Naruto Shippuden: Millennium Wars

Chapter 1: Call to Arms

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Shinjuku City, Japan- October 10th, 2013

It was the fall season this time around. The trees were beginning to lose their leaves and their original green colour underwent the change from bright green to either orange, yellow, red or brown. The air was becoming noticeably colder, the sky was beginning to become obscured by the dark gray clouds that formed above, yet the sun managed to cast its rays down from the heavens above, the light reflecting off of the shining glass and steel that made up the numerous towers and skyscrapers. Shinjuku was the second most advanced sector among the twenty three special wards within the capital of Tokyo. It's technological achievement were rapidly meeting up with those of Japan's version of New York City, Shibuya, and the infrastructural designs were like those out of a futuristic novel.

The birds sat at the edge of the buildings, their eyes looking down from their perches. Suddenly, their beady black eyes spied movement below and as if responding through an act of curiosity, they followed the individual.

The individual ran at top speed, weaving through the people that were in her path with amazing reaction time. Her long hair flew through the air and trailed behind her like the tail of a comet. Her violet-grey eyes took in every single image that was seen.

"Three years. For three years we've been organizing these meetings and for three years I'm always the one to come late." The young girl cursed as she continued to run, only this time she picked up the pace. "Stupid educational system and their long hours." She grumbled as a small streak of dust lined her path. A man yelped in surprise, nearly dropping his briefcase while a woman shrieked as she was forced to grip her skirt to prevent it from flying up and giving any passing male and female a chance to see her panties.

The girl smiled to herself as the entrance to Shinjuku Park became visible. She then skidded to a halt as she ran past the statue of the armoured dragon that had been erected at the entrance of the park. The girl looked at the pure gray stone before glancing down at its pedestal, the golden plate shining as it always had been ever since it was built three years ago.

Hero of Shinjuku

The image of the beast was akin to that of a dragon. Spines projected out of the Digimons back going down from the skull to tip of its long tail. Leg armour and chest armour covered those specific areas of the body of the draconic beast. Eight wings were attached to the statue's back. Its left arm was coated in armour and the metal was manipulated in such a manner it appeared as if the gauntlet was burning. Its right arm was armoured as well and a sword with the image of a dragon imprinted on the blade was clutched in its grip. A horn grew from the dragon's nose and its eyes shone as they caught the sun's light. The chest armour bore the image of a spiral with numerous strings of kanji stretching out from the spiral. Five claws were on each hand and on its feet, three claws. Its lips were pulled back to reveal the sharp stone teeth within its jaws.

Three years ago, the very stone had become a newly made statue made to commemorate the day that Shinjuku was saved from the evil force of a Digimon known as Lucemon. Three years ago a young tamer and his two Digimon had done the impossible, fusing together to become the mighty Super Ultimate level Digimon that had become immortalized in stone.


The battle had been a long and hard one that resulted in the destruction of much of the city, but in the end, the Fallen Angel Digimon had met its end. However, the death of Lucemon had also brought about the loss of the valiant hero of both the Digital and the Real World.

The young girl continued to watch the statue for a few moments, her eyes gaining a look of nostalgia as she did so. She then shook her head and slapped her forehead with her hands.

'Stupid, now's not the time to go down memory lane just yet. Gotta get to the shed.' The girl thought before taking of once more. She ran along the brick paths, suddenly coming upon the broken and abandoned area of the park. She followed the path of cracked stone and made a sharp turn before heading up the small flight of stone stairs.

She then came to a permanent halt as she stopped in front of an old stone shed. The black gate which should have rusted over over the years had been fixed and cleaned of rust. Brushing back a lock of hair behind her ear the girl opened the gate, its hinges squeaking slightly. She then entered the shed and smiled when she saw the people she expected to see.

"Hey guys." She gave them a wave.

"You're late again." A male voice responded to her greeting. Looking over her current form, the young man just realized how much his female friend had changed and not changed in so many ways during the past three years.

The young girl was sixteen years of age and was a bit taller than average for girls her age who lived in the country of Japan. Her hair was the colour of fire, a mixture of red and orange, and its length stopped just above her waistline. Her eyes were a dazzling mixture of gray and violet. Her clothing consisted of an open, dark red jacket with black fur lining the collar, the hem and also was what made up the cuffs of the jacket. Lines of black fur formed a T-shape with the vertical part of the T running down the lenth of either side of the jacket, outlined the pockets and then came to an end at the hem of the jacket. The jacket was worn over a long-sleeved light gray t-shirt which has an orange heart in the centre of her rather well developed chest. A C-Cup sized bosom had replaced the once flat chest of the former thirteen year old. She had on a black miniskirt and a pair of black, knee-high boots.

As the young man had spoken, the girl turned to face him with a light glare.

"Shut up Goggle-head." She replied with a playful smirk on her face. Takato Matsuki's face fell as he was referred to by his nickname. Rika Nonaka looked over her friend.

The male was a young sixteen year old with light reddish brown eyes, light brown hair, and lightly tanned skin and though these things remained unchanged about his appearance, other things had changed. No longer was he the short thirteen year old who had trace amounts of cowardice present in his personality, but that cowardice being replaced with confidence and bravery. He had grown over the past three years, standing at a height of five feet and ten inches which towered over her own height of five feet and seven inches. His clothing consisted of a dark gray t-shirt with a jacket worn over it. The jacket's was dark blue with a pair of horizontal white stripes on the popped up collar, had a pair of small, black pockets and the hem of the jacket was black. Like the collar, both pockets, the hem and the cuffs of the jacket's sleeves bore a pair of horizontal white stripes. The jacket's sleeves were a grayish blue colour and had a trio of silver stars placed in a vertical line from the shoulder to the wrist. He had a pair of dark tan jeans and to stay true to some parts of his original appearance, he had on green and white coloured converse sneakers and, of course, his trademark yellow goggles with its blue tinted lenses remained strapped to his head.

"Rika, it's been three years and we're all sixteen now. Do you really have to refer me by that annoying nickname after all these years?" Takato said with whining tone of voice, completely contradicting his request for Rika to act more mature. Rika tapped her chin in thought before glancing back at the brown haired teenager with a deadpanned look on her face.

"Ummm no. Besides Goggle-head, it's way more fun to call you that."

"She does have a point, Takato-kun." Added Jeri Katou, Takato's girlfriend since three years ago.

Although her friendly and slightly childish personality stuck with her throughout her life, her appearance had taken a change for the better. Her height was now that of five feet and six inches so she hung just below Rika in those terms. Her childish outfit of a yellow shirt and a green dress had been replaced with a more suitable outfit consisting of a light green and yellow striped t-shirt which was hidden beneath a long sleeved, dark green sweater which had a picture of a Tsunomon on it, a dark yellow skirt and a pair of dark yellow converse sneakers. Her long brown hair was left to grow longer just like Rika's and so it extended to the middle of her back, but she still kept that small side ponytail and her dark brown eyes held the same childish happiness it always had. Her chest was also a C-Cup size but it was noticeably larger than Rika's.

"Jeri-chan, don't agree with her. That only encourages her meanness." Takato whined.

"So much for being mature." Came in the voice of one Henry Wong, the blue haired, gray eyed, half-Chinese and half-Japanese member of the posse. Henry, like Takato, hadn't changed that much in appearance. He was taller, about the same height as Takato, and his hair was a bit longer, but not by much. He wore a dark gray t-shirt beneath a dark green jacket which had its sleeves and hem outlined in black. Around his neck was a gray and black striped scarf. He also wore a pair of dark blue jeans and on his feet were a pair of gray and yellow sneakers.

"You'd think after three years you guys would be able to act in the mature manner that is becoming of sixteen year olds like us."

"Oh put a sock in it Henry." Kazu said as he leaned back against the wall, flicking the tip of his purple visor. Kazu Shioda had undergone quite the growth spurt over the past three years. He was now the tallest of the group as he stood at an impressive height of six feet. Currently he was wearing a dark gray jacket over his black, long sleeved t-shirt with an image of the Digimon known as Magnamon on it, dark brown wrist bands and a pair of dark tan jeans. On his feet were a pair of dark purple sneakers.

"You're too strict with mannerisms and maturity don't matter when you're among your friends. Learn to know when to act properly in a given context." The boy ran a hand through his spiky brown locks.

"Sheesh Kazu, since when did you build up such a large vocabulary?" Kenta Kitagawa asked. The glasses wearing member of the group had also undergone a height change as he stood at five feet and nine inches and thus making him the shortest of the males present. The universe was cruel to him in that way. His clothing consisted of a long sleeved, tan coloured jacket worn over a burnt orange t-shirt, dark brown jeans and a pair of green and gray sneakers. His black hair was still bowl-shaped with spiky bangs.

"Hey!" Kazu yelled before slamming his fist down on Kenta's head. "I resent that comment. I've always been smart, I just never wanted to apply myself until we got over the Lucemon incident related stuff."

"Geez, sorry." Kenta winced as he rubbed his pained noggin. Kenta and Kazu then turned when they felt like they were being watched. They looked to see the other members of their group watching them with mild glares.

"Don't take light of that incident, Kazu...Kenta." Takato spoke. "And especially seeing as how it's the third anniversary of it. That day we lost our leader and our friend. It's the exact reason we are gathered here anyway."

Rika felt Henry pat her on the shoulder, but she didn't really take it on as she glanced at the wall beside her where pictures from their leader's cellphone hung. A few days after their leader had vanished, Yamaki, the head of the organization that handled everything Digimon related known as Hypnos, scavenged through his apartment and found his cellphone and decided to develop the pictures he had stored on it. As a way to remember their fallen and the good times they had with him.

Rika raised her hand and placed it on the one that had a single image of himself and her. They were smiling...they were laughing...they were happy.


The silence that filled the stone shed was positively deafening. The group all bowed their heads and placed themselves into kneeling positions before one of the pictures on the wall where it just showed Naruto by himself. It was from back in the day, during that one camping trip where they had defeated Rooster Deva Digimon, Sinduramon. The blonde shinobi stood atop a tree, arms folded with a serious expression on his face, his cerulean eyes appearing to glow with the power.

Clapping their hands together they said a prayer to Kami-sama and to Fanglongmon, the Dragon of the Centre and God of the Digital World, for their lost comrade.

'Naruto-kun's too stubborn to have died. I know he's not dead, and I hope that I can see him again. So please, Kami-sama, Fanglongmon, if you can hear my prayers, please just...just grant me that one wish.' Rika tightened her eyes to keep her tears from falling as she remembered her lost boyfriend. Once the prayer session was over, they climbed to their feet and dusted their clothes of any stray dirt or dust.

"So, Henry where's Suzy?" Kazu asked. "Usually the little tyke's running behind you."

Henry sweatdropped at that. "Yeah, she's busy. Now that she's nine years old she has to keep up with her studies and so Tou-san and Kaa-san won't let her leave the house with me as often as she used to. Speaking of tyke's though, has anyone been able to get into contact with Ai and Mako?"

"Yamaki said that they are still living in Odaiba with their grandmother. When their parents learned about how they were caught up in the incident with Lucemon, they kept them away from Shinjuku like it was the plague. It's a shame really." Takato said with a shake of his head. Henry nodded in agreement with his best friend.

"Yeah, but hey look at the bright side. At least they got Impmon back." Henry said with a small smile on his face.

"Well...that's true." The goggle wearing Tamer replied before turning to Rika. "Rika, I know you still haven't really spoken to either of them, but you're the only one who actually knows them so have you heard anything concerning Ryo and Alice?" Henry turned to the red head as he asked his question. The violet-gray eyed girl's eyes narrowed at the mention of those two. She and Ryo were on hospitable terms, but she still disliked the guy. And Alice was the cause of said disliking so it was only right that she dislike the blonde goth as well.

"No. I haven't." She said. "Though, even though I dislike them we are on speaking terms. I spoke to Ryo once or twice, said that he was going with Alice and her father to go dog shopping. She's going to buy a Doberman."

"I guess she still hasn't gotten over the loss of Dobermon from three years ago when he gave us the ability to be able to fuse with our Digimon in order to take on the D-Reaper." Kenta deduced.

"Well given those circumstances, it's kind of hard not to feel bad for her." Takato said.

"Takato-kun's right." Jeri nodded her head. "I mean say if it were Renamon who had give up her Digi-Core in order to give us the ability to help us win I am sure you'd feel the same as her, Rika." Rika bit her lip to keep herself from lashing out at the brown haired girl, but she knew she was right. The fiery haired girl, if she had to give up Renamon, she had no doubt that she would have been able to pull it off without suffering some sort of breakdown.

"I know."

"Well that's enough of this gloomy topic concerning Rika's conversational habits with Ryo and Alice, let's talk about something else." Jeri spoke with a smile. "So what have you all been up to? Takato-kun and I still go to Shinjuku High School with Henry, but Kazu, you and Kenta had left after you finished the Junior High level with Miss Asagi. Rika goes to a completely different school from us and we've rarely seen each other."

"What do you mean?" Rika blinked in confusion. "We meet each other here and sometimes we manage to meet up during the vacation times."

Jeri frowned at Rika's points. "Well...yeah, but still. This yearly thing has never really used to be able to catch up because this is usually a memorial kind of thing to thank Naruto-senpai for all he's done for us and the city by saving it with Dorumon and Gatomon and that kind of kills any sort of conversational mood. And as for the vacation times, you tend to go abroad to spend time with your mother, Henry goes to China to visit his non-Japanese relatives and these two dunderheads..."

"OI! WE TAKE OFFENSE TO THAT!" Said dunderheads yelled.

"...they don't even have the decency to come visit Takato-kun and I!" Jeri exclaimed.

"Hey, unlike you two, we don't have a relationship thing going on." Kazu said.

"Yeah, we're busy trying to find girls for ourselves." Kenta added.

"So how does that go exactly?" Rika and Jeri asked the boys. Said boys dropped their heads in shame, the anime cloud of disappointment hanging over their heads.

"If they're hot they're crazy and if they're not as hot they tend to be closet perverts who are desperate for a guy. It's like they're freakin' yandere or somethin'!" Kenta exclaimed. "That girl was the worst."

Kazu shuddered as he remembered the girl as well. Her beautiful dark coloured eyes suddenly become a startling crimson and her flowing pink hair gain a reddish tint as if it were matted with blood. Her sweet smile suddenly becoming the twisted grin of someone who was obviously a psychopath.

'Y-Y-Yuno-chan.' The two curled up into balls and rocked back and forth while muttering to themselves about this so-called 'Yuno-chan'.

"Wow...she must have been really bad." Henry commented.

"Yeah." Takato, Rika and Jeri nodded. Once Kazu and Kenta recovered from their trauma, they returned to the topic of conversation Jeri had originally brought up.

"Well why don't you lovebirds go first, since you brought up and since you're said person's boyfriend." Kazu spoke with a teasing tone of voice.

"Nya!" Takato stuck his tongue out and pulled down the skin beneath his eye like the mature teenager he was. This earned a laugh from the group and thus Jeri cleared her throat to get their attention.

"Well, recently Takato-kun, Henry and I are in the same class, but we have some different choices in subjects. I am doing the Arts. I myself am focusing on the Performing Arts aspects and I've also joined the Drama Club and the Gymnastics club since I really wanted to get back into the sport." Jeri smiled with a tilt of her head.

"The gymnastics people really know what they're doing too." Takato grinned as he wrapped Jeri in a one armed hug and kissed her cheek. Jeri giggled as she snuggled into her boyfriend's form, blushing lightly as she did so.

"Got a good view from when she does her routines I presume?" Kazu and Kenta spoke with hands on their chins. Takato gave them both a thumbs up as a perverted grin stretched across his face, one that would make even Jiraya proud. Kazu and Kenta laughed and high-fived their goggle wearing friend. Jeri huffed and slapped Takato on his shoulder.

"Takato-kun! I thought I told you no perverted thinking outside of the gymnasium!"

Rika and Henry raised their eyebrows at this. "Wow. This is possibly the weirdest relationship I have ever seen in my entire life."

"No doubt." Henry agreed with his red haired friend.

"What's so weird about it? So I allow my boyfriend the right to look at me, what's so weird about that?" Jeri asked.

"The fact that you say it so openly and don't feel an ounce of shame." Rika replied. "I mean even I would have some form of embarrassment if Naruto-kun looked at me like that."

Jeri stood up and gestured to her figure. "I'm proud of my body and so Takato-kun, as my boyfriend, has the right to look...except now." The brown haired girl turned around and slapped Takato upside the head which elicited a yelp of pain from the teenage Goggle-Head.

"Alright, alright!" Kazu exclaimed as jumped between the pair and shoved them apart. "Enough of the lover's spat. Sheesh, guys get worse every year. You love each other very much, we get that, now hurry up and let Takato tell his stuff. So you're doing the Arts too?" Kazu asked as he turned to his brown haired friend.

Takato shoved down Kazu's visor in revenge for his earlier comments before nodding in confirmation to Kazu's question. "Yup, but I'm doing Visual Arts, so drawing, painting, that kind of stuff. But just in case I don't get into the Art schools I want to apply for when I finish high school I'm doing some Mathematics and Physics so I can get into Architecture. Either way, I'd be set for life if I get into any one of those fields as an occupation. Manga and anime related stuff is practically what we Japanese live for and architecture will allow me to design and build something like that." He walked out of the shed and pointed into the concrete jungle of Shinjuku.

The other tamers walked outside and looked at Takato's finger and followed its direction. Their eyes widened when they what building he was pointing at.

Three years of renovations and taking part in partial reconstructions after the Lucemon incident, Hypnos's building had become one of the most, if the most, eye-catching building in all of Shinjuku City. The building took up 6,790,000 square feet of space, all of which was filled with the latest in computer and mechanical engineering technology. It's appearance consisted of black, blue and silver panels of glass and/or steel placed at random areas of the tower. It was very straight on its left side, but the right side had a sweeping curve-like look to it. Near it's top, a large white structure jutted out of it and it was thought to have been something just for style, but was actually an outdoor patio area, with a pool. It was basically like Marvel's Stark Tower from the Avengers film in 2012, but except for being black and tan it was blue, silver and black.

"Yup. The Stark Tower of Japan, Hypnos HQ. Someday, I'm going to design a building like that should I make it into architecture." Takato grinned toothily.

"Well, you definitely won't be bored if you decide to make it." Henry pointed out.

"So what about you Henry? Jeri pointed out that you were still going to school with both Goggle-head and herself. So what are you doing?" Rika asked.

"Well I'm in the same class as them, but I'm mostly with Takato since I do math and physics as well. I'm doing Information Technology so that I'll be able to work as a computer engineer like Tou-san. Maybe I'll be able to create a synthetic portal to the Digital World like they did or better yet, create my own Digimon."

"I don't think Terriermon would take that proclamation very well." Kenta pointed out. Henry sweatdropped and rubbed his head with a sheepish grin.

"Good point, but still you gotta admit, it'd be pretty badass if I did."

The others nodded their head. The mix blooded boy did have a point.

"Kazu, Kenta?" Henry gestured to the two members of the former 'Idiot Trio' from Shinjuku Junior High. Kenta adjusted his glasses and cleared his throat before speaking.

"Well, I'm not like you guys. I don't have a set plan for what I want to do, but Tou-san's a doctor and Kaa-chan's a nurse so I've basically been thrust into doing Biology, Chemistry and stuff." Kenta chuckled nervously.

"Kenta..." The others frowned at their glasses wearing friend. Kenta waved his hand in negligence to their concern.

"Nah, don't 'Kenta' me. True I'm doing something I didn't plan on doing, but I don't mind. Since I never really had a set goal I'm doing the best I can to make sure I can become a doctor as renowned as my Tou-san here in Shinjuku City. Plus that way if any of you guys get hurt, I could patch you guys right up." Kenta grinned widely. "I mean, three of you can fight one-on-one with Digimon since Naruto taught you guys how to use that chakra stuff. You tried to teach us and Jeri, but failed, so it's best we just do anything we can to help."

Kazu gripped Kenta in a headlock and noogied his head. "You idiot! You're making my eyes sweat!" Everyone sweatdropped when they glanced at the visor wearing boy and saw anime tears streaming from his eyes.

"Idiot? Don't call me that! You're the..." Kenta paused in his attempted counter, "...well actually we can't call you that since you're practically a genius."

Everyone blinked in confusion at Kenta's words. "Ara?"

"Yeah, tell 'em Kazu."

Kazu waved his hand in a nonchalant manner. "Mah Mah, it's no big deal. When I improved my averages with Miss Asagi she had asked me what I wanted to do in life. I said how I had no idea, but then she brought up that I had the potential to possibly be a closet genius and that even though studying greatly improved my results, the fact that went up from a mere C-average to almost top class was really impressive in her eyes. So...she had me take a IQ test and talked with my parents about applying me to some top notch high school or something."

"What was the IQ result?" Henry asked. Kazu scratched his head in thought.

"Ummm, I can't remember very well since it was three years ago I took that damn thing. I only did it because Miss Asagi kept bugging me to take one. The result was...I think it was about 140 or something like that."

"140?!" Everyone exclaimed, suddenly rushing in close to his face. Kazu sweatdropped as he back up from his friends.

"Y-Y-Yeah and then I got into Shinjuku Yamabuki High School to do studies on technological advancement." Kazu said.

"Shinjuku Yamabuki?!" Everyone else exclaimed.

"Kazu..." Henry exclaimed. "SYHS is Japan's most famous school which specializes in the subject of Information Technology! I should know because I tried to get into there, but my grades weren't up to their level and so I stayed to graduate to Shinjuku High!"

"Geez Kazu, I'm impressed." Rika said with a nod of approval. "My judgement of you as an idiot may just be removed because of this."

"Ummm thank you?" Kazu replied nervously before he studied his friends' surprised reactions. "I-I-Is that a bad thing that you guys are so shocked?" No response was made to the spiky haired boy, but the boy suddenly sweatdropped when he saw everyone's heads, except for Kenta, drop in shame and the cloud of disappointment hovered over their heads.

"I can't believe it." Rika muttered.

"Kazu is smarter than us." Jeri added.

"The world is so cruel." Were Takato's words.

"ALRIGHT ENOUGH!" Kazu yelled. "I'm allegedly smart alright, so just, can we stop talking about it already? Besides we still need to hear Rika's side of the story. It's her turn to tell us what she's been up to for these past three years."

Rika flinched when all heads snapped in her direction, their eyes filled with the lust for information on the fiery red head's life.

"Alright, I'll talk...just stop looking at me like some kind of evil manga character. Seriously, your eyes could be like those sparkly diamond things when characters get all sadistical." Everyone blinked at her words and Rika blushed in embarrassment, looking down at the ground. "Shut up! I read manga, so what?"

"Nothing, it's just, Rika reads manga? You've always seemed to bourgeois for that kind of stuff." Takato said.

"As if you know what bourgeois even means, Goggle-head."

"A French term used to describe and also act as a title for the upperclass members of a society, used mainly in the European society during the colonial era." Kazy replied almost robotically. He gulped when he saw Rika's eyes burn with rage and pulled his visor down to hide his face. "Sorry." He squeaked in fear. Rika sighed and ignored the boy who was busy trying to make himself invisible to her eyes.

"Well, I go to a private school still, but it's this relatively brand new one called Tokiwadai which just popped up. I'm sure you all have heard of it. It's an all girls high school and I was apparently made into an Ojou-sama. Now people won't stop bothering me." Rika sighed.

"Tokiwadai? Did they take that name out of To Aru Majutsu no Index and To Aru Kagaku no Railgun?" Takato asked. Rika rolled her eyes and threw her hands in the air.

"I know right! That's EXACTLY what I thought too! But the Board of Educational Directors in the Japanese government who watch over Shinjuku had apparently went to the creator of the series and asked for the name to be used in real life. Hell even the uniform is exactly the same as it is in the light novel and the anime. Gray skirt, white shirt, brown vest with the emblem on the left breast, everything. Good thing there's no one like Kuroko Shirai to bother me."

"You'd be constantly pestered by a little girl who'd shout 'ONEE-SAMA!' all the time and try to rape you in your sleep." Kenta laughed.

"So you're basically the real life Misaka Mikoto of the school if you're an Ojou-sama then?" Takato asked.

"Well actually she could be, Takato-kun. Except for being an electromaster esper, Rika could be a pyrokinetic or a fire user since Naruto-senpai was the one who discovered her chakra nature to be that of fire." Jeri pointed out.

"Ah, good point." Takato said with a look of realization. "So Rika, does anyone at Tokiwadai know that you're a jutsu user? Since we saved the city and became public heroes due to Hypnos and our Digimon, Henry and I, we kind of had to sell out the fact that we we could use Suiton and Doton jutsus. Not to mention that since Kazu and Kenta practically blabbed it out to everyone in middle school."

The two boys gave sheepish grins in return as Takato and Henry glared at them.

Rika shook her head. "I have enough stuff on my plate. I was made into student council president because of my high grades and because I'd be a good figurehead since, like you said, we've been made into public heroes since we stopped the D-Reaper. If the girls at school found out I could spout fire from my lips..." Rika shuddered in actual fear. The lesbians of those school would be all over her faster than Wil E. Coyote chasing Roadrunner. "Anyway, since Tokiwadai doesn't have a specialist program, we're free to study what we want, like in your school, Goggle-head."

"So what do you study?"

"Well I've been thinking of going into Business."

"Business?" The others raised their eyebrows in surprise and also had impressed looks on their faces.

"Yup, I've been studying Principle of Business, Principle of Accounts and Management of Business. POB, POA and MOB for short. Plus it helps that I've gotten some practical work done as well."

"How so?" Henry asked.

"I've helped Kaa-chan seal some deals during the times she went to go sign some contracts and had to visit her in Italy and stuff. Nothing big, but I think there was this one contract where they were going to do a lingerie shoot and the contract she was about to sign had the fine print reading that she was to be bound to their company alone for several years and also decreased her original payload by about 20.5 percent. Good thing I caught up on that." Rika nodded to herself with a smug smile on her face, but then she opened her eyes and watched as the four boys were staring up the sky with blushes on their faces.

"Rumiko-san in lingerie." Kazu and Kenta sighed.

"The image isn't unappealing in any way." Henry added.

Takato just giggled perversely.

Jeri and Rika looked at each other and then back to the boys, their eyes twitching and veins pulsing on their foreheads.





The four boys groaned in pain as they were sent crumbling to the ground. Large red bumps grew from their damaged skulls and Rika and Jeri held up their smoking fists.

"Idiots." They growled out.

"Oh the pain. It hurts so bad." Kenta moaned.

"Ok..." Takato raised a finger as if he were a teacher giving a lecture. "I'll admit...we deserved that."

"Don't think about my Kaa-chan like that, idiots!" Rika roared as she gripped Takato by his sweater's collar and hoisted him up with amazing strength. As Rika was busy shaking Takato's form and everyone else was laughing at the scene, a loud beeping was heard. The Tamers all paused in whatever they were doing. Rika threw Takato back down on the ground with an audible thump before reaching into her pocket and whipped out her D-Ark. The blue coloured device was beeping and the screen was blinking with yellow light.

The same was shown to be occurring to the others as they whipped out their own D-Ark's from their pockets and saw the same yellow light blinking on their screens.

"Seems Yamaki's aware that we've skipped school today and wants us to work." Takato said as he scratched his brown hair.

"Alright." The others nodded stiffly. Takato's D-Ark then stopped flashing as he pressed the small orange button near the circular screen. An image of Yamaki suddenly appeared.

"Go to the Shinjuku train station. A Digimon suddenly Bio-emerged and it's moving at high speeds along the tracks, it's primary objective, unknown. Given the time it would take you guys to reach there with relation to the speed of this Digimon, you'll have to meet it at the tenth stop station. I'll be sending your partners to meet you guys there." Takato nodded to Yamaki and the shades wearing man responded in kind before his image vanished in a blink of yellow. The brown haired teenager then adjusted the collar of his sweater before grinning toothily.

"So who's up for a train ride?"

Top Floor, Hypnos Tower, Shinjuku City

Yamaki Mitsuo, CEO of Hypnos and creator of the Hypnos system which oversaw every single electronic piece of equipment on a global scale, sat within his leather chair. Large screens attached to various sorts of high tech equipment filled the room. In the centre of the room, Ootori Riley, the head systems operator of Hypnos and her partner, Tally typed away on the holographic keyboards that hovered below their rapidly moving fingers.

"Sir, the team is prepped and ready to go." Tally stated. Yamaki flipped the cap of his silver cigarette lighter a few times as he nodded in response to the brown haired girl.

"Good. Riley, tell the team they are free to go and meet their partners. Tenth train station stop in Shinjuku City." The red haired woman nodded to her significant other before pressing an 'Enter' key on the keyboard.

"All done." She spoke with a satisfied grin. "Now it's up to the kids and their partners to stop whatever Digimon it is that's running amok on our railroads." Riley pressed a button on the armrest of her levitating chair.

Anti-gravity technology was quite the technological marvel. By generating a core of energy that released anti-gravitons at a controlled rate, one could defy gravity to the degree the user wished it to be. The control switch lay next to the activation switch. Scientists had actually gotten the idea after reading DC Universe's Superman comics and decided to employ it. Though they wanted to may it for travel purposes they immediately realized that it could lead to air traffic and possible deaths if a person was not careful, so flight was scrapped.

"So Yamaki-kun, what do we do now?" Riley asked as she removed her visor, throwing her head back so she could adjust her hair. Yamaki sighed.

"Riley, I told you, not while we're working and especially not in front of Tally. You know she's a hopeless romantic." Yamaki continued to flip his cigarette lighter cap.

"Oh, but Yamaki-san, you and Riley-chan are just too cute together." Tally frowned as she did the same actions as her superior female officer and hopped off of her chair while removing her visor. Her chocolate brown eyes enlarged as stars appeared in her vision. "And it only got that much better when Yamaki-san proposed to Riley-chan!"

Yup, those two had tied the knot one year after the Lucemon incident. Yamaki Mitsuo had proposed to his long time co-worker and girlfriend after five years of having been dating. It was a spring wedding, celebrating change, new beginnings...the mushy stuff that brides dream of on their wedding day and since Yamaki was a corporate executive, the in-laws loved him for being able to buy EVERYTHING needed for the wedding. The man was a damn fat cat after all.

Once the wedding was complete they were now Yamaki Mitsuo and Yamaki-Ootori Riley.

Currently thirty-five and twenty-nine respectively, both have now been happily married for two years. Yes, hard to believe it's a happy marriage between a corporate stiff and a kind-hearted tech geek, but the two actually fit each other very well and since they worked together it helped them stay around each other and keep an eye on each other should certain flirtatious co-workers try to get a fling with either of them.

Now the two had to deal with their hopeless romantic of a co-worker, Tally. The brown haired woman who seemed to be off in her own little dreamland right now. "Oh the drama I can see it now, Riley-chan getting caught cheating or maybe vice versa and then the child, what will they do when that happens?!"

Yamaki and Riley looked at each other and then back at Tally, sweatdrops forming on the backs of their heads.

"You sure you don't want me to have her take a psych test again?" Yamaki murmured to his wife.

"Yeah I'm sure. Her mother had her tested, but I still think they should have seen that specialist in Houston, Texas in America." Riley replied. "So now then...about that talk we've discussed earlier."

"Damn it Riley, it's only been two years since we've been married! Besides, we live in a corporate building in the penthouse area which hovers high above ground, I highly doubt it would be safe even if we wanted to have a child."

"The penthouse is guarded by our security drones that you and I invented together, 24/7. We have high walls made of reflective bullet-proof glass that surrounds that penthouse area and so I fail to see why you're so against it."

"Look can we discuss this later when we catch this Digimon?"

"Promise?" Riley asked with a small glare. Yamaki rubbed his temples.

"Yes, I promise."

See. Aren't they a happy wedded couple?

Rooftops, Shinjuku City

The wind blew gently through the air as the crowd of people in Shinjuku casually went about their business. Though, they were completely unaware as a sent of shadows leaped from rooftop to rooftop with silence and speed.

"Yamaki said we were supposed to go to the tenth train stop and meet up with Rika and the others there." Renamon said. The blonde, bipedal fox had taken the lead since she was the best at finding the best and fastest route to get to their destinations.

"Then it would be best for us to arrive in time to help them before or when they arrive at the train station." Leomon replied to his fellow Digimon's words.

"As a knight, I shall go to serve my king! Kazu shall wait for me to serve him!" Guardromon pumped his rust coloured fist into the air. The Champion Digimon was hovering through the air by using his rocket boosters beneath his feet.

"Man, being cooped up in that room sure got me hyped up when we were told that another Digimon appeared here in the Real World, but now that it's so cold out, I feel a bit tired." Terriermon yawned, his large ears flapping in the wind as he rested atop Guardromon's larger body as he was using his fellow Digimon as a means of transport. The lazy Rookie level.

"Hai! Kenta-chan will be pleased to see us after being in school." MarineAngemon giggled. She was still the bubbly little Mega Digimon that everyone knew and loved, though she had a tendency to hide a sadistic side of herself. Ever since the D-Reaper had arrived and they were in the war against the D-Reaper's agents, MarineAngemon had developed a tendency to crush her victi-opponents within a heart bubble and then crush them into tiny data flakes.

"Yeah, Takatomon will be so excited! Then we can beat up the Digimon and then I can finally go back with Takatomon and eat some of his delicious homemade bread!" Guilmon whooped with joy as he flipped in midair to make one of the further jumps they had to make before rolling on the ground and going with the momentum to keep running.

"Geez Guilmon, is bread all you ever think about?" Terriermon chuckled. Guilmon snorted two wisps of flame from his nostrils.

"That's mean Terriermon. I think about a lot of things, I just like to think about bread more than any other thing. If Dorumon and Gatomon were here I'm sure they'd like to discuss the types of bread with me too." The red scaled reptile grinned toothily. A period of silence passed through them as the childish nature of the fire-breathing Rookie prevented him from remembering that certain topics were taboo.

Dorumon and Gatomon were at the top of the list along with a certain blonde shinobi.

Guilmon's sharp ears picked up on the silence and glanced at his fellow Digimon, seeing their solemn expressions. Then his golden eyes widened when he realized what he had said and planted his snout in his padded hands.

"Damn, I forgot. Sorry." He cursed at his stupidity, his ears dropping and a guilty look appeared on his face.

"Don't worry about it, Guilmon. It's an honest mistake. It just shows much you miss them, just like we do." Renamon said as she slowed down her run so that she ran alongside the Digital Hazard holder. She patted her fellow Rookie level on the head, stopping when they had to veer to the left when they spotted the railroad tracks that snaked throughout the massive city.

The Digimon all looked down from their perch and glanced down at the train station stop. About twenty people were situated at train stop number 10, waiting patiently for the locomotive to reach their location. And the Digimon atop the roof were waiting patiently for their Tamers and the rouge Digimon that decided to come to their city.

"Does anyone else feel like Batman standing up here on a rooftop?" Terriermon asked. Everyone sweatdropped when Terriermon broke the seriousness of the moment like he always did.

"I do feel an element of Batman-ness." Guardromon spoke with his ever chivalrous tone of voice. "The Dark Knight is truly an inspiration. A heroic hero who bears the title of knight and as the Iron Knight, I respect the comic hero very much."

"The man of bats confuses me." Guilmon grumbled. "Batman, Superman...where's Breadman? Now that would be a superhero. Stand down evil doers or face the wrath of my Honeywheat Hammer...of Justice!"

Everyone held their forelimbs to their mouths to stifle the laughs that threatened to escape their mouths, auditory mechanisms in Guardromon's case.

"Sheesh Guilmon, ever since we got back you've been far more comedic than usual." Renamon giggled. Guilmon's golden eyes brightened with happiness at the blue eyed kitsune.

"Mah, Mah, Renamon. I do what I can." Guilmon smiled. The Digital Hazard holder scraped his sharp claws against the concrete of the rooftop before sighing. "Speaking of getting back, you guys remember the day we came back here to the Real World?"

"How could we?" MarineAngemon spoke as she fluttered by Guilmon's head. "That was possibly the happiest moment of our entire life cycles!"


Digital World- Three Years Ago

It had been a year in Real World time since the fall of the D-Reaper, but within the Digital World it would seem like it had been forever. Upon being called back to their world upon the loss of the Tamer's leader and his two partners, the anomaly that caused Digimon to appear in the Realm World had begun to fluctuate and thus the gate was beginning to close. If the Digimon didn't return when the gate closed, they would have vanished into data flakes, the digital equivalent of dying. And so...they were forced back to the Digital World.

When they had arrived, they had found their world was in a state of being fixed as a large mass of the Southern Quadrant's desert area, namely the area where the Sovereigns had fought the D-Reaper, was just a mass of wireframes and multicoloured pixels. They wandered through the wireframe area before they arrived at the non-deleted area of the desert region and continued to wander. They fought each other every now and then in an effort to try and Digivolve themselves, but as mere In-Training Digimon they didn't have any way to gain enough strength to perform the feat.

Not to mention Calumon had vanished when they arrived in the Digital World and since he lost the Light of Digivolution to allow many others to fight the D-Reaper in an effort to prevent the D-Reaper from arriving in the Real World, there was no way the little creampuff Digimon could repeat the act that allowed him to allow other Digimon to Digivolve. However, after a long time of wandering through the desert region and still trying to find Calumon and a way to Digivolve, they found themselves swept up in a tower of golden light.

Viximon, Tsunomon, Kapurimon, Bukaemon, Kokomon, Gigimon, Gummymon, Hopmon and Yaamon all stood within a massive, cavernous area. The place was pure white. There was no way to tell what was up, what was down or left or right. The whiteness of the area just made it seem like it was a blank area, a void.

Suddenly a flash of silvery white, green, crimson, azure and gold appeared in their visions. They all squinted before their large eyes widened in awe as the four Sovereigns stood before them. Ebonwumon, the Turtle of the Northern Quadrant. Azulongmon, the Dragon of the Eastern Quadrant. Baihumon, the Tiger of the Western Quadrant. Zhuquiaomon, the Phoenix of the Southern Quadrant. The four gods of the Digital World then parted to allow for their true ruler to come through. The massive bronze-gold Dragon of the Centre, Fanglongmon. The true God of the Digital World.

After a period of shock and silence, the blue eyed In-Training form of Renamon spoke.

"Sovereigns, who is that?" Viximon asked as she raised her tail, seeing as how she and her friends lacked limbs and were merely giant heads, and pointed at the massive golden reptile before them. The eight DigiCores around his body pulsed with energy and the four orange eyes glowed with the same power.

"Welcome to the Void." Fanglongmon spoke with his deep, seemingly otherworldly voice. "The Void is my realm, the realm of the God of the Digital World. I am Fanglongmon, God of the Digital World, Keeper and Guardian of the Digital World's core and the one who has decided to bring you all here."

Everyone stared in awe at the golden scaled beast. This was Fanglongmon? He was so...

"He's huge!" Gigimon exclaimed. The Sovereigns rolled their eyes in amusement at the Digital Hazard holder, but then their eyes grew serious.

"As the God of the Digital World, I and the Sovereigns would like to formally thank each and every one of you brave Digimon for saving your kind. You have saved both worlds, Real and Digital. You have defeated the D-Reaper and the DigiGnomes have shown me the fate of the Dark Angel, Lucemon. Your leader and his partners have done the realms a great service by defeating the Demon Lord of Pride and ending his life, but we bow our heads in sorrow and regret for not being able to do what we could to save him and his partners from being lost to the light when Valdeusmon destroyed the Behemoth."

"Y-You don't have to apologize, Fanglongmon-sama." Viximon said.

"Yeah, it wasn't your fault. It wasn't anyone's for that matter." Gummymon added.

"It was just...a matter of circumstance. Tis a shame, we lost three brave knights that day." Kapurimon spoke with a downcast look. The other In-Training Digimon frowned. The God and the Sovereigns all frowned as well.

"Well, in thanks for your bravery, your courage and to pay our respects to the heroes of the Digital World, the Sovereigns and I have finally been able to find consensus that you should be rewarded. Name anything and it shall be yours once it is within the scope of our powers." This time Azulongmon was the one who spoke.

The In-Training Digimon all stared in awe at the massive Mega levels before them.

"Really?!" They all shouted in surprise.

"Aye laddies, it be true." Ebonwumon's right head spoke. "But be sure to think carefully, ya hear. Lest yuh make a grave mistake and ask for somethin' ya can't take back."

"How about the lasses go first. Bukamon, Kokomon, Viximon, you're up." The left head of the giant turtle spoke. The young Digimon all fidgeted beneath the gazes of the mighty Mega level Digmon.

"Come on brats! We don't have all day, we have some parts of the Digital World that still need fixing so hurry up!" Zhuquiaomon screeched, his red aura flickering brightly for a moment. The chibi-like heads all shivered for a moment at the Sovereign's anger and annoyance, but complied.

"Zhuquaiomon-sama, our first wish is to for us to be digivolved into our Rookie forms if possible." Viximon said.

"Actually, I would like to be turned back into my Guardromon form." Kapurimon stated, raising his blue and white striped tail as if he were a student in class asking their teacher for permission to use the bathroom.

"My Leomon form is much more preferable." Tsunomon spoke.

"Fanglongmon-sama, I would very much like to be turned into my MarineAngemon form. If it's not too much trouble that is." Bukamon clapped her fins together nervously.

"It shall be done."Baihumon growled out. The DigiCores on all the Sovereigns and on Fanglongmon began to shine with their orange-gold light before the lights encompassed the In-Training Digimon before them. When the flash died down, all the Digimon had been changed into their Rookie forms except for Bukamon and Kapurimon who became their requested forms.

"Thank you." The Digimon all bowed their heads in thanks.

"Now what will be your next wish?" The Digimon looked to the Guilmon. The Digital Hazard holder went to shout out how he wanted to go back to the Real World, but then he bit his tongue as he remembered a certain canine Digimon that allowed them to win their war against the D-Reaper.

"During the fight against the D-Reaper, Naruto had made a promise to your servant, Dobermon." The Sovereigns winced as they remembered their faithful follower. Dobermon was a noble Digimon and had become the partner for Alice McCoy before being chosen to hold the abilities that would allow the Tamers to fuse with their Digimon and become their Mega level forms, except for Impmon since he was mostly independent.

"Yes, we remember him. A true friend and follower of us deities of the Digital World." Baihumon spoke about the canine with pride in his voice.

"Well Naruto had promised to Dobermon that his sacrifice would be honoured. As one of Naruto's friends who remembers his promise, I would ask that you Sovereigns and Fanglongmon-sama, please make Dobermon's sacrifice be known to all of our fellow Digimon. Please." Guilmon clasped his claws together like a human would with their hands. The Dragon of the Centre chuckled at the smaller reptile before him before nodding.

"Your request is a noble one indeed, young Guilmon. Despite holding a corrupt program in your core known as the Digital Hazard, you are as pure and innocent as any Baby Digimon. Your wish shall be granted. When the Digital World is finished undergoing its repairs I will be sure to have statues of Dobermon spread far and wide across the Digital World in every town, city and village within the four quadrants. It will take time, but it shall be carried out."

"Thank you Fanglongmon-sama." Guilmon stepped back before Guardromon and MarineAngemon walked up.

"We have lost another friend during the journey to stop Lucemon. Ryudamon, another holder of the X-Antibody code like Dorumon, he was deleted when Lilithmon was ressurrected and so we would like you to do the same that you are doing with Dobermon and make Ryudamon's sacrifice known to the Digital World." Guardromon said.

"We do not know if ressurrection is possible for even Digimon of your magnitude so...please heed our wish." MarinAngemon spoke.

"You are right. Though I am God and though I am all-powerful in this realm, the power to ressurrect a deleted Digimon is not possible unless the Digimon has perished recently or if the data for that Digimon is still present. Hence why Alchemon was capable of bringing back Leomon when he was deleted as Henry Wong's D-Ark had stored the data within itself and so Alchemon was able to transmute the data into a Digi-Egg." Fanglongmon replied with a frown. "But I will do the same with Ryudamon to what I will do to Dobermon and have them both immortalized."

Terriermon took the stage this time.

"Ummm, wow...well those guys before me sure set the bar high for making such big requests like that." The long eared Digimon joked. No one laughed. "Well uh ummm my wish would be for ummmm...well I don't want to sound selfish when I say this, but...well actually I'm sure we all want this..."

"We would like to return to the Real World." Lopmon spoke. "We would like to return to our humans, our Tamers, our friends. The Digital World is safe from harm now that Valdeusmon utterly vanquished Lucemon's form. Please let us return to the Real World."

The Sovereigns and Fanglongmon sighed. They had expected this, in fact it was one of the reasons as to why there was a bit of a quarrel to present the Tamer Digimon with promises of rewards for their work. The Digimon had come to love their tamers and so it would be obvious that they would want to go back.

"It is within our power to take you all back to the Real World, however the problem with this is that the Digital Portal that bridges the Real World to the Digital World will once again be open. Digital Fields will open up and Digimon will once again be able to come through to the other side." Azulongmon informed them.

"You brats would be putting a great deal of humans in danger if you wish to have us carry out this wish of yours. Think carefully." Zhuquiaomon advised the young Digimon.

"There is no need for us to do that." Terriermon said. "Look, Zhuquiamon-sama, I may be a joker and I may be the comedic relief amongst the band of misfits we have here, but if it's one thing we all know is that we want to go back to the Real World. Digimon gonna come back to roam around, we'll kick their asses and send them right back here or delete them. We're the D-Reaper killers, nothing can stop us!"

"You insolent little..." The crimson aura around the large bird.

"Hahaha, the lad's got spunk." The right head of the green aura covered turtle spoke with a laugh.

"I like this little lad. He really knows what he wants." Ebonwumon's left head agreed.

"Then your wish shall be granted. You shall be returned to the Real World to return to your Tamers and so before we open the Digital Portal, any more requests?" Baihumon asked. The Tiger of Steel looked over the smaller Digimon before him and nodded in acknowledgement to Impmon.

"Well I actually have two requests, the first...can you bring back Calumon with us? The little guy's gone missing and we couldn't find him. Besides since he knows of what he is or was, he can do what wants now that he doesn't have the burden of being the Light of Digivolution anymore. Pineapple head here can take care of the creampuff." Impmon jabbed a gloved thumb in 'pineapple head's' direction.

"Heeeey, that's mean Impmon." Guilmon frowned, swishing his tail in annoyance.

"Very well and the second request?" Baihumon asked.

"When you send us back, send me EXACTLY to the place where my tamers Ai and Mako are. I don't want to have to go around lookin' for 'em and I've spent enough time doing that during the D-Reaper war."

"Then it shall be done. This is the least we can do for you Digimon for saving the worlds." The Sovereigns and Fanglongmon all bowed their heads before the smaller Digimon, shocking them all. The five strongest Mega level Digimon in the Digital World were bowing to them?! It was like a dream of kings.

When they raised their heads, each one of the Sovereigns and Fanglongmon had their DigiCores resonate around their bodies. The auras around their bodies flickered brightly and suddenly a massive beam of energy shot from their mouths when they opened them. The white beams crashed into one another and split apart into the seven different colours of white light before a large portal of swirling yellow appeared. The edges of the portal were lined with red, blue and green pixels that phased in and out of existence.

With a deep bow of thanks, even going so far as to drop onto their hands and knees, the Tamer Digimon all began to walk towards the portal. Everyone went through, but Renamon, who was going last, paused in her movement.

"Something on your mind, young Renamon?"Fanglongmon asked.

"Yes, Fanglongmon-sama. I'm sorry if it sounds so unbelievable, but I think Naruto is alive with Dorumon and Gatomon somewhere." The God of Digimon and the Sovereigns all watched the kitsune Digimon with looks of shock and interest as she made her claim.

"Explain." Was the demand from the Dragon of the Centre.

"Yes, well...Naruto is from another universe so it could be that he was returned to his own when that flash of light occurred when Valdeusmon defeated Lucemon. Naruto had informed us that Lucemon was the one who brought him to the Digital World before he met you all so with Lucemon's demise it could be possible he was sent back to his own world, and due to the bond he has with his Digimon, they went with him." Renamon sighed. "I didn't want to bring it up to the others because of how unrealistic the idea sounds, but...if I go back and Rika is sad, I wouldn't be able to look her in the eyes to tell her that there is a chance that Naruto is alive. I don't want to make false assumptions and false promises to my friend."

"A valid explanation, Renamon. We shall look into it and do what we can to find the boy and his two partner Digimon."

"You have a million thanks from me, Sovereigns and Fanglongmon-sama." Renamon bowed lowly once more. However, just before she was about to walk through the portal a light weight dropped onto her shoulder.

"Oh boy, swirling, glowing yellow toilet water again! This is just like last time, are we gonna play more games in the Real World Renamon?!" Calumon bounced up and down in excitement. The blue eyed fox glanced to the side and saw Ebonwumon wink at her.

"Can't have you leave without wee Calumon. Ya did wish for it lass and so it has been granted. Calumon don't get into trouble."

"Yes sir." Calumon gave a salute with his fingerless hands.

Renamon rolled her eyes. Those Sovereigns were Devimon in disguise.

"Yes Calumon." Renamon chuckled as she rubbed the head of the creampuff Digimon, his massive ears shrinking as he was petted. "Now come on...we're going home."

And with that, she walked through the portal with the former Light of Digivolution.

End Flashback

"Oh, the looks on their faces when they saw us again!" Terriermon laughed. "Priceless!"

"Takatomon looked like he would piss himself in excitement." Guilmon added.

"That stain on his pants proved otherwise. Though as her guardian Digimon, I must say that Jeri should be wary of having her chosen one be a boy who excretes liquids into his pants." Leomon spoke with an amused smirk on his face.

"And then we lost Calumon...AGAIN!" Everyone planted their faces in their paws/hands/flippers in annoyance. The green eyed annoyance disappeared almost immediately after he had finished greeting the other tamers.

"Yeah and then a few months after we appeared the Digital Fields started reappearing and we kicked major booty." Guardromon spoke.

"Ass, Guardromon. We kicked major ass, no one says booty anymore."

"The knights on the television at Kazu's house do." The robotic Digimon spoke with a light huff.

"Oh, remember when we came back how Yamaki came to us when Digital Fields started appearing again?" MarineAngemon muttered.

"We were taken in by Yamaki to use as his special ops team to deal with Digimon that were coming out of the Digital World." Renamon replied. "Since Rika and the others have their educational lives and their own social lives to deal with, we were put to use when they weren't around. And I must say it has helped us quite a bit to not work with them because now even though we are at such low levels we can still take down Champion level Digimon by ourselves and as a duo or a group of three or more, Ultimate level Digimon are toast even without us having to have to digivolve."

"True. Though it's a shame Monodramon, Lopmon and Impmon couldn't have stayed with us. We would be even more unbeatable that we are now." MarineAngemon frowned. Leomon nodded in agreement.

"Indeed. But Ryo had to stay with Alice to help her cope with Dobermon still and getting used to seeing her father after so long. Not to mention since Suzy, Ai and Mako are still just kids they shouldn't be anywhere near the battlefield and deserve the chance to hang out with their Digimon."

"Yeah and now these days, Digimon are seen as normal occurrences." Guardromon pointed out. "Shinjuku City is the only area with ths problem thankfully so the Digital World isn't opening portals every single way, it's directed solely at this city."

"And then we eat bread!" Guilmon cheered, throwing his claws into the air in joy. The others laughed at their comrade and his chilidsh nature that he tended to show when not in battle or serious. Guilmon was very odd to the point that Takato suspected his best friend of having done some sort of digital sugar or something because of how hyperactive the golden eyed lizard was.

When they calmed themselves, they resumed to silently watching the train tunnel, waiting for the Digital Field mist to appear that would notify them of their objective's appearance. Guilmon blinked his eyes and tilted his head in confusion. His sharp ears flapped lightly and he raised his snout skyward before sniffing the air.

"You pick up on a scent, Guilmon? Is it the rouge?" Renamon asked. Guilmon didn't answer as he merely broke out into a toothy grin before leaping from the building, landing on the roof of the train station before sliding down its slanted edge. When he reached the edge, he stabbed his claws into the steel to act as anchor so he would go into a forward roll over the edge and not fall. Using the momentum of his roll as he went over the edge, Guilmon his legs backwards and wrapped his strong tail around one of the horizontal support structures for the train station's roof before detaching his claws from the roof and let his body fall forward.

The people above him all paused in their waiting for the train to glance up at Guilmon as he hung from the support like a monkey. Everyone stared in surprise as Guilmon's form dropped down from above.

"Okaa-chan, look a Digimon!" A little child pointed out.

"That's nice sweety." The mother then returned the conversation she was having on her cellphone.

As Guilmon was glancing around the train station, the other Digimon followed after their friend and wondered what the hell he was doing. Guilmon's form then sprinted forward to one of the entrance areas of the train station and Guilmon leaped as if he were a velociraptor from Jurassic Park. A cry of surprise and pain was heard as Guilmon pounced on the figure that was just about to enter through the open doors.

"Agh, you're heavy." Takato groaned, but then began to laugh as Guilmon nuzzled his snout against his Tamer's face.

"Takatomon! Did you miss me? Did you bring bread?" Guilmon smiled down at his tamer. Takato shoved his Digimon off of him, the dinosaur-like creature stumbling back from the shove, and said Goggle-head rose to his feet.

"Yeah, I missed you a lot buddy. School's so different now that I'm not trying to keep you out of sight anymore. And no, I have no bread. Maybe when we're done." Takato said as he patted Guilmon on the head.

"Hmmm, fine. But I want the baguette, I like the crunch."

"Sure thing buddy."

Rika and Henry rolled their eyes at the boy and his Digimon only to suddenly come face to face with their own Digimon.

" was school?" Renamon asked as she blurred into existence beside her tamer.

"Meh, can't complain." Rika shrugged.

"You didn't get bored without me didya, Henry?" Terriermon asked as he hopped atop the blue haired boy's shoulder.

"Sort of. With no one to nag me about being more fun, the world was a much brighter place."

"Oh that's cold Henry." Terriermon frowned as his floppy ears dropped down. "So how's Suzy doin' with Lopmon?"

"She's fine, though she still misses her first Pwincess Pwettypants." Terriermon flinched in fear, gripping his ears as if they were about to fall off. The other tamers and their Digimon glanced at the smallest of the Rookie levels and released snorts and snickers to portray their amusement.

"Shut up. You wouldn't be laughing if you knew what I had to go through and had it done to you guys!"

"Ah, but the point here Terriermon is that you are the victim. Not us." Renamon pointed out. "So in the end you are the one who shall be subjected to teasing to no end."

"I hate you Renamon." Terriermon's eyes narrowed at the blonde fox, but he merely got a sly smirk in return.

The Tamers and their Digimon then exited the train station entrance and waited near the edge of the station. The people kept their distance from the teenagers and their Digimon.

"Last time we dealt with a Digimon in a train station it was in the subway with the deva, Sandiramon." Rika spoke as her violet-gray eyes glazed over with nostalgia.

Takato and Guilmon glanced down at the tracks and watched as they began to rattle lightly. A cloud of white mist escaped from the darkness of the tunnel.

"It's coming the goggle-wearing tamer informed the rest of the group. The tracks began to rumble and rattle even more. The people who were waiting for the train suddenly took a few steps back as the white mist of the Digital Field grew larger. Suddenly a large steam whistle was heard from within the depths of the tunnel. A bright white light flashed brilliantly before the possessor of the light came barreling out of the tunnel.

Everyone's D-Ark's reacted and they whipped them out as they caught the image and information regarding the Digimon.

The holographic image of the Digimon hovered over their D-Ark screens as they observed it. The Digimon looked like an actual steam locomotive, train cars and all. The Digimon was made up of three passenger cars, one coal car and then the actual engine car itself pulled everything else along. The steam engine was made of dark blue or possibly black steel. The engine had two glass windows near its rear and had ten massive iron wheels. Eight of those wheel supported the middle and rear areas of the locomotive while the two front wheels were much smaller. On either side on the train Digimon, two large metal plates filled the massive space that would have been between the front and middle wheels and were linked to the front wheels by three massive pieces of silver steel and gave it the appearance of clawed hands. The very front of the Digimon had a large bumper with a large silver protrusion similar to that of a hook that allowed for other trains to pull it along. Two orange lights lay on either side of the hook. The 'face' of the train-like Digimon was smooth and lightly rounded with two quadrilateral shaped holes in it so that the Digimon's gold coloured eyes could look to see where it was going and had a large dark gray tank of somesort beneath it. The light the tamers saw earlier was attached to what would be the 'forehead' area of the locomotive. White steam flowed from the exhaust pipe.

"Locomon. A Machine Digimon and an Ultimate level Digimon to boot. These guys can only travel atop railroad tracks so their movement is limited in that way, but they have been said to cause spatial distortions when they run in circles. His body may look like its made of iron but it's actually made of black Chrome Digizoid which means he's practically indestructible. His attacks are Steam Bomb and Wheel Grinder." Takato read.

Jeri and Rika quickly pushed down their skirts as the vehicular Digimon raced past them before they were scooped up bridal style by their Digimon.

"Takato what's the plan?" Kazu asked. "That thing is probably running at seventy kilometres an hour, it's gonna take more than a de-railer to stop it."

"Well the D-Arks said that it's motion is limited only to the tracks. Jeri, you, me and Kazu are gonna try to slow it down by pushing against it. Kazu, you're going Andromon and Leomon is gonna go Grapleomon while I make Guilmon Matrix Digivolve to WarGrowlmon. While we hold it off and push back trying to slow it down by force, Rika, you have Renamon Matrix Digivolve to Taomon to help with holding off Locomon as you and Kenta are gonna go inside Locomon's engine car and see if you can find a braking mechanism of some sort. Maybe we can out the coal burner or something."

"And what about me?" Henry asked.

"You're our fastest runner. Have Terriermon Matrix Digivolve to Rapidmon and keep pace with Locomon and just in case we fail to slow down Locomon, you'll start wailing at its side and try to knock it over. If we get knocked aside in failing to slow down Locomon, Jeri, Kazu and I are going to recover as quickly as we can to help with that." Takato explained.

"You've really gotten to be a good leader, Google-head." Rika smirked at the brown haired boy.

"I learned from watching the best." He said, hinting at a certain blonde shinobi.

"He'd be proud." Rika said before nodding to Renamon. Henry, Takato and Rika all reached for the pouches attached to their thighs, a card case which doubled as a weapons pouch. Kenta, Jeri and Kazu all reached for the card cases they kept strapped to their legs as well. The tamers all reached into said cases and whipped out a single card. The card was a bright electric blue and had a large yellow 'D' with the image of a dark blue, pixelated Dinosaur Digimon coming out of the space in the 'D'.

The tamers then sliced their cards through the slit in the side of their D-Arks.

(Insert Music: Digimon- Main Theme)




Guilmon quickly rushed through the digivolution process to become Growlmon and then his Champion level became more powerful. A carbon copy of the Matrix Crystal flew around Growlmon before settling itself into the nose where the inverted Zero Unit lay on Growlmon's snout. The Zero Unit glowed as Growlmon underwent his transformation. Growlmon grew in size and his torso was suddenly surrounded by an armour casing made of Chrome Digizoid. Two vernier were attached to his shoulders, and an 'Assault Balancer' extended like a cable from the back section of the torso armour. His arms were encased in black metal and along the edges of the black metal casing were long, curved, Chrome Digizoid blades. A metal, muzzle-like armour was formed around his jaws, but it didn't act like a muzzle as he could still open and close his jaws. The harnesses for the blades were adorned with the symbol of the Digital Hazard and the DigiCode on its stripes translated to 'Digital Monster'. The digivolved form of Growlmon roared before slashing its blades in a menacing way, yelling his name.



Terriermon became Gargomon and continued his digivolution process. Gargomon fired a few glowing bullets as he was suddenly surrounded by a glowing field of data. His body then disintegrated into data before reforming. Gargomon grew taller, skinnier and his leg muscles became more lean and muscular. The bullets he fired before encircled him before forming armour. Two green and silver armour-like boots were worn on his feet. A green orb-shaped armour casing covered his lower abdominal muscles, groin and a part of the upper thigh area. The red triangle from Gargomon's forehead was placed in the center of the orb shaped armour. Black arm stockings covered his arms as two large missile launchers covered his hands and lower arms. Three crimson points came out of the rim of the launchers in a triangle formation making it look like claws. Two large shoulder pads made of green and silver armour were formed. His ears elongated and extended upwards before being covered in green armour that was tipped red. His chest and head, except for the face area was covered with green and silver armour also. A long, sharp horn formed from the forehead area of the armour plating. Finally a large missile launcher looking weapon was attached to his back. The Digimon's large blue eyes glowed before a mouth covering formed from the head armour.



Once she went through her Kyuubimon transformation, Kyuubimon was encircled by blue flames and a shining white light. Her form suddenly lengthened and became more human looking. Violet pants formed on her legs as a white, long sleeved, robe-like shirt formed on her upper body that covered her large hand-like paws. A black hat was worn on the fox Digimon's head with violet streams of cloth coming down from it. A yin-yang symbol lay in the center of the shirt and a belt was worn around the waist that attached a large paint brush to her back. On a long piece of cloth that extended from the shirt from the stomach area to the knees, a golden Sanskrit word was written, meaning 'Truth'. The large blonde, white tipped tail waved behind her. She spun on large feet like paws before allowing her hands to be seen and clapped them together as if she were praying.



Guardromon's iron body quickly dissolved into data flakes revealing the violet coloured wire frame beneath. The wire frame morphed into a taller, leaner form. The data flakes then swirled around the wire frame and was given form. Pink flesh covered the wire frame. The arms were covered in silver Chrome Digizoid armour, the forearms acting as gauntlets. The upper part of the Ultimate level Digimon's arm was shown to be only wires though. Its entire left leg was covered in armour, but the right leg was wrapped in blue and red wires that dug into the pink flesh, his foot was bare to reveal the three sharp claws, leaving only a part of the ankle and the knee to be coated in the silver armour. His entire upper body was covered in armour as well, but it seemed to be bonded to the flesh as it clearly showed the abdominal muscles. His chest was protruding farther from his chest that a normal, and a black hinge allowed it to open and close, revealing the dual missile launchers within. His shoulder armour pads looked like skulls and finally his head was topped with a helmet that covered the upper areas his face leaving the mouth area bare. His eyes glowed red as his systems rebooted, making him faster, stronger and better than before.



Leomon's body was quickly encased in a blue aura. His body grew larger in terms of height, but his muscles downgraded in size, becoming leaner, but still retaining the power they held. His blonde mane took on an orange hue and it grew longer, with two long sideburns framing his face. His face and skin became a tanner colour and the canine's of his upper jaw lengthened dramatically. His pants and sword were gone and his body became encased in black skin tight armour, which was covered with an additional plating of white armour on his torso, chest, knees, shoulders and thighs. Black gloves covered his his hands with white plates on his, along with his feet. His forearms and lower leg areas changed and became mechanical, connected directly with his Digi-Core. Rotating turbines spun rapidly as the Ultimate level Digimon roared, blue eyes filled with determination.


With WarGrowlmon being the biggest, he had taken to the railroads as Takato jumped atop his head.

The rest of the tamers and their Digimon nodded before taking off to perform their objectives. Henry hopped onto Rapidmon's shoulders and then the armoured Digimon took off in a blur of speed to catch up with Locomon. WarGrowlmon's vernier released jets of blue flame as he took off through the skies and zoomed ahead. A trail of dust marked the path of Andromon as the android Digimon ran down the tracks, Kazu clinging to his body as he rode piggy-back. Jeri was picked up by GrapLeomon, the turbines on the anthropomorphic lion's legs turned rapidly as a pair of cyclones swirled to life around his legs before he took off into the skies to meet with Rapidmon and WarGrowlmon. Rika, Kenta and MarineAngemon were scooped up into the arms of the large sorceress kitsune before she flew through the air as well.

The Tamers and their Digimon raced through the air, Andromon using his powerful cybernetics to keep pace with his airborne comrades. The sound of Locomon's chugging form began to grow louder and louder as they grew closer to the locomotive.

"Alright guys! You know the plan, let's move out!" Takato ordered. The others nodded to their leader and complied. Rapidmon sped forth and hovered by the side of Locomon's engine car while WarGrowlmon, Andromon and GrapLeomon raced ahead of the armoured rabbit and his tamer before speeding a good few metres ahead of the black steel made vehicle.

WarGrowlmon directed his vernier's jet streams to face in the opposite direction he was facing. Andromon's body hummed with energy as he directed most of his internal power to his arms and legs and GrapLeomon created a large whirlwind around his hands and legs as the turbines rotated faster. Jeri and Kazu gripped the backs of their Digimon tightly, but not before using the Strength modify card to give their partners a little boost.

"Three." Jeri spoke.

"Two." Kazu gripped Andromon even tighter.

"One!" Takato yelled. "NOW! GRAB IT NOW!"

With a roar the three Digimon reared their arms and back and crashed them against Locomon's form. The Digimon all dug their feet and claws into the ground in an effort to produce the frictional force necessary to stop the high speed train Digimon. The iron bars that made up the horizontal parts of the tracks broken apart as WarGrowlmon and Andromon knocked them aside, GrapLeomon was airborne as he tried to hold back Locomon.

"Don't give up guys!" Takato roared over the sound of the chugging choo-choo. 'Come on Rika and Kenta. Find something.'

Within Locomon's engine car, MarineAngemon and Taomon were with their respective tamers as they walked towards the controls. Taomon was actually very surprised at how spacious the inside of the Ultimate level Digimon was. It was actually large enough to support her full height, even with the hat and so she didn't have to duck her head like she originally thought.

"Alright...Kenta, do you know how to operate a train?" Rika asked as she looked over the levers and controls. Kenta sweatdropped.

"I study medicine, not locomotive engineering. Maybe Kazu should have come in here."

"Yeah, he'd be more of a help than you right now. I need an engineer, not a doctor." Kenta and Rika sighed as they looked over the controls before Rika spotted a lever with a bright red handle.

"Bright red handle. This one must be the brake lever."

"You sure about that?" Kenta asked with a nervous look. Rika rolled her eyes as she gripped the lever, flexing her fingers a bit before she tugged. The lever didn't even budge as she pulled it back. Rika grunted as she stumbled backwards, Taomon catching her before she fell.

"Alright you stubborn piece of shit. You made me do this. Time for some chakra." Rika rolled up her jacket sleeves and the sleeves of her undershirt. "Taomon, help me out here."

The humanoid kitsune complied and her large hands wrapped around the lever as Rika channeled some chakra into her arms.

"Pull!" Rika and Taomon pulled back with as much strength as they could muster. The lever then began to shift and the two females smirked at one another before continuing the action. The lever continued to shift backwards until they finally pulled it all the way down. Rika and Taomon took deep breaths to rejuevnate themselves before smirking as they felt Locomon beginning to slow down.

"Alright. See Kenta, that was the brake lever. Women's intuition never lies."

"That and the bright red colour always means it's impotant." The glasses wearing tamer added.

"Whoever is interferring with my controls, you will not make me stop!" A deep rumbling voice spoke. Everyone's eyes widened when they heard Locomon speak and within the control area, Rika and Renamon watched in shock as the brake lever was pulled back into its former position and then locked in place. "Gotta go faster! Can't stop! Must go faster!"

Suddenly a loud clack was heard as Locomon detached its three passenger cars. With its passenger cars gone, the mass of the Ultimate level Digimon decreased and so it was able to gain an increase in speed.

"Lighten the load and rock and roll. Let's roll out!" Locomon muttered to himself. Locomon continued to rumble down the tracks as the three physically strongest Digimon continued to try and slow down the juggernaut that was a Digital Monster, but it seemed as if Locomon was only speeding up rather than slowing down, especially now that it lightened the load.

"Alright the lever's out since Locomon seems to be very aware of his internal mechanics." MarineAngemon muttered. "Why don't we try Takato's Plan B. He said something about the coal burner."

"Right, if we stop the coal from burning then no steam can be generated to power Locomon's mechanics." Kenta said as he planted his fist in his hand.

"Well it's worth a shot." Rika said. She then nodded to Taomon and the Ultimate level Digimon walked over to the large furnace that was the coal burner, the orange-yellow glow of the flames flickering through the small gap in the cover. Taomon quickly opened the coal burner and hopped away as the flickering flames lashed out at her due to them no longer being restrained within the coal burner.

"Alright, let's do this." Kenta said. "MarineAngemon."

The Mega level Digimon nodded and then clapped her fins together and a large, red, heart-shaped bubble appeared as she spread them apart.

"Pretty Heart." The heart bubble then floated into the coal burner and then encased the flames within it. The bubble expanded due to the heat, but it did not pop. However, a pink blur suddenly lashed out and the bubble popped. The coal furnace door slammed shut and suddenly the pink blur lashed out again. However, Taomon's quick reflexes allowed it to lash out at the offender. Her large hand-like paws clenched themselves around the assailant and slammed it into the ground.

"Ugh, disgusting!" Taomon sneered as she looked at the enemy.

The Digimon was a mutated spider of a Digimon. It was completed covered in a purple-pink exoskeleton with eight jointed limbs and each limb had curved, pointed tips at the end. Its rear area, the thorax, was a sickly shade of green and had a pair of snapping jaws. There was no mouth, pincers or any sort of frontal weapon, only a single, large, vein covered eyeball that shifted every which way with a sickening squelching sound and below it was a set of wriggling green tentacles of some sort. Surrounding the eyeball was a ring of red orbs which were embedded into the exoskeleton.

Kenta took out his rose coloured D-Ark and scanned the arachnid Digimon.

"Parasimon. A Parasite Digimon. Hard to believe this little guy is a Mega level Digimon. Parasimon is powerless when by itself, but when it gathers in numbers, it can easily defeat Champion Digimon. When Parasimon leeches off of another, it can draw out the host Digimon's abilities to their utmost limit, exhibiting a dreadful power. Also, it can amplify the host's desires, and it is capable of taking advantage of those weaknesses. The existence of Parasite Digimon types other than Parasimon has been confirmed, and the influence of Parasite Digimon, in addition to viralization, is considered the cause of berserk Digimon. Its attacks are Electric Bind and Digicabolic Steroid." Kenta read as he watched the holographic image of the Digimon before him.

"Well judging from your D-Ark's description, it seems that this guy is the reason for Locomon being so berserk." Rika deduced. "Taomon, squash the bug."

Taomon smirked. "With pleasure, Rika." Taomon raised up its free paw and positioned it in a tiger-claw strike position. With amazing swiftness and precision, Taomon brought down the limb.

"Digicabolic Steroid!" Suddenly Parasimon's form bulged and became much larger. The exoskeleton released a shine to highlight the increased hardness and it was shown as Taomon's claws scraped against the Digimon's body when it raised its legs to defend its lone eyeball. Parasimon then stabbed its legs into Taomon's arms, earning a cry of pain from the fox Digimon before she was shoved out of the way.

"You will stop the swarm! Locomon will allow the swarm to enter through the Digital Field and then the invasion will begin!" Parasimon chuckled giddily as he spoke like an evil mad scientist. The parasitic Digimon scuttled out of the window and then climbed atop the locomotive Digimon. Parasimon chuckled darkly as its tentacles lashed out and stabbed through Locomon's hard Digizoid casing. Being a parasite it was obvious that even if it were Chrome Digizoid it would be able to pierce through the hardest substance in the Digital World.

"Digicabolic Steroid!" Parasimon injected a large amount of viral data into the Ultimate level Digimon and suddenly Locomon's golden eyes flashed crimson.

WarGrowlmon, GrapLeomon and Andromon all noticed this along with their tamers.

"Oh that can't be good." Takato said.

"His eyes turned red! We're doomed!" Kazu yelled as he clutched Andromon even tighter.

Suddenly, Locomon's form shuddered and then it became encased in a shroud of data. Its black Digizoid casing began to peel away as if it were made of paper and the brightness of the glow began to increase.


Rika and Kenta's eyes widened when they heard the goggle wearing tamer's voice. They heard the urgency in his tone and they quickly complied. Taomon grunted as she raised her arms, ignoring the pain from the stab wounds she gained earlier before scooping up her three companions and leaped out of the window and began to fly alongside Henry and Rapidmon.

When that happened, Locomon's velocity increased and the three Ultimate level Digimon that were trying to slow it down were sent flying through the air. Luckily, two of said Digmon could fly. WarGrowlmon snatched Andromon and Kazu out of the air and rested them on his large shoulder alongside Takato. GrapLeomon hovered in the air and quickly caught Jeri when she lost her grip on him.

(Insert Music: Alexander Seidel- The Chase)


Locomon's form began to change and morph. Gone was the coal car and his already lost passenger cars as they disappeared as flakes of data. Locomon then increased in size and his shape also changed noticeably. No longer made of black Chrome Digizoid, the new and improved locomotive was made of a combination of blue and silver Chrome Digizoid parts. The majority of the top area of the vehicular Digimon was made of silver Chrome Digizoid and its rear area and the areas beneath the silver top were made of blue Chrome Digizoid. Large yellow pipes were connected to the yellow fanned turbines in order to aid in circumventing its power. Its wheels were larger and instead of there being ten wheel there were twelve wheel underneath its body and a thirteenth large, spiked wheel at the very front. Attached to the sides were large arm-like attachments that gripped onto the protrusions that came from the spiked front wheel and bright blue orbs of some sort decorated the shoulder area of the 'arms'. Its head was no longer rounded and sharp, like a bird's. A vent of some sort lay atop its head and a large blue sphere lay behind the vent. Two large, blue spikes, one larger and one smaller, protruded from its head. Its two hollow spaces suddenly flashed with red light and the crimson eyes of the newly formed Mega Digimon glowed with power.


The mechanized train suddenly put on a boost of speed as the Parasimon atop its head directed it to do so. Kazu took out his purple D-Ark and scanned the super powered engine. Its holographic image appeared to him in a matter of seconds.

"GranLocomon. A Machine Digimon and a Mega level. It has an extremely strong competitive spirit and the personality of reckless types, and since its power is also incomparable, those who suffer its assault are smashed to smithereens. Although Locomon was not able to run when there wasn't any rails, when GranLocomon is in a place where there aren't any rails, it is able to just produce rails to run on itself. Its attacks are Destroyed Crash and Limited Express Attack." Kazu read.

"Mega?!" Jeri exclaimed. "You mean it digivolved?! But how?!"

"What happened? One second it was Locomon and the bam! It digivolves and goes Mega on us?!" Rapidmon exclaimed as he and Henry pulled up alongside the others as they continued to give chase.

"Yeah guys, what happened in there?" Henry asked.

"Guys, apparently there's a virus Digimon controlling Locomon...or GranLocomon." Rika explained.

"What?!" The other Tamers shouted in disbelief.

"Yeah." Kenta nodded. "Apparently there's a Digimon called Parasimon that's attached itself to GranLocomon and preventing it from acting on its own free will. We were about to delete it, but then it got away and made Locomon digivolve."

"It also said something about a swarm." MarineAngemon added.

"The swarm?" WarGrowlmon questioned. Andromon's eyes suddenly widened in realization as he caught what WarGrowlmon was questioning about.

"Parasimon, we have to stop it now!" Andromon exclaimed. "The Digital Field remains open until the Digimon that comes through it is removed from Shinjuku by us deleting it. Due to us being sent back by Fanglongmon we don't create any open Digital Fields, but since these guys are forcing their way through they leave the portal to the Real World open."

"So what does that mean?" Rika asked.

"Parasimon operate in swarms, my dear Rika." Andromon informed the group. Something that Taomon, Rika, Kenta and MarineAngemon already knew. "Since Parasimon is by himself he probably plans to use GranLocomon to circle around to the Digital Field and open a bigger Digital Field. He is planning on using GranLocomon to allow the swarm of Parasimon to enter the Real World."

"It really is an invasion." Rika said as her eyes widened in realization as she caught on to what Parasimon had been talking about before it escaped.

"Then we gotta move fast!" Takato exclaimed. "No one runs into our city and plans to swarm it with weird, gross-looking parasite pieces of shit!"

As the Digimon and Tamers raced after GranLocomon and when they managed to catch up to it, they began to exact Takato's plan to de-rail the locomotive.

"If we can de-rail GranLocomon we may be able to stop it! And then once that's done we can focus on deleting Parasimon!" The goggle wearing tamer exclaimed. With a battle cry, all the Digimon slammed into the side of the massive train of a Digimon. WarGrowlmon quickly took GrapLeomon and Andromon into his clawed hands, their tamers settling beside Takato on the Ultimate level Digimon's shoulders.

With a roar of effort WarGrowlmon threw GrapLeomon and Andromon at GranLocomon with amazing speed. The two Ultimate level Digimon flew straight as arrows, their legs extended.

GrapLeomon slammed his wind encased leg against the side of GranLocomon at the same time as Andromon's mechanized left leg. The train Digimon shuddered as its form was impacted against, but it didn't even budge. The two Digimon backflipped through the air and GrapLeomon thrust his fist forward as Andromon's arm spun around rapidly to become a pike of somesort and was coated in blue energy.



Both attacks slammed into the Mega level Digimon and this time they aimed at the tracks and caused a small explosion of force beenath the wheels. GranLocomon's red eyes widened as it felt its massive form rise up slightly.

"Now Rapidmon!" The armoured rabbit flew forth at amazing speeds and slammed into the side of the locomotive before backflipping and aiming his arm cannons at the Mega level.

"Rapid Fire!" Rapidmon fired a pair of missiles from its cannons and the misisles exploded beneath the wheels of the lightly raised GranLocomon sending it teetering to the left since they were striking from the right side.

Taomon then went up next and used its paint the image of a Sanskrit character in the air which then quickly appeared beneath GranLocomon's body. She then raised her right hand and extended her index and middle fingers as the character glowed with red light.

"Talisman of Light!" A mighty explosion blew apart the tracks and GranLocomon began to flip through the air from the force of the explosion before skidding along the tracks, sparks flying everywhere before it began to tumble. The Mega Digimon suddenly righted itself in midair when it began to flip around and the tamers and their Digimon watched in awe as GranLocomon began to drift along the train tracks.

"Well...someone's been watching Fast and the Furious a lot." Kenta muttered.

The surprise of the group didn't stop there however, as GranLocomon's spiked wheel then began to rotate very quickly, sparks flying up everywhere and suddenly data flakes stretched out from beneath its form and became solid railroad tracks of data.

"Shit!" Takato cursed. "It made its own tracks and now it's riding off the original tracks!"

"Not only that, but it's riding them in the god damn sky!" Kazu exclaimed. True to the boy's words, GranLocomon had indeed generated digital railroad tracks that sent it into the sky before it began to ride towards the populated area of Shinjuku. The Digimon all flew after their targets and Rika's eyes narrowed as she spotted Parasimon still attached to the Mega Digimon.

She looked to Takato and the brown eyed boy caught her gaze. The two then nodded to each other before they raised their hands and went through handsigns.

"Katon: Goukakyu no Jutsu/Fire Style: Grand FireBall Jutsu!" Rika took a deep inhalation of air as chakra and oxygen filled her lungs. Her cheeks puffed out heavily before she exhaled. A massive red-orange fireball stormed through the air, aiming to burn Parasimon to a crisp. However, GranLocomon was moving a but too quickly and the fiery spheroid crashed against the surface of GranLocomon's body. No damage was done to either Mega level Digimon.

"Suiton: Suiryuu Kobaku/Water Style: Explosive Bite of the Water Dragon!" The water in the air a few feet in front of GranLocomon suddenly condensed and swirled to life as a massive pool of water. Numerous water bullets rocketed from the massive water pool with enough force to send GranLocomon off the tracks and a bit higher into the air. The water bullets then all gathered together within the air and became a massive water dragon.

The red eyes serpent of liquid roared as it bore down on its target and a massive explosion of water slammed into GranLocomon and also washed over Parasimon and detached it from the mechanized Digimon. Both Mega level Digimon then began to fall through the air and descended towards the streets of Shinjuku below.

The people who were walking suddenly saw the giant shadow that was steadily growing larger. They glanced up and their eyes widened in shock as they saw the massive train Digimon falling towards them. Some were frozen with fear and couldn't move, others raised their hands in a feeble form of protection while others actually managed to run out of the way as the massive locomotive fell to ground zero.

"I got it!" WarGrowlmon exclaimed. He activated the vernier on his shoulders to release a greater amount of thrust. The tamers and Digimon on his shoulders were forced to grip the reptilian cyborg much tighter. WarGrowlom then released a roar and stabbed his large Chrome Digizoid claws into GranLocomon's body and the people below stopped screaming when they felt no pain.

Glancing up as they moved out of the shadow of the falling machine Digimon, they all watched as WarGrowlmon held on tightly to GranLocomon and held it steadily in the air. GranLocomon's eyes flickered before it deactivated itself. No longer being able to generate tracks since it didn't have a solid ground surface to make its start, the Mega Digimon gave up. As GranLocomon began to vanish as red data flakes, the Parasimon on its body began to try to make a break for it.

"Doton: Doryuheki/Earth Style: Earth Wall!" A massive wall of dark earth sprung up beneath the road and blocked off the path for the parastic Digimon to take in order to escape. "Now where do you think you're going." Henry spoke as he dusted his hands after forming the earthen wall. Parasimon scuttled back and forth before turning aroundand glancing up as WarGrowlmon's massive shadow encompassed its figure. The other Digimon joined their mechanized companion in cornering the arachnid-like Digimon.

"You've fallen for my trap, idiots! Now that I've arrived at my location I can unleashed the swarm onto the Real World!" Parasiomon cackled only to suddenly stop when WarGrowlmon raised his massive foot and squashed Parasimon beneath it. The cyborg Digimon glanced down as he raised his foot and looked at the twitching parasite, its legs bent at angles it shouldn't be bent at and its eyeball now leaking red flakes of data.

"Well...that was anticlimactic." Taomon commented.

"I'll say." Rapidmon agreed.

"Takatomon can we get bread now. We killed the evil bug thing. Pleeeeeease Takatomon!" The humans and other Digimon all watched with sweatdrops as they saw WarGrowlmon bow down to Takato.

'This is one of the Digimon that saved our city?' The pedestrians thought in slight disbelief.

"Yeah sure."

"Yay! Bread time, remember I want a baguette this time." Takato sighed as WarGrowlmon began to ramble on about how he wanted the bread to be sliced and how it should be served...among other things. However, MarineAngemon's eyes spotted a twitch coming from Parasimon.

"You're still alive?" The tiny Mega Digimon asked.

(Insert Music: Q-Factory- Final Reckoning)

"The swarm shall come with my defeat! None shall stop the swarm! I REGRET NOTHING!" Everyone then turned and watched as a pulse of data raced across the city streets. The pulse then shot into the sky as a massive ring of pixels and energy. When the flash died down the clouds and the sky began to pixelate and a massive rip appeared to reveal a massive wireframe pattern in the sky. A massive Digital Portal had opened above their heads. A massive black shadow was cast over the city as a result.

Then...the swarm came.

Parasimon. A massive invasion force that easily numbered in the thousands.

"The stupid shit performed a kamikaze attack!" Rika exclaimed. "I can't believe it! It sacrificed itself to let its brethren into our world!"

"Everyone, out of this area, now!" Henry exclaimed. Not needing to be told twice, the pedestrians took off in the direction Henry was pointing in. The Parasimon marched out of the Digital Portal and once they set their legs down on the solid ground of the Real World, they began to leap and climb on everything. Cars, buildings, street lamps, you name it.

Takato raised his beeping red D-Ark as he felt it vibrate in his pocket.

"Yeah Yamaki?" Takato answered immediately as the head of Hypnos appeared on screen.

"Are you seeing it?"

"Am I seeing it? I'm staring right at it!" Takato exclaimed. "It's an invasion Yamaki. A bunch of Parasimon are invading the Real World, Henry is currently directing traffic control. The rest of us are going to go for the assault and hold them back until he and Rapidmon are done." Takato said. Yamaki nodded in approval.

"Good strategy. Save the civilians first and then manage the enemy. Now what about those Parasimon? The Digital Portal reads them to be numbering easily over three thousand. Are you sure you can handle all of them? I can call in the Defense Force to help you guys out."

"No. We got this. We got a reputation for widespread damage to our enemies since the D-Reaper army days." Takato smirked confidently. "But just analyze that portal and see if we can close it without having to delete all these Parasimon."

"Understood. Good luck."

Takato and Yamaki nodded to one another and the red D-Ark holder ended the transmission. Henry quickly slammed his palms down on the ground and summoned forth a massive earth wall that was the size of a six story building. The Parasimon released cries of annoyance as began to try and break through the wall. The ones that chose to scale the wall were being sniped by Andromon as he used his Gattling Attack.

The pedestrians were numerous and it took five minutes before the entirety had been evacuated.

"Alright, that's the last one." Henry informed the others as he led a boyfriend and girlfriend pair away from the to-be battlefield.

"Alright, seal off that area behind us to make sure we contain the damage." Takato ordered. "Then use a jutsu to break down that wall. Naruto must have something that makes earth walls explode in the scrolls he left behind, right?"

Henry summoned forth the earth wall to block off the area behind them and he nodded his head at Takato's question.

"Of course. Actually, I can't do it without Taomon." The fox mistress looked at the blue haired boy with a questionable gaze.

"What do you need me to do?"

"I need a good portion of your spell tags on the earth wall." Taomon nodded and then she thrust her sleeve covered arms forward.

"Thousand Spells!" She cried out. One thousand sealing tags made of red paper with a Sanskrit character of unknown translation appeared from her sleeves and covered the earth wall. Satisfied, Henry then ran forth and made a few handsigns, ending on the one for 'Snake'. He crashed his hands against the spell tag covered earth wall once he gathered the necessary chakra.

"Doton: Dozankuzushi no Jutsu/Earth Style: Earth Mountain Destruction!" The earth wall collapsed atop of the Parasimon swarm and fell as a massive landslide. Six stories worth of thick stone fell atop the Mega Digimon and then Henry leaped back as he looked to Taomon. "Now!"

Taomon nodded and then raised her hands and clapped them together. The seal tags responded to their user and the Sanskrit symbols on their surfaces glowed with a crimson light. A massive explosion rocked the streets as the few hundred Parasimon caught in the explosion were all deleted as a massive amount of red data flakes marked their removal from the Real World.

(Insert Music: RWBY- This Will be the Day)

"Alright, that's a good start, now let's keep the ball rolling!" Takato exclaimed. WarGrowlmon roared in agreement with his tamer before charging forward as more Parasimon flooded the city from their portal. The blades attached to his arms glowed with blue energy and the Digital Hazard holder slashed them swiftly.

"Radiation Blade!" Two powerful arcs of electric blue energy shot through the air and slammed against a portion of the swarm and sliced through their flesh. With that done, WarGrowlmon spun around and slapped a number of the parastic Digimon into the air with his massive tail. A large number of Parasimon suddenly leaped at the gargantuan Ultimate level and began to pick at his armour. WarGrowlmon snarled before rolling on the ground, crushing the tiny insects that attacked him.

He raised his claws and slashed at the ground, tearing trenches in the street as well as tearing apart enemy Digimon. The massive Virus type Digimon raised his feet and stamped them down on the ground, crushing Parasimon that had the misfortune of being beneath them. WarGrowlmon then activated the vernier on his shoulders and the blasts of blue flame ejected downwards, burning a couple of the invasion force as he took to the skies. WarGrowlmon spun around and then his dual chest cannons lit up as red energy collected in the barrels. The armour released a low hum sound as the energy continued to build up. When it reached its maximum the Ultimate level Digimon struck.

"ATOMIC BLASTER!" A powerful beam of red energy tore through the air and crashed into the ground near the entrance to the Digital Portal and destroyed a few hundred Parasimon in a single shot. The cyborg Digimon then deactivated his vernier and sent Parasimon flying from the force of his landing where Rapidmon was waiting for them. The green armoured rabbit activated the homing mechanisms within his armour's weapon systems. A look of glee filled the Digimon's eyes as he readied to fire.

"Homing Blast!" Rapidmon fired numerous missiles from the missile launcher on his back. The explosives detonated upon making contact with their intended targets and crimson data flakes flew everywhere. A few that managed to survive were suddenly blown to smithereens as Rapidmon fired even more missiles from his back cannons.

"RAPID FIRE!" Rapidmon cocked his arm cannons and fired four red tipped explosives. The missiles screamed through the air before exploding as they made conact with the small Mega level Digimon. The blue eyed, armoured rabbit then position his body into the shape of a 'Y' as it began to shine with emerald energy.

"TRI-BEAM!" A large blast of emerald coloured energy sped through the air before it crashed against the Parasimon army and sent many to their deaths while some went to the skies. Said skyward Parasimon were made quick work of as Taomon raced from body to body, slamming them all into the ground with her massive paintbrush. She slammed one into the ground before spinning around the handle of her brush to build the momentum needed to perform the double kick that tore through a Parasimon like it was paper. Taomon drew a Sanskrit image in the air and then grabbed it out of the air as if it were solid. The symbol glowed gold before she began to spin it around.

"TALISMAN STAR!" Taomon yelled as she threw the golden disc. The attack sliced through numerous bodies before it slammed into the body of a poor unsuspecting enemy and then blew up, taking out everything within a suitably large radius. She then twisted in the air and kicked a Parasimon in the abdomen, but quickly retrieved it before it was sent into the distance. Taomon smirked as she slapped on a glowing red seal tag and tossed in back into the crowd of parasites. A massive explosion occurred as Taomon turned away from her own explosions and smirked with pride at her handiwork.

With a cry of effort, she then dropped down from her levitating position and stabbed her paintbrush into the ground with enough force to tear the ground and create a spiderweb of cracks. She spun around and slammed her paintbrush against one of the Parasimon before spinning it around in her hands before raising it over her head and crashing it down on three others with enough force to send their eyeballs popping out of their sockets before they disintegrated as red flakes of data. Her tail then lashed out and she slapped a few more away before they could take her on.

Taomon extended her sleeves outwards before sending out numerous spell tags. "Thousand Spells!" The tags washed over a numerous amount of the Parasimon and due to the one thousand sealing tags sticking to their bodies, the arachnid-like Digimon found it difficult to move. Taomon followed up by drawing a Sanskrit symbol in the air and the symbol then glowed with a golden light as it suddenly appeared amongst the mass of paper bound Parasimon.

"TALISMAN OF LIGHT!" Taomon shouted and then the symbol shone brightly before exploding into a storm of fire of light. This released a chain reaction as the seal tags on the Parasiomon also detonated and soon a chain explosion went off throughout the crowd of invading Digimon.

"You're one hundred Terra Bytes too small to try and take me down." The humanoid fox chuckled as she slapped aside a few with her tail. Said Parasimon tumbled through the air only to be stopped as a certain cybernetic enhanced Ultimate level snatched them out of the air.

Andromon grabbed some out of the air before they could touch down on the ground. Andromon slammed the three he had caught into the ground and then stamped down on them, crushing their exoskeletons due to his cybernetic body's strength. He then ducked as a Parasimon tried to latch onto his back and then reached out, grabbing its leg and swung it into another Parasimon and sent both of them flying.

His hands rotated quickly and became spinning drills as electrical energy gathered around them.

"Lightning Blade!" Andromon swung his arms and arcs of blue electrical energy crashed into the airborne Digimon. The android Digimon then leaped into the air and clasped his hands together before bringing them down for a massive hammer blow that formed a small crater in the ground and generated a massive shockwave that sent some Parasimon skidding backwards.

Five Parasimon scuttled towards the mechanized Ultimate Digimon and leaped at him.

"Pretty Heart!" However before Andromon could move in any way, a large red bubble in the shape of a heart formed and captured the Parasimon within it. MarineAngemon giggled and clapped her fins together before grinning devlishly before clenching her fins as if they were fists. The heart bubble began to shrink in size and then popped as the bubble imploded and caused the Parasimon to be crushed within the bubble. Red data flakes fell like rain before vanishing.

"Thanks for the assist." Andromon gave a thumbs up to the Mega Digimon who merely nodded before going back to crushing more helpless Parasimon in her bubble coffins. Andromon punched a Parasimon in the eye before grabbing its two of it legs and ripping them off. He wuickly turned around and twirled them like a pair of swords before stabbing them into the eyes of two other Parasimon.

"Gattling Attack!" His chest opened up and then two shark-like missiles flew forth and opened their mouths to show they had tiny gattlign guns within them. A numerous amount of bullets tore through exoskeleton covered flesh like it was paper. Andromon went into a handstand and spun around rapidly to send out a flurry of windmill styled kicks and sent Parasimon flying every which way from the force of the blows.

Once he had enough room around himself, he bent his arms and pushed himself into the air and flipped to right himself.

"Kazu, give me a weapon!" Kazu, Kenta and Jeri were locked in their heart bubble of protection. Unlike the original trio, they couldn't physically fight alongside their Digimon and so they settled for being in a protective barrier made by MarineAngemon. Said visor wearing tamer caught his Digimon's words and nodded before drawing a card from his deck of Digimon cards.

"DIGIMODIFY...OMNIMON'S SUPREME CANNON ACTIVATE!" Andromon and Kazu grinned a bit as they watched as Andromon's left arm became that of the Omega Digimon. A MetalGarurmon head replaced his original arm and the mouth of the head opened to reveal a massive gun barrel. The barrel then glowed with icy blue energy as it charged.

"SUPREME CANNON!" Andromon roared as he fired the blast. The attack slammed into a horde of Parasimon and ended their lives while another amount were sent flying through the air or skidding along the ground. Sadly for those Digimon, they had been caught by GrapLeomon.

"Cyclonic Kick!" The lion Digimon roared as he disappeared in a blur of speed. The Parasimon in midair seemed to freeze as GrapLeomon moved at such high speeds and kicked all thirty airborne Parasimon down in under three seconds before flipping as he fell to the ground. Jeri swiped a card through her D-Ark as she saw an opportunity present itself.


"DEEP FOREST!" GrapLeomon roared as he raised his arms and slammed them down on the ground. The lion Digimon crashed into the ground with such force that a relatively strong earthquake rushed through the city. The buildings and all that were fighting lost their balance a bit from that attack.

"Oi, watch it with the earthquakes!" Takato called out to his girlfriend.

"My bad!" Jeri replied with an embarrassed look on her face. "GrapLeomon, behind you!"

The Ultimate level responded to his tamer's warning and quickly spun around and delivered a powerful roundhouse kick to the bodies of three Parasimon and sent them crashing into the ground, their bodies broken beyond repair.

As their Digimon fought through the Parasimon ranks, Takato, Rika and Henry were standing in a very spaced out triangle formation They were busy fighting off the enemies with chakra enhanced blows since normal fighting techniques wouldn't damage the hard exoskeleton of a Mega level Digimon. Takato grabbed a Parasimon's writhing tentacles as they tried to grab him and he swung it into the air before bringing it down atop another Parasimon with enough force to crack the ground. Takato then spun around once more and crashed his opponent into the body of three others of its kind. With his sixth sense for danger, he felt movement behind him and glanced back to see Henry had grabbed a Parasimon and kicked it in his direction by slamming his feet into its abdomen.

"The pitch is up!" Takato yelled as he reached the falling parasite and then leaped with a straight kick.

"Dynamic Entry!" Takato crashed his foot into the body of the Parasimon, but decided to carry himself with the momentum of his soaring opponent so that as the force of his kick sent it flying, he attached himself to its legs with chakra and directed it to slam into another Parasimon and dragged them both through the streets that left a trench in the road. Just before they came to a stop, Takato had leaped off of his opponents and then flashed through handsigns.

"Suiton: Mizurappa/Water Style: Wild Water Wave!" A massive flood of water gushed out of Takato's mouth and slammed into the Parasimon horde with the force of a wave at high tide. With the water in place, Takato landed atop the shallow waters with barely a splash before going through more handsigns.

"Suiton: Suirou no Jutsu/Water Style: Water Prison Jutsu!" Numerous spheres of water rose up and engulfed their chosen Parasimon victims within them. With that in place, Takato brought the final move of his combo.

"Suiton: Atsugai/Water Style: Pressure Damage!" The goggle wearing tamer slammed his hands on the water covered ground as he forced a large amount of water pressure onto the Parasimon and their bodies were crushed within them. Takato chuckled as he wiped the underneath of his nose with his finger.

"Awesome, I finally got that combo down pat!" Takato whooped before grabbing a Parasimon by its tentacles which writhed beneathed its eye before swinging it to the side where Rika had cracked the leg of her opponent.

The red head glanced up at the one Takato had thrown for her and she leaped into the air and flipped as she channeled chakra into her legs and with a cry of effort she swung her leg down forcefully as a powerful axe kick. As she fell back to earth, some Parasimon leaped at her to try and stop the annoying human, but it was their funeral. Rika grabbed onto one's legs and swung beneath its body and pushed off of it with enough force to crack the bones in its abdomen and then slammed atop a second one, stamping her foot into its eye. She then used the force of her landing to push off to strike another one of her opponents.

Her violet-gray eyes widened when she felt the sensation of something going through stomach and she glanced down in shock to see the legs of a Parasimon impaling her through her stomach. She glanced back, blood dripping from her mouth and body as she felt the limbs within her flesh.

"Die, human scum!" The Parasimon spoke. Rika's eyes rolled up into her head...before she released chuckle. The Parasimon's eyes widened as it saw the Rika in its grasp suddenly explode into a plume of smoke and reveal itself to be one of its brethren. Its body torn apart and vanishing as red data flakes as it was being deleted. Before the surprised Digimon could react, the sound of a blade slicing through flesh was heard and the Parasimon fell to the ground, cleaved in half as it was successfully bifurcated.

Rika landed on the ground and stepped aside to avoid the falling body pieces before twirling the kunai she kept in her boot for emergency situations. She then glanced to the side and saw a horde of the Digimon near her and she threw the kunai before flashing through handsigns.

"Ninpou: Kagekunai no Jutsu/Ninja Art: Shadow Kunai Jutsu!" The one kunai suddenly became fifteen and all stabbed themselves into the eyes of the Parasimon victims. She then glanced out of the corner of her eye and saw Henry about to get struck from behind by two Parasimon.

"Katon: Housenka no Jutsu/Fire Style: Phoenix Flower Jutsu!" A flurry of fireballs rushed from her lips and bombarded the two Parasimon and engulfed them in flame. Henry glanced back as he felt the heat from the small fireballs. He looked at Rika who he gave a thumbs up to as a show of thanks. Henry watched as Rika went back to her fight before he too returned to his. He raised his arm at a right angle to slap aside the sharp leg of one Parasimon before turning the arm and grabbing the offending exoskeleton covered limb and bent it harshly so that the bone snapped loudly. He then twisted, still keeping his hold on the limb and kicked another Parasimon in the eye and spun around again to raise his leg up high and bring it down in axe kick that snapped the limb he was holding and severed it from the body.

The Parasimon released a cry of pain before Henry twirled the limb like it was a bo staff and stabbed it into the crying Digimon's eye. He quickly removed it and spun around to stab an enemy through the abdomen before slamming said enemy into the ground and used it as a way to vault into the air. He performed a front flip to gain momentum as he fell before swinging the stabbed Parasimon over his head and slamming it down into the ground with enough force to crack the pavement and crush the Parasimon he had been aiming to take down.

The manners using tamer decided to use a very impolite move by grabbing two Parasimon and slamming them into each other and then into the ground. He went into a handstand and bent his arms to go into the air and performed a roundhouse kick that sent one of the airborne parasites into the side of a building before he landed on the ground. He leaned backwards so that his upper body was now parallel to the ground beneath him when a Parasimon tried to take a stab at him only to be avoided and then blown up by Rapidmon.

Henry smirked as he quickly jumped over the attack of a Parasimon and quickly slammed his legs down so that the chakra enhanced limbs could break the exoskeleton and bones of the Digital Monsters.

"Takato! Rika! Let's do that combo move we've been working on!" Henry called out as he quickly punched a Parasimon in the eye, grabbed it by the leg and swung it into another. As he swung both parasitic Digimon into the ground he let go of them to go into a spin to slam his heel into the body of another so that it was sent flying Takato's way.

"Really?!" The leader tamer exclaimed as he crashed an axe kick down on the Parasimon Henry had just kicked in his direction before sticking it to his foot with chakra and used it as a meat shield when one tried to attack him with its tentacle mouth attachments. With both Parasiomon now literally beneath his foot, Takato spun around let them fly as he released the adhesive ability of his chakra.

Rika took hold of Takato's two Parasimon and then slammed them harshly into the ground before punching them with great strength, piercing the exoskeleton before leaping away as three tried to attack her. She then spun and delivered a harsh Konoha Senpuu/Leaf Hurricane kick to a great number of them so that she now had some room to breathe.

"Well I don't see why not." Rika said with a shrug. "It'd be a good time to use it. It was originally designed for high class enemies, but since this is just a massive swarm of these guys we gotta take 'em out fast."

"Good point." Takato replied. "Alright let's do it. Henry, on your mark."

"Oh captain, my captain." Henry joked as he referenced the old poem. The blue haired boy quickly went through handsigns as Takato and Rika covered him.

"Hey guys, out of the way!" Takato and Rika ordered the Digimon. Said Digimon nodded as they quickly tore through a few more enemies and then took to the skies, Andromon merely latching onto the side of a building as if he were Spiderman. They made sure to attack any stray Parasimon that would dare to attack their partners as the partially trained boys and girl began their combo.

Once he gathered enough chakra and finished the last handsign, Henry clapped his hands together.

"Doton: Arijigoku no Jutsu/Earth Style: Antlion Jutsu!" A large pit was suddenly formed in the centre of a large horde of the invasion party. The Tamer Digimon watched as a numerous amount of the Parasimon were sucked into the massive pit, much like an antilion would to its prey.

Takato then took his turn and his body glowed with a blue aura as water based chakra filled his body. He flashed through handsigns before holding out hands and water gathered from the air into his palms.

"Suiton: Hahonryu/Water Style: Tearing Torrent!" A massive torrent of water ripped through the air and into the earthen pit that Henry created. With the earth now thoroughly soaked, it became extremely sticky and harder to move through and thus it became a thick form of mud. Hundreds of Parasimon struggled to move, but the mud was too thick to try and escape. Some even began to sink and died via suffocation as shown by the red flakes of data that appeared every now and then. The waters then continued to obey Takato's will as he pumped his chakra into the technique and the mud began to swirl, rising upwards until a small mountain of mud had formed.

Rika's turn finally came up as she formed the handsigns and clasped them together to form the key sign for Katon jutsu. The 'Tiger' sign. She inhaled deeply and her lungs filled with air and fire based chakra.

"Katon: Ryuuka no Jutsu/Fire Style: Dragon Fire Jutsu!" A massive blast of orange flame flew forth from Rika's mouth and tore through the air. The flames morphed into the image of a massive fire dragon, its glowing yellow eyes zeroing in on its targets. With a roar, the fire dragon slammed into the mud filled pit trap and exploded into a pillar of fire that burned and deleted all the Parasimon that were trapped. The mountain of mud had dried up as the water had been removed from the equation due to evaporation resulting in it being heated up. The small mountain cracked apart before exploding into tiny bits of flaming earth.

The three panted in exertion as they looked at their combo move in satisfaction. Grins stretched across their faces and they performed a triple fist bump with each other.

"Konbijutsu: Gesan no Ryuu/Collaboration Jutsu: Dragon's Descent from the Mountain!" That was the name of their combo move. And damn did it look badass. They spent two months coming up with the idea, one year to make it and then the remaining two years were spent trying to come up with a badass name for their new move.

However, because of said new move the three ninjutsu users were now completely spent. They panted as their Digimon came down beside them and everyone's eyes narrowed in annoyance as more Parasimon continued to walk from the Digital Portal.

"Oh come on!" Everyone exclaimed. However, just as the army of Parasimon was about to ready themselves to strike, a purple, silver and red blur descended from the sky.

"JUSTICE KICK!" The ground was turned into a massive crater filled with some dead Parasimon as 45 tons worth of force crashed down on the invasion forces. The smoke cloud that formed quickly parted to reveal the Digimon that appeared from the heavens and doing a pose one would usually see from Ultraman as he held his arms up in the shape of a cross.

"Never fear for Justimon is here to save the day!" The Bio-merged form of Ryo Akiyama and Monodramon spoke as they still held their Ultraman pose. The tamers and Digimon all blinked at the Trinity Arm wearing Digimon. Parasimon were heard chirping in the background. "Geez, and you guys say you're all team players. I go out for a few hours and suddenly I come back to a large rip in the sky and large parasite Digimon attacking the city. You guys suck for not inviting me to this." Justimon said.

"Don't complain." Rika said. "You're the one who wanted to go dog shopping."

"Good point."

"Alright that's it." Takato growled out. "We're bio-merging and we're gonna kill these bastards once and for all."

"About time you called out that order!" Kazu whooped. The Digimon nodded before they, except for MarineAngemon, de-digivolved to their Rookie forms and prepared to go Bio-merge and go to their Mega forms. The Tamers, except for Kenta since MarineAngemon was already a Mega level, all took out their D-Arks and gripped them tightly as they stood beside their partner Digimon.

"We're not going to let you take down this city." Rika said with determination blazing in her eyes.







The lights of the Digivolution died down to reveal the Mega level Bio-merged Digimon. Gallantmon raised Gram, the holy lance before pointing it at the swarm of Parasimon.

"TAKE THEM DOWN!" The Royal Knight exclaimed. The Digimon also released their battle cries and rushed forth towards the Parasimon. Gallantmon went to go join his friends, but paused as he felt a tingle in his head. The same kind from when he was being contacted during the D-Reaper war.

'Yamaki?' Gallantmon thought.

"I'm viewing you guys from the tower. You are doing really well to keep the Parasimon contained within that area of the city. Give Henry a compliment for me." Yamaki said. "Anyway, I didn't contact you for the pleasantries. I saw you all decided to Bio-merge so that must mean you guys are getting serious. Well you're going to have to end this quickly because the Digital Field is beginning to expand so that means you're running out of room to breathe. The Parasimon are dwindling in numbers but they still outnumber you. You'll run out of steam soon enough and that won't be good for you guys or the city."

'So what do we do?'

"You'll have to go into the Digital portal and take it out from the core in order to stop them. Use your most powerful attack and take them all out."

'Understood.' Gallantmon cut off the link with Yamaki and then turned to his friends who were destroying the swarm.

"So what did Yamaki want to talk to you about?" MegaGargomon asked as he slammed a massive fist down on a few of the parasites.

"He said they still outnumber us one hundred to one. We've got to take them all out in one fell swoop because though we can hold our own, our bio-merge time limit is still proportional to how much energy we have to fight." The Royal Knight replied as he stabbed a few with his lance.

"Then what do we do?" Sakuyamon asked as she slapped a few away with her staff before twisting and kicking one straight through its eye ball.

"We'll tear our way through to get to the Digital Portal. From there, I need you guys to buy me some time while I gather my energy to go for an all out attack on the core of the portal."

"No problem buddy." Hi-Andromon gave the armoured Mega a thumbs up as he smashed a Parasimon's exoskeleton like it was glass.

"Leave it to us." BanchoLeomon said as it sliced through a wave of the parasites with its blade.

"I'll help you guys and provide some defense." Kenta said as he and MarineAngemon floated in the air in their defensive heart bubble shield. And with that, the tamers struck forth in an epic barrage of attacks.

"Lightning Joust!" Gallantmon stabbed his lance forward and a massive golden beam of electricity sliced through the air and through numerous Parasimon before the Royal Knight sped forth and crashed the face of Aegis, its shield, into the 'face' of one of the enemy Digimon. Gallantmon then spun on his heel and slammed a roundhouse kick to the side of another before stabbing his lance into the ground and flashed through handsigns.

"Suiton: Suiryuudan no Jutsu/Water Style: Water Dragon Blast Jutsu!" A massive water dragon condensed from the air above and with a echoing roar, it swirled around Gallantmon's form before attaching it appeared to fuse with the Royal Knight's lance arm.

"Lightning Joust!" Gallantmon then stabbed Gram, his lance, into the water dragon and it became coated with electricity, fusing with the lance. The electrical conductor of a jutsu roared as Gallantmon dug his feet into the ground before pushing off at a high speed. Rearing back his arm, the Royal Knight struck forth.

"Konbijutsu: Arashiryuuso/Collaboration Jutsu: Storm Dragon Spear!" The dragon of water and electricity surrounding Gallantmon's lance exploded outwards as a raging pulse of electricity covered water. The Parasimon all began to shudder as shake as they were paralyzed by the electricity coursing through their systems.

Now that they were paralyzed, MegaGargomon grinned cheekily.

"It's been a long time since I used these babies." Terriermon's trigger happy personality spoke through the Mega level Digimon.

"Mega Barrage!" Every single compartment of MegaGargomon's body opened up to reveal the ammunition within its body. Laser bullets, missiles, lead bullets, flames from flamethrowers, bazooka rounds and vulcan rounds all flew forth from the largest of the Bio-merged Digimon. Explosions rocked the city area and caused the glass on some buildings to shatter from the blast waves generated. Craters marred the ground and scattered Parasimon as they either died or were broken. Fire and earth met with catastrophic force as the streets of the shopping district of Shinjuku were being torn asunder by MegaGargomon's weapon based assault.

It didn't help ease the destruction when the mechanized rabbit aimed its largest weapons.

"Gargo Missile!" MegaGargomon readied the megaton missiles on his shoulders and the trigger happy mecha rabbit fired them. The two missiles suddenly had their faces change from stoic to happy and smiling as if to show off the sadistic nature of the Digimon half of their user. The missiles whistled through the air before exploding into twin domes of fire and smoke.

"Spirit Strike!" The smoke was then blown away as the wind spirit of Sakuyamon swept it away and picked up a large amount of Parasimon when it became a raging tornado, carving a massive trench in the roads of Shinjuku. A massive tidal wave suddenly appeared as the water kitsune spirit flew from the blue pipe on Sakuyamon's waist. The torrent and massive tornado continued to tear apart the army until a flash of yellow and red flew into the raging typhoon. The yellow kitsune spirit of thunder and the crimson kitsune spirit of fire flew from their respective pipes and then crashed into the typhoon.

The typhoon's water became electrically charged and the massive tornado became a raging fire storm that tore through everything in its path. The four elements then vanished as the fox spirits did their work, but as they returned, the miko Digimon held her staff high and a ball of sapphire flames formed at its tip.

"Fox Drive!" She tossed the fireball before going through handsigns and took a deep breath.

"Henry, set me up!"

"Gotcha!" MegaGargomon went through handsigns and then stamped his foot on the ground that resulted in a massive boulder being ejected from the ground. "Doton: Tsuchinotama/Earth Style: Earth Ball!"

The massive boulder flew through the air and was then engulfed in the fires of Sakuyamon's Katon jutsu along with the sapphire flames of Sakuyamon's Fox Drive.

"Konbijutsu: Ryusei no Hakai/Collaboration Jutsu: Meteor of Destruction!" The flaming spheroid landed among the throng of Parasimon and a massive crater formed within their ranks, burning them and crushing their bodies into mere data flakes.

Hi-Andromon and BanchoLeomon leaped into the air and seemed for a while. Hi-Andromon's held out its arms and a sphere of orange energy and one of blue, swirled to life in its hands. BanchoLeomon clenched its fists tightly and the embodiment of its fighting spirit appeared in the form of a bright red aura surrounding its body like a flickering flame.

"Atomic Ray!"

"Flash Bantyo Punch!"

The two powerful attacks split the Parasimon down the middle and left a massive crater that separated their ranks. The Mega level parasites were scattered and reduced to red data flakes. This was further expanded upon by Justimon as the scarf wearing Mega raised the Trinity Arm high into the air. The large three fingered hand collapsed in on itself and was retracted into the arm itself before massive orange blade of energy shot forth from the space where the hand had disappeared.

"VOLTAGE BLADE!" The massive orange blade sliced through the ranks of Parasimon and dismembered and bifurcated bodies, reducing them to data flakes. With the Parasimon swarm reduced to merely a few hundred, there was now a large path open between them. With that, Gallantmon saw his chance and leaped into the air.

"MegaGargomon, give me a boost!"

"On it!" MegaGargomon snatched the Royal Knight and reared his arm back. "And the fast ball is thrown!"


Gallantmon was pelted through the air and sped through it like a bullet. He was literally a blur of white and red. A few recovering Parasimon tried to stop the Royal Knight, but the speed at which the knight was thrown at coupled with his razor sharp lance allowed him to literally tear through the parasites before he sped into the Digital Portal.

"Steeeerike, you're out!" MegaGargomon whooped as he successfully tossed the Royal Knight through the portal.

(Insert Music: Two Steps from Hell- Birth of a Hero)

Core, Digital Portal Interior

Gallantmon hovered in the space-time field that acted as the bridge between Real World and the Digital World. The Royal Knight's cape fluttered in the makeshift breeze of the portal's core as the energy within it swirled like a whirlpool. Glancing down, the bio-merged Digimon's eyes widened as he saw a large wave of Parasimon readying themselves to move out.

"Takatomon, I think we only just scraped the tip of the iceberg when we were fighting those other guys." Gallantmon spoke with Guilmon's voice.

"I'll say." Takato replied as he watched through Gallantmon's eyes. "Well...guess we have even more reason to do it."

"Alright Takatomon."

Gallantmon's hovering form shifted into a cross-legged position and the Royal Knight closed his eyes and clasped his hands together in the form of the ninjutsu sign for 'ram'.

Mindscape of Gallantmon

Takato and Guilmon stood within the white space of their shared mindscape and then walked though the void. As they continued to walk, the white void took on a red and gold hue. After a few moments of walking they stopped as they came across a floating crimson sphere.

"Hey." Takato waved to the sphere. The sphere didn't respond in any sort of way resulting in a frown developing on the goggle wearing tamer's face.

"Takatomon, I think he's mad."

As Guilmon said that, both Tamer and Digimon turned as a pair of startling blue eyes materialized on the surface of the sphere.

"Three years." A partially robotic voice came from the sphere. "It's been three years since you last used my power and it's been one year since you both came to visit me. I've been extremely bored waiting within the confines of Guilmon's mindscape."

"I didn't realize a sentient machine turned Digimon could get bored." Takato answered truthfully.

"Sorry." Guilmon's ears dropped as a feeling of guilt went through his body. The sphere's blue eyes narrowed before closing. The sphere shifted up and down as if nodding.

"Your apology is accepted. You may use my power for this, but Guilmon you need to come back and visit me." The sphere replied. Guilmon's eyes became upside Us and a toothy grin spread across his face.

"Of course!"

The sphere chuckled though due to the slightly robotic tone the show of amusement seemed rather hollow. A crimson and gold wave of data and energy then washed over Takato and Guilmon. Takato and Guilmon grinned toothily at the sphere in front of them and they began to fade from the mindscape. Takato reached out with a hand and patted the sphere.

"Thank for the help...GRANI."

Core, Digital Portal

Gallantmon's eyes snapped open and the golden irises shone brightly. A crimson and glow light surrounded Gallantmon's body before it began to solidify and Gallantmon's form began to change shape. The massive orb of glowing crimson and gold light caught the attention of the Parasimon swarm as they glanced up at it, squinting due to the intensity.


The crimson glow died down and the Parasimon all looked in shock at the new form of Gallantmon. His original armour was now covered in an extra layer of crimson coloured armour, each separate plate being outlined in gold. In the center of his chest plate and two shoulder plates were sapphire coloured orbs that shone with the afterglow of his evolution. The glow suddenly morphed into ten white, feathery wings. In his left hand was a twin bladed lance, the divine lance Gungnir. In the other was a white sword, the divine sword of light, Blutgang. Both were the same colour as his wings. A long tail of thread stretched down along the length of his body from his helmet to about five inches below his feet.


"Now let's show you why you don't mess with us Tamers of Shinjuku! We're ending this in one shot!" Gallantmon Crimson Mode flicked his wrists and Blutgang and Gungir vanished in a small flash of white light. The Royal Knight Digimon raised his arms high and massive amounts of crimson energy began to pool together in his hands. The Parasimon were forced back as they felt the massive energy spike coming from the evolved Mega Digimon.

The Royal Knight continued to pool energy and the sphere in his hands became the size of MegaGargomon.

"Now to finish you off! SPIRIT BOMB!" Gallantmon didn't move his arms and released an amused chuckle as he saw the parasites below him flinch with fright. The Parasimon swarm continued to back away from the winged knight "Nah, I'm just messin' with ya. CRIMSON LIGHT!"

With a roar of effort, Gallantmon threw down the orb of crimson light. The Parasimon all scuttled away from the massive attack, but it was to no avail. The massive orb of red slammed down onto the surface of the tunnel-shaped portal below. The portal rippled and began to rip away as a massive horizontal beam of crimson light stretched throughout the portal. All the Parasimon were extinguished within the portal and the other end of the beam extended out towards the Real World.

Shinjuku City, Japan, Real World

The Bio-merged Digimon all stood aside as they waited on Gallantmon to return. Kenta had had MarineAngemon use Pretty Heart to form a barrier of numerous heart-shaped bubble constructs that locked the Parasimon off from the Digital Portal and prevented them from regrouping. They had then started attacking the imprisoned invaders, but Sakuyamon suddenly caught a glimpse of a shining crimson dot that was steadily growing larger.

"Oh shit." Sakuyamon muttered.

"Stupid Goggle-head could have told us he was going to use Crimson Mode!" Rika's voice shouted through Sakuyamon's mouth. As she said this, everyone's eyes widened when the crimson beam of light energy shot through the Digital portal. The Tamers quickly dove out of the way, rolling on the ground and covering their heads in a feeble form of defense should they have been hit by the crimson beam, which they hadn't been thankfully.

The army of Parasimon released loud cries of angony as the beam of red washed over their exoskeleton covered bodies. Their exoskeletons were burned through to reveal the underlying flesh, then their wire frames and then finally their DigiCores. The entirety of their beings were destroyed by the attack as they were disintegrated. The only remainder of their beings had been the cloud of red that formed as they turned into red data flakes.

When the beam of light died down, there a massive trench of blackened earth that stretched down the length street. A massive hole had also burned through the earth wall Henry had made earlier to section off the battlefield from the rest of the city.

Gallantmon Crimson Mode flew out of the Digital Portal as it began to collapse in on itself. As the portal died down and the tear in the sky vanished to reveal the expanse of cloud filled blue once more, the winged Royal Knight glanced at the destruction his attack caused.

"Interesting. Not that I'm complaining, but I thought I would have done more property damage with Crimson Light than this." Gallantmon muttered.

"Idiot! You nearly killed us!" MarineAngemon and Kenta yelled. The Bio-merged Mega Digimon all looked at their leader and were now beginning to have second thoughts of having the Goggle-wearing tamer and his reptilian partner be their leading duo. Gallantmon chuckled nervously and rubbed the back of his head.

"Umm whoops."

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Karyu Street, Shinjuku City, Japan

After the Parasimon incident was over and done with, Yamaki had them relay a report to them about what had happened. Once the situation had been described to him, the head of Hypnos let them off. They had school the next day after all. The Digimon had remained within the Hypnos building, but were allowed to go up to the penthouse where Yamaki and Riley lived as a reward for a hard day's work...of course Guilmon first made it a mission to go with Takato and return with his baguettes.

The tamers then all returned to their respective homes...except for Rika. Instead of taking the path that led to her own house, she had taken a different route that led to Karyu Street to an apartment building. She headed up the stairs and headed to the third floor. The teenager pushed her hand through her long red-orange hair as she steeled her nerves.

She walked towards the door and reached into her card case/weapons pouch and fished out a single key. She inserted it into the lock and the door opened with a soft 'click'. The door creaked open and Rika took a deep breath in to calm her beating her heart. She walked into the empty apartment and immediately headed for the kitchen area and took out a wash rag from the drawer.

Once a week for the past three years, Rika had always come by to Naruto's apartment and made sure to keep it clean and tidy. The daughter of a supermodel washed the table counters and wiped the television and computer screens free of dust. She made sure to wash the sheets of the bunk beds by going down to the apartment complex's laundry area.

Once the girl finished cleaning the apartment she settled down on the couch after cooking up a single cup of ramen.

"It was always your favourite. I never knew why you liked this stuff like it was a godsend." Rika chuckled to herself as she feasted on the succulent noodles. The food had been finished in a relatively quick manner. She downed the remaining broth and finished with a satisfied gasp. "But now I see why you liked it so much, you idiot shinobi." Once she finished her small meal, she tossed away the cup in the trash and then she laid down on the couch and placed her arm over her eyes.

"I remember when we first met. I was that troublesome girl who wouldn't give anyone else the time of day and always pushed people away. Only Baa-chan and Kaa-chan would talk to me, but even though I even tried to get rid of always came to me." Rika smiled as she recalled the memories. "You always came back to me, wanting to be my friend. To think that after we beat Sandiramon I would have actually made myself available to go on a date with you. A few weeks after hanging out with you after that date did I realize just how much I loved you, Naruto-kun."

Her hands clenched into tight fists and said red haired girl released a dry chuckle. "But I guess the bitch that is reality really wants me to give misery some company. After all...misery loves the company does it not?"

Rika took in a shaky breath. ""You saved the world from being taken by the D-Reaper and Lucemon. You saved me from being alone. It's such a cliche, the damsel in distress to fall in love with the man who would be the hero of the story. Why though? Aren't these types of stories supposed to have happy endings? The girl and the hero living happily ever after for the rest of their lives."

The shine of tears poked through the shadows of her arm covered face. "I...I miss much, Naruto-kun." The tears stretched from her eyes and cascaded down her cheeks. "Please...Please come back to me."

And with that, Rika Nonaka broke down and cried her aching heart out for the only man she had ever come to love the most in this world and any other.

The Void of Fanglongmon, Digital World

Fanglonmon growled in annoyance as he looked around his area. Numerous pink coloured portals swirled in the air of the Void and each revealed numerous amounts of Earths. There were too many worlds in the multi-verse to count.

"Curse the universe for being ever-expanding. I can't even find the one I'm looking for." Fanglongmon slammed his claws down in annoyance and shook the Void with his strength. He then turned when he saw a few fairy-like Digimon floating beside his visage.

"Ah, ancestors. Have you had better luck in searching for the boy?" The Digi-Gnomes, the ancestor programs that came far before any Digimon, all looked at each other before turning back to the God of the Digital World. The miracle workers of the Digital World smiled and motioned for the golden-bronze dragon to follow them. The Dragon of the Centre navigated through the maze of pink portals that represented different viewing windows of the multi-verse, following his ancestors with a perplexed look on his face.

The Digi-Gnomes then came to a stop. The five fairy-like beings hovered in front of a single portal and then dispersed to reveal the window to Fanglongmon. The draconian god's eyes widened as he looked through the window.

The image was as crisp and clear as the the representation of Earth that hung in the Digital World's sky. Fanglongmon chuckled before breaking out into fits of laughter. The young man was resting beneath the shade of a massive tree, the sunlight that poked through its leaves gave his golden hair an almost holy shine to it. On either side of him, his partners were also resting. The X-Antibody holder on the right and the former servant of Lucemon on the left. The image was quite a serene one and Fanglongmon couldn't help but smile at the scene.

"Three human years after disappearing and the first thing I see you doing is sleeping. You truly are an unpredictable human...Naruto."

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