beautiful woman in front of her and looked her in the eye. Seeing nothing but honesty she nodded, feeling as she could trust the woman in front of her with her life. Kim shyly stepped on the black drop back, and waited to be instructed to do something.

"Makeover complete. Check" Jane silently smirked to herself. "Now to make a star."

To be continued...

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