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Mistress Slytherin

(Oh yeah and I'm posting the prelude and chapter one here today rather than keeping them separate)


Young Severus Snape leaned carefully against the wall pressing closer as the woman inside spoke her eyes rolled back into her scull as her wrinkled hands clutched one of the many dusty shawls she was wearing.

"The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches ... born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies ..."

Brilliantly blue eyes sparked as they darted towards the door causing Severus to leap back turn his heel and start running. He made it as far as the stair way before being met with a familiar pair of brilliant green eyes.

"Obliviate." And suddenly, for Severus Snape the world was dark. He would awake later at the foot of the stairs believing that he had tripped and knocked his head against the wall.

"That wasn't very nice." Dumbledore said his eyes narrowed as Snapes body tumbled to the landing. Green eyes turned towards him.

"That prophesy must remain a secret at all costs." He said making the man's eyes widen. "I mean it Albus Dumbledore, no one can ever know about it and you must never give in to the temptation to use it for your self." Dumbledore frowned his eyes narrowing.

"Who are you young man?" he asked carefully. Harry smiled sadly.

"It doesn't matter, I need you to swear to me that you will keep this prophesy a secret, swear on your magic or else countless lives will be lost." Dumbledore inhaled sharply.

"You're from the future." He said in understanding. The young man winced and nodded.

"I don't have much more time, a few seconds at most, you must swear this to me Albus." He said his voice desperate his eyes slightly crazed. Dumbledore frowned at the boy before nodding sharply and holding out his hand. The man grasped it and their magic pulsed at the vow. The boy's entire being seemed to relax as the vow was completed. "Go to the ministry and destroy their copy, Obliviate the woman if you have to, no one must know of it- no one." He said before taking a step back. Albus watched in horror as the young man's body slowly seemed to melt his weary smile disappearing until all that was left of him was a pile of what looked like sand. Albus made his way back into the room he had just vacated and obliviated the woman without a second thought. Wide eyes looked at him for a moment after the spell had been cast and he smiled benignly.

"Ah my dear it seems you dozed off for a moment, I apologize for interrupting your nap but it seems my presence is needed at Hogwarts…" And just like that, the world was changed.


A Change of Plans

Harry James Potter was far too wise for a child of six; any one who looked at him could see this in his weary eyes. As he watched them cover his mother's still body with a white sheet that early September morning he seemed more world weary than usual. He watched nearly dispassionately as his father, who had been restrained through out the ordeal sank to his knees as a sob was torn from his throat. Sirius Black, Harry's godfather didn't attempt to reach out to his friend and despite Harry's young age he could understand. The man had traded Lily's life for the life of his beloved godson and in doing so accepted the ramifications of losing his best friend. The man in question sank into the chair on the opposite side of the bed his expression torn as the white mask in his hands slipped to the wooden floor with a dull thud. James let out an inhumane roar his eyes wild as he struggled against the man thrusting his body forward until they lost their grip on him and he could drape his body over his wife's cooling body and weep. The sound of high heals on the hallways wooden floor drew Harry's wide-eyed gaze from his father's mourning scene to the tall beautiful woman entering the room her eyes glittering. Tall regal, and proud, she wore a long gown of spun red silk and an expression of triumph. She sneered at the sight of Harry's father before lifting her wand.

"Stupify." She said easily causing Harry's father to stiffen and fall to the floor. Harry was secretly glad to see the man stop his crying, it was distressing to him.

"Bella." Sirius said his eyes blank. The woman smirked and crossed her arms.

"Take him to the rehabilitation center." She said briskly before catching sight of Harry and grinning widely as the men lifted his fathers' fallen form and carried him out of the room. "Hello!" She said cheerfully. Harry tilted his head to the side and glanced at Sirius who had tensed from where he was sitting in the chair.

"Bella you've done what you've come to do-" Harry watched as the woman's smile fell into a pout as she turned her head towards his godfather.

"Actually," She said interrupting him, her pout turning to a grin. "Our lord has decided to reward me with the boy." She said causing the blood to drain from Harrys' godfathers' face.

"No- no! He swore Harry would live! That's the only reason I made the trade-!" He said panicked as he stood. Bella grinned.

"Oh Siri! Now you're just being silly!" She drawled. Harry watched Sirius' hand tighten around the handle of his wand. "Harry here will live with me!" She said turning back to Harry who took a step back as she suddenly swooped forward and swung his six year-old self into her arms settling him on her hip as Sirius watched his face pale his expression gob smacked.

"What?" He breathed sounding suddenly very small. Bella cackled and slipped her hand around one of Harry's small her hands.

"You didn't honestly think that you would keep him here did you?" She said gleefully. Harry who was rather tired and overwhelmed by the whole situation leaned his head against her shoulder. Sirius' eyes grew wide and desperate.

"Please Bella I'll do anything…" She cackled once more.

"Silly Sirius I never said I wouldn't let you see him!" She said causing his shoulders to relax. "Though it will be up to the dark lord and how well you please him in regards to how often you see him." She said before turning. Harry watched the man's face fall before snuggling closer to Bella who cooed at him and muttered unintelligibly in happiness. It was only much later after having been tucked in to the too large bed in the too large room in night clothes fit for a king that Harry Potter let his tears fall.


Four years later

Harry Potter stood quietly as his 'mother' as Bella demanded him to call her, rushed about his room chasing the poor house elf who was struggling to pack his things. Rodolphus stood by the door watching her passively his expression as unchanging as ever. "Bella I'm sure that we will be able to send him anything he should need-" He winced as she turned her frantic glare onto him and gathered her skirts in her hands. Harry tilted his head to the side as the man sent him a fleeting pleading look and smirked.

"Mother, what about that blue shirt you bought me? Did you make sure it was packed?" he said distracting her easily before her hand could reach for her wand. Her dark eyes flickered and her focus shifted onto him as she smiled widely. The thing about Bella was that she was unstable, the smallest thing could catch her focus at times.

"Yes-yes of course dear!" she said before chasing after the elf once more. Rodolphus sent him a grateful look and he smirked at the man letting him know he owed him one. The man rolled his eyes and huffed before slipping out of the room. A small chime alerted them to the time and Bella let out a gasp. "Its time!" She cried out backhanding the elf out of her way as she messily placed a few more items into his trunk and slammed it shut. Harry sighed as the elf stood wobbling a bit and snapped its fingers removing its-self and the trunk from the room. Bella spun on her heel and held out her hand. "To the floo my Harry!" She said gleefully.

"Of course mother." He said taking her hand as she led them through the grand halls of their home towards the floo. Harry smiled wryly at the grandeur the cost of it all not lost on him. The world had changed since that day so long ago when he'd been torn from his family. The Dark Lord had quickly taken over; his army defeated the Ministry of magic with ease his power swift and merciless dampening any illusions of rebellion quickly and with much bloodshed. He blinked rapidly as a ceramic vase was thrust into his face and smiled weakly at Bella before grabbing a handful of green powder. "Kings Cross Station." He said firmly before stepping through the floo and into the large room that was reserved for floo travel. The few families that were in the room paled and quickened their pace at the sight of him knowing that Harry Potter was rarely seen without Bellatrix Le Strange. Sure enough the woman in question slipped out of the green flames her eyes alighting on him almost immediately.

"Darling!" She said as if she hadn't just seen him, but then her mind worked in strange and what many would call unpredictable ways. Harry however was used to her and simply smiled in greeting.

"Shall we go mother?" He said holding out his hand. A woman shivered visibly at the sight of them and ushered her children out quickly. Bella grinned and took hold of his hand.

"I have a surprise for you my son!" She said brightly as she (momentarily forgetting her poise) dragged him from the room. Harry followed with a heavy sigh his face brightening immediately upon seeing tired blue eyes.

"Sirius!" he greeted causing his mother to clap her hands girlishly at having pleased him. Those that saw her skittered away fearfully, Harry however was too focused on the man before him who was grinning tiredly as he held his arms out for an embrace.

"Harry!" He said his eyes flickering out of focus for a moment as he wrapped his arms around Harry. It was well known that there were only a few people who Harry Potter would allow to embrace him. Any one else who dared even touch him would find themselves severely damaged by several rather vicious curses. Harry Potter hated touch. Sirius released him reluctantly and took a look at him, his gaze looking him over nearly frantically to check his health. "How are you Harry?" he asked his voice rough. It wasn't often that Sirius was allowed to visit him and usually the cost of such a visit was one that Harry chose not to think about. Harry looked the man over catching the bags under his eyes and his thin frame clucking his tongue disapprovingly.

"I'mfine, what about you!" he said his voice accusing, Sirius chuckled warily the light dimming slightly in his eyes.

"I'll recover my health quickly you know that." He said warmly his laugh just a bit false as he continued to check Harry over. Bella, annoyed at not having Harry's attention solely on her grabbed hold of his arm clutching it to her.

"Are you pleased my Harry!" She said gleefully her eyes flickering slightly as she teetered on the edge of one of her spurts of madness. Harry seeing this laid his hand over hers and leaned into her slightly if only to keep her from causing a massacre.

"Yes mother this is a grand surprise!" He said his voice showing genuine excitement which seemed to calm her and bring her back. Sirius was watching them quietly his expression strained and Harry managed a slight smile for the man. The train whistled and Bella tensed her grip turning nearly painful her face paling.

"You should get on now Harry." Sirius said quietly, Bella let out a small pained sound and Harry winced as her nails dug into his arm before slowly prying her away from him. He was still quite a bit shorter than her but when she looked at him now he could only see a helpless child looking back at him.

"I'll write often mother." He promised quietly. Bella nodded slowly and blinked her eyes glazing over as he gently pulled free and slowly backed towards the train. She took a step towards him and cocked her head to the side in confusion and concentration as he waved at her and sent Sirius a short nod. His features grew blank as he stepped past the other students who shifted out of his way almost immediately upon seeing him. He gazed past them well used to their reactions as he sought out a compartment smiling thinly at Draco who smiled weakly back and pointed out the window. Harry winced and moved closer to it. Bella stood like a lost little girl waving morosely as Rodolphus approached her wearily and placed a hand on the small of her back causing her to hiss furiously and send him flying across the platform much to Sirius' apparent amusement.

"Bloody hell." Draco said shaking his head as the train started and she waved more vigorously. Harry snorted.

"Eloquent as usual cousin." He said waving back at Bella. The boy turned towards him and shook his head in disbelief.

"I still don't understand how you live with her." He said. Harry smiled grimly. "I mean- I know she's obsessed with you, but has she ever…you know…I mean you saw what she did to Uncle…" Harry held up his hand.

"Watch what you say Draco Malfoy, loose lips very quickly become dead lips." He warned his eyes oddly dull despite their brilliant green color. Draco of course was right; no one came to be the object of Bella's obsession and survived unscathed- except the Dark Lord of course. Harry leaned his head back against the cushions and let his eyes slip shut. Bella believed in teaching by physical means- in other words every dark curse knew (and there were many) had either been cast on him at some point or rather he'd watched as another suffered its effects.

"Do you think she'll be alright?" Draco said after a moment of silence. Harry cracked an eye open. "I mean- you remember what happened that one time when father said you could spend the night." He said cringing and shivering visibly. Harry winced as well at that particular memory, after all she had nearly torn Malfoy manor to shreds and killed several of the muggle born servants who dared get in her way or her reaching Harry. He sighed not looking forward to her reaction to him spending an entire school year away from him.

"She'll be away in Germany on the dark lord's orders." He said trying to sound unconcerned. Draco nodded in understanding. "That will take her concentration and direct her…urges." He said looking out at the country side absently.

"Urges?" Draco muttered. "Is that what you call murderous rampaging these days?" He said shaking his head in disbelief. Harry snorted.

"If she doesn't show up before tomorrow afternoon than the Dark lord will have succeeded in effectively distracting her- how long however is up to the Germans." He said with a smirk. Draco frowned.

"The Germans?" He said quirking an eyebrow. Harry smiled thinly.

"How good of a fight they put up- how many of them she will have to go through to subdue them enough to be brought home." He said slipping his eyes closed lazily. "My guess is that she will make a rather grand entrance." He said his mind drifting to some of his own sly plans. The war which had ended swiftly in England had not satisfied the dark lord, the man was bound for new horizons now, more political dances.

He frowned as he remembered the man who haunted his nightmares. The dark lord had shown up in their home nearly two years after Harry had been taken in by Bella. He could still remember the man stepping into the foyer his long black hair swaying idly in the breeze as handsome aristocratic features grinned up at him. The man's battle robes were covered in dark patches of blood and there was a smudge of ashes on one of his cheeks as he triumphantly lifted up the decapitated head of what had once been Albus Dumbledore as though he'd done it for Harry's sake. Harry could remember the wide blue eyes that had stared up at them emptily even as Bella squealed in joy clapping her hands her own robes smelling suspiciously of copper. At the time Harry had only been able to stare down at them from the second floor landing wondering why the handsome man was showing him of all people. That had been the last time he'd seen the man…and he was glad for it. His eyes snapped open and reflexively he shot off a curse narrowly missing the girl who had opened their compartment door. Pansy's eyes widened.

"I-" but Harry was already slipping his wand back into his pocket ignoring Draco's wide-eyed stare. "Its time to get our robes on." Pansy said timidly before shutting the door and disappearing.

"What would you have done if you'd hit her?" Draco asked warily. Harry frowned.

"Isn't that why we have a school nurse?" he asked dismissively. Of course he had missed on purpose and the curse he'd used was mild but he wasn't about to tell Draco that, he had appearances to keep after all.

You will be elite my Harry...

Bella's voice carried through his mind like a haunting echo. Since the day he'd arrived in the Le Strange home he'd been tutored by the best money could afford. Bella, who was unable to have children of her own had decided to make up for the perceived inadequacy through Harry. When he wasn't training his mind he was training his body, every moment of every day was spent learning. To be honest, going to Hogwarts would be a break for him. He sighed as he pulled on his robes. Yes, a break from glittering galas and bloody dungeons, from politics and lessons in etiquette. For a short time he would be free of Bella's constant drills, how do you say this in French? German? Japanese? Latin? Gobbledigook? He shook his head dispelling his thoughts as the train slowed to a stop. He slipped out of their cabin and through the crowd with ease the other students scooting out of his way as quickly as they could.

"First years over here!" A stern voice said to his right. Harry made his way over to the woman noting how she drew a sharp breath at the sight of him. Goodness didn't these people have any backbone at all? He thought annoyed as he followed the woman towards the boats on the lake. Draco cursed as his shoes got wet and Harry resisted the urge to roll his eyes as he climbed in gracefully muttering a charm if only to stop Draco's mutterings. The boy frowned but said nothing as he took the seat next to Harry. No one else was willing to get into the boat with them Harry noted, the professor pursed her lips and said nothing as she herded the others into the boats.

"I heard there's a giant squid in the lake!" One student hissed excitedly.

"No way! That's so dangerous!" Draco gulped.

"What if it attacks us on the boats?" He asked Harry quietly. Harry frowned at him disinterestedly.

"Kill it." He said coldly. The murmuring quieted down at his dispassionate response their eyes wide as they glanced at each other. Soon the whispers grew this time talking about him causing him to roll his eyes as the boats started across the lake. He leaned forward slightly in anticipation as they neared Hogwarts. He had precious few memories of the days before his life with Bella, he could remember fragments- his mother's scent, the sound of her voice laughing, the sound of his father laughing; but one memory in particular stood out. His father's strong arms wrapping around him and his mother as they looked over a photo album.

"That's Hogwarts Harry, you'll go there too some day." Wide green eyes looked up at his father solemnly.

"I will?" He said his voice small and awed. James laughed a warm happy laugh.

"You bet little man!" He said before looking back down at the photos his expression wistful. "Hey Lils, you remember first year when Siri pushed me out of the boat?" He said grinning slightly. His mother huffed.

"Of course I remember! You were being a prat and shaking the boat scaring all the girls!" James laughed heartily and tightened his grip on them.

"Yeah..." He said softly his eyes shining. "When I came up the first thing I saw Hogwarts all lit up…do you remember?" He said looking down at Harry's mother fondly. Lily smiled in memory.

"How could I forget James?" She said her smile turning a bit sad. "How could I ever forget…"

Harry felt his throat tighten as the glorious sight of Hogwarts castle came into view even more impressive than he'd imagined it would be. The lit towers and battlements seemed to be carved directly out of the sharp cliffs and ragged rock reaching high into the sky as it loomed over them. Harry felt his breath still in his chest as they approached the castle that would be his dwelling place for the next several years. His heart ached in his chest as he stared up at the castle, this was where his future would be shaped, here he would make allies and enemies on his road to greatness. The brief interlude to his future place in the death eater ranks. He was jolted out of his thoughts moments later when the boats hit the sandy banks and the professor stood her eyes glowing slightly.

"Welcome…to Hogwarts."

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