Chapter 3. A Dark World

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After Mami's small breakdown and cheering up, Madoka helped clean up the plates and put away the remaining cakes. After she was done, Mami sent her home before it became too dark and before her parents worried about her.

"Mami-Senapi has been through a lot, hasn't she?" Madoka said to her self as she walked by the people in the city. She looked at all the people living their lives, no idea of the secrets that surrounded the city. 'I wonder if other places have witches as well,' she wondered as she crossed the street. Her eyes gazed past several shops in minor interest before she noticed something behind her.

It was a girl in the same school uniform as her; she had long dark hair and purple eyes that seemed to draw her own pink eyes to them. Those windows to the soul contained loneliness and true sadness in them as they looked through hers. With a flick of her hair she walked away, almost if she seemed upset with what she had seen in her eyes. Madoka tried to say something to the odd girl before she blinked. When her eyes, reopened the girl was gone, her sad eyes with her.

-Line break-

"Is this the right place," Madoka asked as she and Mami traversed the darkness. Two days had passed since the event at Mami's house. During that time, Mami had begun to train Madoka slowly as to not push her too far. Mami knew her student could become strong; perhaps stronger then her but she knew that throwing her in front of a witch could and would in fact kill the girl.

'And I refuse to let that happen,' she thought with a clinched fist. The realm was one of near pure darkness, several light posts stood straight as they lit a way to where the witch was waiting. "It is the right place," the older girl said as she watched the shadows carefully. They wanted to catch the witch off guard and transforming immediately would draw attention to themselves. As they walked further, it seemed lights began to vanish one by one causing the darkness to become more prevalent. "It knows we're here." Mami said before transforming in a burst of light. She created several ribbons that formed into an old style musket in her hands. She watched the world carefully as Madoka changed into her form behind her.

"So," the younger girl said, her cocky tone back. "Where do we start?" Hands seemed to reach out from the world around them as Mami spun quickly shooting a through one before dropping her empty gun.

"With the basics!" She called out as she spun around, her movements full of grace as more guns materialised around her. She took one as an animal jumped out at her. "Start with the hands!"

"Piece of cake!" The changed Madoka grasped her sword in one hand as she ran towards the arms. "This is my show!" She shouted as a pink aura covered the blade. She swung wildly as hands fell into the darkness vanishing into the depths.

'None of the sword styles I've seen other girls use suit you. For now, try to create your own. I don't really want you to copy this Jecht character completely. Be original with what you have.' Mami's words rang through Madoka's mind as more hands appeared in front of her. "Be original? I'll show her what I can do!" Focusing magic to her eyes, they glowed slightly before a wave of pink energy was released lighting the world up. An inhumane shriek was heard from all around the realm as Madoka fell backwards due to the amount of power released into a waiting Mami's arms.

A creature of darkness seemed to merge from the black and now slightly pink labyrinth. It was like a star in shape as more hands took the place of the ones that had been lost. Another shriek had been heard as lions began to emerge from the ground. It spun slightly before it attacked. "Follow my lead," Mami yelled as she fought to protect her student.

"Understood, just don't get in my way!" Was the answer causing a frown on the blonde's face.

'I will talk to her about her attitude afterwards.'

Mami ran forward weaving between arms and lions shooting what she could as she saw from the corner of her eye her student punching anything she could with pink visible magic. 'She needs some more control lessons,' A hand was wrapped up in yellow ribbons as it tried to grab the girl. 'I can almost feel her magic; I don't want her to burn out. I won't let that happen!' Seeing an opening, that the hands were not defending, Mami wrapped more ribbons around the arms and began to use the, as stepping stones. "Madoka!" She called out, "keep them busy!" Seeing her student nod and swap back to that oversized sword, Mami began to focus her magic. Ribbons materialized in front of her becoming a very large musket, almost ridiculously big. "Tiro Finale!" She called out as she pulled the trigger as a large shot hurtled towards the star shaped monster.

Hands of darkness that were not trapped reached out to grab those foolish enough to enter it's shadowy lair. It's minions that resembled the king of beasts were sliced into bits while the arms could not get close before they were knocked away by the pink haired girl. This wasn't meant to happen! What about it's wish?! It's wish to show the world the true power of darkness!?

All went quiet for the delusional witch of darkness as a large magical bullet struck it's body causing it to vanish into nothing along with it's home. Madoka lowered her weapon with a cocky smirk as she looked at the back of the shop the two girls had appeared from. "So how was that!?" She asked her mentor who kept one of her muskets up.

"Keep your guard up," she ordered as a final black lion of shadows charged at them before leaping into the darkness, avoiding the bullet from Mami's gun. She threw away her musket before spinning around as she summoned two more too her hands. Keeping an eye on the minion, she fired destroying the beast as it jumped at her kohai. Dispelling her weapons with a small flourish, she walked over to the discarded Grief Seed that came from their true foe before summoning a odd looking gem.

It was gold in colour as a shell with a large crystal of yellow sitting inside. It seemed to hold darkness not unlike the witch from earlier. Placing the seed near the gem, darkness flew from the object of gold to the one of grief. "And that my student is how you purify your soul gem, any questions?" She asked with a small smile.

"So that's how it works, Kyubey didn't tell me that." She admitted with a small frown that Mami adopted onto her face.

'Kyubey, are you still mad about her dropping the sword on you?'

"Hey senpai, about that minion familiar thing, did you know that one was still alive?" Madoka's question snapped Mami out of her thoughts as another smile took its place.

"I noticed it escaped, but I thought you deserved a small break."

"A break? Come on Mami-Senpai, I'm improving!"

Another frown appeared on the blonde's face as she looked at her student. "That may be, but I didn't want you to burn yourself out. And please try to control your attitude." She held up a hand to stop her student's words. "I understand it's apart of your wish, but I don't think your friends or family would appreciate you being that rude." As they transformed back, Madoka bowed to her mentor.

"I'm sorry." She said. "I'll try not to be so rude Mami-Senpai." A hand on her head caused her to look up. Mami's smile bought a smaller one to her own face. She realised she wasn't in trouble so long as she didn't upset Mami with that other personality. It was like someone else was trying to talk at times, almost as if that character from Sayaka's game was appearing in her. Maybe her wish was going to be a slight problem.

-Line break-

"Those two are getting along well," a young males voice broke the mysterious black haired girl's thoughts. She had been following them for a while now, even into labyrinths. 'There has too be a way to let me join them. Let's see Suleika was easy for them and Gertrud hasn't appeared just yet and I am not waiting for Charlotte... Is their one I'm forgetting?'

"Homura Akemi?' The voice questioned as the girl turned and looked down at the weasel cat creature known as Kyubey. "Oh good, your ears are still working. I was worried that perhaps you had become deaf."

"I'm fine," Homura said as she turned back around to see the girls gone. She held back a small growl and the urge to shoot the beast, as a question appeared in her mind. "Kyubey, why haven't you approached Madoka Kaname again?"

The creature stared at the cold girl in front of him. He still didn't understand where she had come from. After all, he would have remembered making a contract with her. "Mami has it under control, I'll talk to her again when she can control her weapon better." Homura nodded at the creature's words before she turned and left. There was no point in shooting the creature just yet. She could wait a bit longer to try and end it.

-Line break-

"What is the point?" A young man asked, his features were rather dull and not that interesting. He held a small pistol to his head. "Perhaps the next world will be better," he closed his eyes as he pulled the trigger.


As his lifeless body fell to the ground, a single mark was seen on his neck It was round and contained what looked like the four cardinal directional points that looked corrupted. Four eye like shapes appeared in the corners of the symbol before they vanished followed by the rest of the symbol. The witch of new life had claimed another.

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