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Prologue: Two Legends Discovered…

The wind howled and raged in the icy land, buffeting everything and anything that got in its way with terrifying force; hail rained upon the earth in torrents, the thick snow concealed many nasty surprises and the icy-cold temperature was strong enough to kill individuals with hypothermia in less than a day.

Nevertheless, four travelers traversed the land, with one leading the others through the land with an ease that was developed through constant travelling over said land. The guide was a middle aged man who wore a typical water tribe outfit; a set of blue anorak and trousers lined and trimmed with white fur, accompanied by mittens and mukluks. His hair was a deep brown colour, worn long and in short ponytails and he had a clean-shaven face that brought out the blue colour of his eyes.

Lifting the lantern he carried higher, a sigh of relief was collectively released from the three others following him. The guide chuckled lowly at them before waving them onwards. "This way, we're almost there." He pointed to a nearby hut some distance from their current position overlooking the Southern Water Tribe.

As they trudged through the snowy landscape towards the hut, they took in the various sights of the village…at least, what they could make out in the snowstorm. Within a few minutes, they reached their destination. Handing the lantern over to the tallest member of the group, the guide grasped the door and pushed it open. "Quickly, before the snow piles up inside." He prompted, jostling his companions inside before shutting the door quickly.

As their attention turned to the interior of the hut, the guide strode to the center of the hut and bowed low. "The White Lotus has honored my family by coming. Thank you for your time."

The apparent leader of the group, an old man looking to be around his fifties, pulled over the hooded cape that protected him from the fierce elements outside. "It is our duty to do so…however, please note that we have investigated many claims in the North and the South; we have little time to spare." He stated. Indeed, when a closer look was taken, it was obvious that they were in no mood to stay longer than necessary.

The man smiled and bowed once more. "Then my wife and I are pleased to let you know that your search has finally come to an end. My daughter is the one you have been searching for all these years since her predecessor died."

At that moment a woman entered the room through an opened door and greeted the White Lotus group with a bow. She had the same clothing as her husband, the only difference being that they were made for the female gender, and had a lighter skin tone than him. "Good evening, White Lotus. My name is Senna and I can't tell you how honored it is for us to be the ones to end your search." She said, smiling happily.

The elder man sighed and rubbed his forehead lightly. "And what makes you think that your daughter is 'the one'? As I just told your husband, we've investigated several claims within the North and the South and they all turned out to be false. What makes you say your case will be different from the others?" The man challenged, his expression disbelieving and unenthusiastic. His expression was mirrored by his companions, who clearly thought that this case would be another dead-end.

Senna shared a look with Tonraq, their faces initially blank before a sly smile made an appearance on their faces. "Shall I do the honor?" Senna asked, her tone playful and containing hidden mirth. Tonraq nodded with another smile, already imagining the expression of the faces of their guests when his daughter made her appearance.

Turning to the door she just came from, Senna brought her right hand close to her mouth and called. "Korra, please come in here!"

Out of all the possible scenarios the White Lotus members had imagined, having a portion of the brick wall shoot past their faces at a speed that made them blink in shock was not one of them. The wall portion smashed into the opposite wall, scattering dust and debris in one corner of the room. As the White Lotus members turned towards the source of the flying wall, they found themselves understandably shocked at the sight of a young girl striking a pose.

"I'm the Avatar! You gotta deal with it!" She proclaimed loudly. Hopping from her 'stage position' towards the room, she punched out a decently-sized flame and followed up with a round-house kick that shot out an arc of flame. As the old guests took steps backwards, Korra thrusts her hands upwards and the center of earth floor partially shifted upwards as well.

Jumping in a twirling motion, she threw her palm out and a burst of flames shot out. Catching the edge of the portly man's robe, a puddle of water suddenly rose up in a stream and doused the flame before it could do any damage. By now the White Lotus members were watching the performance with completely different expressions than before; shock, awe and joy continuously played out on their faces as they watched young Korra display her talent.

Finishing her performance, the young girl landed in front of her parents with a cocky look on her face. Shifting their attention towards her parents, the White Lotus group bowed lowly. "Thank you for informing us of the new Avatar. Indeed, it is we who should be thankful for coming." His eyes shone with many emotions as he beheld the newest incarnation of their renowned savior. "Let the world know that the Avatar has returned!"

-Air Temple Island-

Off the coast of Republic City in Yue Bay, an island rested. Housing many structures, including the large main temple building, a library, a dining hall, a greenhouse, and several flying bison caves. An open practice area with airbending gates could be found outside along with a meditation pavilion. It was within this island that the Last Airbender and his family resided in.

However, the last airbender was nowhere within these structures; he had taken an underground journey of the island, having felt something strange within the island. Holding up a torch as he made his way through the caves, he sighed in tiredness. It had been a long time since he had gotten any decent sleep and he knew it troubled his wife Pema, but he simply could not let go of his desire to investigate the caves; no matter how hard he tried, that blasted thing everyone acknowledged as curiosity would not let the matter go.

Suppressing a yawn, the man turned to his companion with some discomfort. She was also checking out the caves with a professional eye, her lantern casting shadows over the cave. She was beautiful, in an elegant manner and quite eye-catching despite the scowl that seemed to be permanently etched unto her lips. She wore a uniform that was made of mainly segmented metal armor, which offered protection against chi blocking. Cylindrical spools were attached to the back, with metallic cables that extended through the arm. Her armor was a dark shade of gray, and had gold rims separating each piece of the armor.

She was the current Chief of the Metalbending Police Force, Lin Beifong…also his ex-girlfriend. Who he had invited to aid in his search and had just sat through what could possibly be the most stifling dinner he had ever experienced.

Talk about awkward…

Lin caught Tenzin staring at her and her scowl deepened. "Tenzin, if you dragged me here for any funny business…" She growled. It wasn't bad enough that she had given in and agreed to help him, despite her mind screaming at her to deny him, but now he had to keep eyeing her whilst they were away from Pema?

Tenzin hurriedly averted his eyes, coughing to hide his discomfort at the situation. "No, no! I was just deep in thought." He explained, though his eyes were averted from her angry ones. Seeing a faint glow ahead, he frantically pointed towards it. "Look, right there!"

Turning to see the faint glow her companion was pointing out, Lin's eyes scrunched up in thought as they drew closer, their steps quicker and filled with purpose. As they came to the end of the cave and lifted their respective sources of light, both benders gasped in surprise at the sight before them.

Right in front of them was a large, elaborately drawn seal that covered the tunnel end. The characters were constantly in motion, making it difficult for them to read what was inscribed, though they sometimes came to a stop at seemingly random intervals. However, what caught their attention right away was the picture that was etched in the center of the seal.

It was a strange symbol, one they had never seen before; a figure shrouded in darkness, animalistic features suggesting the possibility of it being a spirit, with two eyes that glowed a malevolent light within the darkness. Tenzin and Lin found themselves drawn towards the picture; the face and most of the upper body was undistinguishable, but the parts they could make out suggested that the creature was some sort of wolf being. Their eyes then slid over to the ten incredibly long tails that the creature sported and felt themselves stiffen inexplicably.

Lin turned to Tenzin, her eyes wide and looking uncharacteristically confused. "Did you just feel that?" She asked, uncertainty evident in her voice.

Tenzin nodded silently, licking his suddenly dry lips. "Yes, though I'm not sure what that signifies." Taking in the sight of the seal once again, he turned towards Lin. "Have you come across something like this before?" He enquired.

Lin shook her head and drifted closer to the ever moving seal characters. "No, not in my lifetime. Mother never mentioned anything similar to this, so I doubt she has an idea of what this thing is." Experimentally running her hand across the seal, she jumped slightly as the seal began to dissolve; the various characters began to unravel themselves, receding back into ink lines that flew back towards the picture.

"Lin!" Tenzin called out as the picture fully dissolved, which caused the tunnel to suddenly open up, as though someone had earthbended the rocks apart. "Are you alright?"Lin nodded and turned to Tenzin. She gestured towards the opening and he nodded. As they both entered the secret room, they were surprised and moderately alarmed at what they saw before them.

They had been expecting some sort of artifact to be on the other side, but neither Tenzin nor Lin expected to find a baby to be floating in the middle of what appeared to be an altar of sorts. Lin was the first to walk over to the baby, closely followed by Tenzin who was watching the baby with bafflement and slight anger, and looked down at the infant. The little baby looked to be a few days old and was sleeping soundly within his space, despite the fact that the cold air would've woke him up. As Tenzin peered at the boy, he noticed the same markings they had just seen on various parts of his body. The only notable thing beyond the markings was the small tuft of golden blond hair that sprung from his head.

They stared at the sleeping babe for a few more moments before Tenzin strode forward and lifted the boy. Carefully pulling him towards his chest, Tenzin rocked the baby from side to side slowly. The boy twitched and his hand jerked a bit, but thankfully remained asleep.

Lin peered at the baby as well, the corners of her lips twitching at the sight of the cute baby. Placing her arms on her hips, she let out a tired sigh. "I don't understand, what's so special about the child that he was hidden away? And who would leave a child here in such conditions?" Her eyes narrowed in anger. "If you hadn't been so curious and persuasive, we wouldn't have found him and he would have died of starvation." She growled.

Tenzin stiffened and his eyes snapped back to the sleeping infant. All of a sudden, his complaints about his curiousity vanished and seemed petty when compared to the thought of the child dying because he ignored his instincts. His grip on the child tightened just a tad. "Lin…I would like to ask you a favor." He said, his back facing the Chief.

She frowned at the unusually serious tone of voice he was using. "What is it?"

He turned to face her, his eyes hard and serious. "I wish to adopt the boy."

She gaped at him. "Wait, what?! How can you say that so soon? Have you even asked Pema to see if she agrees with you?"

Tenzin played with the baby's hair, gently running his hand through the small tuft. "Lin…please, just have the adoption papers available as quickly as you can. This boy," He smiled, "I feel that he will be someone special to the world." He had no idea why he was so certain about that, but he was. The boy would become someone great in the future. "Besides, Pema and I could use this experience when we have our own children." He chuckled.

Lin rubbed her face in surrender. "Fine! Have it your way Tenzin. Just don't expect me to help you babysit him when he's older." She joked, earning another chuckle from him. As they began to head back towards the temple, Lin eyed the sleeping babe carefully. "What are you going to name him?" She asked curiously.

As he opened his mouth, two words were whispered in his mind. He stopped abruptly, which in turn made Lin pause in their return with confusion. A moment passed and Tenzin smiled. "His name will be Naruto. Naruto Uzumaki."

As soon as he mentioned those words, a sudden gust of wind blew through the tunnel. As Tenzin and Lin hurried back, they had no idea of what they had just unleashed. Within the shadows of the darkness, a small spirit smiled happily at the events that had occurred and the meaning behind them.

The legacy of the Shinobi world…the Child of Prophecy…the Second Sage of Six Paths…had returned once again. To protect or destroy this new world.

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