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After Erza and Naruto formed their team of wizards the guild hall slowly removed itself from a state of shock and everyone managed to return to their normal activities or conversations. Natsu and Gray were still stunned and decided to leave the guild hall and prepare themselves for their mission tomorrow. Erza had also left to put away her new toy and also refresh her supplies for the next day; she always took a large amount of luggage wherever she went. Wendy and Naruto both remained at the guild hall for the time being, they both took a seat at the counter and began to discuss what this big problem was that they needed help with.

"Naruto...what's going on?" asked Wendy in a concerned manner.

"You can't just come in and say stuff like that without offering an explanation!" exclaimed Carla as she jumped up onto the counter.

"Okay I'll tell you, but keep quiet I don't want to scare some of the other members!" exclaimed Naruto in a hushed tone. Wendy gulped at the seriousness of Naruto's tone and the potential danger of what she had been brought into "On our mission to recover Tsunade we got sidetracked saving a village from a bunch of dark wizards" began Naruto "It was the dark guild Eisenwald and some other guild called Akatsuki and they unearthed something...something dangerous called Lullaby. We don't know what it is or what it does or even what it looks like but it radiated an intense aura of dark magic" explained Naruto, he left the part out about Zeref since he didn't want to scare Wendy after all she was still a young girl.

Wendy was shaking slightly "So we're up against a dark guild?" she asked "How are we supposed to find them?"

"We've heard that some of their members are in a town not too far from here, we're going to strike there first" explained Naruto. The two of them were so quiet but their whispers were intense.

Suddenly Mirajane popped her head next to them "I've heard that Eisenwald used to be an official guild but they were disbanded years ago because they kept taking on assassination requests. They're master was arrested but they refused to disband and kept taking on missions, what's worse is they have an infamous figure among them who only takes assassination requests, the Shinigami Erigor" she interjected.

"That's scary!" stated Wendy fearfully.

"You sure know a lot Mira" said Naruto admirably and Mirajane just smiled "Do you know anything about Lullaby that we could use?" he asked.

Mirajane thought for a moment "I'm sorry I've never heard of something called Lullaby before" she answered. Naruto thought for a moment, if it had something to do with Zeref then it could only mean it spells trouble, but they needed to figure out what it did.

"Hey Kurama!" called Naruto inside his head and the fox woman quickly appeared beside him.

"What?" she asked, she had been listening to their conversation the entire time.

"This Lullaby, what do you know about it?" he asked.

"Well I already told you that the magic aura was exactly like Zeref's but when I heard the name Lullaby I was definitely sure it was his magic. I remember the name but I can't seem to recall what it is."

"How can you not remember something this important? Aren't you like a thousand years old!?" exclaimed Naruto.

"I am four hundred thank you very much! How dare you!" hissed Kurama "And for your information when you're that old it's hard to remember absolutely everything that you have seen in your existence!"

"I wouldn't know about that" said Naruto with a smirk. Kurama rolled her eyes and disappeared in a blur. Naruto continued to converse with Wendy telling her to prepare herself the following day and Mirajane would offer her voice every now and again. As they continued to talk they were approached by Lucy who had been waiting to talk to Naruto all afternoon.

"Um...hey there" smiled a nervous Lucy as she approached Naruto. He turned around to see who was speaking to him when he saw the familiar face of Lucy, her blonde hairstyle and sweet face seemed familiar to him but then a light bulb instantly lit up in his head.

"Lucy?" questioned Naruto as he got out of his seat; Lucy smiled warmly and nodded her head "Wow! You finally made it as a wizard I see!" exclaimed Naruto as he got out of his seat and hugged his old acquaintance.

"You told me to follow my dreams and I did" smiled Lucy as she shook some of the gate keys on her waist.

Naruto looked down and saw the arrangement of silver and gold keys "Impressive, three zodiac gates I see" he smiled.

"Yep but I always keep a special key close to my heart" smiled Lucy as she pointed to the necklace around her neck that was holding the gate key that Naruto gave her. Naruto looked at the necklace and traced it down until he was eyeing Lucy's chest. He instantly looked away and blushed slightly.

"What key is that?" he asked.

"The one you gave me of course!" exclaimed Lucy.

"Naruto I didn't know that you had met Lucy before" observed Wendy.

"Yeah I didn't know either" added Mirajane "How did you meet?"

Naruto re-took his seat and invited Lucy to join them which she did "I rescued her from a rampaging carriage eight years ago when she was trying to run away from home" he explained bluntly. Lucy's jaw hit the counter at the bluntness of the story.

"Why were you running away from home?" asked an interested Wendy.

Lucy quickly let off an uncomfortable vibe after being asked that question "Oh you know it's just some of the silly things kids do" she said with an awkward laugh "I mean I don't do that anymore" she added.

"Hmm?" pondered Mirajane causing the three wizards and cat to turn their attention towards her "Since Lucy is still a new wizard maybe she should go with you guys on your quest tomorrow. She'll gain some experience and she can help Wendy keep Natsu and Gray from killing each other when Erza doesn't have her eye on them" she suggested with a smile.

"How am I supposed to keep them from killing each other?" asked Wendy, she was shocked that the responsibility had been placed on her to keep her older friends in line, she would surely be over powered by their brute, masculine force.

"Just keep them occupied" said Mirajane as she waved her hand dismissively causing Wendy to begin panicking.

"I wouldn't mind going along" stated Lucy with a grin "I've been on some difficult missions already so this might be good" she assured, although the truth was that she was a little frightened to go on this mission it sounded far too dangerous and she wasn't sure if she was ready for it; but she wanted to make a good impression on Naruto and Erza.

"Sure we could use the extra support and I'm sure Erza would also appreciate it" stated Naruto.

"Naruto knows all about what Erza appreciates" said Mirajane with a slight snicker, Lucy and Wendy's eyes instantly widened in horror.

"What does that mean!?" exclaimed Naruto.

"I just meant that you know her very well because you're so close" replied Mirajane with an innocent expression on her face "What other meaning is there?" she said with a smile. Naruto narrowed his eyes and groaned.

"That one cracks me up!" laughed the voice of Kurama throughout his head "I like her!" Naruto quickly dismissed Mirajane's comment and continued on conversing with his friends. They continued to talk for a good half an hour when they heard a distinct rumbling outside and the sound of Natsu and Gray yelling at each other. Naruto immediately rushed outside to see what was happening this time. When he got out he found the two wizards beating each other up, though they weren't using their magic they were still causing damage to their surroundings.

"Why should I have to be on a team with you!" shouted Natsu as he planted his fist into Gray's face "Just tell Erza you can't come!"

"Why should I be the one to leave you idiot!" roared Gray as he returned Natsu's punch with his own fist to the other's abdomen "Just tell her you don't want to be on a team with me and then don't come...we don't even need you anyway!" roared Gray.

Naruto watched as the two continued to beat each other up, he shook his head disappointedly. He was shortly joined by Wendy, Carla and Lucy who just gasped when they saw what was happening "You want me to stop that?" questioned Wendy "I'm gonna get killed on this mission" she cried.

"Don't worry Wendy you'll be fine" assured Carla as she began to pat Wendy on the back.

Naruto immediately began to walk over to the fighting boys and quickly placed his hands in between them and separated them forcefully "That's enough!" he said but the two of them were still trying to get past him and go at each other "I said that's enough!" roared Naruto as he channelled Kurama's energy and became surrounded with the fox cloak in order to scare the two of them into submission.

"Sorry sir!" they began to scream as they cowered in front of Naruto.

"Good" stated Naruto casually "Now let's have a talk just the three of us" said Naruto as he ushered for Natsu and Gray to take a seat on the nearby grass patch. They both obeyed him and took a seat on the grassy floor but sat separate from each other with their arms folded and their heads turned in the opposite direction from the other.

Naruto turned around to Lucy and Wendy "Sorry but I'm going to have to deal with these two but I'll see you both tomorrow at the train station" smiled Naruto. The two of them nodded before they made their way off to get ready for the mission.

Naruto then turned back to Gray and Natsu who were still acting like children, he sighed and then sat between them "Guys I need you to listen to what I'm about to say" began Naruto causing Gray and Natsu to slowly turn their heads and face him; and by extension each other "Tomorrow's mission is an important one and obviously Erza and I have put our faith in you and your strength. Now I know you two will always have your differences and bicker but I need you to be ready for this quest tomorrow and try not to beat each other up during it. You're both very skilled wizards and I believe that you'll go far so just put your issues aside and get ready because our enemy is a dark guild and they posses something that's really dangerous so if we stuff up people could die and we're Fairy Tail so we don't let that happen!"

Gray scratched the back of his head before he cleared his throat and spoke up "Sorry Naruto, Natsu and I will be fine tomorrow, you can count on us!" assured Gray.

"Yeah" added Natsu "No way are we going to let some stupid dark guild win against us, like you said we're Fairy Tail!" exclaimed Natsu with a passionate voice.

"Glad to hear it...I don't want Erza to have to beat you boys up" laughed Naruto. Gray and Natsu quickly turned pale at the thought of Erza's wrath coming down upon them.

"We'll be good!" they exclaimed in unison.

"Good" laughed Naruto as he fist bumped the two of them "Now come on let's get going we have to be up early and ready in the morning" stated Naruto. As soon as he got up he saw that Mirajane was standing behind them with something in her hands for the three of them. Natsu and Gray got up to see what she had to give them.

"Oh?" questioned Mirajane as Gray got up, she gave him an odd look as she scanned him up and down "Naruto what did you do to Gray's pants?" she asked casually.

Naruto quickly looked to his side to see that Gray had somehow taken off his pants in the process of getting off the ground "That was not me!" exclaimed Naruto but Mirajane just giggled.

"See taking your pants off is completely normal!" exclaimed Kurama as she appeared alongside Naruto again "By the way beautiful speech earlier, touched my heart" she said with a fake catch in her throat.

"It's not normal, it's contagious is what it is. Look what you did to Gray!" exclaimed Naruto.

"Hey that's not my fault! Besides he was like that before we met!" pouted Kurama as she scoffed and once again returned to her spiritual world.

Naruto dismissed her and returned his attention to Mirajane who was holding three keys in her hands "Here these are for you guys" she said as she handed a key to each of them "They're keys to Lucy's house" she said and their jaws instantly dropped.

The next day the group of wizards all gathered at Magnolia Train Station in the morning. While everyone was waiting for the train to depart Lucy and Erza became acquainted with each other while Wendy awkwardly tried to maintain the peace between Natsu and Gray, though it seemed that Naruto's speech was effective in ensuring that the two of them would behave though it didn't stop them from occasionally insulting the other. As they all waited patiently for the train Natsu quickly spoke up in a heated passion "Hey Naruto!" he exclaimed causing everyone to turn their attention to him "When we get back from this mission I want to fight you, a rematch from last time!" announced Natsu.

"Are you crazy!?" exclaimed Gray.

"Oh?" questioned Naruto "You want to test your strength against me? No problem, I accept your challenge but I'm not going to go easy on you!" laughed Naruto.

"Don't worry I won't need you to go easy, I've gotten a lot stronger since last time!" said Natsu confidently.

"Yeah I can tell you have...but are you strong enough to beat me? I guess we'll just have to find out" smirked Naruto.

Shortly after they all boarded the train that would take them to Onibas Station where it was rumoured that Eisenwald thugs had been lurking around lately; the plan was to capture and interrogate them about their evil plan. As soon as the train began to move Natsu instantly began to swirl around in a sickly motion as his motion sickness kicked in. Wendy looked a little squeamish at first but this look faded as soon as it appeared and Wendy was back to normal. "Oh?" she questioned as she looked at the nearly passed out Natsu who was next to her "I better cast Troia on him" said Wendy as she raised her hands out to Natsu's temples.

"No" stated Erza and Wendy instantly retracted her hands and gave Erza a confused look "I want you to reserve your magic, Natsu will be fine just come sit next to me" offered Erza warmly. Natsu weakly nodded his head before he trudged over to Erza and put his head on her lap, she quickly punched him and knocked him out cold "That should make our trip a little more comfortable" she stated bluntly.

"I could've just cast the spell to avoid all this" mumbled Wendy in disappointment as she stared at the unconscious Natsu. Lucy's jaw had dropped as she was in complete amazement at Erza's attitude.

"So Wendy that Troia spell is another one of your Sky Dragon Spells?" asked Lucy trying to change the mood in the train.

"Yeah it's a spell that restores equilibrium so it's perfect for easing motion sickness" explained Wendy.

"I see" smiled Lucy "So what magic do you practice Erza?" asked Lucy.

"Erza's magic is really pretty she makes people bleed!" exclaimed Happy in awe and Lucy quickly began to turn pale.

"Personally I think Gray's magic is a lot more beautiful than mine" stated Erza "But you're a celestial wizard right Lucy?" asked Erza.

"Yeah that's right, I actually have three of the zodiac gates and it's my dream to collect all twelve one day" smiled Lucy proudly.

"I'm sure you'll get them one day" stated Naruto "After all you're the wizard who took out a rampaging Vulcan with her little finger, I'm sure you can get those zodiac keys" stated Naruto.

"Oh?" questioned Erza "That's impressive, who told you that?"

"Someone at the guild told me when we got back yesterday, but you had already gone home" stated Naruto.

"Well nevertheless I think you will be a great help to our mission" beamed Erza.

"That's not exactly what happened" stuttered Lucy but Naruto just winked at her and Lucy began to freak out, she wasn't sure what she was expected to do on this mission but it seemed like there was a lot of pressure on her to be amazing now.

"So" interrupted Gray "Are you going to tell us why you have recruited us? It's obviously not a simple mission we're going on."

Erza and Naruto nodded and they began to explain the details of the mission to their fellow wizards; though Wendy was already aware of the main objective of the mission. They explained how they were going to take down a dark guild known as Eisenwald as they had unsealed some form of dangerous magic and planned to use it for some evil goal. They had brought the group of them along as back up since it was an entire dark guild they were going against and they were in possession of a dangerous magic; most of their knowledge about the magic was limited, only that it was a dark magic known as Lullaby that shared a connection to the dark mage Zeref.

"Zeref?" questioned Lucy as Erza and Naruto finished explaining their mission to them.

"Yes, the dark mage who lived centuries ago, it seems he left some of his legacy behind and that legacy has just resurfaced" replied Erza.

Lucy quickly began to shake in fear as she started shining with sweat "I don't think I'm cut out for this, maybe I should just go home" she suggested fearfully.

"You're slimy Lucy" observed Happy.

"It's sweat!" she snapped back instantly.

"You're getting it everywhere" scoffed Carla as she flew away from Lucy.

"Don't worry Lucy you'll be fine" stated Naruto and Lucy gave him a questioning glance "You're strong and you've got us with you so you've got nothing to worry about...right Erza?" asked Naruto and Erza just nodded her head in agreement.

"Alright, if you say so" she said half heartedly as she offered a weak smile.

After a quick pit stop to get some food and re-fuel the train engine, the Fairy Tail wizards arrived at Onibas Station where Lucy was still torn between running back to the guild or staying with everyone and helping them out as much as she could. As they began to make their way out of the station they quickly noticed that Natsu was not among them as they heard a distinct wailing noise echo out of the train departing from the station.

"Looks like we left him on the train" stated Naruto as they looked out into the distance.

"This is my fault!" exclaimed Erza as she punched a nearby metal pole causing a large bang to sound out in the area "I knew that Natsu hated all forms of transportation, one of you must come and hit me for my penance!"

Lucy looked at the others with a confused look but they all shook their heads telling her not to follow through with Erza's demand. "If you hit her she will retaliate even if she told you to do it" whispered Naruto into Lucy's ear. Lucy just gulped in fear.

"Why don't you tell Lucy about all the times it happened to you?" asked Kurama as she appeared next to Naruto in her spirit form. Naruto just shook his head fearfully as he recalled the painful memories. Kurama just giggled but she then displayed a rather serious expression "You have to go get Natsu quickly!" she stated "You can't afford to waste any time this is Zeref's magic you're dealing with" said Kurama. Naruto could tell that she was very serious and somewhat scared of what could happen. He nodded to her reassuringly.

Naruto quickly acted and went to secure a Magic Four Wheeler that they could use to chase after the train and recover Natsu. Meanwhile, Erza barged right into the train conductor's office and pulled the emergency leaver in order to stop the train and buy them some time to catch up to Natsu; though the train workers were not happy at all.

They quickly regrouped and got into the car with Erza as the driver, though Naruto intended for him to drive it she insisted and he decided not to argue with her. They drove at a dangerously high speed, since the car functioned off the driver's magic it was dangerous for Erza to be driving at such a high speed as it would consume her magic power.

They began to close in on the train but they could see that it had started to move slightly. Erza picked up the speed as they got closer to a carriage that looked like it had been severely damaged. As they drove near it Lucy called out to Natsu who had his head stuck out of the carriage as he jumped towards the magic four wheeler crashing directly into Gray who was sitting on top of the car. The train then began to take off into the distance, continuing on its route.

Erza quickly stopped the car and everyone got out to see Natsu and Gray lying on the floor on top of each other "Get off me you idiot!" exclaimed Gray as he forcefully pushed Natsu off of him.

"Shut up you icy freak!" shouted Natsu as he got himself off the ground "How come you guys left me on the train!?" he demanded furiously.

"It was an accident but I'm just thankful nothing bad happened to you" stated Erza with relief as she banged Natsu's head against her metal plate.

"Yeah I'm fine" stated Natsu as he freed himself from Erza's iron grip "I mean I did get attacked by a weirdo from Eisenwald on the train but other than that I'm fine." As soon as Natsu said these words Erza instantly struck him across the face with a loud slap.

"You fool!" exclaimed Erza "That's who we're after. Naruto and I explained everything on the train you should listen when people are talking to you!" she shouted with fury as she towered over him.

"I have no idea what you're talking about this is the first I've heard of it!" pleaded Natsu.

Naruto shook his head while Gray placed his hand over his face and Lucy and Wendy just stared at the scene with confused and amazed expressions "She already forgot she knocked him out didn't she?" questioned Lucy.

"That's Erza for you" the others stated in unison.

"Erza this is a good thing" reasoned Naruto and the scarlet warrior gave him a curious glance "Now that we know he was on the train all we have to do is follow it and we'll find him. It beats searching aimlessly around a town for the whole day...Natsu what did he look like?" explained Naruto as he asked Natsu the question.

"Well he looked like an ordinary wizard, you wouldn't pick him to be in a dark guild...although he did have a weird wooden flute it had a skull but with three eyes on it" explained Natsu.

"A three eyed skull?" questioned Lucy and the group gave her a curious look as she began to recall something in her head.

"What is it?" asked Wendy.

"Is something wrong Lucy?" questioned Happy.

"I think I've heard about this flute, it's coming back to me...Lullaby...the cursed song" she pondered out loud. Her eyes then quickly widened in fear "Its death magic!" she exclaimed.

"Of course!" exclaimed Kurama "I never saw this flute in my time but I did hear about it! This girl is smart, good thing you brought her along!" stated Kurama, it was rare for her to compliment one of the other wizards especially someone new like Lucy.

"If it's death magic how does it work through a flute?" questioned Naruto.

"Is it like a song or an incantation?" asked Gray.

"I'm not sure how it works but it's a forbidden spell, no one is allowed to use it, it's just that dangerous" explained Lucy "If I'm right about this Lullaby is by far one of the worst of forbidden spells in existence!"

"If its Zeref's magic then it must affect more than one person at a time, we have to go now!" exclaimed Naruto.

"Be careful, you don't know where it's going to be used or how or even its range. You must exercise caution!" warned Kurama, Naruto nodded. As he jumped into the car with the others getting in behind him and Erza once again taking the driver's seat. They then took off along the train at a great speed causing Natsu to instantly feel motion sick once more.

In the Town of Clover stood a building where the guild masters of the local guilds were currently holding their meeting. The town was cut off from the rest of the world save for one railway line making it a perfect meeting place.

"I'm jealous of you guys Maky and Ruzy! You're wizards are so alive and they're such cutie pies!" exclaimed Master Bob as he swirled around Makarov and Hiruzen. He was a rather fat and flamboyant man with scratchy stubble for a beard and absolutely no hair on his head. He also wore a pink tank top that was a few sizes too small and a pair of pink and purple striped shorts with pink high heels as his shoes. Although he was a flamboyant drag queen he was the fearsome Master of the Blue Pegasus Guild. And yes he is a man "I heard you've got a new girl that gave some big shot quite the spanking" fawned Master Bob.

"Yeah that's Lucy our newest recruit" stated Makarov "And she's got a body that won't quit!" he exclaimed earning a nod of agreement from Hiruzen who stood next to him.

"Oh you guys are so naughty!" exclaimed Bob.

"I wouldn't be joking around if I were you guys Makarov" stated another man as he approached them. He was a lot taller than everyone else and was slender with a fearsome attire that included a spike dog collar around his neck and a tight black shirt. He had medium length light brown hair and wore dark sunglasses over his eyes. He was Master Goldmine of the Quattro Cerberus Guild "You guys may have spirited wizards but you gotta admit they go overboard sometimes. Some of the magic council members are starting to get overly cautious about Fairy Tail" warned Goldmine.

"Oh those guys are just jealous because our wizards are hot!" exclaimed a drunk Makarov.

"Oh?" said a voice from nearby as a slender woman in her thirties appeared next to Bob. She had bright green eyes but only one of them was visible as her ankle length brown hair covered half of her face. She was adorned in a long sleeve blue dress that parted on the side revealing the fishnet stockings that she wore underneath as well as a pair of shorts that covered her crotch area from being visible to the perverted men she was around; though this didn't stop Makarov from fuming wildly. Her name was Mei Terumi and while she was not a guild master she was the strongest wizard in the guild and had accompanied her master to this meeting out of loyalty "You shouldn't talk about your wizards like that, as a woman I cannot allow such talk" she warned.

They were suddenly interrupted by a loud purple bird that flew over to them shouting "Master Makarov, letter for Master Makarov!"

"Engagement for Master Makarov?" questioned Mei as her eye began to widen "Are they making fun of me?" she wondered in a panic.

"It's Mirajane sir" said the bird as Makarov took the letter. He then rubbed the insignia on the letter causing a small magic circle to emerge and the hologram of Mirajane to come out of it.

"Hello Master, hope you're enjoying your conference" smiled Mirajane as she appeared from the letter. Makarov quickly ushered the other guild masters to gather around and look at the Fairy Tail poster girl.

"Oh Master you're not going to believe what happened!" exclaimed Mirajane "It may be the greatest thing in the history of Fairy Tail. Erza, Naruto, Gray, Wendy and Natsu all teamed up!" exclaimed Mirajane in an ecstatic joy "An amazing combination, they've probably formed the strongest team in Fairy Tail!"

Makarov and Hiruzen's expressions quickly changed to fear and panic as the very real thought of that team causing complete and utter destruction could in fact become reality.

"They could destroy an entire city!" exclaimed Makarov.

"Don't worry the conference will be over soon and we should be able to get back by tomorrow afternoon!" assured Hiruzen.

"Looks like the council has a good reason to be worried" laughed Goldmine.

"Those wizards are all engaged!" shrieked Mei and everyone gave her a confused look "They're so much younger than me too! I'm running out of time!" she cried.

After overhearing an incident at Kunugi Station Erza immediately drove the car towards the town of Oshibana; where Eisenwald was apparently headed towards in order to enact their plan. Erza continued to drive at a reckless speed but she wasn't intending to slow down, after all lives were at stake. As they drove Happy attempted to recall something he had to tell Lucy but he couldn't put his finger on it.

They eventually arrived at Oshibana Station where it was clear that something was not quite right, smoke was rising out of the station and it was surrounded by local authorities who were forbidding anyone from entering the station.

They immediately got out of the car and Erza began to question all the guards as to what was going on but none of them would answer he so she just knocked them out as an alternative. Lucy just rolled her eyes as Erza continued to pound through the guards "Her questioning method is a little redundant" stated Lucy.

"Erza's got her own way of doing things" explained Gray.

"Put some clothes on man!" exclaimed Naruto as he hit Gray over the back of the head.

"I like that ice wizard" stated Kurama.

"Wendy save me!" pleaded Natsu as he lay on the ground drooling from the after effects of his motion sickness catastrophe.

"I'm sorry Natsu, I don't think Troia will help with the after effects" smiled Wendy as she patted Natsu on the head.

"Get up!" exclaimed Carla in discontent.

Erza had now dispatched of all the guards and she slowly approached her comrades "It looks like the Eisenwald guild is inside...let's go in" she stated and the others nodded.

They proceeded to head into the train station, as they walked through they saw that a lot of rune knights had been knocked out. It was understandable since they were up against an entire magical guild, they stood no chance.

They eventually came to a clearing where the entire Eisenwald guild gathered and all of them laughed menacingly at the small Fairy Tail contingent. "Welcome to our parlour Fairy Tail flies!" laughed a man who was perched atop the railing. He was a tall man and mildly muscular who wore no discernible shirt to cover his torso and abdomen. He did wear the bottom part of a torn black robe with a small torn scarf around his neck. He had long silver hair that covered a portion of his face and a series of blue marking across his face and body. He also carried with him a small scythe.

"You fiend!" hissed Erza "I take it that you're Erigor!" Erigor simply laughed.

"What are you going to do with Lullaby!?" demanded Naruto in a burst of rage, he had remained calm for most of the mission but he hated dark guilds and would stop at nothing to stop this one from executing their plan "Tell us and we won't hurt you...that much" threatened Naruto.

"Naruto don't threaten them we're outnumbered!" hissed Lucy.

"It's not the number of wizards that matters Lucy, it's their heart and I'm willing to bet that our hearts outweigh their hearts at least ten fold!"

Erigor just began laughing until he swopped himself over to a series of speakers "You know it's funny that train stations have plenty of these things planted everywhere" he laughed "I wonder how far can they reach when put to the limit?" he questioned rhetorically.

"You want to broadcast the Lullaby song!" exclaimed Wendy "That's awful! How could you do such a thing!?" she screamed.

"I wonder how many people have gathered like idiots to see what's going on? I could probably wipe them all out!" laughed Erigor.

"What reason do you have to hurt the innocent people of this town!?" demanded Erza.

"This is a cleansing of all the fools out there who fail to appreciate their rights and they simply turn a blind eye to the ones who have had their rights stripped away so I, the Reaper, have come to punish them!" snarled Erigor.

"You think that's going to get you your rights back?" questioned Lucy "This is the reason why your rights were taken away in the first place, you don't deserve any rights! You're a monster!" she shrieked.

Erigor began to twitch slightly as he released a series of wind slicers towards Lucy who gasped as she saw the attack come towards her but in the blink of an eye Naruto stood in front of her and merely accepted the attack and brushed it off as a green light bathed his body and then disappeared. Naruto glared at Erigor menacingly but the Reaper just continued to smile wickedly.

"Thank you" breathed Lucy as her heartbeat began to return to normal.

"We don't want our rights back stupid girl, we want power and then we can wash away the sins of the past by ushering in a new age, just like the goals of our superiors!" laughed Erigor.

"Superiors?" questioned Naruto.

"You're all insane!" hissed Carla as she sat on top of Wendy's head.

"We're ushering in a new age of darkness!" exclaimed one of the wizards who was in front of the Eisenwald mob. He wore an all white outfit and had his black hair tied into a ponytail. Upon hearing this man speak Natsu quickly shot up off of the ground in a heated fury.

"Eisenwald dude I knew I recognised that voice!" exclaimed Natsu "Oh? Looks like we've got a party here!" laughed Natsu as he looked at the crowd of dark wizards and smiled.

Suddenly a cloaked figure wearing an orange mask came running into the room and fell over on the floor in between the two factions of wizards "Oh alright!" he exclaimed "Looks like these idiots fell right into your trap Erigor! Sweet as!" laughed the man as he got up off the ground and began to jump around happily.

The Fairy Tail wizards all looked at him oddly, it didn't look like he was from Eisenwald since he wore the same cloak as the man who attacked Erza and Naruto in Konoha. He might have been a dark wizard but he acted like an innocent child.

"Yes Tobi, I won't rest however until everyone has heard this melody of death, even these wizards here!" laughed Erigor.

"Alright!" exclaimed Tobi as he jumped up and gave Erigor a thumbs up he then turned to the Fairy Tail wizards and began to blow raspberries at them "You guys are screwed!" he laughed "That reminds me I have toast in the toaster be right back!" exclaimed Tobi as he ran out of the room in a crazed flurry with his hands flailing everywhere.

Kurama had appeared and was watching the whole scene unfold "Tobi?" she wondered to herself "No...That can't be him" she thought but her thoughts were soon interrupted when Lucy began to shout.

"This is the strongest team Fairy Tail has to offer, you'd better be ready!" she warned.

Erigor began to rise above everyone "Teach them the terror of the dark guild Eisenwald!" he ordered and with that he disappeared in a blur.

Naruto responded quickly "Natsu, Gray we'll go after him!" ordered Naruto "If the three of us work together, Erigor has no chance!" exclaimed Naruto. The three of them then ran off in the same direction that Tobi went leaving Erza, Wendy, Lucy, Happy and Carla alone with the rest of the Eisenwald guild. A few of the members left to go after the boys but there were still a large number of members to deal with.

"We'll catch up with them once we're done here" stated Erza simply.

"Three girls against an entire magical guild?" questioned Lucy.

"We'll be fine" stated Erza "Wendy are you up for this?" she asked. Wendy just nodded with a look of determination on her face; she wanted to stop these wizards as much as anyone else. The Eisenwald crowd began to laugh as they readied themselves to brawl with the Fairy Tail maidens.

"Let's do this!" exclaimed Erza as she pulled a sword out of thin air and dove into the crowd of wizards immediately slashing through a group of them "If you insult the Fairy Tail guild or my comrades in my presence, none of you will come out of here without a missing limb!" threatened Erza. None of the men were threatened yet and they immediately charged at her but she requipped a spear and slashed through them immediately and with ease.

"She's amazing!" exclaimed Lucy.

"She's just getting warmed up" smirked Happy.

Seeing that Erza was a lot more difficult than anticipated, the men began to charge at the youngest among them, Wendy. But as they closed in on her she spread her arms out and shouted "Sky Dragon's Wing Attack!" causing a series of wind streams to fly out of her arms and cut through the enemies.

"Erza!" called Wendy as she extended her arms and formed a magic circle beneath her "I'll give you some aid! Power of the stout arms that tears the heavens ARMS!" cried Wendy as she surrounded Erza with a light blue aura that increased her offensive capabilities. Erza quickly swung the spear around and slashed through a lot more enemies with one attack.

"No!" exclaimed one of the Eisenwald thugs "This can't be, it's Titania and the Sky Maiden!" he shrieked in fear. As Wendy and Erza proceeded to thin out the enemies.

"Alright it's my time to help!" exclaimed Lucy. Carla just rolled her eyes and scoffed while Happy stifled laughter "What's that for!?" hissed Lucy but she got no response. She then pulled out one of her gold keys and swung it around "Open Gate of the Golden Bull: Taurus!" exclaimed Lucy and a gold light emerged from her key as a tall and bulky bull man emerged wielding an axe.

"Moo!" he roared as he came out "Miss Lucy I will protect your nice body! Then come and give me a smooooooch!"

"Not now just charge at them!" ordered Lucy and Taurus nodded as he swung his mighty axe around and dispatched more of the Eisenwald members. Though their forces seemed never ending as more of them just kept emerging or getting back up.

A group of wizards surrounded Taurus, he attempted to beat through them but they were overwhelming him "Lucy!" exclaimed Wendy "I'll aid your spirit Arms! Vernier!" she shouted and suddenly Taurus was bathed in the same aura that Erza was but he felt lighter and more mobile as well as stronger. He then swung his might axe around and dispatched of the group of men that had surrounded Lucy.

"No one is touching this nice body!" shouted Taurus as he obliterated the enemy forces.

"That was impressive" admired Erza. Lucy quickly began cheering as she had gained Erza's approval but that was quickly taken away "This spirit, the way he talks about your body, I find it rather insulting."

There were now only a small amount of members left as Erza, Wendy and Lucy dispatched through most of them with ease "Hmm?" pondered Erza "I'll end this quickly Requip: Heaven's Wheel!" she shouted as she changed into her infamous armour and sent out a flurry of swords in a circle formation that smashed through the remaining goons with ease. She then returned to her standard armour. There was one remaining member but he quickly ran out of the room as the rest of his allies lay on the floor defeated.

"Oh man! I think I'm in love!" exclaimed Lucy.

"I would imagine that he's going after Erigor, Lucy go after him!" ordered Erza and Lucy and Happy quickly ran after him, not wanting to anger Erza. Erza then knelt down on the floor, she seemed exhausted but she was hiding it.

"Erza are you okay?" asked Wendy as she approached Erza.

"I'm fine, go after Lucy she might need help!" ordered Erza, Wendy just nodded but was still concerned about Erza. However she was in no position to argue with her and so she and Carla headed after Lucy and Happy.

"I used up too much magic on the magic mobile" huffed Erza as she shakily got to her feet "Naruto...it's on you now" she stated as she slowly walked out the room.

Naruto, Gray and Natsu were still running through the Train Station, they had picked up a very faint trail of Erigor. He was still in the area but the trail was getting weaker. As they ran through the train station a series of black tape started to surround them as a man wearing a black and yellow outfit appeared in front of them "That's far enough for you!" Naruto just rolled his eyes and blasted through the man with a swirl of raw energy.

"Sorry we don't have time to deal with idiots" mocked Naruto as the wizard lay on the floor motionless and with a look of fear on his face.

"That's scary!" exclaimed Natsu and Gray in unison.

"You have to fight that when we get back!" laughed Gray.

"At least I have the balls to do it!" snickered Natsu.

Gray groaned "Hey Naruto!" he called out and Naruto turned his face back to the wizard behind him "When you're done with Natsu I want to fight you too" stated Gray.

"Sure...why don't you fight me together, then you might stand a chance" laughed Naruto.

"Is he making fun of us?!" exclaimed Gray.

"I'm not working with Gray twice!" shouted Natsu.

The three of them then came across a room called 'Control Room' where they could hear someone's voice singing from the other side. Naruto quickly burst through the door where he found a very startled Tobi jumping back in his chair and almost dropping his freshly made toast and coffee.

"Oh you boys startled me" laughed Tobi as he put his feet up on the radio control system, it had been completely obliterated there was no way that Erigor's plan would be successful now "What do you want?" asked Tobi as he ate his food through his mask.

"The speaker's are destroyed? This wasn't Erigor's plan at all?" stated Naruto.

"No it wasn't" stated Tobi blandly but he then began to scream and spit out his coffee "Dammit that's hot!" he hissed as he slammed his mug on the desk.

"If that's not his plan...then what is it?" asked Naruto.

"I'm not telling, that would be dobbing!" laughed Tobi, suddenly there was a loud, windy noise echoing from outside the station.

"Gray, Natsu go find out what that is" ordered Naruto "I'll see if I can get some answers out of this guy" Gray and Natsu both nodded before glaring at each other and running out of the door at the exact same time, barely managing to squeeze out.

As soon as they were gone Naruto turned his attention to Tobi who was just staring aimlessly into space. Naruto quickly grabbed him by the scruff on his neck and held him against the nearby wall "You're from Akatsuki! Why are you here helping Eisenwald?" demanded Naruto.

"Ooooh scary" laughed Tobi "Just kidding you don't scare me!" he laughed as he fazed through Naruto and walked directly through him standing behind him. Naruto quickly turned around to see Tobi staring at a screen "Hmm...Excellent Clover's been completely sealed off!" laughed Tobi "Those geezers won't know what hit them!"

"What!?" exclaimed Naruto.

"Whoops" said Tobi sarcastically, Naruto couldn't see his face but the orange mask he was wearing reminded him of someone, though he couldn't put his finger on it.

"Clover is where the Guild Master's have their conference! And this must be the one way route in and out of that town!" exclaimed Naruto.

"Well done kid, two plus two" mocked Tobi.

"So Erigor plans to use the flute on the guild masters!" exclaimed Naruto "Where is he!?" he demanded as he trapped Tobi in an energy sphere. But Tobi once again fazed through the construct and upon leaving it, caused it to destabilise.

Tobi stared at Naruto, his one visible eye poking out of the hole in his mask "You foolish Fairy Tail maggots think that you can win? You don't know the power of the dark wizard nor his followers!" stated Tobi; his voice had become much more dark and sinister as opposed to the goofy facade from earlier. This dark voice sent chills down Naruto's spine as he remembered who the man was.

"You!" hissed Naruto as he punched Tobi in the abdomen "You were there that night...the one who killed my mother!" he screamed as he released a burst of energy but Tobi quickly fazed through Naruto and caused a series of explosions to fill the room as he made his way to the door.

"Did I kill your mother?" Tobi asked as if to pose the uncertainty of what happened to Naruto, he then let out a smug laugh "Give my best to the Nine Tails" he stated as he walked out of the room.

Naruto slowly got off the ground he had been hit with some of the explosions but he wasn't in any immediate danger "Kurama!" he called out and Kurama quickly appeared next to him "Do you know him?" he asked.

"That's Tobi, he was there that night, as you know and he tried to capture me when I was weakened" she explained.

"Dammit!" exclaimed Naruto as he punched a nearby wall "We'll talk about him later; I have to go find the others and tell them about the guild masters!" Kurama nodded as Naruto ran out of the room.

Erza was lying on the ground just outside of the station; around her was a large wind barrier that Erigor had just created that would keep them trapped within while he executed his actual plan. Gray had now come outside to find out what had been going on "Erza!" he exclaimed as he ran over to her to help her up "What happened?" he asked.

"Erigor trapped us in here; this was all a ruse to keep us distracted while he carried out his real plan. Curse him!" exclaimed Erza as she got up off the ground "What happened to Natsu and Naruto?" she asked.

"Natsu ran into some guy who he had history with, the one who attacked him on the train and Naruto's interrogating some guy with a black cloak covered in red clouds" explained Gray.

"Regardless we need to group up and find a way out of the wind barrier so we can defeat Erigor and stop whatever plan he has" stated Erza.

Just then Naruto came out from inside the train station, he was instantly overwhelmed by the insane wind pressure that was in the area but immediately shrugged it off "I know what Erigor's plan is!"

"Naruto" stated Erza "What happened to you?" she asked as she saw the damage the explosions caused scattered around his body.

"Not important" he stated "Erigor is after the Guild Masters, he's headed to Clover as we speak so that he can unleash Lullaby's melody of doom" explained Naruto.

"What!?" exclaimed Erza "How dare he!" she cried out and she instantly began to punch the walls of the wind barrier but every time she did the sound of the wind cutting through her metal gloves could be heard.

"Erza stop it!" exclaimed Naruto as he embraced Erza from behind and pulled her away from the barrier "You're just going to hurt yourself!" he exclaimed as he was still holding onto her he then noticed that his hands had actually been placed onto Erza's breasts and he instantly began blushing as he retracted his hands and backed away "I'm sorry!" he said instantly.

"I-It's okay" she responded awkwardly, Naruto then saw that there was a bit of blood seeping out of her arm.

"You're hurt" he stated as he reached out his hand but Erza raised her hand to stop him.

"I'm fine" she assured and Naruto just nodded and stepped back "We need to find the others and figure out a way to dispel the wind barrier; the guild master's lives hang in the balance!"

Suddenly a thought popped into Naruto's head "The guy who unsealed Lullaby, the one with the black hair and white outfit, he should be able to dispel the wind barrier...if we can convince him" suggested Naruto.

"Oh I can convince him no problem" stated Erza with a rage filled glare in her eyes as she clenched her fists "We just need to find him first" she stated.

"Hey!" exclaimed Gray "I think that's the guy Natsu's fighting right now!" exclaimed Gray; he had somehow taken off his clothes during all the discussion.

"Take us there now!" demanded Erza "And put some clothes on!" she exclaimed as she smacked him across the face.

The three of them ran through the train station to an area where they could hear loud banging and crashing noises; the types of sounds that would normally be heard when Natsu was fighting someone in a closed space.

When they arrived they saw Natsu standing over the beaten Kageyama with his fists on fire "Natsu do not harm him any further!" exclaimed Erza as she jumped at them with her sword drawn causing Natsu to begin cowering. But Erza dove past him and slashed the wall next to Kageyama "You! You will dispel the wind barrier and you will do so without complaint!" she demanded.

"Just do it man!" warned a panicked Natsu "She's crazy!"

"Okay I'll do it just don't hurt me!" pleaded Kageyama, this pleased Erza so sheathed her sword but just as Kageyama was about to stand up he began to scream in pain as Tobi's upper body pierced right through his body.

"Peek a boo!" taunted Tobi as he came through Kageyama followed by an explosion that knocked him into the air. Everyone stared in horror as their final hope of escaping the wind barrier just got destroyed.

"Kage!" exclaimed Erza as she walked over to his motionless body "Don't die on us! You're the only one who can dispel the wind barrier!" she said as she began to beat his lifeless body.

"Erza stop it he can't use magic in this condition, we need Wendy!" exclaimed Naruto. Erza ignored him and just continued to attempt to beat life into Kageyama.

As Erza continued to beat him, Wendy and Lucy arrived on the scene having been unsuccessful in tracking down the man that was supposedly going after Erigor but they did manage to see the wind barrier and had a minor idea of what was going on "What happened?" asked Wendy as she and Lucy rushed over to them.

"Who is this man?" asked Carla as she pointed to Kageyama.

"Ahhhhhhh! A talking cat!" shrieked Tobi as he appeared behind the group.

"You!" growled Natsu as he launched himself at Tobi.

"Natsu don't do it!" warned Naruto but it was too late and just as Natsu was about to collide with Tobi he rippled and Natsu passed right through him and was hit with an explosion as he passed through the mysterious man. Natsu consumed the flames to recover from the damage so he barely sustained an injury.

Tobi laughed smugly before he quickly dashed towards Kageyama and lifted his body up and fazed through a nearby wall, all in the blink of an eye. He quickly stuck his head back in to the room "Have a nice day, Fairy Tail" he taunted before he disappeared.

Tobi took Kageyama outside of the wind barrier, he could get through it thanks to his magic and he could take others with him so he wasn't worried when the wind barrier was created. Outside the wind barrier was even more violent as the wind had created a dust storm throughout the town that kept the people inside their homes.

Kageyama coughed as he slowly came in and out of consciousness "Where am I?" he groaned.

"You fool, you nearly ruined your guild's plan" stated Tobi as he lay Kageyama down on the ground just outside the wind barrier "Lay here and rest, I still have use for you" snickered Tobi. Kageyama was still in a daze so he just shut his eyes and continued to rest.

As Tobi was about to head off he heard a distant flapping noise and he looked up to see a large white bird descend towards him and on top of that bird was one of his associates, Deidara. Like Tobi, Deidara also wore the signature Akatsuki cloak but Deidara's face was visible as was his long blond hair that was tied into a long ponytail.

"Well Tobi I see everything went as you predicted it, what a beautiful work of art you've created" admired Deidara as his bird landed on the ground and disappeared allowing Deidara to walk to Tobi.

"Oh hey Deidara!" exclaimed Tobi in a really excited "Boy am I sure glad you're here" he said with a relieved tone. Deidara just smiled sinisterly as Tobi whispered something into his ear.

Wendy and Lucy had now been informed about the severity of the situation they were in and there was the pressing need to escape from the wind barrier as the situation would only worsen the longer they remained trapped. Since their plan to have Wendy heal Kageyama failed they needed to think of another plan. Fortunately Happy remembered what he had to tell Lucy earlier; on a quest they went on earlier in the week they encountered a celestial wizard with the Virgo key whom they defeated and since he was defeated Virgo wanted to make a contract with Lucy. At first Lucy dismissed Happy but he then raised the point that Virgo could dig holes with ease and that she could get them out of the wind barrier. Lucy quickly summoned the spirit and she willingly complied with their need for a hole, though there was some issue relating to her current appearance and she addressed Lucy as "Princess."

When they got out they instantly noticed Kageyama who was lying on the ground nearby completely motionless. They quickly ran over to him and Wendy instantly began to treat his wounds "We can't just leave him here, we should take him with us" suggested Wendy as she healed his wounds.

"Of course we should, he could need further treatment" stated Erza.

Wendy instantly began pouting "Erza doesn't have faith in my healing abilities" she cried as she finished off healing Kageyama.

"You won't stop him" groaned Kageyama as he came to "You'll never be able to catch up to Erigor, it's over" he stated and everyone just gave him a menacing glare.

"Hey?" questioned Lucy "Where's Natsu?" she asked. Everyone looked around to see if Natsu was nearby but he had completely disappeared as had Happy.

"The blue cat and pink haired man went off after coming out of the hole Princess" informed Virgo who was still present among them.

"Why didn't you say anything?" asked Lucy.

"My apologies Princess, I assumed it was part of the plan" apologised Virgo "I believe punishment is in order, yes?" she questioned as she eyed Lucy's whip.

"What!? No!" hissed Lucy in disgust.

"He must have gone after Erigor himself" stated Naruto "Dammit Natsu!"

"In that case we have to catch up to them as quickly as possible!" exclaimed Erza as she ran over to the Magic Four Wheeler that had been parked nearby but as she headed over to the car a sound could be heard from above them.

"Clay Make: Egg Bomb!" shouted the voice from above them and suddenly a relatively large egg sized item descended towards Erza and detonated upon impact knocking her into a nearby building.

"Erza!" exclaimed Naruto as he ran over to her but as he did he saw Deidara swoop down towards him and snatch Erza off of the ground and into the talons of his bird construct.

"Another one?" questioned Naruto as he watched Deidara fly around in the sky "Kurama do you know who he is?" asked Naruto.

"No idea, but he's with Akatsuki so he's dangerous!" warned Kurama.

Naruto knew they had to act quickly, it looked like Deidara was simply there to distract them from reaching Erigor otherwise he would have just made off with Erza after snatching her but he was simply flying around taunting them.

"Wendy!" shouted Naruto "Hide Kageyama, he's in no condition to fight!" ordered Naruto, Wendy nodded and she and Carla quickly lifted up Kageyama and placed him behind a house where he would be out of harm's way.

Lucy and Gray headed over to Naruto "He's a maker wizard" stated Gray as they observed his strange flight patterns "He's using one of his constructs as transport, that's impressive" he continued to observe.

"We need to get Erza down so we can defeat this guy and go after Erigor!" exclaimed Naruto. Deidara then released another form of clay that descended to the ground but this time the clay took on the form of two birds that dived towards Lucy, Gray and Naruto. The three of them quickly jumped out of the way narrowly avoiding the explosion.

Gray immediately got up and used his own magic to counterattack "Ice Make: Hammer!" he shouted as he launched the ice construct at Deidara who simply flew out of its way "Dammit!"

"Virgo!" called Lucy "How high can you jump?" she asked. Virgo didn't respond instead she just begun spinning as she launched herself into the air and spun directly through the head of Deidara's clay bird and then spun back down ramming through one of its wings. The bird staggered slightly but Deidara quickly recovered the damages on his construct and regained the bird's balance "Oh no!" gasped Lucy.

"We need to attack him!" exclaimed Naruto as he began to charge energy and surround himself in an orange aura as the five tailed cloak of Kurama surrounded him. Lucy gasped at the form "Don't be scared, it's still me" assured Naruto as he used the power of his form to jump up to the bird and break it in half with a burst of energy; freeing Erza from the bird's talon's but causing her to fall from a great distance.

As Erza began to fall Wendy quickly ran over and stretched out her arms "Armour! Vernier!" she shouted and Erza's body was shrouded in a blue aura as she slowly hit the ground with less impact and minimal injury. "Thank goodness" sighed Wendy.

Deidara's bird quickly recovered and Deidara quickly released a flurry of snakes and spiders made of clay that lunged towards Naruto, latching onto him and exploding. However Naruto disregarded the explosions and lunged at Deidara knocking him off the bird with a mighty slash of his fox paws and then releasing a large burst of solar energy from his mouth directly at Deidara.

Deidara quickly surrounded himself in a ball of clay, defending himself from the brunt of the attack "So this is the Nine Tails?" he questioned. Once he sensed the attack had faded he quickly turned his clay into a bird and took flight once again "Well this was fun Naruto" mocked Deidara as he flew above them all. Wendy was busy healing Erza but her injuries were severe, much more severe than Kageyama's. The others just stared menacingly at Deidara but he just laughed "Well I've distracted you long enough, I'm gonna go" he sneered.

"Hey wait!" exclaimed Naruto as he jumped towards Deidara but the Akatsuki members just laughed and took off before Naruto could reach him. Naruto dropped to the ground but landed with ease, kind of like a ninja, he watched as Deidara took off into the distance "He was just here to distract us...he was just toying with us and we took the fight seriously, I wonder how powerful he really is?" questioned Naruto.

With Erza currently being healed by Wendy, Naruto took the driver's seat of the Magic Four Wheeler and took off at top speed after Naruto and Erigor. Gray had brought Kageyama into the vehicle where he sat with them all and got a lecture from Gray about trying to live life more happily as opposed to the lifestyle of a dark wizard; some of what Gray said seemed to sink in.

Wendy continued to heal Erza and she eventually came to and was very thankful to Wendy for healing her; though she seemed ashamed that she had gotten into that situation to begin with.

As they drove Naruto poured an intense amount of his magic into the SE plug and though it was draining he needed to make up for lost time and catch up to Natsu. Naruto had faith that Natsu would overcome Erigor but they still needed to be prepared for the worst.

Naruto eventually came to a hard stop as he saw Natsu and Happy standing over the unconscious form of Erigor; he had beaten him and stopped him from unleashing the chaos upon the guild master's.

"Natsu!" exclaimed Naruto as he and the others got out of the car and congratulated him on a job well done, although he was reckless he did succeed. As they all gathered around Natsu and congratulated him Kageyama sat in the car in disbelief that Erigor had actually been defeated by someone from Fairy Tail.

As he continued to sit the form of Tobi fazed into the car from the back of the magic car "Kageyama take the flute, now is the perfect time to complete your guild's mission, it's just lying there waiting to be unleashed!" said Tobi in a temptingly evil tone.

"You!" cried Kageyama "You're the one who nearly killed me!"

"No I didn't want to kill you, so you lived" reasoned Tobi "Do not let fear or the ignorant words of these silly little wizards cloud your judgement, remember who you are and remember your true nature. Now go, finish Erigor's work!" hissed Tobi as he disappeared.

The Magic Four Wheeler suddenly began to move as a series of shadows came out of the car and took hold of the flute that was lying on the floor, Kageyama stuck his head around and shouted back to the wizards "See you later flies!" he taunted.

"Kage!" exclaimed Erza.

"What do you think you're doing?" demanded Gray but they just heard his sinister laughter as he disappeared into the horizon.

"That jerk!" screamed Lucy "After what we did for him, he goes and does this!"

"After him!" exclaimed Naruto as they quickly began to chase after him on foot.

By the time they arrived in Clover it was night time though it seemed that Lullaby hadn't be unleashed yet so at least that was a good sign. The six of them came to a clearing surrounded by trees where they could see Kageyama standing opposite their Master Makarov, the two of them seemed to be engaging in small talk but they had to act quickly to make sure their master was safe.

"Master!" cried Erza as she prepared herself to charge at Kageyama but then Master Bob appeared behind them and ushered them to be quiet, his appearance caused them all to tremble in fear.

"We're just about to get to the good part" he said with a smile, he then saw Naruto, Gray and Natsu "Well aren't you boys yummy" he snickered.

"Hello Master Bob, it's good to see you again" said Naruto politely and uncomfortably as Natsu and Gray cowered behind him.

"Oh my" said Mei as she emerged from the shadows "So many potential husbands...I might have to change guilds" she said as she fawned alongside her master.

"Mei?" questioned Erza "You're here too?" she asked.

"Hello Erza, my you've filled out" mused Mei.

"It's good to see you again" stated Erza.

Mei shot Erza a fierce glare and then leaned in towards Bob's ear "Did she just ask if I'm still single...is she making fun of me?"

"That's Mei from Blue Pegasus!?" exclaimed Lucy "I love her!" she exclaimed but Mei just cast her a questioning look.

"All these women are making fun of me because I'm not married, well I'll show them all!" she hissed as she pulled out a lipstick but Bob raised his hand and ordered her to put it away before he continued to grab onto the Fairy Tail boys.

"Mei is a little sensitive" said Wendy.

"I can tell" stated Lucy "I think Aquarius would have a field day with her" she said fearfully as she imagined the outcome of Aquarius and Mei engaging in conversation.

"Can you guys keep it down over there, we're just about to get to the good part" stated Goldmine as he leaned against a nearby tree and watched as Kageyama neared his mouth to the flute.

It was clear that something inside of him was holding him back and he quickly began to tremble as Makarov gave Kageyama a heart-warming lecture that caused him to drop to his knees causing him to surrender the flute as Makarov said to him "We have to choose our own path and live our lives to the fullest don't let that silly flute get in the way."

As he dropped the flute the Fairy Tail wizards quickly ran towards their master with tears in their eyes as they surrounded him and overwhelmed him with the emotions that were stirred in them by his speech. Wendy leapt onto Makarov and Carla landed on his head while the others stood around him and praised him.

"Well looks like we got here just in time" breathed Erza in relief as she pressed Makarov against her steel chest plate "Master your words were so warm I was almost moved to tears!"

"Hey where's Mr. Sarutobi?" asked Naruto as he looked around and noticed that he was missing.

"Oh he had to go to the bathroom, he missed all the good stuff" stated Makarov. They all laughed but their laughter was quickly drowned out when the flute that was on the ground and began to release its own form of laughter as a purple smoke poured out of it and released some purple electric bursts.

"I grow tired of you cowardly wizards and your antics!" it screamed as it released a huge burst of light "I can no longer hold back, I will come forward and devour you myself!" it hissed. As the light faded they saw a huge wooden monster towering high into the sky, its legs were stretched out from one mountain range to the other and it was radiating pure evil "I shall feast upon your pitiful souls!" it hissed as it looked down upon all of them like they were mere insects.

"So this is the true form of Zeref's legacy" stated Naruto as he looked up at the demon "Goes to show just how powerful a wizard he truly was."

"Naruto be careful" warned Kurama "Zeref hated me and my siblings and his demons want nothing more than to destroy everything in their path!"

Lullaby then leaned down towards the group and stared directly at Kurama "A tailed beast, I think I'll swallow your soul first!" threatened Lullaby as it began to inhale deeply causing everyone in the area to grab hold of something.

"Get away from me!" shrieked Kurama as she placed her hands over her eyes "I don't want anything to do with Zeref leave me alone you ugly monster!" she yelled. Lullaby then began to reach forward but Naruto immediately sliced right through the creature's hand with a hand covered in solar energy, the hand fell off of Lullaby and sat on the ground motionless.

"Listen up demon!" shouted Naruto "Kurama is my friend and so is everyone else you're trying to hurt if you want them you're gonna have to get through me!" he stated as he now took on the highest tailed beast form he had mastered, the six tails cloak.

"Oh? A Jinchuruki has emerged, you will make a fine main dish!" laughed Lullaby "In case you doubt my power I'll give you a little example!" warned the creature as it began charging magic in its mouth.

Just then Hiruzen ran onto the scene quickly zipping up his pants "Makarov what did I miss?" he asked but just as he did that, Lullaby released its magic blast and obliterated an entire mountain in the distance "I see" stated Hiruzen.

Naruto now wore the fiery orange cloak of the fox with six tails flowing around his body, he had been filled with power from the form but it wouldn't hold out long since it consumed a lot of magic power to hold it. He quickly jumped at Lullaby and slashed across its face "Solar Energy: Claw Slash!" shouted Naruto as he filled the claw marks in the demon's face with solar energy, causing it to scream in agony as it backed away from Naruto. Naruto quickly did a mid-air back flip and landed on the shoulder of the demon.

Suddenly Erza descended upon Lullaby in her Heaven's Wheel Armour, sending out her swords in an Omni-directional formation to attack the demon at every angle. This was quickly followed by an attack from Gray as he created a series of lances that pierced right through the demon's body. Natsu and Wendy then made their entry as they were carried by Carla and Happy up towards the demon's face and released a simultaneous Fire and Sky Dragon Roar combination that devastated Lullaby.

"Can they really handle this all by themselves?" asked Lucy.

"Good luck!" shouted the guild masters who had now moved to a somewhat safe distance away from the fight.

"This should be interesting to watch" stated Mei as she watched the wizards repeatedly attack Lullaby.

"Shouldn't you help them?" suggested Lucy.

"Shouldn't you?" replied Mei instantly as she tilted her head at Lucy.

"I'll be quiet now" said Lucy shamefully.

Mei smirked "Besides a woman like me just needs to catch the bouquet at the end, then I'll be fine" she laughed.

"That makes no sense!" exclaimed Lucy.

Naruto quickly dived down to Lullaby's legs and began running through them slashing them with his tails and colliding multiple energies against the creature causing it to stagger. Erza followed this by requipping into her Black Wing Armour and began slashing the left side of its body. Wendy flew onto the right side and began to attack it with a Sky Dragon's Wing Attack.

Lullaby was now getting agitated and began to stomp around "That's it, I'm finishing you all off!" it shouted as it began to inhale deeply causing some plant life to wither and die.

"It's gonna play its song!" exclaimed Lucy but when it released its melody of death all that could be heard were a few scratchy whistles that caused everyone to begin laughing. This only angered Lullaby and it began to stomp around and charge a laser blast that it fired directly at the guild master's but Gray quickly stood in front of the attack and protected them all with an ice shield.

Naruto took this opportunity to go in for the final blow "Everyone hit it with everything you've got now, this is the final blow!" ordered Naruto, everyone nodded and readied themselves.

Gray was the first to initiate and quickly jumped up and covered his hands in ice shouting out "Ice Make: Shuriken!" and instantly a barrage of shuriken came flying down and pierced right through Lullaby.

Wendy followed up as she and Carla flew around to the front of Lullaby, she extended her arms outward and then slammed them together "Wing beat of the Sky Dragon!" she shouted as she created a massive wind storm that filled the area.

Erza quickly followed this attack "Requip: Flight Armour!" exclaimed Erza as she took on the rather revealing armour that increases her speed. She then dashed right through Lullaby in a blur, her sword creating slashes that shattered its body causing its limbs to fall off.

Natsu then began to run along the arm of the creature that had been severed and jumped up to its face and began swirling his flames around "Fire Dragon's Brilliant Flame!" shouted Natsu as he released an awesome amount of fire that ignited Lullaby causing it to scream in agony.

Finally Naruto went in for the final attack, he began charging a ball of energy in front of him and the demon form of Kurama began to surround him. The ball was made from the convergence of different types of energies and was black in colour "Tailed Beast Bomb: Energy Overload!" shouted Naruto as he released the bomb and dropped the Kurama aura. As the bomb hit Lullaby it detonated and consumed the entire area causing a bright light to ascend into the sky as the demon reverted back to its flute form.

"Wow!" exclaimed Bob.

"Those guys made defeating Zeref's demon look easy" stated Goldmine in awe.

"Engagements?" questioned Mei in fear.

"Yep there's no doubt about it these guys are the strongest team!" exclaimed Lucy.

"Well done to all of you" stated Hiruzen.

"Wow they did it!" said Kageyama in disbelief "Are all the Fairy Tail Wizard's as strong as these five?" he questioned as he looked at the five of them standing proudly over the remains of the battlefield.

"Aye!" exclaimed Happy as he jumped up near Natsu.

"Nothing is impossible for our guild" smiled Carla.

"We're an awesome guild aren't we!?" laughed Makarov.

"It looks like we owe a big round of thanks to the Fairy Tail guild" stated Goldmine.

"Yeah but...they went overboard!" exclaimed the other guild masters. The Fairy Tail wizards turned around and their eyes widened as they saw the results of what they did, the former conference hall was now a hole in the ground filled with rubble. A few mountain tops were also missing.

Naruto quickly picked up Makarov who had passed out after seeing what had happened and he ran off with the others following him as they ran from the angry guild masters. Although they were in big trouble they all ran with smiles on their faces as Fairy Tail wizards do after a job well done.

They eventually made their way back to Onibas Station where they waited to get some transport back to Magnolia. Makarov had since come to reality as he thought up of a good idea to repay the debt they now owed "Tsunade just cleared an SS mission so as soon as we find her I'll use her rewards from the mission to pay them back!" exclaimed Makarov.

"We just need to find her stated Hiruzen, Naruto, Erza, any leads?" he asked.

"No the villagers said that she headed for Magnolia after passing through town" stated Erza. Makarov just sighed but suddenly perked up as he heard a familiar voice cry out "Boyou!"

"Tonton?" everyone except Lucy asked in unison.

"Who is Tonton?" asked Lucy.

"She's a talking pig" stated Natsu bluntly and Lucy nearly fell out of her seat. They all turned their heads and saw Tsunade and Tonton approach them.

"Tsunade what are you doing in Onibas!?" demanded Makarov.

"I was just relaxing after a tiring mission" stated Tsunade.

"This is THE Tsunade!?" exclaimed Lucy in awe "She's so pretty and much younger than I thought she'd be" stated Lucy.

"Oh thank you" stated Tsunade as she smiled happily "and who is this lovely young lady?" asked Tsunade.

"I'm Lucy nice to meet you" she smiled and Tsunade smiled back at her.

"I like you, you think I'm young" laughed Tsunade.

"You know there is a popular casino here in Onibas" stated Naruto as he eyed Tsunade.

"Tsunade we need your reward to pay off some debt!" exclaimed Makarov.

"Oh yeah um about that...this casino is really fun" laughed Tsunade.

"Don't tell me you lost all the money!" exclaimed Makarov.

"Okay I won't tell you" said Tsunade and she remained silent and Makarov just fainted in his chair.

Everyone laughed as they boarded the train and headed back to Magnolia. Makarov and Hiruzen needed to think of a different strategy to pay back the debts owed but at least they found Tsunade and stopped a dark guild, so really everything turned out fine in the end...at least for the time being.