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Mikoto Suoh was the leader of the red clan. Homra's King.

That meant that he was Eric's new owner.

That was the logic in Eric's head anyway. He brought him into this group, allowed him to stay, so that meant that he was the one he would follow.

The older man seemed to have a different idea about it. Or at least, he seemed to try and ignore the blond who seemed to follow him around everywhere. Even while he napped on the couch, Eric would awkwardly sit on another one or in a chair not far off. Even Yata wasn't this dedicated to watching his every move.

He wanted to tell the kid off but Kusanagi had to explain – many times and stressed many points – that Eric needed some time and to try and not blow a fuse or bring him any harm, or say something that could mean something else entirely to the young man for fear of making him worse.

This was all just a pain.

So the red lion did what he does best. Lazily do something until someone gets the picture. When he would notice Eric shuffling up to follow him around he would frown at him, causing the other to shuffle back to his seat and avoid eye contact. If he still followed, Mikoto would simply close doors behind him before Eric had a chance to go inside. It took about a week for it to click but finally he was free from the skittish shadow.

Eric frowned at the closed door, confused more than ever.

So Mikoto wasn't his new owner…then who was?

Fujishima Kousuke was the person that found him, that helped him and understood him. He wasn't the leader of Homra but he was the first person that cared about him, as odd as that was to the blond.

So Fujishima became his new owner.

He was a bit harder to follow around. Having a family that he stayed with, and moving more than just around the bar kept Eric on his toes. He wasn't allowed to follow Fujishima to his parents place so learning when he was going home was the toughest part. But he was getting better. He liked following Fujishima around. He was a good owner.

Fujishima noticed some time after when Eric started to follow him around instead of Mikoto. When he began to notice he tried his best to put a stop to it. Sitting him down in the bar when it was late, everyone was gone except for the two, Kusanagi and Totsuka. He asked him why he was doing what he did.

Eric frowned. "You're my new owner." He stated this as calmly as he would say the sky was blue.

Fujishima felt his stomach churn at those words. He noticed the others glance at each other in worry. This…was going to take some time.

"No Eric," He shook his head, smiling calmly. "I'm not. You don't need to have an owner here."

Eric tilted his head in thought before shaking it. "A dog needs an owner, or else it's unnecessary." His voice took on a strange tone. As if he was quoting something that he was forced to repeat until it became truth. Fujishima never thought he would hear something so heartbreaking.

Eric stared at Fujishima and watched his face fall and frowned. Did he not do well? He knew Homra was a little bit different from Hikawa but he still needed an owner, he was a dog after all. Maybe because they've never had a dog before they just don't know the rules behind having one.

All he knew was Fujishima wasn't his owner. He had to find one soon then.

Totsuka Tatara was the man who forgave him for almost killing him. He was also the one who would take care of the newcomers.

So maybe he was his new owner.

Following him however, proved to be the most difficult. He was almost always all over the place. As soon as he left the bar, it was almost as if he had nowhere and everywhere as his destination. He would start talking to people randomly and be making friends left and right. He was probably the strangest person Eric's ever met.

Totsuka had noticed right away that the blond began to follow him around like a lost puppy. After hearing the conversation between him and Fujishima on the subject, it came to no surprise that he was trying to find someone else. Except maybe he had a different idea on how to handle the young man.

"Ah, Eric." He called out, smiling as he approached him. He had just walked into the bar, Eric trailing in after him and he set himself on the couch. "Are you free?"

Eric jumped slightly at suddenly being called out. His owner never called out to him so friendly before. "Uhm…yeah?"

Totsuka's smile grew even bigger. "Great, I need some help making these gloves. Would you mind helping me? I'm learning how to knit." He explained, nodding over at all the materials and some half made things.

"Ah…" Eric blinked, confused. He wasn't sure how this worked. But he had to obey right? He slowly nods, following the other to the bar counter and sitting on a stool.

Soon after an unfinished glove was placed on one of his hands. "Not many people here have patience to do this, and Anna's hands are too small to use. So you're being a great help." Totsuka said, smiling as he looked at his work, it wasn't bad but it could be better.


"Ah, I also need your head I'm trying to make a nice knitted cap. Matching ones, you know?"

Eric felt a measuring tape circle around his head and stiffened a little. Was this really okay to do?

Totsuka continued to talk about his new hobby and how it was relaxing and a great way to make things for friends, occasionally putting something on the blonds head or hands, a scarf came out later though it was much smaller and not very long It was Anna's prototype.

Eric could only nod and mumble agreements as Totsuka kept going on and on with his friendly talk. When the older one declared it was break time two small plates of snacks were placed in front of them. Eric nibbled a little as Totsuka talked about how he was also learning how to bake and these were his latest experiment. This guy…

As the day continued on, Eric felt like he had been doing something before. A nagging feeling in his stomach said he should still be doing it, but for the life of him he couldn't remember what he had been trying to do.

Somehow he didn't seem to mind.

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