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Well that's the plan anyways. I don't know if I'll be able to stretch this out into 100 chapters.

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He couldn't stand it anymore. He was sick of it. Sick! He'd waited far too long to be denied anymore. Another day and he would scream!

Vanitas tore through the forest like an animal, leaving scraps of his bodysuits on protruding branches. He already lost most of the fabric on his arms and ankles, but he didn't care. He'd fix that later, once he was better, once he was whole.

He couldn't stand this anymore!

Sunlight. He stopped at the border between woods and plains, mouth dry as he huddled by a tree to hide. Where was Ventus? He knew Ventus lived here. Xehanort had brought him here, after the bastard had separated them. Vanitas didn't know why his Master had done that, but he didn't care. He was tired of being broken.

And there he was, there was Ventus! But no, nonononono! He was with them, those other two. Why? Why were they with him? He needed Ventus alone!

In his current state of mind, it was so easy to call upon the unversed, to unleash a horde. The three keyblade apprentices reacted immediately. Vanitas bit his lip, dug his fingers into his skin, forced himself to think through the pain. To the apprentices, the attack was chaotic, but not so for him. He was working them away from each other, isolating Ventus from the rest.

Yes. There. Ventus was alone. Vanitas giddily teleported behind his other half, breathing in deeply, savouring the scent of pure light.

"Huh?" Ventus whirled around.

Vanitas grinned. He summoned Void Gear.

The moment before their keyblades met, Vanitas braced himself. How he had longed for this day, for the introduction of his darkness to his light again. Time seemed to lengthen, so that every second was now a minute. Just a little more –

Their keyblades met. A warm tremor worked its way up Vanitas' arm. Then disappeared.

There was nothing else.

Vanitas blinked. How . . . how could this be? Where was his light?

He charged at Ventus striking him again. And again. And again. Each time it was the same: a little spark, then nothing else. With that, Vanitas was forced to draw the horrible, real conclusion: Ventus was weak.

"No, no." Vanitas backed away. Ventus was weak? But if that was true, then he . . . he couldn't . . .

No. There must be a way.

He dismissed Void Gear, and beat Ventus with his hands. Ventus was so weak. Vanitas didn't understand it; how could Ventus be so pathetic? If Ventus was weak, they couldn't merge, couldn't be one . . .


He moaned, and collapsed on top of Ventus.


Then he realized something. The light hadn't come from Ventus, but from the destruction of an unversed.

He teleported to the spot it had perished. He wasn't alone there. There was another, a girl with blue hair. He watched her slay the rest of the unversed, her keyblade overflowing with light.


She would work.

Edit (2014/01/17):

This is very much after the fact, but I'd like to announce that KyuZanDark has made a fan trailer for this fic. So if any of you happened to reread this story and stumble upon this AN, go check it out! (add watch?v=IcF1-3QFUs8 to the end of youtube)