This is a story of a guild of heroes, a guild of heroes who saved our town from being destroyed by a great beast. This is a story of our guild's first generation…

The once beautiful and radiant town of Magnolia lay in ashes as the great orange fox with nine tails released its centuries of rage upon the unsuspecting town. Its eyes were filled with an endless black void as if to warn any who dared to trifle with it that it would cast them into oblivion. However, there were those who dared to stand up to the might of the creature. Those whom through the power of their eternal bond would stand against the creature with honor and courage; they were the wizards of Fairy Tail.

The guild of wizards stood united outside their guild hall, the only building in the town that was left standing for the moment. The wizards all readied themselves as the fox's thumping footsteps headed towards them. They had attempted to evacuate the town and conquer the beast but its power had overwhelmed the wizards. All hope seemed lost so it was unanimously decided upon by the members that they would all go down fighting and take their last stand defending their guild hall.

Hashirama Senju, The Fairy Tail Master's advisor and right hand man was leading the attack. He stood in front of his guild mates and watched the beast ascend towards them. His long black hair blew brilliantly in the breeze as he fixated his determined gaze on the demon fox "This is where we make our name known; we will go down as the greatest guild in history. Be proud that we are members of Fairy Tail!" he exclaimed creating an uproar of cheers from his members.

"Come on let's show that thing who it's messing with!" cheered the beautiful young Chiyo. Chiyo was among the most respected members of Fairy Tail, at a young age she became an S-Class mage and soon after was recognised as the most powerful woman in the guild (besides their master).

Hashirama smiled to himself, admiring Chiyo's attitude but still they were faced with quite the predicament. The master hadn't been seen since the fox appeared and he had to take charge and keep everyone calm, truth was he was feeling the pressure. He then felt a hand on his shoulder and he looked up to see another one of Fairy Tail's S-Class wizards and one of the people who founded the guild alongside him and the first master, Purehito.

"Do not worry my friend" he assured with absolute sincerity "our guild has and always will triumph over all obstacles."

Hashirama nodded, Purehito had given him the boost he needed "Okay everyone charge! Don't hold back and show that thing the true power of Fairy Tail!" exclaimed Hashirama and all the mages began cheering as they charged towards the giant demon fox, with Chiyo and Purehito in the lead.

Hashirama sighed as he prepared himself and charged his magical power, the earth beneath him started to shake as wooden roots began emerging from the ground but just as he was about to release his attack a voice sounded from nearby "Are you sure you're focusing on the right opponent?" it snickered in an ominous tone.

The wooden roots were quelled as Hashirama shouted "Who's there?" he was instantly responded to by an ominous snicker as a tall figure emerged from the nearby shadows, his hair was as long as Hashirama's but it was spiked, his face appeared human but it gave off a demonic vibe and his eyes were blood red. The man placed his hand in front of his mouth and instantly released a scorching ball of fire at Hashirama who quickly made the wooden roots surround him to protect him from the blast.

Chiyo and Purehito were the first to reach the fox and Purehito instantly released his chain magic to surround the fox's legs and trip it over. Chiyo then summoned three puppets and sent them towards the fox, one of them released a burst of ice at the fox while another grew in size beat down on the fox and the final one reequipped a sword and slashed along the sides of the demon.

"Only two?" questioned Purehito.

"Gotta give the thing a chance" laughed Chiyo and Purehito smirked at her confidence. The other members of the guild had begun to bare down on the fox with their magic, while they seemed to have the upper hand by incapacitating the fox, the creature was unfazed by most of their attacks.

The fox then began roaring as it charged a ball of energy in its mouth "Here it comes!" exclaimed Purehito as he readied himself for the attack.

"I got this!" exclaimed Chiyo as she brought out seven more puppets to complete her set of ten puppets. As the fox released its bomb Chiyo moved the puppets into a circular formation and the attack was absorbed by the puppets. The guild began cheering at their temporary victory but then Chiyo began glowing as an explosion consumed her and knocked her back.

"Chiyo!" exclaimed Purehito as he ran over to her, it seemed that her puppets were able to defend everyone from the attack and redirect all its impact onto Chiyo. Purehito began shaking her motionless body but she did not get up. All the guild members stared in speechless horror as their strongest woman lay dead on the ground. It seemed that all hope was lost…until Chiyo began twitching slightly and a small grin appeared on her face which quickly erupted into a fit of laughter.

"I was just playing dead, now you're all embarrassed!" she laughed as she got herself up off the ground.

"Chiyo that was not funny!" shouted one of the members of the guild; Chiyo simply shrugged and continued giggling. Purehito stared at Chiyo with a shocked expression, pondering exactly how she survived the full force of a Tailed Beast Bomb. They were all then interrupted from their thoughts as the fox began roaring again. The wizards once again began attacking the beast.

Hashirama had now gained the upper hand in his fight with the mysterious man as he trapped him in the grasp of his wood magic, slowly tightening the grasp. "Who are you?!" demanded Hashirama.

The man simply laughed "I am the one who controls the Nine Tails!" exclaimed the man as he released a burst of flames that burnt through Hashirama's wooden prison and knocked him back. Hashirama got up from the blast and saw the figure of a young girl standing in front of him, her hair was light blond and went all the way down to her back and her green eyes were hugely adorable but were filled with a sincere expression. Her white dress was completely untarnished, which was weird given the circumstances. It was the guild master, Mavis.

Mavis stared at the man with a stern expression; although her demeanor was often cute when she got serious the girl was a force to be reckoned with. "So it is you who brought this calamity down upon us! Madara Uchiha!" hissed Mavis, her hands glowing with the light of her fairy magic.

"Mavis Vermillion, trust you to find me out straight away. Tell you what, you show me Lumen Histoire and I'll order the Nine Tails to stop attacking!" demanded Madara.

Mavis just glared at him before she turned to face Hashirama "Hashirama I apologise I was gathering the strength I needed to cease this but it seems I was too late. Can you forgive me?" she asked smiling brightly at her friend.

"Of course master!" replied Hashirama "It's always better late than never!"

"I am glad, now I can go into this with a clear mind" breathed Mavis, she then faced Madara once more "If you think I will let a demon from the Book of Zeref threaten me and my guild you are sorely mistaken!" her arm then began glowing as a red emblem formed around it.

Hashirama gasped "That's!"

"Yes, I intend to end him with this!" stated Mavis as she raised her hand into the sky and began chanting, causing lights to begin swirling around her. Madara attempted to attack Mavis but Hashirama jumped in front of her and knocked him back with a forceful wooden fist.

"Gather! O river of light that's guided by the fairies! Shine down and perish the fangs of evil! Fairy Glitter!" shouted Mavis as she caused the swirling lights to surround Madara and form a circle around him that compressed in on him and exploded with a massive burst of light that illuminated the entire town. The light faded shortly after and Madara had vanished.

"Did you defeat him?" asked Hashirama in awe of Mavis' power.

Mavis shook her head "For now, but he'll find a way back, he always does" she sighed. She then turned her focus on the Nine Tails. Although it was defending itself from her wizards it seemed that it had ceased attacking for whatever reason.

"What are we going to do about the Nine Tailed Demon?" asked Hashirama as he saw it bat away some magical attacks in the distance.

Mavis sighed once more "Poor creature" she said "It seeks only one thing but the influences of others cause it to seek destruction and act on rage. I see no honor in destroying it but I cannot allow it to continue harming people" stated Mavis as she placed her two hands together "This is why I took so long to join you in battle, I had to gather my strength to make a new version of this spell" she informed.

Hashirama gasped, he recognised the stance Mavis was taking; she was going to cast the Fairy Sphere "You can't mean to seal it inside Magnolia!" exclaimed Hashirama.

"Not exactly" replied Mavis as she placed her hands together in a prayer like symbol and began chanting words underneath her breath. As she did this, four pillars of light shot out from around the Nine Tails that began to close in on it. As the four pillars met they compressed into one pillar that consumed the Nine Tails and it eventually shrunk down into a sphere like shape that was the size of a common ball. The sphere then transported itself to Mavis "I had to revise the Fairy Sphere spell just this once" smiled Mavis.

The other guild members had made their way over to where Mavis and Hashirama were and began cheering at their victory and the fact that they had survived the threat "Our Master is truly amazing!" cried the members as they cheered.

Mavis smiled happily but then she looked at their surroundings, the entire town was in ruins. She quickly turned around so that she wasn't facing anyone "The Town!" she sobbed as tears streamed from her eyes "Look what happened to the Town! It's all my fault why couldn't I have been quicker!" she cried.

Hashirama instantly began panicking "C-Chiyo comfort her, go on hold her!" he exclaimed and Chiyo just gasped before she slowly went over to Mavis and began to pat her on the back.

"HOLD IT!" exclaimed a flustered Naruto as he interrupted his mother's story "How exactly does a little girl around my age manage to do all that!?" he questioned outrageously skeptically.

His mother, Kushina, laughed slightly before she punched her son on the shoulder a little too hard "Don't mock our first master Naruto! She was an amazing woman!" she warned.

"Ouch. Okay I'm sorry" pleaded Naruto as he rubbed his shoulder "Still I guess it shouldn't be too hard to believe, especially if I'm going to be guild master some day!" exclaimed Naruto.

Kushina laughed at her son "Of course you are son" she giggled as she ruffled his hair "now get some sleep, wizards like you need to get up nice and early if they wanna get the good missions" she stated and Naruto nodded happily. Kushina kissed him on the forehead and left his room, shutting the door behind her.

As she shut the door Naruto quickly jumped out of the bed and placed his ear against the door. He listened closely and waited to hear the sound of his mother shutting her bedroom door, he needed to know that she and his dad had gone to sleep. Once he was sure he quickly ran over to his wardrobe and instantly began changing out of his pajamas, exposing the orange Fairy Tail guild mark across his belly button area. He then put on his signature outfit, black jeans with a red t-shirt and an orange jacket. He then used his magic to make a clone of himself appear and ordered it to jump into his bed and sleep. Once this was done he quietly opened his bedroom window and jumped out into the streets of Magnolia.

He instantly headed towards the guild hall, see Naruto decided that he wanted to see if he could find that sphere containing the Nine Tailed Fox in it. Not to mention that it was something a future guild master should see.

Kushina had once again entered Naruto's room, she remembered that she had to tell him something important but when she entered she saw that he was already fast asleep. However she then noticed that the window was wide open "That wasn't like that when I was here a moment ago" she said to herself as she headed over to the window and shut it "Much better" she said as she ceased the cool night wind from entering the room.

Kushina then looked at her soundly sleeping and had an inkling suspicion. She slowly picked up a nearby pillow and slammed it onto her son's head causing him to instantly vanish "I knew it! MINATO HE'S DONE IT AGAIN!" shouted Kushina as she walked out of Naruto's room.

Three cloaked figures stood a top one of the taller buildings in Magnolia, their faces were concealed by their hoods and their cloaks were adorned in red clouds. One of them was looking at the Fairy Tail guild hall "Hidan, Kakuzu you know our mission we must split up and find the Fairy Sphere which contains the Nine Tails. It is essential for our master's plan that we do not fail" said the woman's voice as she released a flurry of paper that then attached themselves to her back in the form of wings.

"Yes Konan we know what we need to do" said Hidan "now come on let's go get our hands dirty!" he exclaimed and he ran over to the edge of the building and jumped off.

"Fool" muttered Konan "Kakuzu I trust you to make sure he doesn't get into any trouble. Fairy Tail houses many powerful wizards but thankfully a lot of them aren't here at the moment but still we must be cautious" warned Konan.

Kakuzu nodded "Of course Konan. Besides it's not like either of us can die so even if he gets into trouble he'll be able to worm his way out of it."

"Don't rely on that healing ability too much, just focus on the mission" instructed Konan and with that she took off into the sky leaving Kakuzu to chase after Hidan.

Meanwhile, Naruto had made it to the guild hall without being caught out by anyone. When he entered he instantly noticed that no one was around at all, he did hear a slight snoring in the distance but assumed that someone had simply fallen asleep somewhere in the dark.

Laughing at his successful plan Naruto began to walk through the guild hall but then stopped at the counter "Wait a minute!" he shouted out loud "How the hell am I supposed to find this thing I've got no idea where the master would keep it…where do I start!?" he exclaimed. As he was having his little outburst he managed to knock over one of the glasses on the counter that fell to the ground on the opposite end. After the sound of the shattering glass Naruto could hear someone uttering a stifled "Ouch" and he froze instantly. He watched as a small man climbed up to the top of the counter, although he was short he was incredibly old and powerful, after all he was their guild master.

Makarov groaned and rubbed his head "What's with all the racket?" he grumbled "can't an old man get some shut eye?" he asked he then noticed that he had fallen asleep behind the bar "Wonder how that happened?" he thought to himself.

"Gee I wonder old man!" exclaimed Naruto Makarov then jumped as he had only just noticed that it was Naruto who was in the room.

"Oh well if it isn't young Naruto" beamed Makarov "What brings you here at such an hour? Children need to sleep you know…and so do old people" questioned Makarov, muttering the last part of his sentence.

"I came here to see the sphere with the fox demon inside it! Since you're the guild master and I want to see it I think it's only fair that you show it to me!" demanded Naruto, jumping up onto the counter as he did so, slightly invading Makarov's personal space.

"Well I see Kushina has been reading you stories from the guild's archives again…she really needs to stop doing that" stated Makarov. He then thought for a minute "Well I guess it couldn't hurt just to give you a sneak peak…but don't tell Hiruzen okay!" warned Makarov.

Naruto nearly jumped out of his skin with excitement "Really!? Thanks Master! Don't worry I won't tell Mr. Sarutobi anything I swear!" assured Naruto.

"Okay well here we go" said Makarov as he extended his palm and caused a small ball of light to manifest in his hand that eventually became a larger sphere of light. Naruto was in awe; it seemed that his mother's story was true.

Minato and Kushina had left their home in a flurry; they couldn't believe that Naruto had done something so reckless. Well actually, Kushina was the one who was completely outraged, Minato thought Naruto was just going out to have some fun as boys do but he wasn't about to argue with Kushina.

As Minato and Kushina searched the town they both felt a chill run down their spines and they instantly looked at each other "Can you feel it?" asked Minato.

"Someone's following us" said Kushina and Minato nodded at her. Both of them began looking around to see if it was Naruto hiding from them or something worse. Suddenly a flurry of paper began swirling around them and trapping them in a magical white paper barrier as a woman in a black and red cloak descended upon them.

"You are wizards from Fairy Tail correct?" she asked as she pointed at Kushina's red guild mark on the back of her right hand and Minato's yellow guild mark on his neck. Kushina and Minato exchanged glances but remained silent for the moment; they somehow knew how to work in sync with each other even without speaking, it's what made them infamous S-Class mages. "Very well then" said Konan and she raised her hand above her head and caused the paper barrier to close in on the two of them. Just as the barrier was about to make contact with the two, Minato took Kushina's hand and teleported them out of the barrier, negating Konan's attack.

Seeing that her attack had failed Konan tried a different move, she made a bunch of coloured pieces of paper appear before her before she caused them to form a spike formation and she cried "Shikigami Dan-" but just before her attack could finish she began coughing wildly as blood began spurting out of her mouth "I see now" she said as she looked at Minato and Kushina, wiping the blood off of her mouth, "I'm dealing with Fairy Tail's Yellow Flash and Red-Hot Habanero…I did not anticipate this" stated Konan, a slight hitch of panic in her voice.

"Tell us" said Minato "What business do you have with Fairy Tail that warrants you attacking us?"

"What I want has nothing to do with you; you're just in the way. Tell me where I can find Makarov Dreyar!" demanded Konan icily.

"If you want the Master, you'll have to get through us first!" exclaimed Kushina, she was beginning to get riled up.

"Kushina go and find Naruto. I'll deal with this idiot!" exclaimed Minato.

"Honey are you sure? I mean to be honest you seem a bit off lately, like the other day it took you a little longer than usual to take out that whole dark guild" asked a concerned Kushina.

"W-whole dark guild?" questioned a concerned Konan.

"Yes Kushina I'll be fine…I think I can handle one wizard" replied Minato.

"Okay…be safe" said Kushina before she ran off towards the guild hall. She hoped Naruto would be there but she decided that it would be best to warn Makarov about what had just happened…there could be more where she came from.

Once Kushina had left Minato returned his attention to Konan "Now where were we?" he said before he teleported behind her and blasted her with sheer force.

Naruto was staring in awe at the glimmering fairy sphere; he couldn't believe that the first master actually contained some demonic creature inside a tiny ball of light. Naruto glared intently at the ball of light but he instantly jumped in freight when he thought he saw a pair of eyes staring right back at him, but he dismissed it as his imagination.

"Can I hold the ball?" asked Naruto pleadingly.

"Sure, what harm could it do?" replied Makarov happily as he handed the sphere to Naruto but just as the light construct made contact with Naruto a small crack manifested on it and it instantly began pouring out light that began swirling around the room, slowly changing from a gold to an orange colour.

"Um is that supposed to happen?" asked Naruto.

"No, no it definitely shouldn't be happening!" exclaimed Makarov as he began flailing his arms around in the air like a lunatic.

The door to the guild hall suddenly burst open as a frantic Kushina came running down the hallway "Master we have a problem!" she exclaimed as she ran towards Makarov. The orange aura that was swirling around the room instantly began pouring out of the door the moment Kushina had opened it.

"Can't it wait?" asked Makarov awkwardly.

"Why what's wrong?" asked Kushina she then noticed Naruto was sitting down near the Master and she stared at him wickedly "What did you do?" she asked.

"Nothing I swear it just cracked when I touched it, it's not my fault!" he exclaimed frantically, trying to appease his mother.

"What just cracked?" demanded Kushina. A violent roar could then be heard outside, a roar that shook the entire guild hall violently. Kushina, Makarov and Naruto quickly ran outside to see what was going and when they saw that the worst possible outcome had manifested. The Nine Tailed Demon Fox had manifested just outside the town and it was not happy. Its massive form could be seen clearly all the way from the guild hall and all nine of its tails were flailing wildly. Some of the civilians who noticed it instantly began screaming and soon there was a panic around the whole town.

"Kushina!" exclaimed Makarov "Get the children and civilians to safety, I will deal with the beast" ordered Makarov.

"No master" disrupted Kushina, causing a confused expression to form on Makarov's face "My training and my magic are perfectly suited for this problem. You help the citizens but also find Minato he's dealing with some wizards who were searching for you and I somehow feel the two are connected" she ordered.

"Kushina…you have a son, a family I am old I should be the one to put my life on the line not you!" exclaimed Makarov.

"You make it sound like I'm going to die or something. We all know the Red Habanero doesn't go down that easily" laughed Kushina "please master the guild still needs you" she added. Makarov nodded reluctantly, he knew that there was no changing Kushina's mind once she had decided on something, and so he let her have her way.

"Very well Kushina. Remember you have the whole guild behind you!" said Makarov.

Kushina nodded and then turned to face Naruto. She knelt down to his height and smiled warmly at him "I need you to stay here okay. Stay safe and if anything should happen to me I just want you to know that…I love you Naruto." Naruto nodded awkwardly, he wasn't sure what was going on exactly but he knew that he had to listen to his mother and so he decided he would listen to her…just this once. "Good boy" she said before she quickly ran off into the distance, preparing to tackle the Nine Tailed Fox one on one.

As Kushina left Makarov told Naruto to go inside the guild and wait for any civilians that would come there for shelter "It's very important that you stay here Naruto, can I trust you with this task?" asked Makarov. Naruto nodded furiously and he quickly ran inside the guild hall.

Once Naruto was inside Makarov began making his way throughout the town settling civilians and making them take shelter inside the guild. As he made his way into the town centre a voice began echoing in his head "Makarov, it's me Hiruzen. What's the situation?" said the voice. Hiruzen was Makarov's second in command and was one of the people Makarov trusted the most since the two of them joined the guild together. Hiruzen was adept in many magical skills, one of them being telepathy.

"The beast has escaped right now Kushina is dealing with it but there is something else, intruders have come here but Minato is dealing with them" explained Makarov.

"How on Earthland did the creature escape from Mavis' prison?" asked Hiruzen.

"I'm not sure but I fear it may have something to do with Naruto Uzumaki" replied Makarov "Any way that is not our concern at the moment. For now we must look after the people but we also need to find Minato; Kushina suspects that these intruders may have something to do with the fox" explained Makarov.

"Very well, I'll round up some of our veteran members and we'll escort the citizens to safety. You find Minato" said Hiruzen.

"Thank you my friend and if you could would you mind sending some of our elite to my location" requested Makarov.

"Shouldn't we be sending re-enforcements for Kushina?" asked Hiruzen.

"They'd only be getting in her way" stated Makarov.

"Very well then" said Hiruzen and with that he disconnected their telepathic link. Makarov sighed and he then went off to find Minato.

Minato had been easily combating Konan; he decided that he would simply make her exhaust her energy before he took her out. He seemed to be having no trouble at all but then the swirling orange lights of the Nine Tailed Fox's essence soared over the skies above him and Minato watched as they formed into the Nine Tailed Demon Fox, the creature that was allegedly incapacitated by the guild. He watched as the great beast roared into the sky and Minato knew he had to wrap things up quickly.

Noticing that her opponent was distracted Konan released a flurry of white paper towards Minato. He barely noticed this in time to dodge, only one of the paper shreds managed to gently scratch his face slightly drawing blood as it did so. "You missed" taunted Minato.

"Did I?" asked Konan as she pointed to the cut on Minato's cheek. He placed his hand on the wound and noticed that it was a lot deeper than he originally thought.

"I don't have time for you anymore I have to help the town!" exclaimed Minato as he jumped up towards a nearby building. Just as he was about to land Minato felt a sharp stabbing pain in his knee and he instantly fell to the ground. He had somehow managed to cut his knee.

"When did that happen?" questioned Minato, he heard Konan snickering and looked up to see that she had been joined by a male who was wearing the same cloak as her. The male then pulled a dagger out of his knee and it instantly healed up, it was the same injury as Minato's. The man seemed to be holding a piece of paper with blood on it, paper similar to the woman's magic.

Minato then heard a sound from behind him and he turned around to see a barrage of fire, water, earth, wind and lightning heading towards him and he quickly teleported out of the way making sure that the attack did not hit him. Out of the shadows appeared a third figure wearing the same cloak as the other two, his face was covered by a mask but Minato could tell that he was male. He then joined his other two allies and stood directly opposite Minato.

"I see it seems that you three want me to get serious" said Minato in a bit of an excited tone "It's been a while since I had to use this" he stated as his body began to glow with a bright yellow cloaking. He disappeared from his position and then reappeared behind the three enemies, slamming the ground beneath them and causing them to all go flying off in different directions; the ground remained intact.

Konan instantly took off into the sky and surrounded herself in a shield of multi coloured paper shards. She then looked down to her two partners "Hidan, Kakuzu this is Fairy Tail's Yellow Flash, we must use precise techniques to defeat him!" she yelled.

"Yeah, yeah Yellow Flash my ass, he's nothing special!" exclaimed Hidan.

"Fool" muttered Kakuzu.

"All this fuss for little old me? I'm flattered" mocked Minato before he disappeared in a yellow flash again, this time he appeared in between the two males. In his palms he held two glowing balls of yellow light and he placed them on either side of him shouting out "Kinetic Burst!" and instantly the light began pouring over Hidan and Kakuzu and caused them to vibrate violently before the energy exploded upon them, leaving them lying on the ground unconscious.

Minato then disappeared in a yellow haze again and appeared on top of Konan. Anticipating this, the purple haired woman sent a barrage of orange paper towards him but Minato once again released a yellow glow from his hand but this time it spread around Konan's paper and caused the attack to fall to the ground like ordinary paper.

"Not only can he increase potential energy to a dangerous point but he can destabilise and negate it!" thought a panicked Konan to herself. She was about to try another attack but then Minato suddenly fell to the ground.

Minato looked up to see what had happened; he didn't like that he was being repeatedly interrupted. The man, Hidan, whom he had obliterated before was now standing in front of him in perfect condition, Hidan pulled a knife out of his shoulder and Minato felt the pulling sensation come out of one of his wounds. "That's body-link magic!" thought Minato to himself "I've never seen anyone use it like this guy before."

The other man, Kakuzu, had also miraculously recovered from his injuries and proceeded to place his hands in a special stance, creating a magic circle in front of him that repeatedly changed colour. He then shouted the words "Five Elemental Chaos!" and a barrage of elemental whirlwinds came pouring out of the magic circle and instantly collided with Minato causing the entire area to vibrate violently.

"Did we get him?" asked Hidan.

Konan glared sceptically at the area where the attack hit, waiting for the dust to settle so she could see who was victorious in the battle.

Kushina had made her way to the area where the fox was. She stood atop one of the buildings in the town and watch as the enraged creature began heading towards the town.

As soon as the creature drew near her Kushina instantly responded by releasing a set of blood chains from the tips of her fingers, each of them instantly connected with the creature and began tearing through its body and draining the very core of its magic.

The creature roared in pain and rage as it attempted to thrash around and release itself from Kushina's chains, but her magic was binding. "I will not let you harm any of my allies or my people you beast!" exclaimed Kushina as she tightened the chains of blood causing them to inflict more pain on the creature. The fox began roaring violently and began swinging the chains around causing Kushina to fly around the area violently; however she didn't seem too worried.

"Blood Chain Limit Release!" exclaimed Kushina and then the blood chains that were already attached to the fox began to branch off and create more chains that dove into the fox's flesh. This allowed Kushina to gain some ground and weaken the fox further. The fox instantly stopped thrashing and seemed to focus for a minute, being concerned Kushina tightened the chains but then a yellow glow began emitting from the fox, a glow that travelled through the chains and connected with Kushina. The glow surrounded her and knocked her away from the chains, severing her connection with the fox. "That magic! It's like Minato's!" she exclaimed. The yellow glow that was surrounding her suddenly changed to a dark pink colour that instantly seeped inside Kushina's skin causing a burning feeling to be felt throughout her entire body as she screamed in pure agony. It seemed that the Nine Tails had a few tricks up its sleeve.

In response to the attack Kushina caused her own blood to pour out of her; not a lot of it but enough to rid herself of the infection that the fox had inflicted. She then used the blood to create a giant chain and sent it directly at the Nine Tails. The chain instantly connected with the fox's neck and Kushina began to spread her own infection throughout the fox. Kushina then used this connection to pull herself closer to the fox and upon impact she grabbed onto the fox's head and caused the blood to begin boiling inside the creature. The creature instantly began to cough out its own blood and Kushina noticed that as this happened its eyes began to change colour to and from a deep black void to a normal blue eye colour.

The creature instantly collapsed to the ground after Kushina released her attack. She could hear the creature groaning in a demonic tone. But as Kushina stood there listening to the demonic groaning, her jaw slowly began to drop as the sound of the creature began less demon like and more humanly audible until Kushina clearly heard the fox groaning the name of someone over and over again "Naruto!"

"What did you say!?" demanded Kushina but she quickly jumped back as the fox's eyes once again filled with an endless black void and it got up and swung its massive form around. Kushina wasn't quick enough to dodge it and she was knocked back by the incredibly monstrous attack. "What do you want with Naruto?!" she yelled as she got up. But the Nine Tails didn't answer but instead it raised its head up to the sky and arched its tails around its body. "What is that?" asked Kushina in stark horror as she watched the creature charge up this incredible attack.

The dust had settled on the area where Kakuzu's attack had struck Minato, revealing that the Yellow Flash had indeed been struck by the lethal attack. Minato was staggering as he got himself up from the blast "I'll admit" panted Minato "You guys are actually pretty good" he stated as he leaned against a building for support.

"Still not dead" sighed Konan "We'll just have to change that" she warned as she spread a flurry of white paper around herself. Forming a whirlwind "We no longer acquire your assistance" she stated "Kakuzu, Hidan retrieve the Nine Tails and kill any that stand in your way!"

As Konan's white paper descended upon Minato, he used his straggling strength to teleport out of the attack zone and once he was in the clear he released a yellow light from his hand "Never Ending Destabilisation!" he shouted and the yellow light began pouring out of his hand like water out of a tap. The light spread around the enemies causing different outcomes. Konan was instantly launched backward at an incredible speed while Hidan was thrown up into the air and Kakuzu was stopped dead in his tracks.

"Fool if you wish to drag out your death as painfully as possible then I will gladly assist you!" exclaimed Konan as she composed herself after Minato's attack. She seemed to gather her strength and her eyes began to fill with darkness as she shouted the words "Shikigami Parade: Black Chaos!" As she said this, the area instantly filled up with darkness as swirling black paper began to surround Konan like a hurricane. She eventually released the swirl of papers and they instantly headed for Minato and as each shard struck Minato it caused an immense amount of pain to sear throughout his body. As if each paper was triggering every pain receptor in his body at the same time. Minato tried to focus through the pain in order to escape but the more he tried to focus the more intense the pain became.

"Shit!" cursed Minato "How the hell am I supposed to get out of this!?" he exclaimed. Konan began to laugh wickedly as she intensified the amount of paper she was creating. She then looked at Hidan and Kakuzu who were still standing around "You two get going, I already told you what to do!" she exclaimed.

"Konan you shouldn't be using that attack, you know what it does to you" stated Kakuzu as he watched blood begin to slowly seep out of Konan's nose.

"Fool, do you think I am not capable enough to maintain my own magic. Now get going!" she hissed.

"I always forget that it doesn't just affect you physically" sneered Hidan and Konan glared at him with her vicious black eyes.

As Konan returned her focus to her battle she was suddenly struck with a giant fist that knocked her right through a nearby shopping stall. The other two enemy wizards looked over to see the Fairy Tail guild master, Makarov, glaring at them with anger. Behind him were two more of Fairy Tail's elite. On his left was a man roughly in his thirties, he was a tall muscled man with shoulder length orange hair that was slicked back, which complimented his stubbly beard. He was adorned in a tattered high collared black cloak that covered up most of his clothing, but it was clear that he was well protected beneath the cape. His name was Gildarts Clive.

The other was also a male but he was much older than Gildarts, his hair was white and spiky and it went all the way down to his waist, though he had it tied up. Like Gildarts he was also relatively tall and well built but he also had two red lines descending from his eyes. He was attired in a green jump suit with a red vest-jacket over it and his shoes were very traditional brown sandals. He was known as Jiraiya the Toad Sage.

"Shit Kakuzu what the hell do we do now!?" exclaimed Hidan as he saw Makarov, Gildarts and Jiraiya appear before his eyes. All three of them were well known wizards and all had a reputation of being powerful beyond belief.

"Well Hidan we do the logical thing and get the fuck out of here" replied Kakuzu, he rarely lost his cool like that.

The two of them quickly began to run in the opposite direction of the three wizards but then the buildings began to collapse around them and block their exits "You aren't going anywhere" said Gildarts as he finished crashing the walls down.

"Gildarts" uttered Makarov.

"Yes Master" replied Gildarts.

"You're paying for that" he sighed and Gildarts' jaw instantly dropped.

Naruto was still in the guild hall at this point in time. Naruto had been helping keep the citizens calm alongside two of his friends in the guild; Gray Fullbuster and Cana Alberona.

Gray was only a year younger than Naruto and had spiky black hair. He wore clothes that were similar to Naruto's only the colour scheme was different. He had joined the guild about a year ago at around the same time Naruto had. Although they both had different motivations for joining the guild the two of them got along pretty well although Gray has a bit of a bad habit of taking his clothes off every now and again.

Like Gray, Cana was also a year younger than Naruto but she had been in the guild a while before either of them joined. The girl had medium length black hair that she liked to keep in a ponytail and often wore an orange dress. She seemed to get along just fine with everyone in the guild, often at times she would do Tarot Card readings for some of the guild members.

Naruto was busy tending to some of the panicked and injured citizens who had made their way over to the guild for refuge when something strange happened. A voice began calling to him in his head "Naruto!" it cried. He could tell it was the voice of a young woman and she seemed to be crying out to him in pain, desperately pleading for him to help her. Naruto thought it was one of the girls in the guild hall and he looked around to see if anyone was calling for him, but he was mistaken.

Again the voice sounded out to him this time in a more forceful tone that seemed slightly monstrous "Naruto!" it bellowed "Come to me!" it ordered. Naruto's eyes instantly changed and gave off a hollow vibe, as if he had become mindless. He instantly forgot that he was supposed to stay in the guild and help out and began to walk out of the door. One destination was in his mind at the moment, the outskirts of the town.

"Hey Naruto where do you think you're going, we need you here man!" exclaimed Gray as he ran over to Naruto just as he was about to walk out the door. Gray saw his eyes and noticed that something was wrong and instantly began to shake Naruto "What's wrong?" he asked but Naruto just pushed himself out of Gray's clutch and continued on his way.

"What the heck?" asked Gray as he watched Naruto walk away "Hey Cana!" shouted Gray to his friend who was standing around idly. She heard him call her and walked over to him "Something's wrong with Naruto, I think we should go after him" he explained.

"He's gone out there alone?" asked Cana and Gray nodded "He could get really hurt, come on let's go!" she exclaimed. Gray nodded and the two of them quickly headed out but just as they were about to leave a voice sounded from behind them.

"Hey where are you guys going?" asked the voice of a young girl and they turned around to see a girl with bright pink hair that was tied over her massive forehead. It was Sakura Haruno. Apparently she was a member of the guild although no one had ever seen her perform any type of magic at all, let alone take a mission.

"Nothing Sakura just stay inside okay" replied Gray and he quickly ran off with Cana following closely behind, she didn't want to deal with Sakura for a moment longer "My god she's annoying!" exclaimed Gray.

"Tell me about it" replied Cana and the two of them laughed. The two of them could see Naruto in the distance and followed him, maintaining a healthy distance so that they didn't get caught.

Hidan and Kakuzu noticed that they were now cornered and outnumbered 2 to 3. They tried to find an exit but nothing solid enough that they could use to escape in time. Minato had gotten up from his previous attack with Jiraiya's help he managed to stay conscious.

"Are you okay Minato?" asked Jiraiya as he poured his natural energy into his former student.

"Yeah, I would have been a lot better had that bastard not stabbed me in the shoulder and knee" stated Minato.

"How did someone titled the Yellow Flash manage to sustain such basic yet crucial injuries?" asked Jiraiya.

"Some weird type of Body-Link Magic" replied Minato. Jiraiya thought for a moment as he examined the enemies.

Meanwhile Hidan had thought of an idea to get him and Kakuzu out of the mess "Okay Fairy Fail fools" he taunted and the four Fairy Tail wizards instantly focused their attention on him "Let us go or else the Yellow Flash loses his arm" threatened Hidan as he placed his blade over his arm.

"Then you would lose your arm too, you're bluffing" stated Gildarts.

"Am I now?" asked Hidan, he then sliced his blade right through his arm but nothing happened aside from Hidan's screams of pain. Minato remained perfectly intact "What!?" exclaimed Hidan.

"My magic severed the connection between the two of you and restored the balance" explained Jiraiya.

"Well that's it we're done for" cried Hidan as he surrendered to the helplessness of the fight. His arm stopped gushing blood as it slowly grew back to its former self as if nothing had happened. Kakuzu just groaned; he was unamused.

"No!" groaned a voice from the rubble behind them "We haven't lost yet!" exclaimed the voice and everyone watched as Konan emerged from the rubble. Her robe was in tatters and her face was covered in dirt, not to mention her hair was a catastrophe "Now I will show you the true power of Red Dawn!" she exclaimed. "Shikigami Soul: Rainbow Angel" as these words came out of Konan's mouth a huge amount of paper surrounded her and consumed her which grew and grew until it was towering over them in the form of a mighty angel made up of different coloured paper.

Immediately responding to this Makarov used his own magic, Titan, to grow to an extremely large size, rivalling the growth of Konan. "Minato!" bellowed the voice of Makarov "Go to your wife, we can handle this battle." Minato nodded before he quickly teleported on top of a nearby building and disappeared.

"Come on let's help Konan!" shouted Hidan but as he did Jiraiya descended upon him and punched him across the face. His fist was glowing with a lime green light as it impacted upon him. This caused Hidan to roar in pain as his face became deformed.

"Why is this healing so incredibly slow!?" exclaimed Hidan as he rubbed his face.

"It's the effects of natural energy, better watch yourself kid coz it's about to get a lot uglier for you, and I'm not talking about your face" warned Jiraiya. Hidan instantly re-quipped a three bladed scythe and ushered for Jiraiya to come at him.

Kakuzu reluctantly got up from where he had been leaning and charged up an attack from within his palm and released a barrage of fire and water towards Jiraiya. But before it even got close to Jiraiya, Gildarts moved himself in front of the attack and immediately destroyed it "You guys really don't know who you're messing with" laughed Gildarts.

"Gildarts Clive" stated Kakuzu and Gildarts stopped laughing "Infamous user of the almighty Crash Magic, able to destroy anything at will...the odds are stacked against me but I will at least try to beat you" stated Kakuzu as he ran at Gildarts and released his Five Elemental Barrage but Gildarts swiftly destroyed the attack.

Thinking quickly Kakuzu jumped back and began coating himself in a cloak "Reflective Mirror Water Cloak" he said as he bathed his body in a coating of water and he ran at Gildarts once more hoping that his magic would be able to reflect Gildarts' magic. As he came down upon him Gildarts simply caught him in his palm and released a burst of crash magic that obliterated Kakuzu, sending him crashing into the sky and back down as he lay motionless on the ground.

Gildarts smirked "Maybe one day there will be someone out there who can actually challenge me" he wondered out loud.

"Only a monster would be able to do that" said Jiraiya as he walked over to Gildarts, he had also won his battle.

Gildarts looked over to see Hidan lying on the ground motionless with an expression of pure horror on his face "What did you do to him?!" exclaimed Gildarts.

"Couldn't be bothered dealing with some stuck up kid so I just made him hallucinate. Right now he's been separated into a million pieces and buried alive beneath a shrine. He can't die though, only sit there for eternity in pain" replied Jiraiya.

"That's ruthless!" laughed Gildarts as he slapped Jiraiya on the back in a friendly gesture.

"What about you, did your opponent make you move a bit this time?" asked Jiraiya.

"Not even a bit" replied Gildarts and the two of them resumed their laughing. Gildarts then looked up to see the Titan Makarov opposing the Angel Konan "Think we should help him out?" he asked.

"Nah let the old man have his fun" stated Jiraiya.

Konan had been trying to overpower Makarov by unleashing the devastating effects of her coloured paper upon him, but they couldn't even scathe him "Dammit, I've used up too much magic on that Black Chaos attack" she sighed to herself.

Makarov then swung his giant fist at Konan and blew a hole right through the centre of her paper angel "This man is titled a Wizard Saint. What was I thinking trying to oppose him? We need to get out of here, Nagato I'm sorry!" she shouted to herself. She then used the remnants of her magic to turn her angel into a whirlwind that descended upon Hidan and Kakuzu before fleeing the area. Konan had successfully escaped from certain damnation.

Makarov sighed "Well that was anti climatic" he said as he began to shrink down to his regular form. Gildarts and Jiraiya were standing their waiting for him with accomplished looks on their faces. "Looks like we won" stated Gildarts.

"Not quite yet!" exclaimed a voice from above them as an old man descended towards them. He was as old as Makarov but was definitely much taller. He also had more hair. It was Hiruzen Sarutobi, the Master's second in command.

"We have a problem" he stated and the other three wizards looked at him with curiosity as he explained the situation to them.

Kushina had managed to keep the fox on the outskirts of town but now it seemed to be charging a devastating attack. She wasn't sure what kind of effect it would have on the town if the fox landed its attack, she only knew that she absolutely had to stop it.

"I'll have to use that technique...Naruto I'm sorry it looks like I won't be coming back" she said as she took a stance instantly creating a pool of blood around her.

"Kushina!" shouted the voice of Minato as he teleported next to his wife, crashing onto the ground a bit as he did "Stop it, I can't let you do that technique Naruto needs you!" he exclaimed.

"Minato I have to stop this thing the whole town is depending on me and I swore I would defeat it, this is the only way I can do it!" she exclaimed.

"No Kushina, I will be the one to sacrifice my life! As your husband and Naruto's father I will protect you both! It's my duty!" he exclaimed.

"No Minato I won't let you do this. Don't make me watch you die because of my weakness!" she exclaimed tears falling out of her eyes. The ball of energy that the fox was charging had begun to reach completion. It was as if it was charging the energy of its century in solitude into one attack.

"No Kushina. It's because of your strength that I have to do this. Once the bomb is gone you are the only one who can take that fox down!" he exclaimed. Kushina began to cry even harder as Minato pleaded with her. He bent down to his wife and kissed her, knowing that it would be the last time they would embrace.

The next few seconds went by in incredible slow motion as Kushina watched the fox release its attack and Minato dash towards it. He used up all of his remaining strength as latched onto the energy attack and teleported away. In the distance a mountain could be seen exploding and Kushina knew that Minato had died and she began to cry until she heard a voice from behind her "Dad!" it cried and Kushina turned around to see Naruto standing there with a pale white expression on his face; he had seen the whole thing.

"No, Naruto you shouldn't have seen that!" exclaimed Kushina, her blood was now boiling as she glared at the Nine Tailed Fox. Kushina began to feel a blood rush as she felt an insatiable rage build up inside her and she glared at the demon fox with pure rage and agony in her eyes "I'M GONNA KILL YOU!" she exclaimed as a bloody aura began to surround her and she launched at the fox. She created a series of blood chains that formed from her own body and sent them crashing towards the creature, they penetrated directly through its body and Kushina immediately pulled them back out and swung them around this time slicing them through different parts of the fox's body. The creature began to roar in agony as Kushina repeatedly devastated it, the fox could do nothing against Kushina's blind rage.

Naruto was staring in horror at the scene before him, he was still speechless from what he had witnessed earlier. It seemed to have snapped out of his trance though. Gray and Cana were standing back in the distance, they didn't know what to do.

Kushina came back down and put all of her magic into one final blow as she used the remnants of her blood to create a ball of blood that she then threw directly at the fox and inside its mouth. The ball then detonated and caused blood to pour out of the fox at an alarming rate as it collapsed onto the ground; it was beaten.

Kushina panted heavily as she fell onto the ground "Did I use up too much magic?" she thought to herself as she tried to keep herself conscious. She then glared at the fox, she knew she hadn't killed it but she managed to defeat it but she noticed that its eyes had changed once more.

The fox looked around in a panic, it tried to get up but fell back down "What happened?!" it exclaimed out loud "Oh no...what have I done!?" it said in a depressed tone and Kushina swore she could hear the creature sobbing but she was then distracted by Naruto who had now approached her.

"Mum what happened, where's dad?" he asked, tears in his eyes."

"Naruto" she panted "I'm sorry, I failed" she sobbed and Naruto began to realise what had happened and he bent down to hug his mother and the two of them began to cry in each other's arms. They didn't even notice that the situation had changed in the distance.

The fox was still wallowing in despair when a strange man appeared before it, he was adorned in a cape the same as the three members of Red Dawn and he carried a large blade on his back but his face was covered by a strange mask that only revealed his eyes. His identity was a complete mystery. The fox looked down upon the man "You...Tobi!" it exclaimed but then it looked ahead and noticed something "Naruto!" the fox exclaimed and suddenly its form transformed into a vibrant orange mist that travelled towards Naruto.

"Damn" sighed Tobi as he followed the mist.

Kushina looked up when she noticed the change in the magical pressure, she saw the fox turn into a mist that headed straight before them and she quickly ushered to Naruto "NARUTO RUN!" she exclaimed. Naruto didn't realise what was happening and Kushina tried to push him away but she just fell over. The mist appeared above them and the face of the fox could be seen as it poured down and surrounded Naruto, eventually forming itself with his aura and merging itself with him. Naruto screamed for a moment as his eyes began glowing but it disappeared after a short moment and he was fine.

"What was that?" wondered Kushina as she attempted to get to her feet. Suddenly the Masked Man from earlier appeared out of nowhere directly in front of Naruto and immediately brought his sword to Naruto's neck. "NO!" exclaimed Kushina and she was instantly filled with an indomitable amount of energy as she ran at the Masked Man and pushed him away from Naruto "I won't let you harm him!" she exclaimed as she raised her arms to either side as a sign of protection.

The Masked Man did not say a word and he quickly charged at Kushina but instead of colliding with her he simply fazed through her and after a moment there was an explosion that knocked Kushina away from Naruto. The Masked Man once again appeared in front of Naruto but just as he was about to bring his sword down on Naruto, Gray jumped in front of him and projected a shield of ice shouting "Ice Make Shield" and the blade simply cracked the surface of the ice.

"Card Magic: Explosion!" shouted Cana's voice as she jumped above the ice shield and threw it down towards the Masked Man causing an explosion on his mask. The Masked Man instantly smacked Cana away and then fazed through Gray's shield and grabbed him by the neck and cast him aside to where Cana was. Naruto had attempted to make shadow clones but the Masked Man just slashed through them. Just then Kushina jumped in front of Naruto and let the Masked Man's Sword slice right through her but just as she did she used her remaining willpower to muster up some magic to spread her blood through the blade and onto the Masked Man causing him to fall to the floor and writhe in agony as Kushina's blood infected him.

"NO!" exclaimed Naruto as Kushina's body fell into his arms "Mum please don't die!" he exclaimed as tears began falling down his face.

"N-Naruto" groaned Kushina as she used her remaining life force to speak with her son "W-we w-will always love you" she uttered, Naruto's tears were falling onto her face as she did so "I really wish I could see you grow up and guide you through the hardships that you will face in your life. If only I could be there for you...but remember that you have Fairy Tail and I know that it will turn you into a shining light" she said as she attempted to smile at her son but she began to cry and cough before she slowly passed on in his arms.

Naruto continued to sob as he held his mother's body in his arms; her blood was strewn all over his clothes. Gray and Cana watched in sadness as Naruto cried in his mother's dead arms, they knew that he needed to be alone for the moment.

Nearby Makarov, Hiruzen, Gildarts and Jiraiya watched in solemn silence as they made sense of what had happened. They had arrived only moments ago but with the crater in the distance, the missing fox and Kushina's lifeless body in Naruto's arms, they had gathered what had gone down. "We...we were too late" stated Makarov in a sincerely depressed tone "If I had only gone instead of Kushina we could have avoided this...I have failed as Guild Master!" he exclaimed. The other wizards remained silent, each of them confused with their own thoughts.

Naruto continued to sob but he slowly looked up as he heard the Masked Man get to his feet and begin laughing "Foolish woman, your magic was only effective while you were alive. I didn't know S-Class wizards were allowed to be stupid" he sneered and he continued laughing.

Naruto instantly began to turn red as he was consumed with rage and an orange aura began to surround him. The Masked Man stopped laughing when he noticed this. Naruto put his mother's body down and got up, his face had become slightly more demonic and his nails had sharpened slightly he then screamed loudly as a blue ball of energy appeared in his hand. He charged at the Masked Man with incredible speed and slammed the ball of energy directly into the chest of the Masked Man; it quickly expanded and knocked him away with immeasurable force. Naruto then returned to his mother's body and knelt down next to her and continued to cry. Makarov and the others saw what had happened and knew that something strange had happened and it had to do with the Nine Tailed Fox and Naruto.

Meanwhile, along the coast of Fiore...

A woman was walking along the sandy shores of the coastal beach; she was a rather average height with an average build and her hair was tied into two blonde pig tails. She was wearing a gray kimono style blouse that was wrapped by a dark blue obi that matched her dark blue pants. Around her blouse she also wore a grass-green haori. But her appearance often fooled people as they didn't realise that she was also one of Fairy Tail's S-Class wizards, Tsunade Senju. "Boy it sure is a lovely evening isn't it Tonton?" stated Tsunade as she looked down to the pink pig next to her that was wearing a yellow cat suit and had a set of pearls around its neck.

"Boyou!" exclaimed the pig but then it cleared its throat "yes Tsunade it is quite a lovely evening" she said in a rather posh accent.

"Still I can't shake this feeling in my something terrible is happening" stated Tsunade.

"Maybe it's because you just blew all your earnings from the SS Quest" suggested Tonton.

"Not a word to the Master about that Tonton or I'll turn you into bacon and feed you to the guild!" warned Tsunade.

"How rude!" scoffed Tonton, Tsunade laughed and the two continued to walk along the shores.

The two eventually came across something strange; a young girl was lying on the sand seemingly unconscious. One of her eyes was covered in a patch suggesting that it was injured but that's not what Tsunade's attention was drawn to. She was more intrigued by her beautiful scarlet hair. "Hm she looks like Kushina...not to mention she's in pretty bad condition, but could she be..." wondered Tsunade out loud before she went over to the girl and picked her up "Come on you're coming with me" stated Tsunade as she picked her up.

The girl suddenly woke up and noticed that she was nuzzled in a pair of extremely large breasts and instantly began to flail around "What's going on!?" she demanded immediately.

"Don't worry I'm going to take care of you" replied Tsunade as she tried to hold onto the girl "My name is Tsunade Senju, what's your name young lady?" she asked.

The girl had now calmed down once she realised that Tsunade meant her no harm. Tsunade could tell that the girl had clearly been through an ordeal and she didn't seem to trust her either, but Tsunade was determined to help her. "My name is Erza" whispered the girl ever so slightly.

"WHAT!?" shouted Tsunade startling the already overwhelmed girl "I didn't catch that" she said; Tonton rolled her eyes.

"My name is Erza" said the girl in a more audible tone.

"Well that's a lovely name, is it just Erza?" Tsunade asked.

"No my name is Erza...Scarlet" she said.

Tsunade smiled at her "Well Erza Scarlet, it's a good thing I ran into you because I'm going to take good care of you, okay?" smiled Tsunade and Erza then noticed that she had a lime-green guild mark on her right breast.

"That mark!" exclaimed Erza "Are you from Fairy Tail?" she asked.

"Ah so you've heard of us, do you know someone from our guild?" asked Tsunade.

Erza looked down at the ground with a sad expression "I did know someone from your guild" she stated.

Tsunade could tell that this girl had a lot more issues than a rough night "Well Erza Scarlet" she stated "I'm gonna take you to Fairy Tail and on the way you can tell me how you ended up washed up on a shore while we go" stated Tsunade she then turned to Tonton "Tonton lift the girl up will ya, she's had a hard time okay!" she demanded.

Tonton instantly sprouted a pair of wings and flew over to Erza and lifted her off the ground "Hello Miss Scarlet, I am Tonton, pleasure to meet you" said Tonton as she lifted Erza off the ground. Erza was too speechless to say anything and with that the three of them headed to Magnolia Town to return to Fairy Tail.