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A/N: Hello, lovely readers! And welcome to my most current weird and wonderful(?) story. This story was inspired by the new promos of American Horror Story's latest season 'Coven' (hence the honorary name). It's not in any way a crossover or anything like that. Literally, the idea of a coven of witches in New Orleans sparked this idea in my strange brain.

Caroline sighed as she swirled the whiskey around the tumbler she held loosely in her hand, head resting on her other. She didn't care much for the taste, but it did the trick in getting her good and buzzed in the way that a cocktail couldn't. She hadn't even had to show the barman her fake ID to get served, as he recognized her face immediately. Whether it was the fame of being Lillian Beaulieu's granddaughter, or her striking resemblance to her famed, yet feared Grandmother, Caroline didn't know, but she was glad that she didn't have to bribe or threaten the barman to get what she wanted.

It was the night of the full moon, meaning it was the meeting night for Caroline's coven, The Sisters of Brigid. Having only just started college, Caroline had attempted to mingle that evening at a college mixer, believing she had enough time to socialize, as well as make her meeting. What Caroline hadn't counted on was the constant late night roadworks all the way from the University of New Orleans, in the typically short 20-minute drive to her grandmother's house in the French Quarter. It had taken her an entire forty minutes to get from the University mixer to her Grandmother's house where the meetings were always held. Caroline had only been ten minutes late, but for Lillian Beaulieu, that was twenty too many.

Whilst she knew that her Grandmother loved her, Lillian ran a tight ship within the coven, and Caroline's home life had been no different. Having lived with Lillian since the age of thirteen, she knew her Grandmother well. Away from the prying eyes of the French Quarter and its enemies, Lillian was kind, fun loving, and shared her granddaughter's love of fashion, hair, and all things bright and beautiful. Whilst the dishes had to be done at the end of every evening, the house thoroughly vacuumed and swept every two days, and everything in its rightful place, Caroline shared the chores happily. For whilst she washed the dishes and her grandmother dried, once they finished, Lillian would enthusiastically be teaching Caroline how to dance the 'Loco-motion' or how to induce numerous brain aneurisms in a vampire.

And whilst Lillian was the impeccably put together, stern Southern lady on the outside, it was the eccentric, hippy 'Mamie Lilli' that Caroline adored. But where the coven was concerned, Lillian was fierce. Come the matters of the coven, that eccentric hippy was nowhere to be found. Coven is family, coven is our lifeblood.

With the current war that was waging in New Orleans and with Lillian as one of the coven elders, she expected Caroline to be committed with her whole being. There was absolutely no room for mistake. When she had rushed in late, her grandmother had looked at her so coldly, and with such disappointment she felt as though she may freeze. And while the younger members of the coven had been more understanding, having been on the end of the elders' wrath before themselves, Caroline couldn't shake the feeling of shame. As soon as she arrived, the elders had briskly instructed that they do the monthly protection spell as their twelfth member of the inner circle had finally arrived. And whilst she felt some comfort in the warm grip of her best friends Elena and Bonnie's hands as they performed the ritual, everyone could feel the sharp breeze in the room, and the unsettled energy as Lillian attempted to control her anger and haywire magic.

Whilst all of the lineage in The Sisters of Brigid produced incredibly strong witches, if a Bennett or a Beaulieu woman was upset, everyone would know about it. And in the circle that night, Caroline could feel the extent of her grandmother's displeasure. She had not only shown herself up, but her grandmother too. And that wouldn't do at all.

As soon as the group had finished the closing rites to their patron goddess Brigid, Caroline had picked up her purse and sped out of the house so quickly, it was as if her grandmother had personally set fire to her backside with the heat from her eyes.

And so she found herself, sat at a quiet bar on the night of the full moon, not feasting with her entire coven as they typically did on full moons, but rather cursing the delicate balance between witch life, and college life.

Klaus had also been struggling that full moon. He wasn't in the mood to turn with his hybrids and wreak havoc outside the boundaries of the French Quarter, turning up God knows where the next morning. He also didn't want to feed himself high on bloodlust with the vampires in his brood as they cheered on the werewolves or partied at one of the various houses that housed the people of his 'court'.

He had begun sketching as the evening had gone on, the energy rising with the moon, scratching across his skin as he agitatedly scrawled a half-hearted horizon. Realizing his attempts equaled that of a school child; he threw the sketchpad aside angrily, going straight for the bottle of scotch he had hidden away from his sister's greedy hands. She had her own house, why she had to raid his own liquor stash he had no idea. He thought for a moment about what his second in command would be doing that evening, wondering if he could provide any kind of entertainment.

He grimaced as he realised Rebekah would most likely provide the kind of entertainment he definitely did not want to see. The kind where she and his second in command Marcel would be holed up in a room of one of those various houses, showing each other exactly how much they 'hated' one another.

The mere thought had caused him to down several glasses of scotch, making a mental note to tell Marcel he would tear out his spleen and play with it in front of him if he kept on entertaining his baby sister. It had been over one-hundred-years why they hadn't gotten over one another yet he had no idea.

The thoughts of his sister and Marcel made Klaus even more desperate for some kind of distraction other than the familiar walls of his house. And so he had set out, ignoring the calling howls of his people, his sensitive hearing picking them up miles away, outside of the borders of the French Quarter where they would be free to roam with very little danger. The amount of people out at that time of night on the full moon was scarce, but the odd human would scurry away from him, too scared to even be in the close vicinity of him. It was lonely to be king.

He had wandered into the first drinking hole he could find, not taking notice of the name of the bar. His eyes immediately scanned the area for alcohol to dull his senses, not even noticing how the patrons seemed to shrink away as he entered.

Klaus had wanted a distraction, and boy had he found it. Sat at the bar, was an absolutely beautiful, little blonde distraction. Or, not little exactly, a lithe, and leggy blonde distraction. She seemed very dressed up for a dive bar like the one he had stumbled into, and he briefly thought that this definitely wasn't her first stop of the night. He watched her carefully from the back corner of the room, observing her, stalking her as his prey of the night. He couldn't decide if he wanted to feed on her, or fuck her. Possibly both.

He was always cautious of blondes. In this town, blonde meant Beaulieu, and that never ended well. Typically he would have a few less brain cells and be missing a few hybrids, and they would be down a witch or two. And considering they held the key to his precious doppelganger blood, the less clashes there were, the better for the sake of his followers.

Damned witches. At this point, almost every witch in town had Beaulieu blood in them somewhere, having settled in New Orleans over two hundred years ago from overseas. Even a Bennett or two had the odd smattering of Beaulieu blood in them.

But despite that, none was more powerful than Lillian Beaulieu and her direct line. It had always been the way, and he had a feeling it would continue to be that way. But judging by the current blonde's smooth, supple skin and generous show of thigh, he knew it at least wasn't the bitch in person. Perhaps it was the liquid courage, or perhaps it was the sweet, enticing scent of her floating across the room, he didn't know. But his feet were moving in her direction before he had fully grasped he was moving, drawn to his new distraction.

He leant on the bar beside her where she was propped precariously on a bar stool, "What's a beautiful woman like yourself doing drinking alone in a place like this?" He asked, keeping the slur from his voice, his eyes devouring every little detail of her up close, delighting in the way she jumped a little at his presence, a blush rising in her cheeks from his comment.

Caroline found herself flustered at this stranger's sudden appearance. An incredibly handsome stranger. She attempted to control her blush at his words, heart beating a mile a minute as one of Brigid's teachings in her grandmother's voice echoed in her head, accept compliments with grace, and let the truth of them sink deep into your heart.

Not quite knowing what to think of the strangers approach, she answered his question as vaguely as possible, "The world. Life. Drives people to do crazy things," Caroline said, her accent coming off far more southern than she had intended, taking on her Grandmother's strong drawl. She internally cringed, her mothers childhood berating's on not 'sounding like a hick' coming forth. Caroline was sure her mother hated her because of how much she reminded Liz Forbes of her mother Lillian.

"I can totally agree with you there, love." He murmured, thoughts of his sister and her frequent mistakes in love foggily drifting away, his own accent strikingly dissimilar to her own, watching intently as her mouth turned down in an unconscious display of sadness. Her expression brightened as she finally registered his 'exotic' accent, consciously keeping her mouth shut from asking him if he was from London. Such a hick thing to say, her mother's voice resounded in her head. Only this time, Caroline shook the venomous memories away as the stranger settled himself on a bar stool next to her.

"What are you drinking?" He asked, motioning to her empty glass. Caroline looked down at the glass in her hand, shocked to find it was empty for the umpteenth time that night.

"Irish whiskey," She muttered huskily, looking up at him through thick, fanned lashes, Klaus becoming mesmerized for a moment by the pout of her lower lip as she stopped speaking.

He nodded, his throat suddenly becoming dry, "The good stuff, I hope. Nice to see a girl have a proper drink for a change." He husked out, waving over the barman impatiently, "Bottle of Midleton," He said briskly, sending the barman scampering for the bottle and a glass, eager to fulfill his wishes.

As the barman set the glass down, and opened the bottle Klaus growled, "Leave the bottle." The other man set it down with a clank and shot over to the other end of the bar, eager to get away from him.

"My Grandmother swears by a shot of Irish whiskey in her tea at the end of a difficult day," Caroline said, tracing the grain of the wood in the old bar top, looking up as Klaus refilled her glass generously before pouring his own. Her eyes widened as they caught sight of the bottle, covered in a thick film of dust, obviously none of the previous patrons in years past able to afford the previously unopened whiskey. Caroline had been eyeing the bottle all night, unable to afford the extravagance of a $250 dollar bottle of a limited edition 23 year old Irish Whiskey, "Thank you," She whispered as he finished filling her glass, feeling completely at ease with a perfect stranger.

"Irish family?" He asked with a smirk, Caroline's cloudy mind only just picking up that he was referring to her previous sentence.

Caroline laughed lightly, "Oh no, New Orleans born and raised. All of us. Our ancestors were Irish mostly, though."

Klaus nodded knowingly, "I've been around these parts for a long while, would I know your Grandmother?" He asked, fishing for details, making a last minute check.

"No. Definitely not. We're perfectly boring," Caroline lied, unable to contain her laughter. Her answer however, seemed to placate Klaus.

"What's your name, love?" He asked gently, curious to know more about this enticing creature.

"Caroline. Forbes." She said, using the surname that had gone unused in over five years, holding out her hand to shake his,

"Nik." He said, moving to shake her proffered hand, sparks flying between their skin as it met, making both of their hearts jolt a little.

For the next couple of hours, the two chatted non-stop. Maybe it was the booze, or maybe it was the connection the pair seemed to have, but Caroline couldn't help but feel completely at ease with the man she had only just met. She knew that she should feel cautious, but with several tumblers of Midleton in her belly, she couldn't bring herself to care.

"So my Grams walks into my room, and finds my best friend half naked, and can hear me singing in my bathroom and automatically assumes that we've been 'knockin' boots'," Caroline said theatrically,

Klaus' eyes widened, trying to block out the primal instinct in imagining the blonde girl with another woman, shifting on his stool uncomfortably as he attempted to concentrate on her story, "What did she say?"

"Well she had no idea my friend was round, so she thought I was hiding it from her. I came out of the bathroom and my Grams says, 'so this is what you've really been doing at all these sleepovers'," Caroline said in her best imitation of her Grandmothers voice, making Klaus laugh, "I looked at my friend, who was so, so red, and all stumbling over her words and embarrassed, and realised immediately what she meant. I was so horrified, and tried to explain to her that 'Lena was showing me some outfits for a date she had coming up."

"Let me guess, she didn't buy it?" He asked wittily,

"Nope. She just gives me this look with this knowing little smile, and goes, 'don't worry, honey. I've been there, I know the appeal. At least this way I don't have to worry about you getting knocked up'," Caroline slurred, burying her head in her hands in embarrassment whilst Klaus guffawed in amusement, making her pout at him,

"It's not funny," She said, punching him in the arm, almost missing, Klaus giving her a mock pained look at the weak blow, "It took me two weeks to convince my Grams that I'm not gay. And every time I would try to convince her, she'd just go 'don't fret, darlin' I won't tell anyone!'" The pair looked at each other, and drunkenly burst out laughing, Caroline leaning into him a little as she did.

As their laughter died down, Caroline shook her head, trying to clear her brain a little, turning to look at Klaus and finding them much closer than she had realised. As she looked at him, their noses were practically touching, and she realised that as she had turned, somehow, one of his knees was between her thighs, inches away from where it would be considered publicly indecent. He too seemed to be aware of their proximity, and his eyes flicked to her lips, wetting his own, almost as if he were considering kissing her.

"I can't feel my hands!" Caroline blurted loudly, drawing a few looks from the remaining people in the bar, Klaus jolting away from her in shock as she scooted back onto her barstool, holding out a hand in front of his face. He let out a huff of laughter, smiling lightly and took a hold of the hand shoved in his face. He rubbed circles into her hand with his thumbs, ignoring the heat of the touch, as well as the way her blood sang to him, mingling with the scent of her.

"What about now?" He asked, that small smile still present on his lips, drawing her eyes to the dimples that had appeared,

Caroline cleared her throat, "Mmm, I can feel them a little." She whispered, crossing her legs tightly in the hopes of settling the arousal that had been throbbing for the past couple of hours.

He took in the movement of her legs with another smile, eyes flitting to the new hint of thigh bared. He daringly brought her hand up to his lips, locking eyes with hers as he placed a chaste kiss to the back of her hand, "What about now?" He murmured, hearing her heart thud more quickly in her chest, her eyes following his movement hazily,

"Just about," She muttered distractedly, yanking her hand from his in shock as the barman rang the bell, signalling final orders. The bar would be closing soon. Caroline looked back to him the idea of the night soon being over disappointing her. Klaus seemed to have something else on his mind though,

"Would you like to come back to mine, Caroline?" He asked lowly, his intentions perfectly clear in the tone of his words.

Caroline felt herself wanting to agree immediately, her body telling her there was nothing that she would enjoy more than to go home with him. But she couldn't help but feel unsure about a one night stand.

She hadn't exactly been celibate in high school, but she only ever had sex with her ex-boyfriend. And that hadn't been all that impressive. Surely when no feelings were involved, that would make it even worse. She shuddered at the thought. She didn't think it could get much worse. Caroline Forbes Beaulieu was not that kind of girl. Yet. A one-nighter was on her college bucket list however. And in her hazy mind, she couldn't help but think, why not? Better with Nik, a hot, older guy who she had a legitimate connection with than some inexperienced frat boy.

She nodded, suddenly excited, in more ways than one, over going home with him. He grinned back at her, sliding from his bar stool almost clumsily and slapped a few hundred-dollar bills on the counter before holding out his hand for her to follow. Caroline grinned back, throwing her hand into his and slipped from her seat, the moment her heels hit the floor, her knees buckled beneath her. Klaus grabbed her around her waist, hauling her to him as Caroline giggled, not even bringing herself to be embarrassed.

Klaus swiped the bottle of whiskey from the bar, and the two stumbled from the bar, slurring together as they talked about anything and everything. The streets were deserted, it being a dangerous time of night (or early morning) for the French Quarter on a full moon. Soon enough, Klaus was leading Caroline up the grand pathway to his house.

"This is where you live?" She asked, mouth gaping open,

"Yeah, this is my place," He said dismissively, having lived in bigger mansions he didn't find it all too impressive.

"This isn't a – a place, this is a fucking mansion!" She exclaimed loudly, blindly following as he helped her up the steps.

"Not quite, love." He told her amusedly, pushing his front door open.

"You leave your front door open? What is this, the twenties?" She muttered, taking in the interior of his house with wonderment as he shut the door behind them.

"I don't seem to get any problems." He told her, not wanting to scare her by saying that no one dared to break in.

"What, because you're so big and scary- mfh!" Her sentence became muffled as he pressed her against the door, his mouth boldly pushing against her own before she had time to register what was happening. His hands roamed along her sides, making Caroline shiver, her hands letting go of the purse and jacket clasped in her left hand. She snaked her arms around his shoulders, kissing him back so fiercely she felt him smirk against her lips before he pushed his tongue into her mouth.

She groaned into his mouth, winding a hand into the curls at the nape of his neck, pushing herself into him more fully, and feeling his arousal hard against her belly. She tilted her hips into his a little, making him groan. His hands trailed to her back, sliding between her and the wood of the door, pausing on the zipper of her shift dress. He pulled away from her and Caroline grinned at him with a devilish glint in her eyes,

"If you were planning on it, love, now is the time to back out." He murmured, his breath puffing against her lips, his eyes stormy with lust, holding onto his last vestiges of control not to take her right then and there.

She didn't even think about her answer, the words immediately spilling from her lips, suddenly feeling much more sober, "I'm not going anywhere."

Klaus' fingers yanked the zipper down, Caroline's arms slipping from his shoulders to allow the dress to fall to the floor as he stepped back a little. His eyes roamed over her body, and she shifted self-consciously. Caroline sent a silent prayer of thanks that she'd worn her best lingerie that night.

Klaus let out a growl and yanked her to him by her hand, wrapping his arms around her waist and letting his hands slide over the soft, bare skin of her lower back as he mauled her mouth with his. She returned the favour, her hands slipping between them to pull his shirt up, breaking their kiss temporarily as she flung it over his head, as he yanked off his shoes and socks. Her mouth was instantly back on his, hands exploring the plains of his chest.

She let out a yelp as he laid his hands on her ass, hoisting her up so she could wrap her legs around his waist, impressed in his show of strength. He swallowed the little noises that she made, allowing his hands to stay on her backside as he blindly made his way up the stairs, ignoring the hot, electrical sensation of her bare skin touching his.

Caroline kicked off her shoes, hearing them hit the wood of the stairs with a thunk, one rolling down a few steps. Klaus broke the seal of their mouths, Caroline gasping for breath as he skittered kisses and licks along the column of her throat, ignoring his instincts to go for the carotid. She wove a hand into his hair once more, gasping for an entirely different reason, unable to take in any of the beautiful artwork along the hallway of the second floor.

He kicked open the door to his bedroom, nipping along the curves of her cleavage, making her gasp and clench her hand in his hair more tightly, "You're so beautiful," He muttered between the kisses as he worked up to her neck. Caroline blushed at his remark, leaning down to nip his own neck teasingly, "And infuriating," He rumbled, tossing her onto the bed and making her screech in laughter as she bounced on the bed. Klaus grinned at her as he crawled onto the bed, Caroline immediately welcoming him between her thighs, wrapping her long legs around him as he settled over her, leaning up to kiss him.

He returned her kiss, hands frenzied as they ran across her back, fingers unhooking her white silk bra. He pulled the garment from her body, and pulled back, breaking the kiss. He looked at her hungrily, committing every perfect detail and curve to memory. Running his hands further up her chest, he slid over the rise of her breasts, making her bite her lip as they ran over her sensitive nipples, releasing a whimper.

Klaus pressed wet, open mouthed kisses between the valley of her breasts, tasting her skin, leading down to her stomach, and hooking his fingers into the elastic of her silk and lace panties, the scent of her arousal filling the room. He looked up at her for her permission, and at her frantic nod he pulled the underwear from her body.

Caroline nervously pulled him back up to her, and began to unbuckle his belt, pulling the leather from the metal she undid the button of his jeans watching as he pulled off his jeans and underwear. Her eyes widened at the size of him, and he looked at her smugly. She had noticed at the bar he had been a little cocky, and now she knew why.

She sat up, reaching for him, watching the expression on his face as her hand enclosed around his hard cock. He grit his teeth as she stroked him, and pulled back from her grasp, "No, no," He murmured, Caroline looking at him strangely, "Ladies first," He said with a wolfish grin.

He pushed back a surprised Caroline gently by her shoulder, hovering over her and mapping her body with his hands, smoothing them over her breasts to pull at her nipples, making her squirm. Her bucking hips brought his right hand sloping down her ribcage, dipping into her hipbone before meeting the slick flesh between her legs. There would be time for a fuller investigation of her body later, he decided.

Caroline bucked at his gentle touch, cupping her, setting the fire in her stomach roaring. She breathed sharply as he slid a finger between her folds, running up and down teasingly, stopping short of her clit, and making her huff in displeasure. Just as she was becoming (more) frustrated, he slid a single finger into her, stretching her before adding a second. He watched the spread of emotions that ran across her face a he set a steady rhythm that had her bucking and keening.

Wanting to see what she looked like when she came undone, he doubled his efforts, moving faster, angling his fingers to hit a spot inside her that even Caroline hadn't known existed. She let out a cry as he rubbed the spot inside her, moving his thumb up to put pressure on her clit as his mouth attacked her breasts, making her legs shake. It was all too much, the mass stimulation sending Caroline into a body wracking orgasm. Head tipping backwards, she screamed his name as she came, Klaus slowly working her down from the vice gripping around his fingers.

Once she came around, she found he had removed his fingers, and was kissing and sucking the underside of one of her breasts, watching her with great interest. She stared right back at him with a huge grin, having never had an orgasm with a partner before. She had definitely made the right choice in making Nik her one-nighter.

Just looking at him, she found the spark of arousal flicker back into life, and with shaky hands encouraged him back over her, wrapping her arms around his torso and leaning up to kiss him slowly. They kissed languorously for a few minutes before breaking a part, as Caroline could feel he was getting tense, and she realised she had been the only one to have an orgasm. The exact opposite of what usually happened to her.

Caroline lifted her hips a little so that her arousal rubbed against him, "I want you inside me," She whispered into his ear, cheeks turning scarlet at the words, having never said something so filthy before. Klaus let out a huff against her neck; hands clenched into fists either side of her, fighting his animal instincts to take her fast and hard.

He nodded into her neck, leaning back so that he could guide himself inside of her. Caroline tensed, expecting it to be painful from the sheer size of him, but he slid into her slowly and painlessly, inch by incredible inch. She moaned as she felt herself stretching around him, feeling only pure pleasure as he bottomed out inside her. The pair moaned as he did, Klaus resting his forehead to hers as Caroline clung to his shoulders.

Klaus waited with gritted teeth for her to relax before sliding back and thrusting into her. Caroline gasped his name, eyes closed as she took pleasure in the fullness inside of her, nails digging into his back, hips rising to meet his. Once she was fully responsive to his movements, he set a more frenzied pace, his hands roaming every inch of skin he could reach without losing his balance.

Whether it was the liquid courage or Nik, Caroline suddenly felt brave enough to take what she wanted. She pushed him to the side, rolling with him, so that she landed on top with him still inside her. Klaus was momentarily shocked, before appreciatively looking up at her, sliding his hands along her smooth thighs, able to touch more of her gorgeous body without worrying about crushing her. She laid her hands flat on his chest, and slowly began moving on top of him, letting out a breathless whimper, her head tilting back in pleasure as the angle changed, her clit grinding against his pubic bone.

He kept his eyes on her, not letting himself get caught up in the sensations, hands clenched on her thighs, it being at the forefront of his mind that she was human, and he had to be gentle. Something he did not do easily. To avoid crushing her thighs, he sat upright, startling her a little, and settled his hands on her backside once more, her ass soon becoming one of his favourite body parts of hers. She wound her arms around his shoulders, crushing her breasts between them as she started moving again, muffling her moans with his kisses. He helped her guide her thrusts, pulling her onto him more and more quickly, feeling himself ready to let go just as her walls started shuddering around him.

As Caroline cried out into his shoulder, her whole body shaking, Klaus allowed himself to get lost in her with a few sporadic thrusts, groaning her name as he came.

They panted together for a moment before Klaus collapsed back in bed, taking Caroline with him, leaving her lying on his chest. Typically he wouldn't allow such intimacies, but with Caroline, everything was different.

Caroline groggily awoke as light flooded into the room, her head pounding in irritation as the light burned through her eyelids. She groaned in protest, hand coming up to cover her eyelids, eyes blinking open painfully slowly. She realised suddenly that she wasn't in her room, and there was an arm that wasn't hers slung over her waist. She felt her entire body stiffen as she remembered the events of evening, well into the morning. Her cheeks stained pink as the memories played through her mind.

Last night had definitely been worth it, making her grin, the delicious ache in her bones distracting from the pain in her head. Caroline turned her head to find Nik snoring softly, laying on his front, hand slung over her possessively. She frowned as she watched him. She wasn't sure what the morning after etiquette for a one-night stand was. Perhaps she shouldn't have stayed over, but she had passed out after round number – was it number five?

She looked down to the arm flung over her, and to Nik's sleeping face trying to figuring she should escape before he woke up and kicked her out. She carefully slipped her hand under his arm lifting it slowly and watching his face for any reaction, carefully sliding out from his grip. Setting his arm gently back down on the bed, and seeing that he was still happily sleeping, Caroline sat on the edge of the bed, stretching and grinning.

She felt her heart stop as she looked down to find the dried mess between her thighs, realising they hadn't used protection. No. How could she have been so stupid? There was a reason why she had only ever had sex with one person, and been ridiculously careful. The Sisters of Brigid got pregnant incredibly easy. Among many of her affiliations, Brigid was a fertility goddess, the proof obvious in her followers.

No, no, no, Caroline couldn't get pregnant. Her grandmother had fallen pregnant with Caroline's mother when she was only seventeen, the father leaving her when he found out. Liz had become pregnant with Caroline after only dating Bill Forbes for a few months, a hasty marriage coming about at the young age of nineteen.

She couldn't become pregnant. Her grandmother was counting on her to make something of herself in a way that the previous Beaulieu women couldn't. The only thing to do would be to get home and brew a preventative potion, and pray as if her life depended on it. She definitely had to get out of there before Nik woke up to a hysterical bedfellow.

Taking several deep breaths, Caroline rubbed her forehead, and shuffled from the bed to the bathroom, putting Nik's shirt on along the way so she wasn't wandering around completely naked. Once in the bathroom, she freshened herself up, attempting to calm down, making a conscious effort not to freak out.

Upon re-entering the room, she found with a sigh of relief that Nik was still peacefully asleep, so she wouldn't have to face him. She scanned the room finding her underwear splayed in opposite directions. She slipped them on one by one, leaving Klaus' shirt at the end of the bed. Realising no more of her clothes were in his room, she looked longingly at Klaus for a moment before sighing and sneaking from the room, shutting the door quietly. Going down the staircase she found one shoe at a time, then her dress near the door, and finally her jacket and purse, where she had dropped them when he first attacked her.

After doing the walk of shame home, Caroline unlocked her front door cautiously, "Grams?" She called, shutting the door behind her. Hearing no reply, she frowned and walked to the kitchen, finding a note on the counter. 'Gone to a blessing for the day. See you later, love, Grams ' She sighed as she read the note. Grams wasn't mad at her anymore or so she thought from the contents of the note, and a covered breakfast of bacon and eggs sitting on the stove.

Caroline felt relieved that Grams was gone for the day, and immediately went for a shower. As soon as she had showered, she set to the kitchen, pulling the family book of shadows from a concealed compartment in the wall of the kitchen. She flipped to the correct page and mentally ticked off the ingredients, not quite as familiar with the preventative pregnancy potion as the preventative fertilisation one. She gathered the ingredients from the kitchen shelves, setting a pan of boiling water on the stove to boil whilst she went to the garden greenhouse, where she and her grandmother grew most of their herbs.

Once everything was collected, Caroline downed a glass of the hangover cure that her Grams had made a batch of the week before, shuddering at the disgusting taste.

Upon carefully brewing the potion, she drank it quickly with a distasteful grunt, the taste only making her feel sicker than she already did. Caroline sighed as she cleaned up her supplies. She felt a lot more positive about her situation after taking the potion, many witches swearing by it. Relief spread through her as one of her 'feelings' settled in her stomach, one she interpreted as her not becoming pregnant. Thank Brigid.

One burden, somewhat, lifted from her mind, her thoughts soon went to Nik, and she felt herself become giddy. He had been such an amazing, attentive lover, not to mention that they had an instant connection that she had never felt before. She found herself becoming sad at the thought she likely wouldn't see him again. And if she did it would probably be awkward, and just plain weird. Plus she didn't have his phone number, so short of knocking on his door one day, she had no way to reach him.

Still, she had thoroughly enjoyed herself. Last night had definitely been one of the best nights of her life, and Caroline couldn't believe her luck. Finding a man like that, in a bar like that. Surely, there was something wrong with him?

Oh, Klaus, you smooth bastard (as the author, does that make me smooth? O.o) Now before I go getting a ton of angry reviews, don't worry about the pregnancy thing, this isn't Hayley 2.0. It's just something to factor in to Caroline's actions.

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