That's the Great Dame Madoka to you!

This idea came to me from a dream... Well except it was more comedy based. It might go more comedy based I don't exactly know yet. Anyway I hope you enjoy.

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She was backed against the wall of the small labyrinth, tiny insects flying towards her. Mami flinched as one landed on her left arm, biting down as it drew blood. The end of it glowered as magic was stolen from Mami and entered the insect. More of them latched on to her, dodging the buckets that flew at them. She tried to create a barricade made out of ribbons but the insects bit threw them.

'Is this my end?' Mami thought as the insects flew towards the large insect witch above them, it's mandibles ready to crunch through them. The cloak it wore moved on it's own accord as the bugs flew inside of it, making it grow larger. 'I'm... I'm going it die alone? Why? Why must I always be alone?'

Mami's mind flashed back to her parents who died in the car accident, the magical girls who refused to believe in what she believed in and… Kyoko Sakura, her ex-apprentice who changed after her father burned the church down killing himself and her mother and sister. 'I... Don't want to be alone any more...'

"I don't want to be alone!" A tear rolled down her eye. It's was it...

"Then let me help!" A female voice spoke, the witch turned it's head as it heard something come towards it. A large meteor made of stone smashed into it as a girl; a year younger than Mami stepped forward.

She was dressed in a pink and white dress going down to the thighs before expanding outwards. Her shins were covered in white socks that had red ballerina flats over the feet. Red ribbons held her pink hair in ponytails as they blew in the breeze she created with her attack. A red ribbon choker was around her neck while below that a pink gem rested on her skin. Pink eyes glowed with determination and cockiness as she held her a monster of a sword.

The blade was pitch black and straight before taking on a slight anchor shape. Red tribal fish designs were engraved on the blade giving it a sense of personality. The guard consisted of five steel squares with circles parallel to each other on the ends, a steel chain hanging from the one on the left. The hilt was T-shaped and wrapped up in bandages but the most startling thing about the sword was that it was taller then it's wielder.

"You want a go?" The girl taunted as she ran towards the monster. It clacked its mandibles as bugs poured out of it's cloak. The girl just smirked before swinging her sword wildly, slashing the insects to shreds, the remains vanishing into nothing. If the witch could feel fear, she would be shivering by now. Her familiars were torn apart by one girl, it could not produce more... All it wanted to do was be a good mother to her creations and those girls keep attacking her Babies. The witch shrieked as... A pink ball collided with her face?

As the ball returned to the girl with pink hair, she smirked before kicking towards the witch again. It collided with it's face before coming towards the girl once more. She kicked it with more power as it flew upwards after smacking the target. The girl leaped into the air spinning anti clockwise in an extremely fast manner, a strong wind generating from just her spins. "You see this!?" She called out to both watchers, one in fear of the attack, the other in awe. "This attack is unbeatable! Nothing can stop it... This is the power is the Great Madoka!" She stopped spinning as the ball neared her.

Time seemed to stop for Mami as she watched the now named Madoka kick the ball. The speed it flew towards the witch was incredible; she could barley see it with her eyes... Was this power unstoppable? She blinked as the witch exploded, a gapping hole in its head before it too, like its familiars vanished into nothing. A dark bronze sphere like casing holding back a murky, corrupt black appeared in it's place, a nasty looking needle like point kept the object up right. Madoka walked over to it as the world changed from a closed in world to an outside of a large warehouse. The pink haired girl smirked before tossing the item to Mami. "Catch,"

Mami looked at the girl in confusion. 'Normally it's me who gives Grief Seeds away. Who is this girl?' She shook her head as she realised the newcomer wanted an answer. "I thank you for the Grief Seed and for the assistance. But don't you want the seed for yourself?"

"No, it's all yours. The great dame Madoka can get her own seeds when she needs them. And it was your fight anyway, I was just meddling." She shrugged as her dress vanished, a school uniform taking its place. Mami's eyes widened slightly as she recognized the uniform. Her posture and eyes also seemed to change. The confidence and cockiness was gone, leaving shy kindness in their place.

'She goes to my school? I've never seen her before. A junior perhaps?' "Regardless thank you for meddling." Her brown, white and yellow outfit changed into the same yellow jumper, white shirt and black skirt uniform as the girl before her. "My name is Mami Tomoe and you are?"

"M-Madoka Kaname..." The girl seemed rather shy after changing back to her civilian clothes, leading to another question in Mami's books. "Umm... How long have you been a Magical girl for Mami-san?"

"A year now," she answered, not wanting to give away too much to someone who might not share her beliefs. "And you?"

"Umm... That was my third fight..." Mami was floored by this revelation. Third fight? But that end move was incredible... But the sword work... It did seem rather sloppy and wild like, unlike sword users that she had seen before and the meteor move seemed that speed might be an issue as well.

'I wonder...' "Madoka, about familiars." Normally, she wouldn't ask so abruptly but... This girl, there was something about her. "I know you have just started but how do you feel about them? Would you take them out or let them take human lives?"

Madoka took a step back at the older girls words. "I... I would take them out regardless. They are still hurting people right and I don't want that to happen." A beautiful smile hatched onto Mami's face as Madoka realized she gave the right answer.

"Considering you are new to this... Would you like me to show you the ropes for awhile?" 'Please take this chance... Even for a little while... I can't be alone again'

'Mami-san, You said you didn't want to be alone right?' "Of course!" She yelled as she grabbed the older girl's hands. "I'll be your apprentice if you would let me." 'Mami-san's eyes are so lonely... I'll be there for you Mami-senpai. I promise.'

"Thank you," the older girl spoke whipping away a small tear that had appeared in her eyes. Perhaps she wouldn't be alone anymore. "It is getting late, let us meet after school tomorrow and we will begin your first lesson. Is that alright with you?"

"Of course! Thank you Mami-senpai!" The girl ran off after giving the older girl her mobile number, just in case. Watching her run off bought another smile to Mami.

"There is something about her... It's different from the others. And that last move... Perhaps the Sublimely Magnificent Madoka Shot Mark III is a good name for that technique?"

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