Welcome to the 1st chapter of "NiGHTS: Precious Tale of Dreams"!

NiGHTS belongs to SEGA. I see NiGHTS as a female, even though she is genderless, because of her slim build and elegant English-accented tone of voice. The name of the original character is Alvar, portrayed by my very own. The story is basically about my encounter with NiGHTS, taking place after the events of "NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams", and is actually based on my real life experiences that I have gone through as a student and a person.

WARNING: This chapter is a lemon. Read at your own risk.

"An Unexpected Surprise"

My body was aching and I was very tired after a long day of listening to songs dedicated to my wonderful inspiration. I was in my air-conditioned bedroom, wearing a chartreuse T-shirt, a grey hoodie, and short white shorts that tranquil and frosty evening.

I took off my headphones and shut down my notebook, putting them back to the desk. I went to the bathroom to wash my face and brush my teeth and got out afterwards. I opened the curtains and saw a shooting star just in time. I made a wish that my inspiration would drop by and sleep beside me, leaving the curtains wide open.

I switched on a blue night light, took off my glasses, and slept in my cottony king bed at 12 midnight. I had little trouble sleeping and couldn't let my inspiration out of my head due to her cute and angelic appearance. When the clock struck 2 in the morning, I felt something touching my face.

The soft yet peculiar touch was so relaxing that I couldn't help but feel it more and more. As I opened my eyes, I saw a human-like creature with blue sparkly slit-pupiled orbs floating in mid-air, staring at me out of curiosity whilst gently stroking my cheek with her gloved hand.

"Could it be?", my thoughts asked.

I rubbed my eyes, arose cautiously, switched on the lamp, and wore my glasses to see who that was. The fair-complexioned airborne creature wore a purple-striped jester hat, a magenta collared vest with red and gold highlights encrusted with little blue diamonds and gold star buttons, white long sleeves with grey markings and violet and gold triangular-patterned cuffs, a pair of white gloves, violet tights with white runes on her hips and pink and gold tints surrounding her ankles, and a large red jewel latched on her chest. She is none other than NiGHTS the Nightmaren.

She carefully landed on my bed, smiled at me innocently and said, "Hello there".

I was stunned that my wish ultimately came true and felt so ecstatic that I get to see NiGHTS in person. Tears of joy started to roll down my face. I warmly hugged the Nightmaren and she hugged me back, feeling the radiance of the red jewel and capturing the ornate scents of lavender and ocean blue on her distinctive jester outfit.

"Oh my goodness! I can't believe you're here! You don't know how happy I am to see you!", I said whilst crying happily.

After we hugged for one minute, NiGHTS giggled and said, "It's really nice to see you too. I presume that you are my biggest fan".

"My name is Alvar. It's a great honour to finally meet you", I introduced myself to her.

"Each day and night, I couldn't stop thinking about you because you are the most inspirational figure to me", I subsequently claimed.

She believed that it was thoughtful of me. Somehow, I got confused on how she got in my bedroom.

"I was flying around until I saw something bright and blue outside your window", NiGHTS explained.

"It made me wonder what it is so I opened it and flew in right here", she added.

My thoughts conveyed that she was referring to the night light. I didn't hear her open the window because I was sleeping too comfortably. I checked to see if she closed it which she did since I don't want the air conditioner to go to waste. NiGHTS looked back on her struggles with the ones who disapproved of her freedom. Despite disliking Reala and Wizeman, she was saddened about their loss.

"I wanted to protect the world of dreams and I had no other choice but to turn against them. When I found out their true colours, I seem to regret having a family like them in the first place", she stated sorrowfully.

"I'm so sorry to hear that. Condolences NiGHTS", I comforted her to lighten up her spirits.

Not wanting to make our conversation a gloomy one, we changed the subject to Nightopia.

"Nightopia is such a wonderful place. Once you are fast asleep, you first arrive at the Dream Gate where you will find 6 doors. Each door leads to a different world that reflects your heart. The captivating worlds have diverse sceneries and magnificent gardens. You should visit there someday. You can't imagine what's in store for you", NiGHTS described.

I was amazed by how the jester illustrated the place eloquently.

"I will certainly visit Nightopia. Just take me there, alright?", I persevered.

"You got it!", she gave a thumbs up.

I shared my taste in music and said, "I've been listening to songs performed by so many talented artists all day. I couldn't stop listening to them because they are all dedicated to you. Most of them are indie, folk, New Age, R&B, jazz, and classical ballads, as well as uplifting electronic tunes".

NiGHTS was touched by my dedication of songs to her and assumed it was very sweet of me. I gave thanks to NiGHTS for inspiring me to become the kind of person I am.

"Because of you, I'm able to express and appreciate the genres of music that I really love to listen and I get to recognize my true talents, which are singing and dancing. I also get to know myself better, thus acquiring a unique aura and an overall virtuous personality. You made me what I am today and I will never forget that", I sanguinely asserted.

She acknowledged my gratitude and never thought she could inspire someone like me.

"Do you have friends?", NiGHTS enquired interestingly.

"Of course, I have lots of friends in college actually. Most of them are acquaintances while a few are good friends whom I see often during classes", I replied.

"However, I never really get to hang out with them in any places because I didn't have the time. I've been very busy lately with stuff needed to accomplish such as doing homework, writing term papers, and studying for exams. Instead, I just kept in touch by chatting with them online", I added.

Then I talked about my high school friends, as well as my troublesome adolescent life. My voice started to break as I had an emotional breakdown whilst recalling most of the negative past experiences.

NiGHTS consoled me and said, "No matter what happens, I'm always here for you, Alvar. Just tell me anything you have gone through. I'm here to listen and make you feel better. I am your good friend and I will never leave you".

I thanked NiGHTS and we shared a poignant embrace.

"It's alright. Let it all out. I'm here… I'm here…", she comforted me perpetually as I continued crying on her shoulder.

Our conversation lasted for an hour and I had one question that I was too shy to ask. I needed to remove my inhibitions and must have the confidence to ask NiGHTS.

"Um, NiGHTS? There's something I want to ask you", I nervously said.

"What is it, Alvar?", NiGHTS wanted to find out.

"I know we've both just met and I hope it's not too awkward for you. In fact, I've never experienced the powerful kind of satisfaction before", I articulated.

I began to blush and carried on, "Whenever I feel depressed, I just pleasure myself until I reach the point of no return. So I'm asking you straightforwardly. NiGHTS… I can't help falling in love with you because my heart belongs to you. Will you do the honors to make love with me?"

NiGHTS was a little confused about my request.

After we silently looked at one another for a short time, she favourably concurred, "Sure. Anything that your heart desires, I'll accept it. I also want to experience that "make love" thing".

She giggled and admitted, "I guess I have the same feelings for you as well".

"Wonderful… I've been yearning for this long enough…", I audaciously stated.

I walked towards the door and locked it. I strolled to the window and closed the curtains partially. I went back to bed, sitting next to the violet jester.

"I love the way your orbs sparkle like the stars twinkling brilliantly in the dark sky", I admiringly complimented to NiGHTS.

"And I love the way you wear that smile just like the dazzling crescent moon", she flirtatiously complimented back to me.

We touched each other's faces with an enamoured glance. As we shifted closer, she pressed her lips against mine, exploring the smooth blends of fruity rosewater of hers and icy spearmint of mine.

We blushed as we started to osculate passionately with our eyes closed. It was the sweetest and most luscious kiss that I never felt before, yet it made me crave for more. I wrapped my arms around NiGHTS and slithered my tongue with hers like ecstasy coursing through our veins and adrenaline rush emanating underneath our spines.

Our intimacy began to get steamy as we continued making out. NiGHTS lounged on top of me after we tumbled into bed. I licked her neck adoringly while she placed her hand below to tickle my protrusion, letting out delicate moans.

NiGHTS unzipped my hoodie while I removed her vest and jester hat, allowing her beautifully long blonde hair to flow free. Next, she pulled down my shorts as I kissed her venter and pulled down her tights. Finally, she helped me take off my T-shirt and I helped her strip off her long sleeves and gloves.

I sat with my legs open and stared at her nude slender body, noticing the red jewel embedded in her chest, until she gazed down and clutched my throbbing member.

NiGHTS performed a romantic handjob and planted smooches on the tip. I moaned lightly and produced a speed drop from her tender caress. Blushing deeply, she proceeded to suck off mildly and fondle my sac, giving me enticing and revitalizing shivers. She glided her head back and forth and apparently liked the intriguing taste of my skin. She also hummed to create tingling vibrations.

I panted frequently and my legs twitched spontaneously as I verged upon my peak. My member began to swell so I held the back of her head and pushed and pulled further until, "OH GOD!", I exclaimed as I ejected white liquid in her mouth which she swallowed in the process.

NiGHTS licked the creamy liquid around my shaft and tip and wiped her mouth. I switched places with her as she crept on the silky bed, reclined on her back, and laid her head on a fluffy pillow. Then she opened her legs, letting me take a closer look at her wet and sultry flower. I massaged her pearl and inner lips with 2 fingers in a circular motion, causing her to utter foxy oohs and aahs.

I inserted my digits progressively as NiGHTS let out an appealing cry, grasping the pillow with her right hand and the blanket with her left hand, suggesting that she loved the feeling of penetration. The Nightmaren huffed and gave out erotogenic moans as I tongued her pearl and stimulated her moist orifice and G-spot in a variable speed, shifting her hips rhythmically, until her pelvic muscles contracted and spasmed.

"OH MY LORD!", NiGHTS cried as she squirted clear fluid on my face, leaving a drenched mess on the sheets.

I carefully pulled out my digits and licked the milky fluid around her flower. NiGHTS took breaths for seconds, got up easily, and we traded places again. Drawing herself closer, she laid me gently in bed and petted my nipples whilst planting soft kisses down my neck, chest, and abdomen to prepare for her dominant position.

I put my glasses on the drawer while she grabbed my upright manhood and descended slowly to insert it into her sweet spot.

NiGHTS and I laughed seductively and breathed profoundly while she leisurely straddled me. As I played with her mounds, we flushed acutely and our bodies felt entirely hotter. Our lungs started to respire smoky vapour due to the cold weather outside. She leaned forward and wrapped her arms around me with an amorous wink.

"Oh NiGHTS… I never knew there's a naughty side in you…", I ardently told her.

"RAWR… I've always wanted to do this…", she teased me by licking my neck sensually and talking dirty in my ear, triggering me to emit pants and moans of lust.

I enclosed mine on her back as her breasts compressed against my chest, causing our hearts to beat rapidly. I touched her hair that was so soft and shiny like golden satin and groped her arse. Her red jewel began to heat up, offering a gratifying indulgence in our night of intense passion.

Fervent thoughts came running through our minds and I never knew our chemistry could grow stronger than ever albeit we met for the first time. I mesmerisingly smirked at NiGHTS and she alluringly grinned at me while we humped at a gradual rate.

We clasped hands and snogged irresistibly as we went through a deeper penetration. She gasped as her walls tightened around my manhood and lubricated even more, enabling me to provide the most invigorating and titillating sensations by thrusting into her persistently.

NiGHTS held on to my wrists while I gripped the pillow, our eyes shut firmly, and our teeth clenched until we both climaxed.

"AH FUCK!", I hollered with my head nudged against the pillow while NiGHTS groaned provocatively with her head tilted back as she felt my balmy seed fill inside her, shedding tears of carnal euphoria.

Misty air came out of our mouths as we sighed after our scene of fiery pleasure. Our bodies began to unwind thanks to the air conditioner.

NiGHTS crawled towards me and whispered, "Goodnight, Alvar… I love you…".

I whispered back to her, "I love you too, NiGHTS… Pleasant dreams to you…", and kissed her lips, taking our breaths away in a supernal fashion.

I switched off the lamp, covered ourselves with a blanket, and we cosily cuddled each other asleep, satisfied with flying colours.

My friendship with NiGHTS grew better than expected until we became lovers in such tender hours of darkness. She is a great and caring soulmate and I will always believe in her whenever I feel lonely. I vow to take good care of her and she will take good care of me in return. Regardless of the challenges that we may encounter, I hope that our devotion would always remain seamless, as long as we have the courage and free will to overcome them.

End of Chapter 1