The woman, who he later learned was called Lieutenant Stone, was now handing Hagrid a cup of tea. "I think that the best we can do is pulling the thick cloths over the buildings – as Moorsen and his dragon have already done – and keep you here for the night. If there is any damage, we should get yourself to help with it. You look a great deal stronger than most of our men, so with your permission I will instruct my dear captain, who I might just lock out in the storm unless he behaves himself, to utilise your strength in helping us rebuild and repair any damage tomorrow."

Hagrid chuckled loudly, sipping at the tea in a cup that seemed doll-sized in his large hands. "Don' lock out a man who's higher than yeh in position if he can prove it was yeh that did it. Only do things where yeh won't get caught, if yeh can take advice to a man who has trouble with damn stubborn kettles."

Stone grinned. "No wonder you were so quick to accept the offer of tea…And I'll take your advice if you help me balance a bucket on the door to his quarters."

Hagrid laughed like a drain merely at the idea of such a childish prank. A bucket of water! Why, he'd seen that rarely at Hogwarts, as with all the magic available, children did not really have to resort to Muggle-based pranks. However, the man had come across as too tight-lipped to smile, so he nodded in agreement. The sound of hearty laughter joined his chuckles a few moments later, and Hagrid decided that Stone had a lovely sense of humour and was not afraid to show off unladylike laughter, as some might. It was a laugh that suggested that it would definitely win every argument, and be jolly even in the middle of a fight.

Stone coughed a little at the end of laughing. "Oh, and you are welcome to visit the dragons when you are repairing. They like someone with humour, they do."

Hagrid's eyes shone with the promise of seeing his favourite creatures.