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Fujishima sat on the floor of his room, his back against his bedframe. "Kamamoto-san had made some of his special udon, I saved you some." He said softly to the empty room. "Totsuka-san tried to help him while recording, he almost dropped the camera into the broth. He had to give it to Anna but after a while she started to record Yata arguing with Chitose and Bandou."


"Shouhei found some of his old schoolwork and textbooks. He'll be bringing them over to the bar tomorrow so we can look through them to see which ones are useful. Totsuka-san and Kamamoto-san are also coming over tomorrow, they'll be helping getting your desk here. Along with a few things my mom packed as well."

He was still met with silence but it didn't seem to upset him. It would still take some time, he was patient.

New things always took time adjusting to. Some more then others.

"I brought a flashlight, and a deck of cards. I can teach you how to play a few games." He continued. "I even have the book we've been reading, we can continue on the next chapter if you want."

He looked to his alarm clock. It's been a little over three hours. He continued to talk about this morning when he had gone to the bar, as if to himself. His eyes never left the door he was sitting across from. Occasionally he sat with one leg up, or siting cross legged, but he never stood or stopped his conversation.

A faint click could be heard and though it did bring Fujishima's attention back to the door, he didn't move or get up until he heard an invitation. Or at least until the door opened. It took another few minutes before the closet door creaked slightly open, enough for a little bit of light to peek through.


Fujishima smiled, before standing up and walking quietly over to the door. He made sure not to touch the handle or the door itself, one step away from it just in case. It would be another few hours if he tried to do any of that.

He tilted his head, almost as if he was peeking in that tiny gap. "May I come in?"

Silence. Another tap.

"Do you want me to bring anything inside?"

There was a longer silence as he heard some shuffling inside. "…ook."

Fujishima blinked a bit in surprise before nodding and smiling a bit. That had been a first. Maybe things were getting a little bit better, a little easier. Quickly, he walked to the entrance of the room and shut the light. Grabbing the flashlight and the book he opened the door and turned the flashlight on its lowest setting before he finally opened the door all the way.

Eric was sitting on the ground, his back to the wall of the closet where he must have moved. Hugging his knees, he looked drawn tight like a bowstring. His blue eyes shined dully in the light, filled with fright, guilt, and other emotions swirling in and out. He glanced away when the light went on him, trying to curl up more, his hood hiding most of his face with the help of his knees. Anything to make himself look small, to not exist…

Fujishima kneeled down and sat beside him, where Eric had given him room. He was glad he didn't see Eric flinch away this time. He was getting better. Clearing out the floor here had been a good idea, when he realized what was happening, it made it a bit more comfortable to sit in. Maybe he'll place some pillows on the ground to make it just a bit easier to sit on. Or maybe Eric wouldn't like it.

"After, we could go for a walk, explore the new neighbourhood." He opened the novel and began to turn to the page they had stopped in the book. "Totsuka-san said the park near here sometimes has fireflies. We haven't been there yet."

He knew they wouldn't be leaving anytime soon, it was still day outside, but he didn't mind. When he got no response he didn't mind either, it was still early. He needed to do this first.

"Chapter 20, The World Through Borrowed Eyes." Fujishima started. "Of one thing Candy was absolutely certain: there was no sight on earth to equal the view from the top of the colossal head of the Yebba Dim Day…"

As he began to read by flashlight to Eric, he felt him come a bit closer to look at the pictures randomly placed in the novel. It had been one of the reasons why the blond had wanted to read it. When he had shown interest in the book, Fujishima was more than happy to buy and read it to him. It seemed to help calm Eric down during the chaos of the move. He still had a hard time staying in his new bedroom, especially at night. Which was why they were in Fujishima's closet and not his own.

"…Would fireflies come out? This time of year…"

Fujishima almost jumped at the small mumbled question, pausing at the end of the chapter they had just finished.

"There should be some floating around, it's not cold just yet." He turned to face the blond. "Would you like to go for a walk? Take a look?"

He felt Eric stiffen a bit at the question, frowning in thought and the red head gave him as much time as he needed. After a moment there was a small nod, followed by him looking at the other, silently asking if that was okay to do.

He could only smile again and nod in agreement. He marked the page they had settled on, closed the flashlight and lifted himself off of the ground and out of the closet. His legs a bit stiff but nothing he couldn't handle as he crouched down and offered the blond a hand. Eric stared at it for a moment before taking it and stiffly standing up, a bit of a limp in his step. He muttered out his leg was asleep when Fujishima's look began to turn worried, shrugging it off before heading out of the room. The other followed after he set the book and light on his bed.

Going over to the entranceway and getting their shoes, Eric muttered out that maybe they could have some of Kamamoto's udon when they got back. Maybe. If the other was hungry. Or not. Fujishima's smile grew.

Things were getting better.