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Chapter Six – Dates and Promises

When she left Severus' new shop that afternoon to prepare for their long awaited date, Hermione was certain that time would fly. To a certain extent it had, but now at six thirty when she was showered, dressed and almost ready, it was starting to drag.

Our favourite Gryffindor witch was wearing a cobalt blue cocktail dress, which had a silk under dress and was covered in lace of the same colour to just above her knees. It was a simple design with a high scoop neck, no sleeves, a fitted waist and a flared skirt. The matching pointy toed stilettos—which it had taken her two lunch times to find—completed the outfit. Standing in front of her full length mirror using her wand to French braid her hair she admired the effect.

Their kisses and games that afternoon had only served to whet her appetite for more, and she intended on getting more—a lot more—tonight. Being in Severus' arms felt so right, better than anything she had experienced so far, and she had certainly had several lovers of varying talents to compare him with. Severus made her feel so deliciously uninhibited, something she'd never managed before without the aid of… she blushed heated yet again remembering the disastrous encounter with Draco when she had been drunk.

Finally she was ready, and busied herself rearranging her collection of teas on the counter in the kitchen while she excitedly thought about what had happened that afternoon, and waited. Her mind was still marvelling that her circumstances could change so drastically in the space of two hours, and this coupled with the anticipation of tonight had her like a cat on a hot tin roof, not able to settle.

There was so much excitement and sexual energy coursing through her that when at promptly seven pm there was a knock at her door, she actually jumped and then giggled at her own reaction. Hermione literally pounced on the front door, and what she saw when she flung the door open almost took her breath away.

There was Severus dressed in a dark Muggle suit, his hair was tied back with a leather cord and he was carrying a dozen beautiful full bloomed crimson roses. Hermione found herself mesmerized, and stood there grinning at him like an idiot.

Finally, seeing she was somehow rooted to the spot, he took the step required to close the distance between them, pulling her close with one arm and giving her a heated kiss on the neck. "Good evening, my lovely girl," his voice rumbled into her ear. "You look exquisite."

Hermione only managed a titter of laughter and a delicious shiver, before her voice would work enough to say, "Thank you, so do you, Sev."

He carefully pecked her lips, so as not to spoil her make-up and handed her the roses. "Thank you, I am very much looking forward to tonight."

"Me too," and she sighed as she inhaled the heady scent of the roses. "They're gorgeous Sev, thank you," and she gave him another careful, but heated kiss.


Severus escorted Hermione into Muggle London, and they had an intimate dinner at a lovely restaurant. Their conversation centred both on getting to know one another better, as well as the two shops, and specifically, when they thought they were going to be able to open them.

Hermione had some savings which she had been putting aside for a rainy day, and she hoped they would be enough to purchase extra stock. "I've also started to wonder," she said, "if I should find somewhere more down market to live." She gave Severus a slightly apprehensive glance before she explained her idea. "Perhaps if I sell my apartment, I could live in the back of the shop with the bookbinding equipment until I'm established?"

Severus wanted to say many things in answer to that, but he remained silent and said thoughtfully, "Perhaps." However, his internal thoughts were much more to the point. What! That will be over my dead body, my lovely girl. My witch will not be living in the back of a shop. You will move into the house if that is the case, even if it's into your own room. Then he sighed internally. This is so frustrating, I feel like I already know you so well, but I don't want to move too fast, it really has only been a week.

Watching her companion, Hermione saw his eyes narrow fractionally, and hoped she knew what was going through his mind. She could hope, couldn't she? Of course she had seen the house out the back window of the workroom this afternoon and had instantly yearned to live there, it was beautiful; a lovely old home.

Hermione had literally itched to see inside, but she guessed that Severus had not even moved in yet, so there would be little point in him showing her. She wasn't about to ask either, because he had been so generous with his privacy already and she didn't want to push things too fast. Bloody hell, she thought, I'm worried about it being too fast, look at the heat in his gaze, something tells me tonight is going to go off like a firecracker.

Hermione took a sip of her wine and mentally chastised herself as another spark of arousal shot through her in reply to her thoughts. She forced herself to contemplate a more mundane train of thought. He seemed very pleased to show me around his new shop, and the bookstore, internally she squealed with glee. That's amazing enough without pushing the point.

This meant that he wanted her in his life, and that they would be working closely five and a half days a week, and for the moment that was significant enough. She had heard the stories of his various secretaries and assistants during his time at the Ministry, and even though she knew this was different, the fact that he had opened up to her so eagerly made her feel very special.

While she had been thinking all this, they had still been discussing the shops. "I think you should concentrate on the bookbinding side, don't worry too much about additional stock yet," Severus told her. "There are several repairs still sitting there from before the former proprietor's death. Finish them and allow your workmanship to spread your reputation."

This was all good advice, but the more they talked, the more urgent other emotions became, and right now Hermione was so turned on that she was having trouble not jumping over the table and begging him to take her on the table in the middle of the restaurant. She had noticed his eyes taking in her every move as they spoke, and again she wondered what he was thinking.

Severus chuckled internally, he had noticed Hermione discretely squeezing her thighs together and fidgeting as they were talking and her eyes were almost half lidded and heavily clouded with lust. He was also having trouble keeping his hands to himself and he felt his erection pressing almost painfully against the material of his trousers. It was obviously time to go somewhere more private so they could explore their needs.


While they were waiting for the bill to arrive their eyes never left each other's faces, and in the process of collecting their coats Severus used the operation as an excuse to allow his hands to wander Hermione's curves. The hat-check girl gave them little notice; she saw it all every night. However, she did wonder absently as she watched them walking out, if they would make it to their car or detour to the alley outside.

They did detour to the alley but not to do what the cloak attendant had thought. Severus bundled Hermione quietly into the alley, and murmured close to her ear, "Allow me to escort you home," and he apparated them away.

She then found out how he had been arriving in her building past the security entrance when they landed in the private elevator for Draco's penthouse. Unfortunately it contained a very startled Draco and Harry as well.

"Merlin's bloody balls, Severus, you scared the shit out of us," Draco declared, holding Harry close to him.

Harry pulled a little out of Draco's tight embrace to regain his dignity, and his eyes met Hermione's. They laughed at the absurdity of the situation while Severus and Draco continued to trade fairly good natured barbs. Soon though, Hermione rolled her eyes and wordlessly reminded Severus why they were in such a hurry to get home and that the elevator was actually going the wrong way, by murmuring to him and discretely rocking her lower half against his corresponding part.

She was gratified when she heard his breath hitch, and he glanced down at her. She gave him a sexy pout that Harry and Draco could not see, and then pulled his head down murmuring in his ear, "How about I apparate us through my wards?"

"Excellent idea, love," he whispered back, and turning they disappeared as Hermione waved to the boys, effectively cutting off any further interactions between the two Slytherins.

A vague thought about telling Harry of the developments in her life wandered to the forefront of her mind through her lustful thoughts as they were squeezed through their apparition. Perhaps we can all have lunch tomorrow, she decided.

Then as soon as they landed Severus' lips arrived at the junction of her neck and her shoulder where he started nibbling and sucking, and all other thoughts fled in a flurry of shivers over her skin as desire shot like a bolt of lightning to the apex of her thighs at his attentions.

"I do not wish to be inelegant about this," his delicious voice sounded in her ear. "But if we do not find your bed this minute I may explode."

Hermione giggled softly and started walking them backwards down the hall as they continued to kiss. "Tell me more," she urged her voice tainted with lust, and then moaned when his lips sucked on the spot just behind her ear.

"You are exquisite, and I'm going to worship you. Lick every inch of your body, sate your every desire," Severus murmured, in his dark velvety tones. "I've wanted you for such a long time, Hermione."

"Oh Sev," she groaned in returned, "I've realised that it's you I've wanted all along too." Pulling his head away from her neck, she attacked his lips with vigour while her hand searched behind her for the bedroom doorknob. She made frustrated noises into their kiss when it wouldn't do what she wanted.

"Are you or are you not a witch?" Severus chuckled against her cheek, as he rubbed his nose along her jaw while his hands busied themselves releasing the zipper on her dress.

Hermione laughed, and the door opened. They all but stumbled into the room and without another word Hermione guided them to the bed, falling backwards on to it and pulling Severus down on top of her. "Mission accomplished," she announced, her laugh tinkling deliciously into his senses. "Now worship me," she commanded, playfully.

Severus arched a raven eyebrow at her, making her laugh more delectably. He watched her undo the front catch of her bra now that her dress was gone, and his gaze heatedly took in her body. "You are so beautiful," he whispered, and lowering his head he flicked at one dusky nipple with the tip of his tongue.

Her back instantly arched into him, and she heard him chuckle as he took the now taunt bud into his mouth. It registered somewhere in Hermione's mind that Severus was still wearing his complete suit and while he was occupied she set about fixing that. Managing to unbutton his jacket and push it from his shoulders as he swapped sides and shrugged it off. His tie ended up on top of it, but his shirt remained where it was when his long fingers slid down to cup her mound.

Hermione's eyes rolled back in her head and she panted. "Oh, yes," and a moan left her lips. "Rub," she pleaded. She heard Severus chuckling darkly as he complied, and she groaned, "Yes… oh yes." The flat of his palm rubbed small circles over the saturated material covering her centre while his mouth started the journey south to explore further.

"So wet for me, my lovely girl," he growled into her belly button, and without warning they were both suddenly naked. Severus didn't say anything else, but was licking down towards her heat. "I can't wait any longer, I have to taste you," he told her.

"Yes," she managed, and it was the last word she spoke coherently for some time. The feel of his tongue pleasuring her as no one seemed to have ever managed to do before was wonderful, and it almost drove her wild. By the time she came for the first time, Hermione was thrashing and whimpering helplessly on the bed, she was all at sea in a haze of pleasure which only increased as he surged back up her body urgently and thrust inside her.

"Perfect," he smoothed, feeling her slick heat closing around his length. "You are perfect," he told her, sliding back out before slamming home once more and holding himself very still.

Hermione made an inarticulate noise and squealed in ecstasy the third time he did it before that too was swallowed in another passion filled kiss.

Thrust after thrust all she could do was cling to him as he made her body sing. Two more orgasms later and Severus groaned his release and he collapsed on top of her, panting like an athlete.

As soon as he could regain his breath he pushed himself back up on his elbows and looked deeply into her eyes. All thoughts of taking it easy and waiting the required amount of time went out the window. "You are mine," he asserted, silkily. There was no question, just a pure statement of fact.

Hermione swallowed hard. "I think I always have been," she whispered, she was fighting tears that were threatening to spill at his assertion. "No one has ever satisfied me like that." Her hands were caressing his face as her eyes searched his dark orbs. Lifting her head she kissed him, before resting their foreheads together. "Now roll over, it's my turn," she whispered.

Chuckling wickedly Severus while doing as she asked and Hermione straddled his hips. Leaning forward so her breasts were crushed against his chest she kissed him deeply and at the same time her hips started rotating, brushing against his spent manhood. It didn't take long and she felt him start to twitch and become interested again. Moaning at the feel of him against her, Hermione's tongue trailed around to his ear and then down the column of his throat.

She kissed and licked at the raised skin of his worst scar, the one that had almost cost him his life, and she made a mental note to ask him how he had managed to survive that day until she got back with help for him. But right now she didn't want to think on things like that, she wanted to celebrate the fact that he had survived, and was currently writhing under her ministrations with his eyes closed and his neck arched in pleasure.

Scooting further down his body, Hermione followed his thin happy trail with her tongue, and as she arrived at her destination she licked him from the base of his impressive shaft to the tip. Her tongue swirled around the head of his manhood, stopping to tease the now weeping slit, and then engulfing him with her mouth. Hearing and feeling his groan and shiver, Hermione smiled and hummed her pleasure making Severus grip the quilt for purchase as the vibrations of her voice stimulated him further.

It wasn't long however and she wanted him inside her once more. Ignoring his huff of displeasure Hermione scrambled back over his hips and sank over his rigid cock. They both groaned at their union and Hermione lifted herself up so she could sit down once more.

Severus brought his knees up to support her and watched as she bounced delightfully every time she landed. The look of pleasure on her face was beautiful. However, he wanted some control once more and took hold of her hips to help guide her, content to lay back and meet her, thrust for thrust.

Watching Hermione's back arch, feeling her chestnut curls tickling his legs as her head fell back was a beautiful thing. Her mouth formed a perfect 'o' of pleasure allowing the deep groan to escape her throat before she shuddered into yet another climax. Severus accepted her trembling form into his arms and rolled them so he could work towards his own.

Bringing Hermione to the brink of one more release Severus found he could fight the urge to come no more, and as she tightened around him and squeezed his shaft so perfectly he came. The tendons in his neck straining and his head arched, he started rambling as his climax took him. "You beautiful, beautiful creature," he mumbled into her hair once he was spent. "You were definitely worth the wait… that was perfect," he sighed.

Propping himself up on his elbows when his breath returned, he kissed her and he repeated what he'd said earlier. "You are mine, Hermione Granger, all mine," he asserted, passionately between kisses. "I will move heaven and earth to keep you, so prepare yourself." Severus rolled them so she was laying on him.

Hermione snuggled into his firm, sparely haired chest and replied, "Yours… all yours." She sighed, "Good night, my love."

Severus kissed her brow and summoning the sheet he wrapped his arms around her and let sleep also take him.


The next morning Hermione woke feeling eyes watching her. They had shifted positions during the night, and their heads were now on separate pillows. She blinked and sleepily moved closer to him.

Severus watched a pleasurable smile spread over her features as her memories started coming back from last night. He reached out a curled finger and stroked her face, and then reached the same finger out and moved a curl from her eyes. "Good morning, my lovely girl," he murmured. "So, no regrets then?"

Hermione was certain she had never heard him sound so vulnerable. She moved to reassure him, her voice was still sleepy, but her words were sincere. "Regrets? Last night was the most fulfilling sexual experience I've ever had, no regrets." Smiling like a loon, she shook her head while it still lay on the pillow. "None," and taking his hand she kissed every knuckle. "How about you?" Hermione enquired, tentatively and bit her lip, unsure if she actually wanted the answer.

Severus caressed the lip with his thumb to release it from her teeth. "Most definitely not," he told her. "I thought we sorted that out last night?"

Hermione's smile returned. "I wondered if that was post-coital bliss."

His confidence suddenly returned. "Oh, you little minx. You are mine, post-coital bliss or not."

"Glad to hear it," Hermione snuggled into his arms again, after a moment she glanced at the clock. "I'll make us some tea, and then we could shower and… I know this amazing little bakery around the corner. Maybe we could get some breakfast there? Unless you have to go," she added quickly, getting out of bed and pulling on a tee-shirt that had been under her pillow.

Severus caught her arm before she rose, sensing her faltering. "What's wrong?"

Her lip was back between her teeth again. "I just don't want to assume too much," she watched him open his mouth to speak but she held a finger up to stop him. "I've been hurt before by taking people at face value, regardless of what has been said. This…" she motioned between them, "is very important to me. I realise we really don't know one another very well yet, but what I feel for you has been smouldering, unseen for a very long time."

Exhaling audibly, Severus drew in a deep breath. "Hermione, come here," he instructed gently. Hermione gasped and complied with his gentle pressure to turn her to face him properly, although her eyes refused to meet his inquiring orbs. Severus brushed some wayward curls out of her face as he lifted it, and said, "Yes, it is true, we haven't known one another at this level for a great deal of time, and certainly over the years… our history is chequered. However, there have only been two occasions in my life where having sex with someone has meant more than the meeting of a primal release." He stroked her cheek with his thumb as he spoke. "The first was many years ago, while I was still a student at Hogwarts actually, and the second time was last night." His eyes searched her face before he continued, "Hermione I have watched you from afar for many years—probably more than I should have—and last night was a dream come true, a chance to finally be with you. I am not going to give that up without a fight, have no fear my lovely girl, wild horse could not drag me away now I actually have you."

Hermione had tears welling in her eyes, and she launched herself into his arms. "I know I'm getting very heavy very quickly…" she swallowed hard, "but last night was the first time in my life I had felt truly complete. I guess that's why I'm so jumpy this morning, I have realised since that day in the tube station that it has always been you, and…" she paused to rein in her emotions, "the thought of losing that… well I just don't even want to contemplate it."

Severus closed his eyes and held her tighter. "How long must I wait until we can be bonded?"

Hermione giggled and snuffled. "I don't care if it's too soon. I love you, Severus," Hermione murmured, running her fingers through his chest hair, and her eyes coyly rose to his. "I'll bond with you today, if you wish it." She waited with her lip caught between her teeth, and her breath held, to see what he said.

The molten desire in his dark eyes, took her breath away. Severus kissed her lip until her teeth allowed it freedom, and then started kissing her face. Once he had worked his way around to her ear he murmured, "And I love you, Hermione. What say we buy a ring today as a promise?"

"Yes," she grinned at him. "That would be perfect."


It was almost lunch time when they were finally showered and dressed, and they floo called Draco and Harry. "Lunch at The Three Broomsticks?" Severus asked.

"Both of us?" came Draco's slightly incredulous reply.

"Yes, both of you," Severus sighed, he knew he would have to start getting along with Potter, after all the two people who were closest to him were both involved with him. But I'm drawing the line at Weasley, Severus thought, heatedly, as he walked back into the bedroom to tell Hermione their plan.

About two hours later, and after a surprisingly relaxed lunch, Severus realised that Weasley was not going to be a problem. He and Hermione and Harry and Draco were strolling away from the Three Broomsticks, when the ginger menace with his brood in tow rounded the corner. Severus felt Hermione's grip on his hand tighten considerably, and he was certain he heard her mutter, "Great, just what we needed."

There was a moment where time appeared to stand still for Hermione, she watched Ron and Lavender both taking in her and her companions. Their eyes scanning down to her and Severus' joined hands, although she did notice that Harry and Draco got a bigger gasp than she and Severus did.

Harry managed to speak, albeit coolly. "Hello, Ron… Lavender."

There was no reply. Lavender stuck her nose in the air and said, "Come on Ron, we need to go."

Hermione, Severus, Draco and Harry found themselves laughing as the pair scurried off up the street. They would never change, and both Hermione and Harry realised in that moment that it didn't matter they had their happy endings now.


Six months later and the four of them were gathered for breakfast. Severus and Hermione's house had become their usual meeting place for breakfast now before the boys went off to their jobs at the ministry and Severus and Hermione opened their shops.

Hermione was especially slow this morning; she was certain that the morning sickness should end soon. Severus and her had married quietly as soon as they had discovered that their family home was about to be blessed with another member. By the time she arrived in the kitchen, Severus had Harry and Draco organised and they were all waiting for her.

Hermione's eye narrowed when she had finally settled into a chair and Draco said, "Did you hear what happened to Pavarti Patil?"

Seeing his wife's ire rising, Severus said, "Is there a reason you're being deliberately obtuse, Draco?"

"No, hear him out," Harry encouraged, "You'll enjoy this, I promise," he assured them, patting Hermione's hand.

"Well?" Severus questioned his god-son, the clear inference on his face that if he upset Hermione he would be hexed soundly.

Draco quirked and eyebrow. "I take it we all remember the picture I took of Theo Nott with the word 'bastard' written across this face." Every one nodded, "Well, it appears that your curse has struck again, my dear Madam Snape," Draco said, taking an almost casual sip of his coffee. "During the last six months Pavarti Patil and Theo Nott have apparently been cheating on their respective partners, they met in Paris while Patil was on holiday there." He turned to Hermione who had snorted derisively. "You really are a clever witch," he told her, "because that bracelet found its way to the one person you needed revenge on," he grinned at her as he saw the penny drop. "Yes, Patil found it on the floor of Nott's bedroom and picked it up."

Harry could remain silent no longer, "And now we're told on reliable authority that the witch in question has a face full of boils that say 'lying cheating bitch', and no one can blame you, sweetie."

"Isn't it wonderful?" Draco gushed.

There was total silence for exactly thirty seconds, and then all four of them erupted into gales of laughter, and just like that Hermione had her closure and life was brilliant.