Note: Never let it be said that I don't take the requests of my readers seriously! I should admit, though, that for a time I wasn't sure what on Earth I would write, about Sam and Diane at WDW (where, remember, they'd agreed in "Norm's First Hurrah" they'd spend their honeymoon). I actually briefly considered having them change their minds and go to Europe, or something. Still, the appeal of the title grabbed ahold of me, and wouldn't let go—and meanwhile, something clicked. And so, dear readers…the story we've all been waiting for, for a long time. I certainly hope it was worth it—for all of us. (I apologize, if I got some of the details wrong, a la "that wasn't around back then". I wasn't around then, either—it's all research.)

Side note—I chose the Contemporary as, researching the history of Disney World, there were only a few "resorts" on the property in 1987. Somehow, I'd doubt Diane would care for a Polynesian or rustic or golf theme—which were the alternatives. The irony is…oneyear later, Disney would open the Grand Floridian—which, I think we'd all agree, would appeal to our beloved heroine a LOT more. Ah, well—c'est la vie, Diane….

Some things never change.

"Yeah," Sam Malone nodded, holding the phone as he sat at his desk, "Yeah, uh, hold on a minute—hey," he turned to his wife, "Do we want the castle or the bay?"

Diane Chambers—now Diane Chambers Malone, proudly and happily!—frowned for a moment, as she sat on the edge of the desk. "Come again?"

"The view—you know, from our room…?"

"Oh—right!" Diane nodded. "Well—the bay, naturally."

Sam began to nod—but stopped. He turned back to her again, frowning, "What—come on, what's wrong with the other side? I'd like to see the castle—"

"Sam," Diane made a show of a slump, as she gave him a pointed look, "I would prefer, for a honeymoon, we have a view that stands as a monument to its romantic nature. Now—"

"Well, yeah!—I get that. But…what's wrong with the castle? That's pretty romantic, don't you think—?"

"Sam, please," Diane held up a hand, "I don't want this to be a—bigger deal than it must be. I only think that, if you are going to choose the locale for our honeymoon, I would prefer to have at least some say in the particulars?"

"Fine!—okay, whatever," Sam sighed, shaking his head, and spoke into the phone, "Yeah, make it a bay view."

After a moment, he added, "Yeah, everything's fine. Why?"

Diane chuckled, shaking her head. Were we that apparent?

After a moment longer, Sam smirked, and nodded. "Well that's great to know—thanks! Yeah, how soon can we get over there?" Another moment, and then: "Oh, come on—can't you do better than that?"

"How long, Sam?"

"Wait…hey, I thought the whole point of 'last-minute' was, ah…last-minute, you know?" Sam chuckled nervously—and frowned, nodded. "Right, yeah, well…" he shrugged, "Geez, I—"

Diane leaned to him, "How long?" she near-whispered.

Sam covered the receiver, and replied, "A week—apparently, that's the best they can do."

Diane shrugged, "Well?"

"Come on, sweetheart!—we're already packed—"

"Sam," Diane grinned, "Take it."

Sam shook his head, "You know, this is stupid—the most I've ever had to wait for a room is—"

"Sam," Diane chuckled, "I seem to recall it was you who suggested the locale of our—post-matrimonial getaway—"

"Oh, so now I gotta suffer for it?"


"Fine…." Sam sighed, and spoke into the receiver, "Yeah, you know, that'll be great…. Uh-huh. Yeah, sure—hey listen, thanks a lot for this. Oh, okay—you too, huh? Yeah…."

He hung up, and threw his hands up. "Well, that wasn't so hard, was it?!"

Diane laughed as she slid off the desk onto her feet, and kissed Sam on the cheek. "Well the important thing is—at last, we'll be off."

"Yeah, in a week."

"Sam, what does it matter? This is a time of which we dreamt for so long, and at last we shall witness it come to fruition—"

"Diane, my headache's bad enough as it is, okay?"

Diane straightened up, and smiled warmly at him, waiting.

Sam rose to his feet, spread out his hands…and smiled, "Hey, how did we get into this, anyway?—don't," he added as Diane opened her mouth, "On second thought…I don't want to know."

Diane chuckled, and took a step to him, "Well, then, perhaps we'd better make the most of our week, in the meantime…?"

Sam shrugged, and took her in his arms. "What, time flies, and all that?"

"Oh, call it that, I suppose."

Sam's arms encircled Diane's waist, hands clasped together behind her, and chuckled, "Well, you know what's funny?"

Diane tilted her head, head looking up at him, "Aside from the cologne with which you insist on adorning yourself…?"

Sam snorted, and went on, "Well, that guy asked if it'd be one bed or two, and he was serious."

Diane blinked, and laughed. "Perhaps he needs a woman, himself."

"Yeah, well," Sam muttered, as his hands caressed her, "that's supposed to be their thing, right?—dreams coming true? You'd think that would go for them, too—"

"Oh, Sam…."

And no more words were needed, as their lips met in the middle of their laughter—the perfect toast to their future, together.

Note: Only Chapter 1, folks! Stay tuned...