Title: Maybe

Author: Haze

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Chapter 1:

A girl was skating through the sidewalk smoothly and at a relatively fast speed. Suddenly, her roller blades got stuck at a big crack on the side walk. Since she was skating at relatively fast speed that sudden stuck by the crack made her stumble forward at a very fast velocity. She was certain that she would hit the sidewalk face flat with such a loud crash.

She closed her eyes but didn't feel any pain. Instead she felt a tight grip on her arms and she felt being pulled up. She looked up at the tall boy in front of her who had apparently caught her before she knocked down face flat on the sidewalk.

"Oh. Thank you so much. I'm sorry to bother you but I stumbled on the crack on the sidewalk and I almost fell. Good thing you were there. Thank you so much. Sorry for the trouble. Thanks again." She said in a hurry and then skated away.

Sendoh looked at her as she skated away. She was wearing a large, loose t- shirt and jogging pants. Her hair was tied in a pony tail and she was wearing a cap which she wore backwards and of course her roller blades.

"Strange girl." He muttered amusedly to himself before continuing to walk the other way.

The girl resumed her fast speed. After skating a few more blocks away, she stopped and bended down a bit resting her hands on her slightly flexed legs while panting. Then she felt a pain on the upper right corner of her back. Then a bike went past her.

"Jerk!" She yelled at the guy on the bike.

Rukawa looked back at her from his speeding bike with his usual cold glare then turned away and disappeared in a corner.

"That jerk!" With that she whirled around and suddenly bumped on someone making her fall on the sidewalk with a loud thud. She felt the pain on her butt.

"Oh. Sorry." Mitsui looked at her and reached his hand to her.

She looked at the hand in front of her and ignored it. She forced herself up and glared at Mitsui.

"We're sorry. Micchy didn't mean to bump into you." Sakuragi then looked at her.

"Yeah. We're sorry." Ryota smiled at her apologetically.

She glared at them as hard as she could. Then she realized that her glares were completely ignored by the three. She sighed and finally eased out her frown.

"Never mind." She muttered.

Ryota was about to introduce themselves when they heard a continuous honking of a car. The girl glanced at the side of the road and saw a grey Jaguar.

"Never mind what happened. Bye." She skated with a lot of difficulty towards the car and opened the front passenger's door before disappearing into the car.

She kissed the guy behind the steering wheel on his cheeks before frowning again. "My butt hurts!"

"What happened?"

"I bumped into those three freakos and I fell on the sidewalk with a loud crash. My butt hurts!"

"Isn't that a sign that you should stop skating around Kanagawa in those roller blades of yours?"


"You're so hopeless sometimes." Maki shook his head and drove the car away.

"So, where have you been?" She suddenly asked.

"I went and bought something. And you?"

"I went for my usual morning skating routine. Want to treat me to something?"

Maki just sighed and kept quiet.

"Treat me! Treat me! Treat me! Treat me!" She chanted and soon began tapping on the car's dashboard.

"Fine. Just stop it."

She grinned at her brother as he drove the car towards a grocery store.

"Don't tell me that you're going inside the grocery store wearing your skates." Maki frowned.

"Don't tell me that you expect me to walk there bare footed." She smirked then got off the car and skated inside the grocery store.

She grabbed a basket and gave it to Maki and began skating in the grocery store as she grabbed her favorite goodies - Pringles, V-cut, Kornets, and Coke in can. She grabbed a couple of each kind before going to Maki and dumping them in the basket he was holding. Then they went to pay for it. She smirked at Maki as he got his wallet out to pay for his sister's goodies. Then they drove back to their house.

Maki's sister sauntered towards the living room and flung herself at the sofa before beginning on gobbling her goodies. Maki followed her there.

"I'm expecting Jin and Kiyota later. I'm just going to take a shower. When they're here, just call me, okay?"

"Okay, Ichi-can." Then she continued eating.

Maki smiled at her sister's name for him. Ichi-chan which is from Shinichi. He sighed and left the living room.

She continued munching on her goodies until Jin and Kiyota arrived.

"Hey Chiro-chan, Naga-chan." She smiled at them.

Jin bent down to kiss her cheek and so did Kiyota. She calls Jin by the name Chiro-chan which is from Soichiro and Kiyota by Naga-chan which is from Nobunaga.

Jin sat beside her and Kiyota on the other sofa.

"Oh. I'll just call my brother." She was about to stand up when one of the maids heard her.

"I'll call him for you, Miss Rukz."

"Thanks." She smiled.

The maid left. Soon, another maid appeared with two glasses of juice and set them in front of Jin and Kiyota. Then she left and soon came back with an empty glass and set it in front of Maki's sister before leaving the living room.

Maki's sister grabbed a Coke in can from the brown paper bag on the floor and poured its contents on the empty glass. Everyone in the house was accustomed to her doing this each time they see her with a brown paper bag with her goodies on top.

Kiyota grabbed the V-cut she was eating and began munching them. She had gotten used to this trait of Kiyota and just shrugged and got a canister of Pringles from the brown paper bag to give to Jin.

Jin got the Pringles from her and began eating. Soon, Maki came into the living room.

"Okay. I'm outta here. I know you three need your usual meeting about basketball sort of time." She stood up and grabbed a few of her goodies and kissed Maki, Jin and Kiyota on their cheek before leaving the room and the brown bag of her goodies.

"Don't go up the stairs wearing your roller blades." Maki called out.

"Don't worry. I won't fall. I won't fall." She called back then a loud crash was heard. "I didn't fall. Ouch. Fine I fell. I fell. Ouch."

Maki just shook his head before sitting on the sofa and beginning their talk about the rest of the team's basketball performance.

Maki's sister grabbed the huge flat screen TV's remote control before jumping on her bed with her goodies. She switched on the TV and began munching on her Kornets. She still had her roller blades on but she didn't mind since she was laying front wise on the bed. A few minutes later, the phone beside her queen-sized bed rang. She scrambled from her position and tried reaching for the phone. When she finally reached the receiver of her cordless phone, she fell with a loud crash on the carpeted floor.

"Ouch. Hello?"

"Hey. What happened to you?"

"Oh. Miyu."

"Listen. We're planning to go to the mall."

"This morning?"

"Yeah. Are we going to pick you up or you're coming over here?"

"I don't plan on going to the mall. Besides, don't tell me we're going shopping again. I hate shopping!"

"Aw come on! We'll be there. You're going shopping whether you like it or not!"

"Fine. Take your time in coming here. I'll take my shower first. I'm still sweaty from my usual skating routine."


She put the receiver back before removing her roller blades and grabbing a towel. She walked with difficulty towards her bathroom which is in front of her bedroom across the hallway.

When she went back to her room, she began fixing herself. She was just wearing her underwear under her robe while she was blow drying her hair which was light blue in color. It was straight in the upper part and curls on the lower part. Her hair was four inches below her shoulder.

Just then, the huge door of her bedroom flung open and two gorgeous girls entered before closing the door again.

The first girl who was named Miyuki but called as Miyu was wearing black boots, short checkered skirt and a fitted sleeveless blouse. She had a wavy pinkish hair which reached until her waist and she wore it loose. Her eyes were light green.

The second girl who was named Umi but called Miz was named wearing a pair of sandals with only three straps, short skirt, and a shirt with only one strap on each of her shoulders. She was blond and her hair was straight that reached only up to her chin. Her eyes were like clear, blue sky.

The pinkish-haired girl approached her.

"You're still blow drying your hair? Never mind." She pulled Maki's sister towards her walk-in closet and started looking for a suitable clothing.

"Miyu. I'll do it myself." She then grabbed a huge T-shirt and was about to wear it when Miyuki grabbed it away from her.

"For crying out loud Rukz! You can't wear this! This looks like your brother's shirt! Is it?" Miyuki blushed as she held the shirt.

"No. That's mine." She answered flatly before grabbing it from Miyuki.

"No, you're not going to wear this." Miyuki grabbed it again. "Where are the stuff that we always buy for you?" She turned around and saw many clothes stuffed on Aero bags to keep it's fresh from the laundry state. "Here they are. Why are they in Aero bags? Don't tell me that you were planning on not wearing any of them."

"I was."

"Rukz! You'll wear this." She held out a fitted sleeveless blouse. "Hey! What happened to you?" Miyuki pointed at the bruise on her friend's upper right corner of her back.

"Someone rammed his stupid bike on my back a while ago while I was bending down for a rest. Never mind. Besides, if you are also going to ask me about the other bruises I have. I fell down the staircase."

"Again?" Miyuki asked in her 'what's new' tone. "Never mind. Just wear this." She handed her bruised friend a white, short sleeved fitted shirt.

"Fine." Maki's sister said and grabbed a white cargo pants.

"Cargo pants? Why don't you wear skirts?"

"You know how I hate wearing skirts. I already agreed to wear this stupid, fitted shirt. Don't push the line."

"Fine." Miyuki said in defeat.

When they came out, Maki's sister went to her huge dresser and began putting her hair into a pony tail.

"Why is she wearing rubber shoes and cargo pants? And what do you think you're doing? Why don't you just wear your hair loose? Your hair is beautifully shiny and soft. And what's up with the reversely worn cap?"

"I want to look this way! Now stop bombarding me with your questions and comments, Miz." Rukz snapped.

"Fine. Now let's go." Umi said resignedly.

When they went down, Rukz went straight to the living room.

"Er. Ichi-chan, I'm going to the mall with my friends." She kissed Maki on his cheek.

"Do you still have money?"

"Yeah. Don't worry." She smiled at her brother.

"Here." Maki got his wallet and gave her some money.

"I have enough."

"Just get this for emergency use." Maki handed her the money. "Oh yeah, do you have your cell phone with you?"


"Let me see. The last time, you left that and I was so worried. Let me see."

"Here." She showed a new model of a cell phone.

"What's with this?" Maki removed her reversely worn cap. "You shouldn't wear this."

"But-" Rukz frowned.

"No. You are so boyish. You should dress like Miyuki and Umi."

"Whatever." Rukz rolled her eyes while the two blushed.

"Oh. We were also about to leave. Why don't we just go together? I'll just drop you off. But could you wait for me while I grab my stuff in my room?"

"Okay." She said and then sat beside Jin when Maki went out. She began eating the Pringles that Jin was eating. "Ladies, we'll have to wait for my brother. Come and have a seat."

Miyuki and Umi sat beside Rukz. Rukz didn't want to crowd with them so she stood up and went to Kiyota.

"Move." She said at Kiyota before pushing him to move.

"Fine." Kiyota moved and Rukz sat down and began on eating the new V- cut that Kiyota was eating.

After sometime of eating, Rukz reached for Kiyota's juice and drank everything.

"Hey! That was mine. You could've left some for me you know." Kiyota snapped at Rukz.

"Drink Chiro-chan's juice or just ask for a new one."

Jin just smiled. He was accustomed to seeing Kiyota and Rukz in a dispute. As a matter of fact, the entire Kainan High Basketball Team was accustomed in Kiyota's and Rukz's usual dispute over shallow matters. Rukz was like the little sister of everyone on their school's basketball team. Even though Kiyota and Rukz looked as if they hate each other, they are actually close and treated each other like real siblings.

Kiyota was about to drink Jin's juice but Rukz grabbed it and gulped it all down. She then inserted her hand on Kiyota's pocket and pulled out his alcohol gel.

"I left my alco gel in my room. I think I'll just have yours." She then put it inside her pocket.

Kiyota was about to retort and pinch Rukz on her arms when Maki arrived and announced that they'll go.

Rukz stuck out her tongue at Kiyota and smirked at his frowning face before standing and walking beside her brother.


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