Chapter 2

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Daughter of Darkness.

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After I got home I asked Hinata to sleep over, which she agreed. Waking up next morning Hinata was no longer here.

"At least she set up a jutsu to seal my house off from the outside world. It kept Sasuke out and me safe." I whispered.

After showering and getting dressed, I threw my backpack over my shoulder and headed towards the Hokage's office. True to her word Tsunade had all the paperwork done for me to legally leave the village. She usually has to be forced to do any paperwork.

"There is a first for everything I guess" I remarked.

'Damn straight! How many hours of our life have we had to use a whip to get her going? Cha!' inner complained.

'Yeah I guess' I mentally replied.

'I ask a question! How many hours did we waste?' Inner asked.

'Shoo! Shoo! Get out of my damn head Inner! That was a stupid question. What use will the answer be?' I mentally yelled.

'Man you are mean. Jeez! Find I'm going to sleep. Peace out\\/!'

"Finally" I sighed.

"I made sure she had everything done before she went to sleep" Shizune said making me jump.

"Give me a heads up before you scare me like that Shizune. Heh" I smiled.

"Sorry." She replied meekly.

"Thanks for pushing Tsunade to get the work done. It looks like this is good bye for now." I told her, with a hint of sadness in my voice.

"Let me escort you to the village gates." Shizune insisted.

"Thank you, I'd love that. By the way, did you see Hina anywhere?" I asked, hoping to see her before I left.

"No sorry, she did write me a letter about what happened last night." She whispered.

"Yeah, it explains why I have this scarf on." I said holding up a red slash maroon scarf.

"Umm… I will write once a week, and if there is an accident. If I decided to start traveling you and Hinata will be the first to know, well, besides me, hehehe." I said while scratching the back of my head.

"That will be much appreciated. If something changes, even if its classified I will let you know. Of course it will be in the code language you, Hinata and I made." Shizune said quietly, after looking around for eavesdroppers. She would be punished or worse if people found out the Hokage's right hand woman is giving out classified information to a retired ninja.

"That would be awesome Shizune." I said in an equally quiet voive.

"Can you, uh, keep watch over Lady Tsunade, Naruto and a very keen eye over Sasuke and his team? Doesn't it seem strange for them to return without Sasuke fulfilling any goals? Orochimaru is not even mad that he left. He just let Sasuke go, with three of his members and he is not even going after him. It is like he wanted Sasuke to come back to the village. One of his teammates even took my place at Lady Tsunade's side. She is really close to all the files in her office. That is classified information. It all went too smoothly. And get this, what if there was a jutsu that can make someone get favoured, or that can compel people to be friends, close friends for the access of important information. Or maybe she can sweet talk people to like her. So the guards on stand by can loosen up around that person. Or higher ups think she is trust worthy. Do you think there could be a chance Orochimaru is trying to destroy the village again? That he is infiltrating the village with Sasuke's team first?"

When I reached the village gates I was shocked to see all my old friends, including Sasuke.

"Sakura, you are leaving the village? Why?" Naruto came running to me asking the stupid question of the day.

"Why the hell would you not know why I am leaving? When was the last time you hung out with me? When did you say something nice to me? I am leaving because everyone abandoned me. You, my brother, have abandoned me. Naruto what was I to you? Just some girl to betray the minute some whore started flirting with you? You have sealed your own fate. I hope the Akatsuki catches you, and then tortures you! Because you all tortured me." I said coldly.

"What happened to you Sakura?" Naruto asked with complete shock written all over his face that I would even side with Akatsuki.

'Why is he so shocked? He should have known when he started ignoring us that we would not stick around to get abused! Cha!' 'You are right inner'.

"Good bye Naruto." I said quietly and turned my back on him. I really hope I never see him again. But I bumped into someone else I never wanted to see again. But fate just hates me.

"Get out of my way Sasuke!" I said angrily.

"Not until you give me a kiss good bye." He said with his stupid cocky attitude.

"I am pretty sure I'd rather kiss a donkey. Oh wait, kissing you is like kissing a donkey." I said my awesome comeback.

"And you would know that, right Sa-ku-ra." He hinted a double meaning. He got in my personal space. Never kissed a donkey! I wish I could say I never kissed him.

I took a few steps back and Sasuke smirked knowing he made me uncomfortable enough to move away. Why is Karin or anyone else not seeing this?

"I hope I never see you again." I spat.

I walked around him carefully I turned my back on him just to come face to face with Ino, Tenten, and Karin, the other boys were a few feet behind the girls.

"And what the hell would you three like to say before I turn my back to you guys."

"I just wanted to say I am glad you are not going to live here anymore. It is a disappointment to see how sorry you look. Like a baby puppy that has just been kicked. You tried being a good medic, but you just couldn't excel like Lady Tsunade hoped you would. Tanks to Sasuke he brought a very capable Kunoichi here to fill the spot you couldn't. I just hope you end up in a poor village, they could take anything, that is what you are, anything. Good bye billboard brow." Ino finished by whipping her hair in my face.

"Sakura…. I am sorry." Was all Tenten said before she went to stand by Neji.

'What was that about?' Inner piped. 'I have no clue. I hope she feels bad for betraying us. I hope everyone does. They lost a good friend.' 'Ditto!'

"Heh! So I finally ran you out of the village hey?" Karin asked all perky.

"I decided this on my own." I said before walking towards the gates. I was stopped by another voice before I could take another step.

"Real troublesome, Sakura… Have a good life. If I ever run into you again, well, I hope it's on good terms." Shikamaru said which made me stop walking… Meet on good terms? I have no idea if I want to meet them again, let alone meeting them on good terms.

'Why are they here? Aren't we invisible to them?' 'I don't know` inner answered.

I turned around to look at my old friends and the guys that neer said anything yet. Neji, Lee, Choji, Kiba and Shino just looked at me, not even looking sad or, or even unhappy that I am leaving. It just goes to show how much they changed. Or did I change? What did I expect? Too see them feel guilty? Lee looked like he wanted to say something, but he kept it in. The only sound I could hear from Choji was the sound of eating chips. Neji was the first to turn his back and walk back to where ever he was going. Probable to celebrate the loss of a enemy, me. But before he want too far I yelled.

"You guys changed. You believed lies, and lost a friend. It is your entire fault I am leaving. I hope you guys someday realize the mistake you made. Good bye. If I ever see you again, it will be as enemies." I turned around to leave this god forbidden place. I left with hope of someday finding happiness.

"Too bad, the only thing I might miss is your body, well most of your body. That forehead I think I might never get used to it." Kiba Barked.

I stopped walking for a second to hear anymore replies.

"Sakura wait!"

Just my luck Sasuke calls. 'No keep going, remember last time Sasuke called us back?' 'Yeah true.' I mentally replied.

"Why don't you stay one more night, so we can give you a proper good bye?" Sasuke asked. I don't a brain to hear the hidden reason behind the question.

"Sasuke is soo generous! To offer a slut, a newly proclaimed enemy a last farewell party, a farewell party to someone who doesn't even deserve Sasuke's pity!" Karins slutty fangirl voice suddenly decided to ring through everyones ears.

"Hell No! I would never subject myself to be in the company of people that betrayed me so easily." I shouted.

"Common Sakura don't be a bitch!" Naruto stated.

"…" 'No keep going.' 'Yeah I don't feel like getting beaten up and abused sexually.'

"Sakura you bitch" I heard Ino yell. It was the last thing I heard from my past. I hoped anyway.

After a few miles of travelling I felt another Chakra signature coming towards me, and fast. It felt familiar, but I was too shaken up that I just left the village to remember who the signature belongs to.

I stopped getting into a battle stance. I pulled out two kunai. They will arrive in five, four, three, two, one…..

"Hinata?" I asked in disbelief.

"Yeah, M-may I c-come with y-you?" she asked timidly.

"…" She wants to leave the village with me? To cut ties too. Leaving an old life, to go to a new one?

"I-I m-mean, if y-you would r-rather not have m-me I-I understand." She continued.

What? Me, rather not have her come along? No, I don't want to be alone.

"Are you sure? You would leave just like that for me?" I said snapping out of my daze.

"Yeah. I rather leave for m-myself too. The way that everyone has tr-treated you, the way Na-Naruto treated you, it, it makes me angry with them." She declared passionately, forgetting to stutter every word. Maybe Hinata leaving too, will be good for her too.

"Then let's go!" I threw my fist in the air happily.

After a few days of travelling we had finally arrived in Iwa, just three miles beyond the village is where the cabin is supposed to be. Of course we erased our tracks in case Sasuke made good on his promise to find me and take my innocents. I'd rather have his brother instead. Yeah you heard me, his brother the one who killed his clan in a single night!

'Damn skippy I`d rather fuck his brother! Cha!' Inner smarty declared.

'INNER! SHUT THE HELL UP! And stop being so provocative! Like saying the 'F' word like that is ignorant. Next you will start pole dancing for free. Or selling crack and being a prostitute.' I chastised me inner mind.

"Hey Hinata we should find a place to eat and rest before we go to the cabin. For all we know the cabin could have no food and we finished all our refreshments this morning. When we get to the cabin we can see what we need to buy. Then we could come back to get the things we need." I said happily while walking up to the Iwa village gates.

"Y-yeah, or we c-could buy food and p-put it in scrolls. We wouldn't know what to buy, but we could get the basics for today and come back tomorrow." Hinata said while playing with her fingers. It was adorable. If she never had a womanly figure and huge boobs I'd think she was the cutest kid ever.

"That was… a damn smart call! We are going to be quite the team, you know." I replied.

"T-thank you" She smiled. She is gaining confidence.

'Hey inner are you there? This is the first time in a while I have been even a little bit happy! I don't feel like ending our life, especially with a friend like Hinata. It would hurt her if would wake up one day find out that I was not only dead but that I was the one to kill myself. Especially now that she cut ties with the village and only has me now. She would have many questions as to why I gave up on her. She might think I didn't want to be in her company anymore. Or that she failed in fixing me. But to be honest, I don't know if we could be fixed. Sasuke, no everyone, all my old friends broke me beyond repair. If Hinata can fix me, it would be a miracle. I will try my best to be normal again, really, but I'm not going to guarantee anything. All that matters right now is that I have Hinata with me. If only Shizune had come, but Hinata is more than enough to for me. I am not only staying alive for myself but for Hinata too.'

'You sure do say lots of I`s. I mean what about me. Am I nothing to you? Yeah we share the same body, but I want recognition too dammit! Cha!' Inner complained.

'Is that the only thing you heard out of that long speech? Why am I not surprised? But I can't talk for you too, how am I supposed to know how you feel?' I countered.

'Oh, yeah right, umm, yeah I remembered. We would never give up on Hinata. One day we need to pay her back for all the stuff she did for us. We should be glad they pushed us to leave. We would have never been happy there. Cha! We felt alone even when we still had friends. Now we have a closer bond with Hinata. There is nothing wrong with us, stop being sad. If I had real hands I would slap you. But yeah, it would have been nice for Shizune to come, but then who would watch over Naruto, Tsunade and the village. Cha!...Hey wait, did you just insult me? Lend me your body right now! I am going to slap you, then give you a wedgie and switch back and leave you to deal with it! Cha!` Inner said going on a rampage.

'Hey, settle down! Can't you take a damn joke?' I tried calming the rhino down.

'You went too far joking around! Cha! You need to learn to treat me more fairly! Cha! Just, just leave me alone!' Inner said running to her emo corner.

'Sorry!' I gave one last attempt to calm her down. Which of course went unnoticed.

Walking towards the gates to the 'Village Hidden in the Rocks' I spotted two young guards. They were young compared to the guards from our village but they were our age, maybe older, around eighteen to twenty. One has shoulder length messy dark brown hair, with smoky grey eyes. The other guy has light spikey blond hair, longer than Naruto's. He has dark blue eyes. Both men were more muscular than the other guys I have met, but unlike a nasty body builder. They looked more graceful. They wore Iwa Shinobi Gear, along with their headbands. (A/N For those who know fairy tail picture Sting and Rouge.)

Stopping at the gates Hinata and I handed out access passes to the guards.

"So you girls are young chunin from the leaf village? You have come to reside in Earth country. How long do you plan on staying in Iwa?"

'Ask him out! He is HOT and I love older men!' Inner decided to barge into my thoughts. Hey, wait, wasn't she just crying a second ago?

'You are feeling better already?' I asked.

'What are you talking about? Hot guys are around, I am never down. Cha!' inner pumped her fists in the air.

'Was that supposed to rhyme?" I asked.

"Well, we just want to find food then we are going to travel a few miles farther to my family's cabin." I told the guards.

"That's too bad. I was going to ask you girl to join us tonight." The blond guard said.

Immediately my cheeks warmed up. It was the same with Hinata.

"We need to get settled into my family's cabin before we start traveling back and forth between this village and the place we are residing in. But it is a tempting offer." I winked at the guys.

"R-really?" Hinata asked.

"Well don't you think?" I asked her back.

"So which cabin are you girls heading too?" the brunette asked turning flirty too.

"Umm, we will be residing at the Haruno cabin. Have you heard of it?" I asked. Obviously he had because he just turned ghost white.

'Is there something wrong with me?" I whispered to Hinata.

"N-no you are p-perfect!" She whispered back.

"I apologise for my partner's sake. The cabin you are talking about has a bad reputation here." The blond said.

"What kind of reputation?" I asked.

"Listen, are you sure it is your family's cabin?" He looked a little skeptical.

"Yeah, I have my parents map. They even told me stories about it." I replied standing my ground.

"Well, it has been known for about four hundred years. It's actually a long story. Why don't you girls meet us for lunch in an hour, it is going to take a while to explain. I also need to make sure my knowledge is accurate.

"Okay, so which restaurant should we meet at?"

"There is a place called Charlotte's. It is straight down this street then turn left at a road called Jura." He said.

"Okay thanks. We will be there." I replied.


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